Listen to Special Track off Big OST Performed by Gong Yoo

The production of Big has pretty much been on lock down for the last week as it films the final two episodes keenly aware that even the littlest news and pictures could let the cat out of the bag as to the ending. Though seeing Gong Yoo on set isn’t confirmation as to whether he’s playing Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae, but I’m sure spotting Lee Min Jung either crying or being all happy could tip us off big time. The first spoiler picture has just been released and it shows Da Ran looking dirty and mussed. The hows, whys, and wheres will be revealed tomorrow. I’m been trying hard not to scour for spoilers as well, because for once I’m ready to watch this sucker and have my mind blown. To help us pass the time, you can listen to the just released special track for the Big OST where Gong Yoo covers Davichi‘s “Because It’s You.” His singing is raw and shaky, but oh so heartfelt. Apparently he recorded this at night and then went right back to the set to keep filming. I applaud everything he’s put into this drama, which will truly be remembered for his bravura performance throughout.

Above are four behind-the-scenes stills released by the production showing Gong Yoo and Lee Min Jung filming a scene that will be in the final episodes. It’s clear the two co-stars get along fabulously and we’re really so lucky that they paired up for this drama. It’s nice to seeing him so smiley above, because listening to him singing below makes me wonder if he’s tearing up inside when singing.

Gong Yoo’s cover of Davichi’s “Because It’s You”:


Listen to Special Track off Big OST Performed by Gong Yoo — 26 Comments

  1. Something about his voice is very touching. He is not a singer, but he sang with so much emotion that it touched me even more than the original.

  2. I don’t remember being so invested in any other Hong Sisters’ dramas. Couldn’t believe that we only two episodes to go…*sob*

    This picture of LMJ is stunning. The way she looked into the camera speaks so much and yet is hard to define. I will look forward to her future projects. Now she proves herself that she can do something other than rom-com.

    Gong Yoo pours his heart and soul in this drama. I only began to admire him after “Silenced” and now I like him even more!

      • @xyu, right on,she’s beautiful and she’s a commercials’ queen.
        Whereas Shin is a commercials’ king.
        I heard Gong Yoo singing this when I on my tablet first thing in the morning. He’s singing from his heart. He is a singer with tons of fans worldwide and a great great actor.

      • @ sarah, ya. totally agree. I dont think theres ever a bad angle on LMJ. I wish i have a face like that!! 🙂 And gong yoo, he’s just charisma through and through.. I have to say I prefer my man in dramaland. You get all the upsides and none of the downside. ha!

  3. As if I weren’t already invested enough in KKJ getting his forever with Da Ran, this song makes it even more personal and heartfelt. Gong Yoo has done a fantastic job of embodying this character, bringing so much emotion and connection to the role and using that to reach out and pull the audience in. His rendition of this song makes that pull even stronger.

    So happy this became a great project for him!

    • I was going to say something like that.

      What amazes me and breaks my heart is I can hear KKJ singing this, not Gong Yu, bringing even more tears to my eyes as the song goes.
      I don’t like that it sounds like he gave up, though.

      I am prolly going to stay off any Big spoilery sites until this baby’s done. I know how I want it to end, but they have set it up so they could do just about anything with these characters and it would work.

      KKJ Hwaiting!

  4. I love this guy. Im going to have such a BIG drama hungover when this is over. Or, perhaps more accurately Gong Yoo hungover. I think Gong Yoo really carry this drama on his shoulder and did a fabulous fabulous job. Thanks Koala for all that you have shared with us on this journey. Its been a wonderful ride.

  5. if what said that he recorded the song at night and went back filming right after…i guess…i can did hear his voice as being bit tired (who’s not..rite?) but he is really giving his utmost best to the fans….and the track came out sooooo beautiful and it just made me cry just by hearing the song!his renditions is just so emotional…love this!

  6. Are they going to have a car accident or something? Because I’m sure that GDR is wearing the same dress at the end of the preview for ep. 15..

    BTW the OST sounds beautiful!

  7. Omg! That’s the dress she wore in the preview of episode 15 wherein she and kyung jae is in the car. Noooo. Is there a car accident that’s going to happen? :((

  8. oh man, i am hearing this the third time and i am still crying. so so heartfelt. gong yoo’s an amazing actor. i really hope to see him in more varied roles though – sometimes i think he’s not getting the credit he deserves as an actor because of his good looks.

  9. Gong Yoo is not your typical K idol but he is SUPER charming ! So glad he is back from military service.
    Hope there will be many more drama/movie lined up for him…. CF too !

  10. ockoala,I’m waiting for your recap. I love it when you always give life to a story and you know just the words to describe everything in detail. And the next preview,please,with translation. Thank you so much…xxxxxxx

  11. Omo…hear his voice in this beautiful song….although his sing maybe not perfect but it…beautiful because he gave his heart in it….
    I luuv..when beautiful love song..sing by man and woman…I hope there will be duet or combine between his version and Davichi’s…
    I reallay love the GY and MJ…in BIG…because I can’t like GY in CP..(sigh…)

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