Miss Rose Episode 4 Recap

My extreme jet lag is your boon, since being awake in the middle of the night means finally getting around to recapping episode 4 of Miss Rose. It was as wonderful as watching it the first time around, this time with more appreciation of how the story is really developing Si Yi and Cheng Kuan’s relationship. Right now they are just boss-secretary, and I don’t think Si Yi is a xiao san in Cheng Kuan and Vivian’s weird business-driven relationship whether from her actions or feelings. She’s affected by Cheng Kuan like a woman is with an attractive guy, but she’s still level-headed around him and tries to make the most out of working with him. The interest in each other is that great combination of appreciation and attraction. They appreciate each other’s work ethic and abilities, and then the physical attraction creeps up on them. I love that they don’t bicker and argue incessantly with each other, they spar as as way to get to know each other.

Si Yi’s no-nonsense attitude plays off wonderfully with how cute she is inside and always smiling and enjoying life. Such a contrast to the dour and cheerless Chen Kuan, and he notices that about her which does explain why he acts reluctant but appears to like spending time with her. I love how supportive Si Yi’s family and friends are, they never assume Si Yi isn’t good enough for Cheng Kuan, and they urge her on in a positive way without coming off as too desperate. MR has thus far kept the comedy elements at an even-keel, without falling into the TW-drama trap of going overboard on the broad slapstick and quippy puns which might bog down the story. While I’m glad to see less of Vivian in this episode, I actually don’t mind seeing more of her bitchy ways when she starts to realize Si Yi may be a threat to her. We need more antagonists like Vivian (and the corrupt manager duo) so that Si Yi and Cheng Kuan have mountains to climb both professionally and personally.

Episode 4 recap:

Si Yi is having a bowl of instant noodles and her mom asks for some because she’s so pleased with Si Yi’s new love life her appetite has increased. A kissing scene from a drama comes on and Mom stops to watch because its her favorite. LOL, because that’s a kissing scene between Alice Ke and Patrick Li in TTV‘s currently airing daily drama Gong Hay Fat Choy, and the only way this reference would be funnier is if Roy Qiu‘s Cheng Kuang was the one watching this scene which involved his former drama lady love and his wingman kissing. Si Yi asks if kissing is a very meaningful thing and romantic Mom replies that it is an expression of love between two people. Si Yi smiles and eats her noodles.

Cheng Kuan drives home and thinks about his conversation with Vivian and how she said he was nothing to her. Si Yi finishes her shower and then thinks about Cheng Kuan and his girlfriend kissing today in front of the media. She shakes her head and tells herself not to think of that ill-tempered guy. She thinks back to her own kiss with Cheng Kuan and calls it an accident and she doesn’t have any feelings for him.

At work, Si Yi hands Cheng Kuan NT1000 as the first payment for his ruined suit. He doesn’t want her payment, as long as she helps him win the government bid. Si Yi wil help him because that’s her job, but she doesn’t want to take advantage of him. Cheng Kuan dryly reminds her that she’s been taking advantage of him since the day they met. Touche.

Sheng Jun enters bearing the bid proposal, code named “The darker it gets, the more beautiful is it.” Si Yi says it sounds romantic. Cheng Kuan turns to stare at her and she loses her smile. Cheng Kuan thinks that this is the perfect opportunity to spend time alone with Si Yi and find what secrets and weaknesses General Manager Wu has up his sleeve.

Manager Kang goes to tell GM Wu about Cheng Kuan’s bid proposal to save to the company. The GM isn’t worried since its hard to win government bids. Cheng Kuan enters to ask for two days off for himself, Si Yi, and Sheng Jun, so they can go to the government bid locations to gather information. GM Wu snarks that his approval or prohibition would stop Cheng Kuan, which Cheng Kuan agrees is the case. GM Wu smiles his fake smile and tells him to do it.

Si Qi and Miao Jin are screaming in happiness to hear that SI Yi is off to a work trip with Cheng Kuan, which means they will be spending time alone. Xiao Ke comes out with a new milk wine that she’s treating the girls to celebrate Si Yi’s new love prospects. Si Qi and Miao Jin run off to make more drinks, leaving Xiao Ke to quietly tell Si Yi that she supports her chances with Cheng Kuan. Si Yi tells Xiao Ke that its impossible, and her sister Si Qi reminds Si Yi to be more assertive and seduce Cheng Kuan. Xiao Ke suggests getting either of them drunk and making the relationship a reality. Si YI just snacks and ignores them.

Si Yi is packing and Mom comes all excited about the overnight work trip. Si Yi tells her Mom that Gao Cheng Kuan is not the biology professor date she had and is in truth her work boss. Mom doesn’t care who he is, as long as they are falling for each other in real life. Mom tells her to pack sexier sleeping clothes and take advantage of any opportunity that arises. Mom shares her secret weapon, a pretty nightie that seduced Si Yi’s dad. Si Yi smiles at her romantic Mom’s musings.

Which is when Si Qi arrives wearing a sexy pink negligee that she also bought one for Si Yi and tells her to wear it. Si Qi tells Si Yi to turn off the lights if she’s embarrassed. Mom is handed back her own nightie and told to keep using it herself. Si Qi runs off to seduce her husband and Si Yi finishes packing. Mom looks sneaky as Si Yi walks away.

Cheng Kuan waits for Si Yi at work and she drives up in a white Prius. Turns out Sheng Jun’s parents are back in Taiwan and Cheng Kuan let him use the car, hence Si Yi needs to drive her car. When Cheng Kuang moves to drive, Si Yi stops him insisting that no one drives her car but herself. Cheng Kuan has no choice but to let the lady drive.

Along the way, he constantly fidgets and tries to get her to pass cars using a litany of excuses. Si Yi assures him that her driving skills are excellent and speeds up, but there is no sound since its just her battery in the hybrid kicking in. Such a blatant Prius ad but I adore MR so I’ll let it go. They go get some gas and Si Yi walks away to take a call.

It’s from Manager Kang and then other employees calling, all asking for her to do their jobs and help them out. Cheng Kuan gets out of the car and hangs up her phone, clearly annoyed that Si Yi is being asked to do other people’s jobs at the company. Cheng Kuan ends up driving and asks how often Si Yi fills up the tank. He finds out once a month, and asks if she’s that frugal, where does all the money in the company go? Si Yi quickly changes the topic.

Cheng Kuan and Si Yi end up at the National Marine Biology Aquarium, which I have to tell y’all that I went to last week! Yesyesyes, it was so cute to walk in their footsteps. Si Yi is excited and wants Cheng Kuang to take pictures but he’s not interested.

They walk through the aquarium and Si Yi takes notes as Cheng Kuan looks around. When they take pictures, Si Yi asks Cheng Kuan to smile and he forces himself to. They go visit the beluga whales exhibit (I’ve seen those two whales up close and they are are SO CUTE!) and Cheng Kuan lets out a small smile at the frolicking creatures. When they watch the beluga whale show, Cheng Kuan gets splashed with water which make Si Yi crack up at his exaggerated avoidance technique.

They walk outside with Si Yi still gushing about how cute the belugas were. Cheng Kuan wonders if there is anything she doesn’t think is cute, which is when Si Yi points at him. Ha! Cheng Kuan doesn’t like being compared to a lower life form, but Si Yi says the belugas are as smart as a 7-8 year old. Si Yi asks him to stop being so grumpy and stressed out. Cheng Kuan says a secretary like her doesn’t know what it’s like to be stressed.

He gets up and walks over to the railing, quietly revealing that he envies those fishes, swimming around seemingly without a care. People are always trying to climb to the top of the pyramid, so when will it be enough? Si Yi smiles and tells him that he’s almost there. Cheng Kuan thought so, but since meeting her, it appears he’s farther away now. Si Yi asks if its so bad? She tells him to smile genuinely and he’ll feel better. Cheng Kuan smiles and says an older (experienced) secretary really is better.

They go walking through the Kenting night market (I was there! Ate too much) and Si Yi stops to look at a cute hamster stuffed animal. She hurries along since Cheng Kuan looks annoyed, but then he turns around and goes back to look at it some more.

Dinner time arrives and Cheng Kuan smiles when the waitress announces that a dish is being served. Si Yi is confused since they didn’t order yet, which is when she’s presented with the cute hamster stuffed animal on a platter. Awwww. Si Yi grabs it and starts cooing about how cute it is, and Cheng Kuan awkwardly says as long as she likes it. Si Yi thanks him for the gift.

A table-full of food arrives and Si Yi enthusiastically digs in. Cheng Kuan encourages Si Yi to eat and drink, and then slowly peppers her with questions about GM Wu. He asks if there is anything in the company that bothers her, but Si Yi says its all fine. Cheng Kuan toasts her, asking to let go of all their past differences. He then asks if there is anything about GM Wu that no one else knows. Si Yi is in a good mood so she reveals that GM Wu has very bad breath and has a very weak bladder and constantly needs to go pee. Tipsy SI Yi laughs hilariously about it, while Cheng Kuan is frustrated that he’s not getting anything he can use against GM Wu.

Si Yi and Cheng Kuan head to the hotel and check in, getting rooms next to each other. Okay, Si Yi has a HUGE suitcase for someone going on an overnight trip. The receptionist tells them that the minibar is free today because of a promotion. Si Yi tells Cheng Kuan to sleep early and asks if he needs a wake up call. Cheng Kuan says no since he’s annoyed, but then sticks his head out the door and tells her to arrange it.

Si Yi unpacks and mutters that Cheng Kuan was trying to get information from her. He’s so calculating, thankfully she’s quick-witted. Xiao Ke calls to see if Si Yi is having a good time and tells her to take advantage of the situation, but Si Yi isn’t interested. Si Yi walks by the minibar and accuses the drinks of staring at her and she threatens to drink them. She opens her suitcase and finds her sleeping clothes missing and all that is left is the negligee Si Qi bought. Back home, Mom giggles about her plan to switch out the sleeping attire. Mom is so cute! She goes to ask her husband if he fell for her because of her outside looks or her inner beauty.

Cheng Kuan the perfectionist gets ready for bed and inspects his cup and carefully washes it with toothpaste first to make sure its clean. As he’s preparing a second toothbrush to use on himself, he goes to pee and then promptly drops the toothbrush in the toilet. Cheng Kuan calls housekeeping and finds the phone isn’t connected. He screams “what the hell!” and then goes to Si Yi’s room.

Cheng Kuan knocks on her door but she’s in the bathroom and doesn’t hear him. Si Yi finishes in the bathroom and walks out. Cheng Kuan goes to his balcony and then climbs over to her balcony. He tries to climb over, and then realizes he can just duck under the railings. He calls out to her from the balcony but still doesn’t get a response. He opens her door and walks inside.

Cheng Kuan sees Si Yi sitting at the table blow drying her hair. He freezes because she’s wearing the sexy pink negligee, and she stands up and starts freaking out. He keeps telling her to calm down, but she ends up falling on top of him on the bed after calling him a pervert and a molester.

Cheng Kuan asks if she’s okay and she raises her finger to signal OK. She gets up and grabs a pillow to muzzle him before running away in embarrassment. Cheng Kuan finally asks her to lend him a toothbrush and she throws one at him.

Cheng Kuan and Si Yi sit outside in the balcony looking at the stars and she’s brought out the free minibar drinks. She apologizes for earlier and tells him not to be upset. She toasts him happily, saying the drinks are free and delicious. Si Yi takes a sip and tells Cheng Kuan that she knows he tried to dig for dirt about GM Wu from her and she can’t tell him. Cheng Kuan is appreciative of secretaries that keep secrets but……which is when he gets distracted by her gaping open robe and asks why she is wearing that kind of night wear?

Si Yi hems and haws and they go back to drinking. They stare up at the moon and Si Yi points out the Three Summer Constellations – Lyra, Cygnus and Aquila. Cheng Kuan sits and listens to Si Yi explain the stars they are viewing, then he gets up and asks Si Yi is she knows what the origin of Cygnus was. Si Yi knows – it was Zeus transformed into a swan to seduce the Queen of Troy Leda, and then they had twin sons Castor and Pollux who became the Gemini constellation. Si Yi is amazed Cheng Kuan knows this myth and asks whether he thinks its romantic?

Cheng Kuan sits down and says it is romantic, but it doesn’t make much sense. Si Yi asks why, and Cheng Kuan stares at her intently but before he can answer, Vivian calls. Cheng Kuan answers Vivian’s call inside the room. She demands to know where he is, and he explains he is on a work trip. She reminds him to behave himself. He just got to the company and taking an overnight trip with a secretary is bound to get people talking. Cheng Kuan reminds Vivian that she was the one who said they can each have their own interests. He tells Vivian to come to work at the company if she doesn’t trust him. Vivian angrily hangs up on him. Cheng Kuan stares at the phone before tossing it aside.

Si Yi walks in with the drinks and Cheng Kuan asks if she’s going to sleep now? Si Yi says yes, but she can have another drink with him. Cheng Kuan pours himself a drink and down its. Si Yi gets a call and its from her sister Si Qi. Si Yi answers the phone and we see Cheng Kuan downing more drinks in the background. Si Qi asks if the flames have erupted but Si Yi laughs it off.

Which is when drunk Cheng Kuan sits down next to her and starts to talk with her mom and sister. Mom and Si Qi are so excited. Cheng Kuan says hi to Mom while Si Yi tries to end the call. Mom asks if she can address him as Cheng Kuan and he drunkenly says absolutely fine as long as she’s happy. Mom wants him to call her Mom directly, while Si Qi calls him brother-in-law again. Mom tells Cheng Kuan to come visit again and he says of course. Mom ends the call and tells them to hold hands and go to sleep. Cheng Kuan says good night and then falls backward, passing out on the bed.

Si Yi tries to get Cheng Kuan back to his own room, but he ends up pulling her into his arms and refusing to let go. Si Yi has no choice but to fall asleep in the same bed with Cheng Kuan.

Morning time comes and Cheng Kuan wakes up to a hand scratching his face. He grabs his head with the hangover, and then realizes he has both hands and its someone else’s hand touching his face. He jumps up in alarm and turns to see Si Yi sleeping next to him.

Both of them look around, with Cheng Kuan grabbing a pillow to shield himself while Si Yi wraps herself in the blanket. He asks what happened, and Si Yi explains he grabbed her and wouldn’t let go. He asks if anything happened and Si Yi tells him not to worry, likely nothing happened. Cheng Kuan tells her to meet downstairs in ten minutes and then tries to leave form the balcony. Si Yi tells him the front door is over there and he throws the pillow at her and walks out in a huff.

Cheng Kuan and Si Yi are standing on a bridge and she offers him a drink and explains that this is their last spot of the trip. Cheng Kuan looks surprised to hear that. He looks around the bridge and says they can transform it into a date spot if its wrapped in LED lights made by the company. Si Yi is happy to see Cheng Kuan’s hardworking attitude, believing it can save the company. Si Yi takes a few more pictures and Cheng Kuan asks if the pictures are done.

Si Yi walks over and Cheng Kuan pulls her camera towards him, which causes her to lean into him. They stare at each other and Cheng Kuan breaks the silence to ask where her glasses went? Si Yi says everyone tells her not to wear it anymore because she’s prettier without it. Cheng Kuan asks if she wants him to look at the pictures or at her? Si Yi says the pictures. Cheng Kuan asks why she’s so close to him then? Si Yi reminds him that he was the one who pulled her close. Cheng Kuan releases her and says the pictures turned out well. Si Yi thanks him and they leave.

Cheng Kuan is back home and pours himself a glass of wine. He gets a call from his mom who says she’s coming to Taipei soon and reminds him to eat at regular times. She asks what he’s working on lately and Cheng Kuan says there is a bid. He accidentally spills wine on the pictures from the trip and he frantically wipes it off. He picks up the pictures and looks at them with a smile. He says to the picture of Si Yi that she’s pretty cute without glasses.

Si Yi lays in bed and also looks at the same pictures. She wonders why Cheng Kuan has such a poker face all the time when he’s handsome when he smiles. Xiao Ke arrives and Si Yi quickly puts the pictures away. Too bad Xiao Ke finds the pictures and is so excited Si Yi is making progress with Cheng Kuan. She reminds Si Yi that Cheng Kuan really might be her destined man, and she also has her bet with the fortune teller. Si Yi says its not possible, especially since Cheng Kuan already has a girlfriend. Xiao Ke shows off her engagement ring and Si Yi is so happy for her friend. Xiao Ke confesses that she pushed her boyfriend to propose since he’s so passive when it comes to relationship. Xiao Ke tells Si Yi to make her own happiness, and hopes they can have a double wedding. They both smile and say “I do.”

Si Yi arrives at work and everyone stops dumping work on her desk one-by-one. They are also gossiping about if anything happened on this overnight trip. Manager Kang says its not possible, the Deputy Manager doesn’t have such low standards. Cheng Kuan walks in and immediately sees the stacks of work on Si Yi’s desk. He examines the stacks of folder and asks everyone to take their own work back. He grabs it and starts throwing it on the floor.

Cheng Kuan tells everyone to do their own work, and if they can handle it, they can quit. He announces that Si Yi is his exclusive secretary and only he can assign her work.He reminds everyone that the auditor from the parent company is coming today and everyone needs to get their act together. He asks Si Yi to follow him back to his office. Manager Kang sees them walking back to the office and notes that something fishy is going on between those two.

When they are alone, Cheng Kuan angrily asks Si Yi why she just takes work from people just making her do their work. He wants her to tell him if something like this happens again. Si Yi promises to do that. He asks her to compile the bid information by the end of the day. Cheng Kuan goes to put on a tie and its the one Vivian stole from Si Yi. She says its quite pretty and she wanted to buy one for her dad but a crazy person got involved. She leaves and Cheng Kuan looks at her and his tie again.

Si Yi goes back to her desk and Manager Kang asks her to make him a cup of her best coffee and tries to dig for information. She is too busy so orders drinks from Xiao Ke. When Xiao Ke arrives, the bag carrying the drinks breaks and a cup of coffee spills on Vivian’s shoe. Vivian goes apeshit on Xiao Ke (OMG, this scene must’ve been hilarious to film for Puff and Tia) and Si Yi sees them so tries to defuse the situation. Si Yi and Vivian recognize each other from the department store run-in


Miss Rose Episode 4 Recap — 17 Comments

  1. Hey hey. I just left a comment on your previous post in my great appreciation of tonite’s episode and there comes your recap for the previous one. Yippee!! Off to read now. 😀

    • No, Cheng Kuan didn’t claim his “wife” was pregnant and needed to go to the hospital. He said she had appendicitis from being constipated for a very long time. XD God, episode 5 was all sorts of perfect.

      • Whoops, my bad. Thanks for correcting my assumption. Ep 5 was such a hoot!!! Who could ever get tired of Roy’s stares? *0*

      • I thought Si Yi was also acting like she was in labor, except she didn’t have no fake stomach. But I love how Cheng Kuan totally embarrasses her by saying she got sick because she couldn’t poo for a long time. And the way he stares at her….oooooooh, if only we all had that kind of guy around.

      • Cheng Kuang had his trademark lil’ smirk to the cop that had me thought that he was enjoying it way too much. lol

        Regarding your remark on his stares: *sigh*

        When he first started to sneak glances at her by the copying machine, my heart skipped a beat. And then when Si Yi conveyed so much pain through her eyes after the humiliation in the General Manager’s office and I could see how much he was feeling it, it kinda broke my heart that he seemingly did not side with her.

        I should stop now or I am gonna spoil the episode for everyone else. But hey, I’m there with you.

  2. Wow, Ms. Koala, you really have a lot of energy. Have you finished watching ep 5?
    I’ve just finished ep 5. Humm… I see Si Yi slowly enters Cheng Kuan’s heart. He reserves a little space for her. Nothing incredible happen yet. Will see what next in ep 6 – 7.

  3. Lol. I like how you address the 小三 thing.
    I hope they make 思義aware of 承寬 and Vivian’s non-relationship (which, spoiler: 承寬 sorta did in ep 5) before she gets officially and romantically involved with him. Or that would put her in 小三 territory and would make me sad. Lol.
    Can I please spazz at how ep 5 sort of hint at the arrival of ex boyfriend? Gahhhhhhhhhh! Sadly it doesn’t look like he will be out yet next episode. But episode 6 promise to be so squee-worthy like today’s!

  4. I suggest to add a warning to any female viewer watching Miss Rose: have a handfan and a glass of water ready nearby; it might become very handy because Roy’s stares will abruptly rise your internal temperature.

    In ep 4, Si Qi cracked me up so much with her little seducing attitude in her pink négligé and her “come on baby” which you did screencap, Mrs Koala. Aside from the dumber or dumber scenes, which I systematically ff, the directing goes with the flow. I don’t get bored much, despite understanding very little of the dialogues. Besides non-verbal communication is often much more telling than words.

    How satisfying was that scene with Cheng Kuang telling the employees to do their own job instead of having it done by Si Yi. Cheng Kuang ftw!!!

    To my happy surprise, I find that Tia does actually a good job as Si Yi’s friend, being supportive and understanding. That kinda, just kinda, redeems her from her role in OG.

    • Another winning scene was Cheng Kuang’s wake-up in Si Yi’s room: I just knew that some of the hands weren’t his and was cracking up already in anticipation.
      Thank you, Mrs Koala, for treating us with this drama that has me squeal. 😀

      One thing that I do miss, though, compared to CH, is that while Jo Gook knew what he was doing and knew his way around however troublesome the deep waters he was in. Cheng Kuang does not give me the same vibe at all: he does comply submissively to Vivan’s every wish and seems like a fish out of his pond with the GM and his associate. I wish he had an upper hand and Si Yi would too versus Vivian. We’ll see how things go, especially if her former boyfriend shows up soon. Can’t next Sunday come any faster now, lol?

    • Agree on Roy’s hotness… too HOT not to burn, too HOT to be true. <33

      I'm actually just OKAY with the show, not crazy about it or anything. But Roy oh Roy…I think I can sit thru anything with that hottiestare.

      • Hey ripgal! Somehow your nickname rings an “old” bell in me. We might have crossed path in the playground long ago, unless our meeting occured on soompi or dramabeans.

        Having loved City Hall and Office Girl altogether, I can only look favorably on Miss Rose as the writer definitely was inspired by both. A few hints here and there brings so much joy, plus what’s not to like in Roy and his growing chemistry with Megan so far? I am being biased and shallow I guess, lol.

  5. Ms. Koala, I’ve just started watching MR because the subbed version is now available. I am so glad to see that it looks like a reunion for the OG cast. Aside from Tia, there’s her formerly sleazy boss as the chairman, Cheng Kuan’s assistant is Roy’s bff in OG. Mama Shen is Si Qi’s mom (and they’re still bouncing off each other like they did in OG), Mandy is her sister. Now, the HR Vice-Pres is the fortune teller. I soooo miss OG so this is like a treat for me.

    — dancing my happy dance —

  6. Thanks for the recap. I ended up re-watching ep 3 again on viki. Oh man, I just loved, loved it when he broke up the date with the older sleazeball. Especially with the “Friday night” line and shaking her back and forth. So cute. Okay I just think Roy is cute.
    Anyway I hope you will recap ep 5 because seriously ep 3 was awesome, ep 4 was great but ep 5- whoa… if it gets any better I am getting my heart checked. To see if I can take the sweetness 🙂

    I had the giggles when he suddenly popped into view when Si Yi was on the phone to her mother. He was so flushed and obliging.

  7. Mrs Koala,

    I feel like a crazy old stalker now especially after seeing the subs for some dialogues in ep 5!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna discuss the awesomeness of it all, the references to OG (Shing Ren’s band-aid on Si Qi’s forehead versus Cheng Kuang on Si Yi’s cut finger!) too! Plus the temptation to rewatch it for the nth time has been so strong, esp since my 2-week vacay has started. ^^
    Can’t wait, can’t wait but no pressure, hey!! well no more than the usual, lol. 😉

  8. Thanks for the recap.
    Some of these screencaps are just delightful.

    The best part was how persistent CK was trying to get into her room – for toothpaste…yeah, that’s it…. He couldn’t walk down to Rececption, nooooo. That would make too much sense.
    Also how he kept trying to find out, “Why are you wearing that [negligee]? He’ attracted, of course against his will, but the fact that it doesn’t compute with the Miss Old he knows also bugs him. It adds such an interesting layer to his character.

    Falling asleep accidentally in each other’s arms NEVER gets old. So sweet.

    The photo CK ends up looking at lovingly is perfect for how he feels about her. It isn’t a sexy or particulary pretty one, but it does reveal her cheerful and outgoing side. He likes her because he likes her, and I totally believe it.

    I wonder about the product placement of Baileys. You really would have a wicked headache the next day if you got drunk on it. Soooo much sugar.

    Finally dawned on me who Xiao Ke reminds me of, it’s Min Hyo Rin from
    Romance Town. Her stills don’t look like her at all, but the cute character does.

    I should know this by now, but what language are they speaking?
    Twice in this episode it looked like their voices were dubbed in.
    When CK was giving passing the car advice, and when later, SY parotted it back. I am guessing it was ADR simply so it came out clearer.

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