Fan Video of the Engagement Party Kiss in The King 2 Hearts

I appreciate The King 2 Hearts for being more than just a simple love story, with a genuine sincerity about addressing issues of responsibility, maturity, loyalty, and faith. There are tons of bumps here and there (Secretary Eun letting slip Anmyungdo for a Beatles record, the useless royal guards, and the most recent cringeworthy portrayal of Team USA as racist jackasses), but I find the heart of the story still going strong. Jae Ha, with his faults and weaknesses, is such a compelling hero because he’s not like honorable Jae Kang and requires us to root for him to overcome odds as we put faith in him to succeed. The last two episodes of TK2H was dense with action, so it’s nice to get a glimpse of some OTP cute moments to come. Presenting the fan camera video from the upcoming engagement party where the King and Queen kissed for their subjects. Get ready to swoon.

Engagement kiss fan cam:

[Credit: picture from Baidu Lee Seung Gi bar]


Fan Video of the Engagement Party Kiss in The King 2 Hearts — 24 Comments

  1. OMG….this seemed so realllllllllll….I think world just stopped for the moment…
    This crowd is my kind of people 😉

    And the smile…he enjoys and HJW pushes him back, like she’s embarrass.

  2. HOLLA!

    now that’s what i’m talking about!
    will be rewatching this till its wednesday!

    thanks koala unnie!

      • irl Seung-gi is a shy person. I remember him being quite shy when he started out on 1n2d…over the years he’s gotten better with it thanx to those variety shows.

  3. So, nerve wracking when the crowd were cheering “kiss, kiss…..”. When he faced Ji-won I was giggling like a little green girl! What have these K-drama kisses done to us…

    And, Seung-gi absolutely caught Ji-won unawares. Lurveeeee!! =)

  4. Finally ^^
    Yea, what this show done to us?? kekeke~
    When one of my routine site update this video, I’m on my way so I can’t watch it. So I text this to my friend: ‘Ya, sent the video to me, NOW!’, and I’m giggling like a little girl 😛

  5. sooo addicted w/ K 2H! LSG & HJW look sooo perfect together, it’s saddening that quite soon this amazing drama is reaching it’s end, HAYSSSHHH!!!! More more more projects w/ these 2 paired together puhleeaasseee! 🙂

  6. Looking forward to the next episodes. More intimate moment. Saw picture kissing inside the tent during the barbecue. IIs this for real.?

  7. Does HJW have a boyfriend in real life? Just wondering. I don’t really think she and LSG have anything going on other that professionalism and good onscreen chemistry.

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