Taiwan Media Gathers More Confirmation that Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang Are Dating

What a difference a big mouth makes. Just days after rumors went fursploding about Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang heading to NYC together on the same flight, the flurry of eyewitness sightings and blabbermouths have pretty much confirmed they ARE in fact dating and went to the US together for Thanksgiving. They were spotted at Kansai airport awaiting their transit flight to NYC, holding hands and snuggling in the waiting lounge. Apparently Sunny doesn’t just look ridiculously tall onscreen, he’s even taller in person, and was spotted easily by other passengers. And Rainie was cuddled right next to him the entire time. Adding more fuel to this claim is a good friend of Sunny’s confirming to the media that they are in fact dating and it’s a very new relationship. It can’t be just me who is LOLing at the irony of their English names, right? And if they ever got married and had a daughter, can they please name her Rainbow. Please?

After news dropped that Rainie and Sunny were seen on the same flight to NYC and at the airport, Rainie wrote that the eyewitnesses were mistaken on what they saw at the airport, and nothing is going on. But then she promptly deleted that post, adding more confusion to what was happening. Supposedly Sunny had a conversation with a good friend where he said that he and Rainie were friends, but did not refute outright that there was more going on. Fans of both stars are highly skeptical this relationship will work out, which is silly if you ask me. I can care less if they broke up tomorrow or got married and had babies. As long as they are enjoying the relationship, let the couple be young and in love, will ya crazy fans!

The Taiwan media helpfully compiled a chart of Sunny and Rainie’s respective exes and rumored dating partners. Thank you Taiwan media for always fanning the insane flames of gossip. Elva, Sunny’s ex and Rainie’s good friend, wrote on her Weibo yesterday that other people’s dating gossip has nothing to do with her and she doesn’t care either way. Watch the most insanely hilarious Apple Daily news gossip reconstruction of Sunny and Rainie’s sudden love affair.

Apple Daily on Sunny and Rainie:

Apple Daily asks Sunny and Rainie to puhlease last at least one Season, so they can have more juicy gossip to report on. I love how shameless Apple Daily is. At least they don’t pretend to have any legitimate news aspirations. Just an FYI, the older lady kissing Sunny on the cheek in the picture towards the end of the video is Sunny’s mom who lives in New Jersey. He posted that picture this weekend after going home for Thanksgiving. His parents have been married for over thirty years and he’s called them his inspiration for a great marriage. As for Rainie, she posted on Weibo this weekend that she thinks she’s a strong woman, but then she also wants a strong man, and she wondered how two strong-willed people can sustain a relationship. I dunno, Rainie, but you have to keep working on it. Good luck to the new couple!


Taiwan Media Gathers More Confirmation that Rainie Yang and Sunny Wang Are Dating — 43 Comments

  1. What happen to Joseph!!

    I’m kinda worry when reading this because I’m a Rainie fan. I don’t want her to get hurt again. Sunny is well known for being a playboy. I would never thought he would even like someone like Rainie. Not that she’s not beautiful, just the hot type that Sunny would date.
    If it’s true, i hope he’s not using her to get more famous. A guy with his status and money, it’s probably not the case and i’m probably worrying too much.

    On the other hand, I’m just glad Rainie is dating again.

  2. Just curious. Who is the guy down below Rainie on the chart, whom she allegedly dated? Don’t recognize his face at all: is he an actor?

    • That is Yuan Jun Hao 元駿豪, one of Rainie’s exes. He played Mike He’s friend in Devil Beside You and dated Rainie during the filming. I know, this will make Rainie-Mike fans hurl, but it was true and Rainie admitted it. He’s not in the entertainment industry anymore, and never made a name for himself. She is still friends with him. Actually, Rainie is still friends with ALL her exes, except for Roy Qiu. She still bitches about him, and Roy’s fans hate her for not letting that relationship go.

      • I don’t get why Roy’s fans hate on Rainie when its the media that keeps bringing him up especially now that he is back in tw-dramas with the successful office girls and she had success with Drunken to Love You and now her new album. As outside people, we don’t know what their relationship was like back then and everyone has that person who has a long lasting effect on someone long after the relationship ended and I guess Roy is that person to Rainie. From the few interviews I have seen of her when the Roy topic is brought up she looks physically uncomfortable so I highly doubt she of all people wants to talk about him.

      • Now it’s the media who keeps asking them about each other, but back in ’08 when Roy was still in the army, Rainie went through a period where she talked about him a lot in the media without any prompting. I sorta get Roy’s fan’s hate on Rainie – she basically went to town discussing their relationship, how hard it was, the details of the bad breakup, etc. Whereas Roy has never spoken up to defend himself or to offer his point of view. His fans think Roy is being a gentleman and not airing their personal laundry in public, and Rainie shouldn’t have done that. I dunno, I love them both, so I’m not taking sides. It was a bad breakup, they were young, everyone should lay off. Rainie’s gotten it out of her system anyways and I’m fine with her needing to vent about him a bit. Roy is still Roy, no harm done.

    • I didn’t know she still bitches Roy Qiu. =O What happened to them to the point she can’t let go of the relationship? Bad breakup but Roy didn’t cheat on her, did he?

      • There were alot of rumors back then, we don’t really know what is what really. But from what i heard the fans said back then that Roy used Rainie just to get famous, once he did, he dumped her. Again, it is probably just spoof.

        I think they star together in that drama “summer scent”, so people just speculate things.

      • No no no, no cheating. Roy was Rainie’s shortest term boyfriend, but the one that caused her the most hurt, so she says. Basically it boils down to this – she was way more into him than he was into her. It’s like Xiang Qin in ISWAK dating Zhi Shu. That was it, nothing sensationalized. But for Rainie, I totally understand why she’s had a hard time letting it go back then, but she’s over him now.

  3. whatevs…Sunny is not really handsome, more like a poor man’s Joseph Chang. I don’t get the hype around him, but physical appeal is a matter of subjectivity, so…

  4. RAINBOW. YES. This needs to happen. Well, they don’t have to get married just ’cause I say so, but if they do fall madly in love and get married, they need to name their daughter Rainbow. (I just don’t see that name working for a boy.)

    And I find the whole “flow chart of relationship goodness” so hilarious. I mean…it’s a flow chart. Well, okay, a chart. About someone’s relationships! Like one of those things they publish to help you keep track of everyone in a drama.

    • The flow chart of incestuous entertainment dating, you mean. Oh, and the pink colored boxes symbolize entertainers who belong to the same agency, which is Rainie, Sunny, and Elva. Sunny is going through that agency’s ladies like……no comment.

  5. OMG! Shocker! I may be the only Rainie-Joseph Chang shipper in this universe, but I’m kinda sad…Hopefully this works out. But I won’t be surprised if these are just rumors…

  6. Their name combo is just so much win!!!

    I feel like Taiwanese media seems the most frenzied than say, Korean or Japanese media, about the alleged relationships (and or ways to prove/deny them) of their celebrities. On the other hand, Taiwanese celebrities have a lot more dating going on within the industry (with all flowcharts and stuff). Or all this could be my biased opinion due to the sites I visit.

  7. Doesn’t it mean something if he took her home for Thanksgiving to meet Mama? Then again, maybe they just flew to NYC to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

    • I agree. Apple Daily is about as trustworthy as my dog barking a warning. But news of Sunny and Rainie are all over the legit papers this weekend as well. It’s just that hilarious video report is from Apple Daily. They are always great for a laugh.

  8. Ah…to be young and have a “dating flow-chart” of all your conquests. Both of these young ‘uns have been very busy dating. I’m so envious. 🙂

  9. I like rainie, don’t know who sunny is, sorry.

    TW-ent media are a funny sort…. i mean, a flowchart of someone’s dating relationships?

    1st photo – rainie’s dress seems caught up in sunny’s pants’ zipper.

  10. Wow, those simulated videos are something else. I don’t know if I should laugh or be impressed. I still remember the one they did on Tiger. infamous.

  11. I’m cheering for this new romance. I think w/ Rainie’s strong personality & humor, she can be a great partner for Sunny. Cuteness always wins over sexy divas as wife material for players who finally decides to settle down. He’s hot, she’s super super fun. Great match.

  12. woah… just a few days ago the tabloids were speculating that Sunny and Elva got back together when they were caught having supper. Weren’t they together for like years or something?

  13. Damn it poor Joseph 🙁

    Sigh. Is Sunny a long term sort of guy? Cos’ I only know from what I read here and he seems…to have all the things a girl wants. And I mean it as in the whole package. Not that I dig tattoos myself.

    Back to poor Joseph.

  14. Is Sunny American? I can’t seem to find anything about him at all. But he seems to have a bit of an accent when he’s speaking Mandarin, but it could just be me. But you did mention that his parents are in the States.

    • Same here. Yap, i believe he’s American. I know i was so curious about him after watching him in ITWY. Has he done any work before ITWY. And how comes he manage to date many famous models or actor when he’s not that famous…. That’s my presumption, you got to have your info in wiki if you are get famous rite.

  15. aaah.. GEEZ.. I kinda saw this coming when both parties denied the relationship.. It would be interesting to see how long it lasts, I dont care if it lasts or doesn’t last because there’s no way I’d get to date Sunny in real life so whatever he does is up to him.. although I would like to catch him in NY..

    It’s funny how people can spot him from far away since he’s so tall, even the disguises won’t work on him.. hahaha.. I wonder if he’s about taller than Godfrey Gao or taller.. 🙂

    I also love how the Taiwanese media made an org chart with the relationship and SIM City like movie.. It makes it looks like we’re watching a real life on screen drama which I would actually might enjoy.. 🙂

    Thanks for posting!

  16. I am an RM diehard but I am really happy with this news. At last, Rainie is dating! 🙂 You deserve it girl. Be happy! 🙂

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