History of the Salaryman Releases the Craziest Official Drama MV

In all my drama watching years, I have never ever (NEVER EVER EVER) seen anything like the official MV released by the production for the upcoming SBS drama History of the Salaryman. O.M.F.G. Whomever conceived of this was smoking more weed than the entire generation of the 70s. Stills were released last week of the cast filming in what appeared to be a war zone. But the men were dressed in suits while carrying guns, Jung Ryeo Won looked like the daughter of the Bride of Frankenstein, and Hong Soo Hyun appeared to be a dominatrix nurse.

I love Lee Bum Soo, who can do no wrong in my eyes because he’s great at picking dramas and roles (Giant, Surgeon Bong Dal Hee), so I need to remind myself to trust him on this one. But it’s hard when I almost peed my pants watching the MV, and had to muffle my hands over my mouth to stifle my repeated shouts of “what the fuck is going on” in between giant snarfles of laughter. If you ever need a random pick me up, please watch this. RIGHT NOW. Jung Kyeo Woon is handsome as can be, but this shiz is honestly the most insane thing I have seen in ages.

Before we get to the crazy ass MV, have some picture of the cast during the filming. The existence of this MV leads me to wonder if the South Korean television industry has in fact lost its mind.

How did the cast maintain a straight face when shooting this? Seriously? What was the point? And how does it relate to the drama itself? I suppose it works to make you morbidly interested in watching the drama, only to see if the actual production is as LOLtastic as this MV.

How did Lee Bum Soo get shot by Jung Kyeo Woon and then come back to life, only to do the zombie dance? And why was Jung Ryeo Won dressed like a bride and then playing the keyboard? Why did the guy in the neckbrace hand a golf club to the golfer, and why did she take off one sock before stepping into a puddle of stagnant water to swing? Why did Lee Duk Hwa try to kill himself, and was carrying around some award like it was his baby? Why the the poor guys trying to eat ramyun have to suffer the loss of their delicious food?

Why am I asking so many questions, when the answer really is “because this shit makes no sense so shut up and just laugh.” I guess the only sense I gather is that SBS never got its money’s worth out of the set for Road #1 so decided to re-use it, despite this drama being about salarymen. Heck, office politics is akin to war, no? If all these asinine questions confuse you, then you must watch the MV to understand.

Official MV for History of a Salaryman:


This hurts my soul, what they are doing to my Lee Bum Soo. Even if he’s still hella awesome despite being forced to perform freaky dances like a trained monkey doing tricks. Give me back my Gang Mo, SBS! History of the Salaryman will air in the first week of January on SBS on Mon-Tues, taking over the time slot vacated by Thousand Day Promise. Maybe we’ll all want early onset dementia after watch HotS. Wait a minute….this drama’s acronym is HotS. I have no more words.


History of the Salaryman Releases the Craziest Official Drama MV — 44 Comments

  1. Wait, WTF is this crap? And I was just discussing with kae last night whether we wanted to watch this. (I said I would for the cast, but she said she wanted to skip it after looking at the stills from the poster shoot. Looks like she may be right.) It looks almost exactly like Road No. 1, and that’s NOT a good thing. Nooo Hong Soo Hyun and Jung Kyeo Woon! Why did you 2 sign up for this? T_T

      • I would love to watch this, watching that trailer gives me a Les Misarables Victor Hugo feel, it has a revolutionary effect, I guess when you don’t understand Korean language you may have the ability to depend on what you see and interpret actions instead. Arts will always be a series of complicated maze it’s up to you if your goin to take the ride or not…. 😉

    • I think the whole MV is a metaphor to what it means to be a salaryman.. It is odd enough to get ppl’s attention… & they might check it out of curiosity.. I know I would, just to see what it is about

  2. that was soooooooo funny! I was so dumbfounded during the first half but then suddenly they start playing musical instruments and flash mob dancing. I was rolling on the floor laughing from the hilarity and insanity of that video. It worked on me I’m definitely gonna be watching the first couple of episodes now lol

  3. LMFAO!!!! It actually looks like a parody or a mockery of some form but then it makes no sense since we don’t know what its trying to parody or mock

  4. Oh my! I’m finding it so hard not to laugh at each scene in the MV! After watching the MV, how in the world will I take the drama seriously, now?!!!! It must have been difficult for the actors/actresses to keep a straight face while doing that dance scene. Why do I have this feeling that Sweeney Todd will appear next to Jung Ryeo Won then Tim Burton will shout “Cut” at the end of the MV? Haha!

  5. WHAT JUST HAPPENED??? its like everybody’s on drugs or something? but it made me laugh so this mv’s for keeps… FOR NOW. hahaha!

  6. WOW, this the first.
    My heart laughed, because of the awkwardness of the video…while my eyes cried,because of the music.

    I am going to watch this!!!

  7. buhwaaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa…….. 😀 that was insane and yeah jung ryeon wun was always freaky…neva liked her….yet the actors give off a vibe or rather beckon me to watch atleast the first epi….before critisisin n thats exactly wat imma gonna do!!!!!! 😛

  8. I saw the photos already and cracked up but I didn’t know there was a video!!! Fantastic! I’ll have to save it for home because I’m scared that I won’t be able to muffle my laughter and I’m at work now.

  9. What the….I totally cracked when Lee Bum Soo started dancing.
    The trailer looked almost dull in comparison to that madness. Agreed to what he said at the end of the trailer though, I’m totally curious now!

  10. I was good until the dude with the neckbrace hobbled on screen with the golf club. Then I lost it. I’m really curious about what this drama is about the more I see all this craziness. It is from the people behind Giant, so I think they have some idea of what they’re doing.

  11. lol lol lol lol lol agh my stomach hurt!
    Thank you your highness, I can start my day as cheerful as I can be!
    hahahahahahaha…can’t stop laughing!

  12. ohohohohoho~~~~ puwhahahahahhahhahahha~~~~
    the MV…is cracktastic~
    how could everyone keep such a straight face? OMG~~~

    the golfer taking off one sock before stepping into a puddle of stagnant water to swing….could that be referring to Pak Se-Ri? She took off her socks and shoes to play at a hole in the 1988 US Women’s Open’

    Teehee~ gonna keep a lookout for the drama~~~

  13. I am going to watch it. I have been wanting korea to step out of it’s comfort zone and do something different and grow. If this drama is going to be that something different I am going to support it. Grow or die. I would hate to see Korean Drama become stale to death.

  14. What. The. #%#&?

    I’m dying here.

    Jung Kyeo-woon’s facial expression during the dance/march kills me. He looks like he’s really enjoying himself. I think he turned away because he was laughing at 3:24. Heehee!

    This must be someone’s idea of a joke. Or just symbolism gone way, WAY overboard.

  15. YAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. i have seen this before but it gets funnier the more times u look at it. swear! maybe this is like…. sweeney todd, but much less dark? or…. rocky horror, with less sexual themes. LOL LOL.

  16. Salesperson going out to work in a daily battle field. Trying to survive is a battle field. To earn some money for a living. Competing with others to see who is top dog in his or her field of work.

  17. Interesting.
    That wasn’t one of those things they threw together in the last minute. There was choreography, and the timing of the explosions, and frowning practice.
    Hopefully, the show we are getting will deliver some dark humor, I mean, come on.
    They can’t be that serious in the “official MV” if the show itself is serious, right?

    It’ll be funny. Funny as a battlefield. Or something.

  18. after watching the 1st trailer, it reminded be of protect the boss. the posters and trailer looked crazy but the story was entertaining. and i never really watched lee bum soo but he seemed so goofy good in his scenes. wait … is he the guy from the descendants of hong gil dong… if he is i just might just check this out i liked him in that movie

  19. HAHAHA! Hilarious!!! This is the most random MV I’ve ever saw!! You know, not alot of MV’s makes sense anyways at first, but they tend to have a meaning behind it. I think this one does (errrr…..) but we’ll have to see when we watch the show. Again, Hiilarious!~~

    P.S. Loved how that girl kicked that pot of ramen out from under that guy when he was about to eat it! Epic fail for you, guy!

  20. I kind of wonder at the sheer wackiness of the trailer…but maybe it was suppose to be strange? I don’t know…I miss Gangmo too…it’ll be interesting to see whether HotS (seriously am amused^^) even comes close to the epic awesomeness that was Giant…

  21. I think it’s awsome! Good for promo, definitely get my attention. It is every DP’s dream (director of photography) to shoot a continues steadicam shot with packed of action in one single cut. I wonder how many re-take they did.

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