Fantastic First Teaser for I Need Romance 2 Shows a Cheeky Vibe

So fantastic and adorable and brilliantly conceived! Those are all the accolades I’ll toss out for the first teaser of I Need Romance 2. It doesn’t reveal a lick of plot, but instead pays homage to some of the little bits of girl power and romance movies in the last few decades. I caught a snippet to Coyote Ugly, a super awww-inducing re-enactment of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo+Juliet (also known as “When Claire Danes and Leo DiCaprio was young”), and the ladies pretending to be Charlie’s Angels. Jung Yumi is so insanely pretty and fabulous in this role, and I need to warn ladies to bring some tissues to wipe off the drool because I foresee Lee Jin Wook’s hotness to induce a massive amount of drooling. Who doesn’t love a cheeky rom-com that is in on the joke?

First teaser for INR2:


Fantastic First Teaser for I Need Romance 2 Shows a Cheeky Vibe — 16 Comments

  1. I love everything about this drama but one: it’s a TvN drama. Now normally that’s good, but it also means that viki won’t be subbing it (for some reason they never sub TvN dramas) and I’ll have to keep on wandering about for subbed versions >.<;;

  2. i’m so freakin’ excited for this. Jung Yumi is gorgeously quirky here and Lee Jin Wook is just plain gorgeous and boyishly sly with that smile of his. love it! so thrilled i get to see these two together in June.

  3. Silly question is silly but I’ll ask it anyway: does one needs to watch INR1 to be able to follow INR2 or is INR2 a sort of spin off with different characters? I mean, the cast is different so I’d say I could go ahead and watch 2 without ever having watched 1. Am I wrong?

    • You don’t need to watch the first one before watching this.. it’s fresh story anyway.. but INR1 is very good.. so u should watch it at some point.

  4. Now that ladies and gents is how a teaser trailer is made

    -hint hint I do, I do and Timeslip Dr. Jin aka get your ish together. K, thanks ^.^

    I’m so freaking excited for INR2 cuz I loved loved loved the first one.

    YAY Thank you drama gods for answering our pleas thank you!!!

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