Liberal Guyliner Gives Nicky Wu a Sexy Edge

Oh what some eyeliner can do to transform a person. Nicky Wu graces the cover and pages of Beijing Fashion magazine and the make up artist decided to whip out the extra chunky guyliner and liberally apply it to Nicky. The result is strangely alluring and very eye-catching especially considering his very drab and restrained appearance in Bu Bu Jing Xin as the least flashy of all the princes. I’m loving how Nicky gamely tries out different incarnations for all his recent photoshoots. I’m now picturing him doing some Vampire Prosecutor-esque drama. Maybe with less blood sucker but more sexy nighttime vibes. It would definitely be a far cry from 4th Prince. Up next for Nicky is an appearance on Beijing TV’s Lunar New Year celebration where he goes back to his singing roots.



Liberal Guyliner Gives Nicky Wu a Sexy Edge — 18 Comments

  1. Did i hear Guyliner ? Where ? Who ? Yes, it’s the magic word if you want me to appear. It always does the trick for me. My fave pic is the 4/5 and the last one. Seriously how can you resist this ?
    ” Save to pictures folder “

  2. Smoking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Look @ last photo
    Look again
    *nose bleed*
    Look @ first photo
    *fan girl scream*
    Look @ 4th photo

    He is bringing the SEXY BACK!!!! LOL And he is fully clothed!!!! Can someone please call the firefighters!!! It is getting hot in here!!!! Omo! I heard the sirens!!!! Mhahahahahahaahaha

  3. Whoa, he looks really different like this. o__O Not sure if I like the effect so much in the first and last photos, though — it makes it look like he has bags under his eyes.

  4. This isss a great photoshoot of him. And I’m not even his fan! It must be the angular eyebrows & the nice shouldered suit w/ the narrow waist.

  5. i’ve been gushing about him to my friend and i’ll say this here too – man is too hot to be 40!

    (and well, means i’m too young to be crushin’ on him but power to the noonas! :p)

  6. Angelitocurioso.. Tht was so funny!! I laughed so hard my tummy is hurting. Couldn’t agree more with all of u. He is smoking hott!! Ouch!!

  7. Big nose….and don’t see the sexy….and the eyeliner….pulllease….more like an approaching middle-age uncle trying to portray someone 20 years younger…shame….they should snap shots of him doing more age-appropriate activities like tai chi or golf or something that won’t hurt his poor hips or back….

    • Who got your panties in a bunch? Try some Tai Chi yourself, might lower your blood pressure and you can be happier instead of so virulent.

      • Blood pressure is fine and I am very happy – thanks for your concern. Just my thoughts on Nicky and this photoshoot, that’s all. You have your own taste in actors and so do I. Not everyone who reads your blog has to share your views…no? I still think he will look a whole lot hotter in a tai chi pose….

  8. I adore Nicky, but I’m not a fan of when guys do Guyliner. Still, he looks good in those clothes.

    Also, Nicky is 41 and is in very good shape as we can tell from these photos. He can still jump and do those poses… maybe he does do tai chi, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a strong back or hips.

  9. Sorry folks, I really prefer Nicky’s natural look. Love his poses but he looked kinda weird and gayish with eyeliners. Please do away with the eyeliners please, my handsome prince! 🙂

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