Big Shot Charity Photo Exhibition Releases More Pictures and Official Video

The Da Ren Wu (Big Shot) Photo Charity Exhibition is still going on in Taiwan, and the organizers have released a few more pictures I haven’t seen before as well as a thrilling official making of video. It was a herculean effort that involved 72 behind-the-scenes talented artists plus 39 stars gamely doing whatever was asked of them. Li Wei, above, appears to have suffered quite a lot for his craft. But the end result is a picture worth remembering. Click here for my earlier post with more pictures.

Angelababy. Since her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming was in this photo array, why am I not surprised Angelebaby is also participating. She looks like a very pretty shedding bird.

Stefanie Sun. the Victor/Victoria homage is eye-catching and totally against type since Stefanie is so feminine in real life.

Sonia Sui. Love Sonia’s expression of repressed longing.

Making of Big Shot Charity Photo Exhibition:

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Big Shot Charity Photo Exhibition Releases More Pictures and Official Video — 7 Comments

  1. since i only know a handfull taiwanese actors/actresses, i am hoping that in the near future korean actors/actresses can do the same for charity’s sake.
    that would be the day. . . . . .
    yes lyn he looks like binnie. . . .he, he, he . . . wonder what would he portray or look like in korean version if there would be one?

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