Yoon Eun Hye and Ethan Ruan Attend Gionee Press Conference for Mobile Phone Launch

Pretty baby Yoon Eun Hye was in China yesterday for the press conference on behalf of the mobile device maker Gionee since she’s endorsing the brand in China along with Ethan Ruan. Strangely enough, Ethan was replaced by a random hobo for the press conference. What? The hobo is Ethan? I would have never guessed. The hobo that is Ethan looks like he just rolled off the street after pulling three all nighters. The filming for The Guillotines must be killer. Har har, forgive my stupid pun.

Eun Hye looks radiant, but her outfit is pretty fugly. It’s bland and the shirt/skirt thingie makes her look like she’s wearing a mini-crinoline. But hey, I take what I can find, and I’ve not seen her much lately since she’s still not selected her next project after finishing up Lie to Me back in early July. K-actors are mass migrating to China these days for one-off projects, so it’s conceivable she also has her eyes set on something over there. As for Ethan, The Guillotines will be his last project before he enlists for mandatory service in Taiwan.


Yoon Eun Hye and Ethan Ruan Attend Gionee Press Conference for Mobile Phone Launch — 30 Comments

  1. i like the rough edged tired lookin ethan ….makes him connect to me at a grounder level…. makes me finally realise he is human n that such a person do exists :P…>_<

  2. Although they’re on my faves list, they look raunchy in these pics.
    Her outfit is a Cosmopolitan’s don’t, the hair is uncoiffed and let’s
    not get started on Ethan’s look. I think Eun Hye would look much
    better with Roy or Joseph (Chang). Just dreaming! 😉

  3. I really like BOTH of them, but methinks they don’t look so comfortable together in this one.

    Ethan’s look: it’s quite different from his usual slick-prep or bad ass yes, but it’s not all that bad. Gives off another type of comfortable laid-back vibe. Preppy-grunge?

    Perhaps he’s also trying very hard to master the beanie/toque + goatee + black frames look that is so Khunk favorite dress code (esp the black frames = often donned even with black-tie). And finally couldn’t make up his mind which one works … so he’s combined all 3? 😛

    Or perhaps Tiffany has said – you’re meeting WHO?!? NO way in hell you’re going out dressed to kill.

    Yoon Eun-hye: she looks like she’s regressed back to the Please Take Care of My Lady Days here, outfit, hair et al. Some of those clothes (and hair) were seriously fussy.
    Whatever happened to that clean edgy sass she displayed in her recent lingerie shots?

  4. They look so cute, but Ethan does look underdressed next to Eun Hye lol.

    I saw a clip of them at the conference and they seemed pretty comfortable together. Ethan kept on touching her arm XD

  5. I think that they do talk to eachother, maybe in English because there’s a picture where Ethanol is whispering to Yoon Eun Hye…

    There’s a funny part in the interview before the conference when Ethan tries to say her name and he even said “I love you” in korean to her.

  6. Oh mine both look cute especially Ethan so sweet holding her waist and later yeh grab his arm. Despite of language barrier and they still trying to talk to each other and giving little looks which was not bad. Oh that whispering picture so cute he must be speaking english to her.

    • Yeah those were pretty sweet moments to me too! For two people who just met two times they pulled their act together well! There must be some kind of sincerity in their acts to make us feel even a bit giddy! I said it before and I will say again – there would have been fireworks between them if not for the existence of TH.

  7. I really like them together. ER is quite comfortable with her while YEH is her usual shy self. Hope this partnership will contine with either a drama or a movie – even a new CF will do. They just look good together!

  8. Call me weird but I like the outfit YEH wore at this event. Being YEH fans taught me to always prepare for whatever she will wear in an event. her “unusual” fashion taste maybe didn’t always appreciated by most people but nevertheless designers still love her. Regarding her collaboration with ER I love what I see so far. They could make a great combo of a co-actor/partner for a project (Hoping some prod.co or PD/director heard my pray), too bad ER will enter the army soon. Question : How long will he be served his country for MS ?

  9. @santaiah, not weird and I like her outfit as well she was wearing a shirt/blouse and another pc garment/band outside which was unique.

    Both met only twice but too many viewers it was like they have meet for a long time…..Ethan is going for army 2 years.

  10. lol i agree with u on the fugly dress/shirt think. hahah. i kept staring at it… it was like *eyes pan over ethan ruan*, *eyes light up in recognition and frowns at beard*, then BAM! *oh, look it’s yoon eun… yikes what is she wearing?*

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