MBC Releases Captivating Third Teaser for Arang and the Magistrate

Jaw. Drop. The third teaser for Arang and the Magistrate is out and before I could deal with my excitement over the upcoming fantasy sageuk drama, I felt like I had my expectations upended. He can touch her. I repeat – Eun Oh the magistrate not only can see Arang, he can touch her. WHAT THE WHAT? Isn’t she a ghost? OMG this is so amazing and crazy I don’t know what to think. Now we can all be assured the romance side of things won’t be all pining only, though I’m curious as to why Arang has a physical form. This trailer contains some footage already shown, but also gives us a look at some of the other side characters as well a LOL moment of Arang and Eun Oh interacting. I thought it was ambitious for this drama to claim to be so many different genres, but this trailer manages to mix in fantasy, sageuk, comedy, thriller, and romance all in one 40 second snippet. Whatever MBC is drinking, keeping chugging it and give me my Arang as soon as possible.

Hahaha, Arang trusses Eun Oh up like a chicken about to be roasted. I love it. She probably thinks he’s dangerous, and he thinks she’s dead and crazy. Seriously, these two will be the death of me. Lee Jun Ki and Shin Mina = I think I see perfection.

Third teaser for Arang and the Magistrate:



MBC Releases Captivating Third Teaser for Arang and the Magistrate — 16 Comments

  1. I love seeing all the BTS pics for this drama because despite the hot weather, this cast seems to be having a ton of fun shooting this drama…LJK seems to truly love his job and being back in the middle of things…LUB him!!

  2. My God, that was awesome. Koala agree with you – LJK and SMA = total perfection. I see an awesome pairing already!

  3. Thanks!

    Now, if only WE could touch him…

    (I mean without subsequently being arrested and later prohibited from being within 3 miles from him. I HATE when that happens.)

    • 🙂 I was a gibbering fangirl from he can touch her.Then you bring me back down to earth with your priority in this drama.Hahaha.

  4. It’s a battle b/w the two on who’s prettier…the scales are tipping in his favour, heh.

    Does it mean the villagers can touch her as well…why would they attack a ghost if they couldn’t?!

  5. uhm, unless am mistaking from this preview, people can see her…the ghost and wasn’t she being chased by someone in the woods as well; unless it’s a fellow ghost.

    • The guy chasing in the woods is like Scheduler: creepy version. In the character descriptions, he’s trying to catch Arang and ferry her to the afterlife. 🙂

    • No,other people except Eun-oh won’t see her. The men fighting with them are also ghosts. In character descriptions, Eun-oh can see, touch & talk with the ghosts~!! What an amazing superb magistrate^^

  6. The guy chasing her in the woods is the ghost hunter.

    Love Mina’s expression at the end of the teaser. So adorable! Wonder if the people she’s fighting with are humans or ghosts?

    Can’t hardly wait!

  7. SORRY, as much as LJK and Mina are cute together,i still think Seunggi and Mina Are the ultimate HOIHOI couple for me (: <3

  8. Loved the way you described your excitement on Arang…same here with me. As if this drama is meant to dissolve the whole lotta of loving from dramagods…PERFECTLY blended just like an aroma!

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