Yoon Si Yoon is a Well-dressed Gentleman for Singles Magazine

Watching Yoon Si Yoon in Me Too, Flower! was a revelation of sorts, akin to watching a kid grow up right before your eyes. Not only did he physically seem to have matured, his acting also improved by leaps and bounds from his Baker King, Kim Tak Goo days. I used to tease that he was a Jun Ki-lite, and I still think they are remarkably similar in looks. But now I accord Yoon Si Yoon the same ability to slay the viewer with his eyes, exhibiting untold depths of happiness, rage, or despair depending on the situation. For the February issue of Singles Magazine, Yoon Si Yoon channels a sophisticated gentleman’s aura and attire. A snippet of the interview was revealed to the media, in which Yoon Si Yoon was asked about having such low ratings for M2F. He honestly answered that his career has been defined by ratings so it’s not something he can pretend not to care about. I love how sincere he is. For this photo shoot, I just want to photoshop the female model out of the shot, because she distracts from my ogling of him.

[Credit: Singles Magazine]


Yoon Si Yoon is a Well-dressed Gentleman for Singles Magazine — 11 Comments

  1. He’s gotten much hotter since Baker Kim Tak Gu. Whatever he did, it definitely helped him 🙂 I loved him as Seo Jae Hee, and finished the drama mostly for him. I hope Me Too Flower’s ratings don’t affect his ability to get projects because he showed his range and was quite awesome in it even if the drama went crazy in the second half.

  2. The 3rd pic is nice. Finally back to his natural black hair. 🙂
    That said, i could watch him all day long, even with bizarre haircut and strange clothes.
    He really looks pensive, and a bit sad maybe ? I call him The Face : He could be a mime.
    I agree to kick the girl out of the photo. Can’t you see he’s not interested in you ? He only got eyes for me and jomo :).
    I pray for him ( and for me too… ) so he could get a good drama or movie as soon as possible, filmed in smooth conditions preferably. If he gets ostracized in the business because of the low ratings of M2F, then it proves casting and production agencies understand nothing. I would be so disappointed !
    @ Hanare : I love his unusually sexy deep voice too. I wonder if he ever tried singing. I bet it would be impressive.

  3. anyone knows where/if there is a translated version of his interview? Would love to read about it.. I love this dude. I hope he isn’t too affected by the low ratings of M2F though cos that show, was really ten kinds of awesome despite being a little bipolar towards the end

  4. ahhh Yoon Shi Yoon… Fallin in love with him after watching him in me too flower! Please pick a good project, soon…. I miss him already…

    I keep remember Jae Hee’s character whenever I see him…. That’s how strong his character and acting in me too flower in my memory…
    I love that drama despite it’s flaws…

  5. LOVE the last one, though the vest isn’t my favorite. M2F wasn’t my favoritest ever (especially when the second half went a little nuts), and honestly I sometimes thought YSY overacted Jae-hee, but there’s no denying he’s got charisma, and the camera loves him.

  6. I couldn’t make myself watch Baker King, so I didn’t discover YSY (or Joo Won) until Me Too! Flower. M2F is the drama that stars my absolute favorite main female character. How can anyone not love Cha Bong Sun? I don’t know why, I just love her (not the actress, the character). So of course, 16 hours of M2F made me a bit of a Yoon Shi Yoon fan now too :-). I hope he gets even better drama roles in the future, and that he doesn’t get discouraged. Fighting!

  7. I watched him on Star Date the other day, and I gave him an “awww”, he actually seemed a bit unsettled by the number of his fans that turned up….poor kid. To me he only seems comfortable in front of the camera while he is acting.
    I have always thought YSY was a good actor…he produces so much emotion, makes me cry and laugh….he’s great….can’t wait for his next project.
    At least he isn’t as quiet as my Won Bin in interviews…now there’s a man of few words…..but then again his acting speaks volumes!!!!

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