Yamapi Does a Diabolically Funny Poodle Showdown with KimuTaku on SMAPxSMAP

Y’all gonna thank me that I led off this post with the normal looking state of being for the Crown Prince of J-entΒ Kimura Takuya and his maybe successor-in-line Yamashita Tomohisa, because what you’re about to watch next will crack your brain. Yamapi has a new single out this week called “Love Chase” (not bad at all), so he made a surprise appearance on SMAPxSMAP not as a guest but co-starring in a skit. One of the running skits on the show is the family skit where KimuTaku is the family pet dog called P-chan, Shingo is a kindergartener the size of Hulk, and Goro is the kindly daddy. When I say KimuTaku is the family pet, he is literally a pink poodle. In this skit, called P-chan versus Yamapi-chan, the plot is the showdown between two pet dogs hoping to the win the affection of the lady of the house.

It starts with competing on being cute, welcoming the owner home, and cooking. I was already laughing manically, but when Yamapi-chan broke into a serenade of “Daite Senorita” I actually almost peed by pants. Turns out I did need to whip out the Depends because that was followed by P-chan singing “Seishun Amigo”, which prompted Yamapi-chan to join in and both poodles performed that iconic song to my everlasting joy. And can I say P-chan’s rendition blows Kame out of the water. The skit is adorable because most of the time everyone except for KimuTaku is cracking up, yet he manages to keep the straightest face it’s amazing. The whole kit and caboodle is finished off with Shingo delivering a diatribe as if he was three sheets to the wind. Playing a kindergartener. This is priceless and below are some stills from the video. Yamapi is totally forgiven for the depressing Ending Planner drama after this.



Yamapi Does a Diabolically Funny Poodle Showdown with KimuTaku on SMAPxSMAP — 16 Comments

  1. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ im cracking up.. laughing like a mad women alone in this room.. bot pet r sooooo cute… i wish they were my pet..!!! <3 <3

  2. OMG! i did not understand a word of that but that was just wayyyyy too funny! thanks for sharing, ms koala!

    i miss kimu taku… when is he coming back on the small screen?

  3. it never ceases to amaze me what the Japanese will do for a laugh (and those poodle costumes alone had me giggling), it started with a giggle when P-chan went all Lou Rawls on the Lady of the House and didn’t stop!

  4. Thanks much Captain for sharing this. I didn’t know Kimura Takuya does this regular skit…in a pink dog suit. He is so cute as well as Yamapi. πŸ™‚ Now I appreciate more Kimura’s versatility as an actor…Speaking about dogs, did you get to see Kimura’s drama last year? The one with the dogs at the Antartica? I forgot the title but it was your post about it that led me to watching it. I finished all the episodes and liked the drama. Both the human and canine actors acted very well, I thought.

    Is the song “Sesshun Amigo” the same one played at the end of each episode of “Nobuta wo Produce”? It sounded familiar. Their dancing was so in synch and awesome. (*^_^*)
    I think they should do a drama together. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  5. LOL P-chan is my fav skit of smasma and they haven’t been doing it for a while…glad that this time we have P-chan with Yamapi-chan πŸ™‚

  6. I love this running skit cause it’s always so hilarious. I believe each and every time that I have seen it (which is many times over the past I don’t even know how many years)… Kimura pretty much always keeps a straight face. Goro sometimes cracks up LOL. Shingo is so cute in his kindergarten cap. πŸ™‚

    Thanks so much for posting this Capt K. πŸ™‚ I haven’t watch SxS in quite some time. Just too busy and this brings it right back!

  7. LMAO! I just saw this post now and I have to run out. Next time I have 14m, I’m going to sit down and watch it. Thank you for the post. I can hardly wait^^.

  8. I’ll be back after I get off the floor. I’m just dead from laughing. OMG, Kimutaku at the 6:30 minute mark – I had to pause it, I was laughing so hard. Thank you SO MUCH!

  9. I always love this skit, P-cha is the sexiest and most perverted pink poodle ever, even in concerts. And I agree with you, I’m not missing Kame at all. I love Kimutaku’s rendition of Seishun Amigo. I was fangirling like crazy when Kimutaku and Yamapi started singing together that song.
    But I need subs to make the experience even better.

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