Roy Qiu Rumored as the Leading Man in Upcoming SETTV Sunday Night Drama

FINALLY! After laying low for a few months racing cars, endorsing products, and maybe dating Tang Yan, word all over the TW-entertainment industry is that Roy Qiu is coming back with a TW-drama this Summer. Woo hoo! Of course its an SETTV drama, despite him having fulfilled his three project commitment to them (Woody Sambo, Easy Fortune Happy Life, and finally Office Girls). SETTV has been good to Roy, and with OG he finally made it as a leading man in Taiwan, so its no surprise he’s willing to take on another of their dramas. He’s the male lead for the upcoming tentatively title The Adventures of the Young Lady (小姐大冒险), which will take over the Love Forward time slot when that drama ends sometime in July.

No word on the leading lady yet, but if SETTV wants ratings, I have the perfect choice. Rainie Yang, the Queen of TW-dramas and an SETTV darling after Drunken to Love You. Despite knowing Roy and Rainie will have insane chemistry (maybe good, maybe bad), since SETTV wants ratings and LF isn’t delivering, casting the former exes would be an insane ratings grab. But of course I’m just kidding since there is no way either would agree to star in a drama together. Which is a shame, because I can see their acting styles really sparking with each other.

So all we have right out is a unconfirmed media leak that Roy has agreed to do this SETTV drama, and there hasn’t even been any rumors as to who the leading lady candidates are. I’ll throw out a couple possibilities based on schedule availability and likelihood of doing a TW-drama – Annie Chen, Ady An, Cyndi Wang. Of course, if SETTV can reunite Roy and Alice Ke, I’d be doing somersaults of happiness, but that’s hardly possible since they just did OG together. Sigh, a Koala can wish, right? Come back to me, Roy, come back soon!


Roy Qiu Rumored as the Leading Man in Upcoming SETTV Sunday Night Drama — 26 Comments

  1. Glad to see Roy back… I can also imagine Rainie with Roy having great chemistry, but in reality is impossible. Hopefully the story is good!

  2. Oh my!! Best news ever.. Rainie is impossible, i presume.. but i couldn’t be more happy if Roy and Alice reunite again for another drama.. Still cannot get enough of Ziqi+Xingren.. 🙂

    • Ya lor, Alice n Roy make the ‘office girls ‘ show interesting n good. Hope
      very soon can see two of them works together again ^ *. *. ^

  3. I like Roy but I don’t like Rainie, so I’m happy that they are not pairing together. I would be happy with either Cyndi Wang or Alice Ke.

      • Add me to the club. I think I have an allergy towards Rainie. Can not sit through a drama with her in it.

        The Adventures of the Young Lady, seems like a Cyndi thing. I can see her in it. Someone new won’t hurt either.

  4. I’ll take Roy and Ady! She’s a great actress and so easy on the eyes too. But heck, I’d take Roy with anyone OR anything if it means I get to see more of him 😉

  5. Just imagining the madness makes me shiver.

    Man if it was Roy and Rainie the media would be all over that drama from dusk to dawn. They would have no peace and they would be awkward to avoid rumors.

    They both still agree it was their relationship with the most impact on them so I definitely think they would avoid. Even going to an award show didn’t Raine bring Mike He as a media deflector since Roy was there.

    Then again don’t Blu and the girl from My Queen hate each other and aside from the public voting for her to be with the second lead there doesn’t seem to be much media drama

  6. love to see him with rainie or alice again… not cyndi wang, though… can’t stand her. hope its a nice comedy like office girls and not the likes of woody (yuck!) thanks for the update on our boy, ms. k!

  7. Roy & Rianie would be interesting to see again.

    They haven’t been in contact in such a long time and this can be a great opportunity to reunite with each other. Hopefully get rid of all the awkwardness and can become more than just acquaintances. Friends~ Though I’m not sure if they would agree to work with each other /: it’ll be a big commitment if they did. I’m quite sure a few script writers asked them to though haha just a feeling….

  8. I’m fairly certain Rainie would never work with him again. Roy probably wouldn’t either. But darn it, I did think they had good chemistry in original summer … (whatever that drama was called in english). I think they would be super hot onscreen now – all matured and what not. Alas… only in a dream.

    Other actresses? i don’t know… But either way, I hope the drama is good. Love Forward is totally dying on me. Amber character does nothing for me so I feel so bored… and they zapped the energy out of the Ai Xi that I haven’t watched the last 2 episodes and I don’t really care. I was really anticipating every episode for 9 straight weeks or something. I hope the next drama will be better.

  9. Annie Chen plz!!! Miss her being in a TW-drama!!! At least it be nice to see her pair up with the handsome Roy. Hehe. 😀

  10. yeahhh… I would looooveeeeee to see Roy and Rainie pairing up again, maybe they will surprise us, but maybe not. Aside from Rainie, I think Ady An is quite nice…

  11. Hm… what is Joe Chen Qiao En doing nowaday? I’d love to see Joe and Roy again!
    I thought they had great chemistry in Easy Fortune Happy Life and The Girl in Blue!

  12. how about roy and tang yan sure all the fans would like to see them both after the mydaughter and waking up love.i just love this loveteam.they are so perfect.that’s why they are also sweethearts in real life;i miss them already

  13. well,i hope it isn’t too late for me yet to suggest that tangyan be the leading lady of roy qui in the adventures of a young lady.since the dramas my daughter and waking up love had high ratings because of the loveteam, i believe the fans would like to see them both again.i miss them already that’s why i keep watching the my daughter even the subtitling has not been completed yet

  14. that means there wouldn’t be any roy qui and tang yan loveteam in the near future since they have their own dramas to make.i hope there would be one before the year ends.a come back reunion againn of the waking up love and my daughter.they are all good.

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