Fanmade Big MV Shows Ending with Original Kyung Joon and Da Ran

I realized in saying that I liked the ending of Big (where Kyung Joon finds his way back to Da Ran as he promised and she believed he would), I didn’t make clear that the execution of the final scene was not my personal preference for how it should have been shown. I wanted desperately for Shin Won Ho‘s version of Kyung Joon to do that final scene, but I accepted the Hong Sisters creative right to go the route they did. I didn’t find it confusing, but the cross-cutting between past Kyung Jae and present face-not-shown Kyung Joon was understandably confusing for some and teeth clenching for others.

I hope this MV might be a balm for a wounded Big soul, for surely it made even me happier than I already was. God knows how many times I’ve watched this MV so thank god it’s not a VHS tape I can potentially destroy from constant rewinding. Thank you @psychobrit2008 for doing an ending to Big with Lee Min Jung and Shin. This MV turned me into a blubbering mess I was crying and smiling all the way nodding my head screaming YESYESYES at the screen. Yeah, I imagined this a million times, and seeing it onscreen is simply sublime. Feel free to partake of this delicious bite of happiness.

I sort glossed over it in the recap for episode 16, but I wanted to discuss in depth how awesome it was to learn in the final episode that Kyung Joon switched their umbrellas in the first meeting in episode 1. It never once crossed my mind, instead I just thought he was getting his umbrella back and was interested in her. To know this precocious boy actually arranged it just leaves me chortling with glee and filled with warmth. So he did like this girl he saw on the bus, how cool and confident and daring he was even back then. And everything he learned and saw of her before the accident only added to his interest in her. To think this kid 8 years younger than her saw her disappointment at being stood up by Yoon Jae multiple times, and from there we know he’s tucked away this desire to protect her.

Even Kyung Jae and Da Ran discussed the truth that pre-accident Kyung Joon already liked Da Ran, so the journey for him to take back to her would not be from scratch. I like to think that Kyung Joon woke up and spent the last year digesting a huge birth secret and recovering from laying in a coma, all with this hard to define sensation inside that everything appears normal but something isn’t quite right. Maybe Da Ran’s name is verboten in the Seo household, and since pre-accident Kyung Joon never knew Seo Yoon Jae was Da Ran’s fiancee, so by the time he learned big brother’s ex-wife was Gil Da Ran, that is when the name triggered something. I think all it did was make him curious, bringing the past and present together, until it grew and grew and pushed him to go find her. And that leaves us with this.

Alternate ending to Big:


Fanmade Big MV Shows Ending with Original Kyung Joon and Da Ran — 58 Comments

  1. See, it could have worked this way, especially since they did have the same scene from the 1st episode. It didn’t look terrible, and I think changing up his hair a little bit, etc, they could have used him instead of GY’s body. Also, it’s not like at the finale, they kissed or anything so it would have been fine. *sigh* Thanks for the fanmade MV though!

  2. Thank heavens for this MV. Finally. I really wanted to see them together that way. come to think of it THS ending plot of BIG is the same as Gumiho. The other one needs to leave then a lot of time passes. the one who leaves then return and they got their happy ending. argh! youtube episode (like what playful kiss did) about what happened to KJ and DR after that ending is a must! XD

  3. Just want to say,I feel so happy watching this over and over again. Every distraught fan should see this,I’m going to tell my friends.
    Thank you again,@physcobrit 2008,you save the day!

  4. Uwahhhhhhhh!! They totally match pshhh! lol

    anywho, another random imagination of what the ending couldn’t cover, but happened: would it be too greedy to think that perhaps for the sake of the whole Miracle-needs-to-wipe-out-memories-for-happiness thing, YJ’s memories of Daran was wiped out too? or altered? or is that too convenient of a fix-all? =x

    • I like it,this is the expected ending.
      If it’s really with Shin,they could always dress DaRan like a teenager . She always looks young and lovely despite her age. And they could do something about her hair,when it’s down,I bet they look good together. I guess it’s always tied up to make her look older.
      You are saying this because you are so into Gong Yoo. He oozes from the screen.

  5. see…all you need to do is to go back to ep. 1…they already laid it all…it’s so funny that im totally having further understanding of the drama now as i’m back on ep 1&2

  6. Oh – but you keep saying the guys would have had a year to process things. But didn’t Gil Da Ran get the text that they had switched back AFTER the one year time jump? And Mari sending the text annoyed me to no end – I thought he told her to beat it? Why would she know?

    • We have been trying to understand the huge gap bewtween the lovers and haters of Big.

      Here is one more possibility. I thought and still think that the KKJ character as presented in the first episode is one of the BEST introductions to a male lead in almost ever.

      In short, the boy’s got balls, knows what he likes, and goes for it.

      Your comment says it prettier: Kyung Joon switched their umbrellas in the first meeting in episode 1. It never once crossed my mind, instead I just thought he was getting his umbrella back and was interested in her. To know this precocious boy actually arranged it just leaves me chortling with glee and filled with warmth. So he did like this girl he saw on the bus, how cool and confident and daring he was even back then. And everything he learned and saw of her before the accident only added to his interest in her. To think this kid 8 years younger than her saw her disappointment at being stood up by Yoon Jae multiple times, and from there we know he’s tucked away this desire to protect her.

      • *delurks*

        I am what would likely be classified as a ‘hater’ (though that is perhaps too strong a word. Now if one applied it in regard with my feelings toward Best Love, that would have been accurate), and, speaking for myself, the ending of Daran with SWH would have been better, sure, but it still wouldn’t have fixed my problems with the drama:

        * the fact that the story seemed to be stuck in some sort of moebius strip of an infinite loop (and I liked Full House and Goong, so it takes a lot for me to complain about repetitiveness)
        * that I think it’s sloppy writing to introduce issues/characters and never resolve them
        * that secondary character arcs make no sense, not being arcs but more like a broken rollercoaster – Hong Sisters often have an issue with a bad person having an unbelievable volte-face (see Tennis Girl in My Girl) but if the rest of the writing is OK, I let it slide. Here, it wasn’t
        * that I think it’s sloppy writing to have most of the big-ticket momentous events happen off-screen.
        * biggest sin – that I never got the love between Daran and KKJ through either writing or actors’ portrayal (which is a huge problem for a romance-based drama. I wasn’t too fond of the romance in Emperor of the Sea or Dong Yi either, but in a period epic there are plenty of other things to focus on, not so in a romance).

        Ultimately, I just found it deadly-dull and poorly-written. Sticking SWH under that umbrella at the end would have been a better choice, but it wouldn’t have fixed my problems.

        People love all sorts of dramas and ultimately, a lot of it is subjective. I’ve loved my share of dramas others didn’t (I was in love with Spy Myung Wol and we know how people felt about that one). I don’t begrudge anyone a joy a drama that clicks can bring. I wouldn’t have even delurked on this post but you did asked and I always was too talkative for my own good 🙂

      • @dangermousie –
        I didn’t word my post well, and now that I read it, left out the second half, but anyway…

        I know why people were impatient with it. I understand all the flaws.

        What I was wondering really is why DIDN’T I also hate it?
        What was it that allowed me to love it blindly? Forgive all kinds of plot sins that otherwise would have launched me off the fan ship?

        The answer, for me, is Shin as KKJ interacting with LMJ as DR.
        Whatever happned to everyone just didn’t matter to me because I loved them.

        I guess it was why I liked M2F, a show also weighed down heavily by characters I HATED and entire episodes of painful plot stuff that circled the drain and circled again. The OTP from their
        first interaction had me hooked. Ah, Bong Su and Jae Hee. <3

    • A SJK cameo would have appeased ALL fans. It’d be “really” Kang Kyung Joon and the pro-Gong Yoo fans wouldn’t react so much with a Song Joong Ki replacement.


  7. Honestly …. Yes Yes Yes this is the ending I hoped for …real Shin and DaRan together under umbrella ….. But whatever Hong sisters gave it to me I wholely accepted … This is fantasy drama Afterall …. 🙂

  8. i must be the very few that liked the ending the way it was done. i thought it was very creative to use show the present and the past and although they used gong yoo, i was never confused that it was kj and gy was just meant to allude to an older kj now. not that he would sound and look like gy.

    ok checking the mv now

  9. Wow, it’s amazing how much such a tiny thing can really influence your overall feelings about something. Watching this MV left me feeling much more fulfilled than I did before. I also like this because it shows how similarthe first and last meetings really were…

  10. Still think Hong sisters did that ending because they didn’t have guts to show the young Shin with DR.

    So, I can’t take the end as ”creative” but just as a way to please fans and not anger others. A cowardice act from Hong sisters part.

    If they really wanted to show a ”new” and ”grow up” Shin, why no use a random guy’s back and voice instead of GY? Then, I could get, this is a new grow up Shin……. he is ”big/legal” now.

    But since they wanted to please DR and KKJ couple plus LMJ and GY’s couple fans. But failed big time with me.

    • This is why I was so upset with the ending. If they had decided to kill off both guys or if Daran and KKJ ended up being apart forever and everything was just a beautiful memory, I wouldn’t have been so upset. If the actors weren’t Gong Yoo and Shin Won Ho- if perhaps, they were Shim Ji Ho (as Yoon Jae) and maybe Hong Jong-Hyeon (as KKJ), would this have been the ending?

      Anyways, loved the fanmade mv to pieces! *hits the play button repeatedly*.

  11. Omo, I don’t even know what to say to this. Finding this article just made my whole day!! ^.^

    @ockoala – Thank you for sharing it for everyone. <3 I’m glad it was able to make you happier about the ending. I know that when I sat down to make it I was still depressed over the actual ending. However, after re-watching the final episode twice now, I can I’m not angry about it anymore.

    I really loved that KKJ actually set up their first meeting though with the umbrellas. ^.^

    On a side note to you, I’m really looking forward to reading your recaps for Rich Man, Poor Woman. It’s my newest drama addiction (the one week wait though kills me D;)

    As for the MV itself, I read through all the comments here and I’m really happy that everyone seems to have enjoyed it at least enough to comment and hit the like on YouTube. ^__^ For people who want to see it but can’t just shoot me an e-mail and I can try and send it to you. ^^

    @Callie♥ – I actually did two version of the MV. The first one was a bit glitchy (with overlays and clips), however, in that one I did have Da Ran say “I love you” at the end. The second one, the one you saw, was the fixed video. I ended up taking it out though. Sorry. : /

    • No, I need to thank you for making such a wonderful MV. You are so talented, and the clips and song selection was perfect. I only wish it could be longer. 😀

      I’ve been in love with Kyung Joon since he darted under her umbrella in episode 1, grabbed her hand, and stared at her. It was amazing to see it all again at the end.

      Kyung Jae really was the journey of growth, but it all ends with Kyung Joon.

  12. Koala –
    What do you think it would take to get one of the variety shows to invite both Shin and LMJ on just so they could stand under a green umbrella and say the last lines?
    The live audience would go wild.

    • If this was a C-drama, Shin and LMJ would be all over the variety shows re-enacting the umbrella scene. Actually, if this was a C-drama, Yoon Jae would be offed, Gong Yoo would take a well-deserved bow and exit stage left (with me clapping and chasing after him), and the final scene would be Shin and LMJ. C-dramas have no problems taking out the leading man.

      In my dreams, KKJ and GDR are as happy as Da Ran’s parents are in their marriage. After everyone went insane when they realized that the KKJ Da Ran dumped SYJ for was in fact Kyung Joon (which everyone is bound to make the connection once they go public), I expect Mari to earn her final redemption by finally revealing the soul switch truth so that Da Ran doesn’t become some crazy coma-patient loving cradle robber.

      • You say “crazy coma-patient loving cradle robber” like it’s a bad thing.

        I bet they did plan on offing YJ, and chickened out when the web started insisting he end up with GDR.
        I bet that is why there is no reunion or switch back scene.
        We were supposed to see again when YJ coded, and ended up in the morgue convered with a sheet that he died.
        That YJ and KKJ were to have a watery goodbye handshake scene, as YJ angel floats up to heaven.

        (I would insist this is true, but in no way does that explain WHY there had to be a body switch in the first place if he was just going to die.) (Meaning why all the plot about KKJ’s shell providing blood food if the body was going to be eliminated anyway.)

        Still confused….

  13. Or.. to make Kang kyung joon (Shin) scene more mature.. they should just change his hair color… right?? and they should have just let us see a glimpse of Seo Kyung Jae in his own body… what a wonderful video! i’ll just try to forget what i watched at the end of the last episode.. 🙂

  14. I’m one of those who missed Shin’s KKJ at the end of the story and I’m very happy you shared this. Thank you. And big thank to the maker. I never had problems with how Shin’s KKJ looked like and their drama age gap. I always found him utterly sexy… and I often got this feeling that he is more mature than Da Ran… loved his straightforwardness and his love for GDR…

  15. so much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sorry for the lead actor! but shin was the man we all want to see in the first place! i was so angry because i wait 15 chapteers to saw his face and nothinG!
    thank GOD someone did this!

  16. This! This should be the ending. The umbrella scene in the first episode will be forever etched in my mind.

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  17. Great MV! But I’m still wondering what YJ’s action was when he woke up finding out that he was once married to DR. Also, wouldn’t the parents or everyone else question as to why YJ forgot he married DR? See these questions are something that THS must have not paid attention or cared much about. Like you say, this story is all about KKJ and DR. Maybe that’s why THS didn’t emphasize on YJ’s part.

  18. THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! this is what it should have been! and i agree with everyone else, no one is expecting some big kiss between the two, but at least show the face. and i think if he had his hair blown back, more GY style, it totally would have aged him a bit. it would have worked dammit!!!

  19. Thank you for the MV, I keep imagining similar scenes ever since I watched the last episode of BIG and now it’s right in front of my eyes.

    Thank you Mrs. Koala and Psychobrit2008

  20. Honestly im really disappointed, it wasnt clear at all! Actually i like the plot but the ending was totally non sense.. I think their mistake was they made it too complicated. kkj was too young for gildaran, if he goes back to his body they’ll start all over again.. And would cause a lot of controversies… Because gildaran divorced yoon jae for a younger man. It wont be a happy ending at all… So the writter let kkj’s soul stay in yoon jae body…

    • Ommoo i didnt liked the whole idea at all so it was kkj but just the image of g.y. Thought that kkj’s soul stayed in y.j’s body.. So it was really kkj? This is too muchh!!! I still dnt liked the ending.. Im not a hater.

  21. I still don’t understand why people LOVES this drama.

    The heroine is annoyingly klutz and committed adultery,
    *With her far younger student
    *Who also a boy who her fiance saved form drowning (and his fiance became in come after saving that boy)
    * And later, we found out that the same boy is his fiancee brother

    It’s pretty crappy story and seriously people who loves it must feel ashamed.

    You only use BIG as justification for you sick fantasy for younger guys. 🙁

    And also, in this drama, KJ use YJ body without thinking of JY’s feeling.


    PS: It will be nice if in the end, KJ already dated someone with a proper age and didn’t end up with DR. THAT will be a happy ending.

  22. It is a complicated story. But you cannot forget that KKJ saved YJ’s life. YJ would probably repay that debt by allowing Da Ran to leave him.

    Big is probaby THS first attempt at writing a love story with lots of heart. How do you write a story about a noona and a dong seng? Just swop souls! Let people realise that it is not the outside that counts but the inside.

    Even if the outer appearance is not what you want, but it is the inside that appeals to you.

    It is a wonderful love story where age doesn’t play a part at all. But I do enjoy seeing Shin : )

    • If someone gave you her blood to save your life, would you let her take your spouse?

      It’s a crazy logic. Just because we’re indebted to someone, doesn’t mean that person can do whatever he wants, right?

      If it’s not because I’m thrilled to see GY and LMJ in a same screen, I wouldn’t watch this drama. Worst THS drama yet.

    • How about high kick1 that was a good ending for a noona and a younger boy.. I mean, the fact that kkj used yj’s body to control some situation like when he’s trying to hit on yj’s long time friend so when they come back to their normal bodies yj might like her’d u tell if shes really inlove with kkj if till the end she’s seeing yj’s face?.. Wheres the “inside that counts”

  23. As i previously said, i so want the original KJJ to be the person with Gil Dan at the end of the BIG drama, thus this MV is an answered prayer :)Kamsahamnida!!!

  24. Thanks to the make of this MV…it has the exact scene where i want it to end – Daran and Kj.

    I see nothing wrong if they have shown the face of the real Kj instead of blinding its viewers…such relationship do exist in this world,right?

  25. anyways, even without seeing this video…i have regained from my dread consciousness by reading the finale recap and thoughts of Ockoala…

    Now, i’m confident to defend this finale ending of BIG to all my friends!

  26. Well, because of BIG i’ve started to LIKE Shin Won Ho. Hope dramagods, would hear me now…please…i want to see Shin Won Ho in a new drama wherein he’s the lead actor!

  27. You should’ve renamed the Youtube video name with “Alternate Ending” or in the keywords at least so it comes up from search results more and gets more visibility!

  28. Yes, I also love this ending version..although i am okay too with the official one…hehehe….the most important thing is they are all happy..KKJ get Da Ran and YJ is not dead..maybe he will get in touch again with SY which really really love him..
    I am still in withdrawal mode from big..try other drama but nothing make me satisfied…(after TEMTS..there is RTP..after BIG..and now I must waiting for my FAITH..sigh..still two more weeks..)so..i just keep rewatching BIG again and again..and what make me surprise is although i have watched it before..but i keep watching it full not with much fast forward..I think because this drama is have many many scene of our OTP and not much other side story…
    I am not big fans of Gong Yoo..try the other of his drama but nothing is my cup of coffee..even Coffee prince…hehehe…so I think the KKJ character that is work for me…In this drama…although he is first leading man..but his feeling is second lead character which always being number two compare to SYJ(until DaRan confess her love to him) that make me very happy (because I am often being second lead shipper)..when someone who have little chance but because of his sincere love (KKJ is the one who run to her, who save her, who accompanying her..just like the other second lead character in K Drama) the end he get the girl..Horray…

  29. So, I just barely watched this (I’ll admit, I’m still recovering from the ending, so anything Big related is a bit hard for me), but it is incredible! Thank you Psychobrit2008 for this beautifully made MV. And thank you, Koala, for posting about it. I agree with you about the whole swapping umbrellas thing. Sooo awesome! And I’m so glad they actually brought it up in the end.

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