First Look at the Childhood Portion of The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Even though I’m furious at MBC for ending Me Too, Flower! early by one episode, I can’t boycott the stupid channel because M2F’s follow up drama is the first out of the gate in terms of being my most anticipated 2012 offering. The Moon that Embraces the Sun started filming a few weeks ago for the children’s portion of the drama, and the production released the first batch of official stills of the teen actors, with lead Kim Soo Hyun on the set to cheer on his dongsaengs. It’s adorable that Yeo Jin Gu will be playing Kim Soo Hyun’s younger self, when they played brothers in the kids portion of Giant last year.

Aside from fabulous Yeo Jin Gu, MoonSun also has my favorite child actress Kim Yoo Jung playing the younger version of Han Ga In’s character. As for the other lead, Jung Il Woo is wrapping up Flower Boy Ramyun Shop and will roll right into filming MoonSun, which premieres January 4th. On an random funny aside, the teen actor playing young Jung Il Woo is named Lee Min Ho. Really, I’m not joking, This is doubly funny considering that Vampire Idol sitcom has an actor by the name of Kim Hyun Joong, who is NOT the one we all know. I suggest a collective name change is in order.

Everyone can second lead ship all you want, I am all about Kim Soo Hyun as the young king. Come to noona, cutie pie.

Kim Yoo Jung is growing up so beautifully. She really is the next Moon Geun Young, if there is an young actress that has the acting chops and real life radiant and warm personality to follow in Geun Young’s footsteps.

Is this the Joseon version of Go Go Power Rangers? Also, who is getting some weird A Frozen Flower vibes from this scene. Or is it just my impure mind at work.

[Credit: all pictures courtesy of MBC]


First Look at the Childhood Portion of The Moon that Embraces the Sun — 31 Comments

  1. Yeah, I’m not too worried about second lead shipping in this one, even if JIW is the second lead! My only concern is HGI, who I don’t dislike, but have never been too impressed by. I think she was good in Bad Guy, but was still overshadowed by most of the rest of the cast. I wouldn’t want to see the same thing here, since she plays such a vital role in the story. And please let her have amazing chemistry with KSH, and not come off looking like his older sister, or the neighbor girl that used to babysit him when he was younger!

    • I think the cast is awesome but I also have reservations about Han Ga In. I like her but since I’ve only ever seen her with older actors (Jae Hee, Kim Nam Gil, and plus she’s married to Vampire Prosecutor Yeon Jung Hoon), I find it hard to picture her with these young ‘uns even though she’s baby-faced enough for them.

      And I’m nervous because Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo are pretty intense actors, and I have no doubt that since this is a sageuk, they are ready to BRING IT. I’m not sure Han Ga In will be able to keep up. We’ll see.

  2. I’m so looking forward to this new drama and having my weekly dose of IJW. It has been
    such a great year for him, starting with the Scheduler in 49 Days, Cha Chi Soo in FBRS
    and now he’ll be playing a loverboy/playboy which is a continuation of “getting his sexy
    chops on”. OMG, if this continues we might just be saying soon that Lee Min Ho and Kim
    Bum are his friends, instead of viceversa. Just loving when someone who works so hard
    to get to where they are, is recognized for all the effort.

    The rest of the cast is A+ and I’m hoping we get a “The Duo” vibe with the bromance.

    • They’re MINE ! Oh, wait, we can have a time-share, if you -really- want them both as well. You start with KSH and I’ll take JIW, then we’ll switch, alrighty ? (keeping my bias for the end hehe)

      Seriously, I am RIDICULOUSLY excited for this drama, Han Ga In or no Han Ga In. BRING IT ON, MY (our) BOYS !

  3. Absolutely no second-lead shipping on my part! KSH FTW! <3

    On a less-related note, I hope those kids don't change their names just because there is already someone more famous with it – unless they hate their names and would be glad to pick another.

  4. Wait a minute, is that little Dong Yi? She can’t be… how did she grow so fast?

    And umm, they didn’t need to get a child actor to play KSH’s younger self. He can play that role himself fine too lol.

  5. At seeing the pix of Kim Soo Hyun on the set of his soon-to-premier drama (yay!), I felt a wave of delight sweep over me. I wanna keep savoring M2F and am not ready to let it go yet, but ☾♥☼ is lookin’ mighty good…

  6. who is getting some weird A Frozen Flower vibes from this scene. Or is it just my impure mind at work.

    Oh no, I went there too.

  7. Can it just be about the men? 😛 Han Ga In is gorgeous, but her acting has never worked for me. I have yet to feel anything for the characters she has played. As for second lead shipping… I am a little more biased towards Kim Soo Hyun so… 😀 I’ve liked him since Kimchi Cheese Smile, and at this point, I have watched just about everything he has been in LOLOL The younger cast is spectacular as well. Can’t wait for this!! I’m so excited for this drama! I love sageuk (when it’s done right of course heh).

    btw I am also getting Frozen Flower vibes….. KSH & JIW… alkdjflkajdflkjdjf must cleanse my mind! :X

  8. this is like the best new year’s gift ever! kim soo hyun my most fave actor of his generation and jung il-woo who is my love in one great drama. what else can i ask for?! seriously, i read the first chapter installment of this book at Electric Ground and it is amazing. I am definitely watching and live streaming this drama!!!

    thank you sis for the post.

  9. I love Yeo Jin Gu and Kim Yoo Jung! Koala, you’re so right about Kim Yoo Jung emitting Moon Geun Young vibes. What about Yeo Jin Gu? Do you have anyone to compare him to?

    And Baek Jin Hee is also another promising young actress.

    Kim Soo Hyun smiling always puts a smile on my face. It’s contagious, that smile. Wow, Kim Soo Hyun getting his own child actor. The boy is growing up!

  10. Sooo excited for this! Kim Soo Hyun, thanks God you’re older than me, I’d really suffer if you had the same age as Yoo Seung Ho. And Kim Yoo Jung, I love this little flower! She is so talented and already have an enviable list of projects under her belt! This news made me happy! *-*

  11. who is kim soon hyun im really sad that joo won had to pull out i mean this kim soon hyun could not compare to joo won but in another way im glad he pull out he is to good an actor to play second lead to anyone and hopefully ob will have extra eps love that show best one on at the moment love joo won and uee

  12. I loveee the actor Lee Min Ho!! He was so cute in Gumiho: Tale of the Fox’s Child!! He’s so much younger then me though >.< hahhahha

  13. I cannot wait for this. I have a soft spot for kings so I will surely be rooting for ksh. I think ha ga in is really pretty too but hopefully her acting will improve … Can’t wait !

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