Perfect Two with Ella and Vic Zhou Releases Official Movie Trailer

Get this. Vic Zhou’s upcoming movie Perfect Two with Ella will be going almost head-to-head with Mark Chao’s Black & White: Dawn of the First Assault. Is there some sort of karma god in this world that loves to mind frak everyone, because this can’t be a coincidence (not sure which side plotted it). B&W premieres one week before Perfect Two, and both will be roping in the Lunar New Year holiday viewers.

The media is already dredging up old news about Zai Zai not being in the B&W movie and how his new movie is going up against his old drama franchise on the big screen. I’m sure the two movies will attract different viewers. For me, I’m loving the deluge of media events Zai Zai and Ella have been going on to promote their movie. The two of them couldn’t be any cuter together. Check out the official trailer for Perfect Two, the one I posted earlier was just an MV.

I’ll summarize the trailer for you guys:

Zai Zai is a man who is waiting around for his ex-wife to return to him, even going so far as posting flyer for his “runaway wife.” She returns six years later asking a favor, to take care of the son she never told him she had after she left him. Ella appears to be his neighbor who finds herself taking care of him and being annoyed that he treats her like a servant. Xiao Xiao Bin arrives and the father-son bond without the kid knowing Zai Zai is his father. Time comes for Xiao Xiao Bin to return to his mother and head to the US. Kid cries to leave Zai Zai, who steels his heart to push him away so he can live a better life with his mother. Zai Zai then resumes his motorbike racing career.


Perfect Two with Ella and Vic Zhou Releases Official Movie Trailer — 15 Comments

  1. ahh… i teared up watching this. at times, xiao xiao bin can be quite moving (i.e. his scene from autumn concerto), especially when paired up with vic.

    i hope yang mi’s cameo will not be wasted, from what little we see of her here.

  2. After watching the trailer, I’m so excited for this movie. I’ve seen all the promo pictures and interview and stuff but not the trailer. Yea, I know. But it looks like Xiao Xiao Bin and Vic have amazing chemistry here as father and son. And the cinematography looks gorgeous!!

    Oh, Ella looks great too 😀

  3. If this ends in tragedy, I swear to God I’m not going to be held responsible for my actions.

    (also? is it only me who has to try hard not to imagine this movie as an alternate version of Mars: 10 years later? *runs and hides*)

    But omg, zaizai is hot and this looks great. And awesome, I have my priorities straight!

  4. Xiao Xiao Bin and Vic! OMG! The cuteness is too much! They seem to have AMAZING chemistry! And Zai Zai’s acting… He just keeps getting better!!! On the other hand, Ella’s acting still doesn’t impress me =/ She looks quite mature and feminine here, but I think she should just stick to singing. I can’t wait to watch this movie, though. I’m pretty sure it’s gonna make me cry. A lot.

  5. Nice, nice, nice! Got something in my throat, ahem. Gosh, that’s heart-wrenching and it looks so awesome! The scenes are beautiful. I haven’t seen much Taiwanese movies but this, I’ll definitely watch! Zai Zai looks so mature and riveting, so fascinating (esp. the one outside the station or is that the airport?) and that smart little boy is so cute. Thank you! Btw ockoala unnie, aren’t you going to continue on recapping Black and White? Er, just asking…:) Why isn’t Zai Zai in the movie version?

  6. aaaaah…. i wanna see this movie badly! i wanna see zai-zai being a dad…
    zai-zai already got a role as a father i hope he can be a real father in the reality…

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