Ethan Ruan is a Volunteer Teacher During his Mandatory Army Service

Ethan Ruan is three months into his year long mandatory service duty and he’s finished up the one month new soldier orientation training and switched into his post. Because he’s flat footed, he won’t be doing active duty and is instead serving in the Ministry of Education office in Taipei. He’s working on public education campaigns and even uses his weekends to visit youth centers to be a volunteer teacher. I’ve always found Ethan really sincere and down-to-earth, not to mention gutsy to the extreme, coming out in the beginning of his career and admitting to having a girlfriend. His talent (and hotness) still rocketed him to the top of his generation of Taiwan actors, and he went voluntarily to serve his army duty. He recently agreed to be interviewed while doing his volunteer work as a way to increase awareness for the public campaign to increase education and public works funding for at risk children from low-income families. He admits to being used to office life and enjoying this change of pace. He laughed that good friend Mark Chao went public with his relationship with Gao Yuan Yuan because Mark was emulating him, and revealed that things are really wonderful with his own girlfriend Tiffany Hsu. Ethan has a movie coming out this Summer called The Flying Guillotine, so that ought to tide us all over until he’s released next year.


Ethan Ruan is a Volunteer Teacher During his Mandatory Army Service — 10 Comments

  1. Finally watching My Queen at Dramafever, which doles out the Eps at a snail’s pace. He is a cutie. I’m enjoying it. What else has he done?

  2. thank you for inspiring people, an artist has a big resposibility to the world, to be a good role model thank you!

    • it is always a must to have sincerity to your audience, even they play different characters these artist are source of influence, they help shape society, should a wayward lifestyle be idolized then they lose thier purpose to be source of inspiration, and I thank you for his sincerity!

  3. I have come to have a new found appreciation for thus guy after watching Doze Niu’s Love….I was very indifferent to him in Fated To Love You which was a drama I hated (sorry FTLY fans, just not my cup of tea)….but he was simply wonderful and easily the best part of Love… I need to check out Monga and My Queen so I can see more of him

  4. Well, they paired him with someone just slightly above his I.Q., so hopefully the kiddos will finish raising him into an adult.

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