New Destiny Pair Movie with Vic Zhou and Elle Releases Official MV

Okay, if that picture above didn’t cause you to melt a little inside, you might be the distant cousin of a rock. The upcoming remake of Destiny’s Pair starring Vic Zhou, Xiao Xiao Bin, Ella, and Yang Mi is confirmed to premiere in February 2012. The production released a teaser MV last month that is part sweet-part angst. If you like happy moments in your movies, stop watching the MV at the halfway mark. Everyone else, get your tissues ready. Xiao Xiao Bin is such a natural child actor it’s not even funny. And paired with Zai Zai as his daddy, the two of them pretty much destroy my tear ducts even in this trailer alone. I’m also prepared to eat my words, as it looks like Ella and Zai Zai are going to have adorable chemistry together. Yay, I’m just happy the movie is looking all sorts of potentially awesome.

MV for Destiny’s Pair:

After leaving you, I discovered I was pregnant. He’s already six years old, and his name is Bin Bin. Watch him for me for a bit of time, okay? Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him you’re his dad.

Mommy says a rainbow is a half-circle. Two rainbows make a complete circle and means unity. Until the day there are two rainbows in the sky, I can be united with my daddy.

Just call me daddy once. No! C’mon, just say it.

When you’re asleep, I go clean the toilet. Using what? Your toothbrush.

If you have something to say, say it now.

Uncle, I miss you very much right now.

I’m doing fine.

This is my face, I want to give it to you. Even if you don’t miss me now, if one day you miss you, you can look at my face on this picture.

I….don’t want to see you. I never want to see you again. Listen carefully, I will forget you. So please can you forget me, too. Just pretend that you’ve never met me before. So right now, act like an adult and turn around.


Walk back with your head held high. Go! And don’t turn back around. Just go! Don’t you dare turn around! Go!

Goodbye, my son, I will never see you again. Never hear your voice, never hold your hand, never again hug you tightly.


New Destiny Pair Movie with Vic Zhou and Elle Releases Official MV — 19 Comments

  1. Xiao Xiao Bin’s acting is so damn convincing! Tears =*( Looks like it’s going to be a good movie. Who would’ve thought Zai Zai and Ella can look potentially okay together.

  2. Reminds of a similar scene in Zenkai Girl.

    Vic & XXBin are so good together. But Vic needs to eat a bit more… he’s so thin.

  3. Jeepers. your scared viewer dared not even watch the trailer. Your translation was enough to tear me up. I hesitated but hate to ask who dies?

    • It’s ok (the trailer) it’s pass-me-the-damn-tissues in a “Goodbye kiddo I don’t love you, no really, I didn’t grudgingly start to like you after raising you for a while so leave now and I won’t cry dammit I won’t, it’s just too windy” way.

      It’s not makjang-ish so feel free to watch and wail like us.

      • Okay thanks.
        This is moi who stopped BBJX at ep 18 and still cried every time Ms Koala wrote another review that just killed me.

  4. OMG!!! this is a trailer that made me cry buckets… How can a man and a boy turn me into a softy… Zai Zai and Xiao Bin are awesome!!!!

  5. keke Xiao Xiao Bin gets to star with almost all F4 members heheh I think it’s just a matter of time before he has collect them all ^^

    amazing child actor indeed! Heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time!

  6. Xiao Xiao Bin has worked with 3/4 of the original F4. I wonder if he’ll get a chance to work with the last one. 🙂 He is truly a gifted actor.


  7. Xiao xiao bin is the main reason i stayed watching Autumn Concerto, he is such a precious little boy, i hope he grow out to be an excellent man…
    Zai zai looking better n better each day, he aged nicely…

  8. and speaking of vic…………hope to see complete recaps of black & white.thanks…..=)

    i also appreciate the fact that you do recaps for Taiwanese drama as well.


  9. OMOOO
    this looks sooooo good~
    zai zai is so awesome. he has perfect chemistry with xia bin bin
    looking forward to the soundtrack as well :3

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