A Screencap Summary of the Perfect Ending to Episode 8 of Rich Man, Poor Woman

Oh man, episode 8 of Rich Man, Poor WomanΒ was about as awesome as episode 6 was shitty. Which means this episode was insanely ridiculously awesome. This dorama is turning out to be slightly bipolar, but it does keep me on my toes. Remember “the walk” scene from episode 7, try upping that in the final 5 minutes of episode 8 and this story pulls it off. I don’t know how Oguri Shun and Ishihara Satomi is managing to essay such complex and moving emotions with so little dialogue and so much staring at each other. Even from within his motorcycle helmet, I felt how much Hyuga was feeling with the culmination of everything he’s endured in the recent episodes. I’m so happy this dorama is back on the upswing, because I can forgive a blip in the middle as long as it doesn’t portend a precipitous and one-way drop in narrative.

My life is like a double-edged sword, vacation time I’m too busy having fun to recap, back to the normal routine means sometimes work falls on me like a ten ton load of bricks and I can’t find the time to write to my heart’s content. Rest assured I’ll still be recapping RMPW, but I may have to table episodes 6-7 for later and just jump back in on the live airing. RMPW is indeed as flawed a drama as many I’ve loved, but the reason I love it isn’t because it’s perfect, but because the good stuff gets me right in the gut with its sweetness and sincerity. I love how Hyuga is learning more about himself and re-examining his life due to Makoto and all the shit Asahina unleashed on him, and at the same time Makoto is developing confidence and conviction in her ability and feelings. I think her choice at the end of this episode speaks volumes, and sometimes a screencap summary of a scene is all it takes to capture perfection.

OMG, I…..I can’t even. I totally forgive you for the crapfest that was episode 6, RMPW! This ending sequence melted me into a puddle on the floor and then sent my feelings into overdrive. Just amazing poignancy all around.


A Screencap Summary of the Perfect Ending to Episode 8 of Rich Man, Poor Woman — 54 Comments

  1. Totally agree with you Ms Koala, these two make me so giddy and I have been smiling non stop since the ep ended! Strangling the writer if no kisses in coming eps, do you need company, Ms Koala?

  2. I was so desperate I watched it raw. O.M.Goodness. Now I’m dying to hear the dialogue in English! When she stands in front of the motorcycle and just looks at him… Gah. I NEED to know what was said the last 10- 15 minutes of the show! Someone tell me NOW!!! πŸ™‚

    I have high hopes for Episode 9. Come on RMPW, do not disappoint.

    ps – I’ll pitch in for airfare for you if the writer doesn’t come through for us.

      • I tried reading RMPW recaps from vingle.net and I must admit I was disappointed. I can’t say it’s up to standard; the amount of emoticons the writer uses really puts me off, I just can’t take it seriously. It’s also filled with dialogue which made me think I was reading the script or something. My advice is to stop the smiley faces completely and try and round it up nicely – you don’t have to include every detail especially those that show no significance and also cut out the lengthy dialogues. You might as well re-watch the episode than to read your excessive quoting of the drama. Keep it minimum and only when necessary. Don’t lose hope though, practice makes perfect.

  3. and I thought Ockoala ditches this drama, THanks to all the gods she didn’t. I’m on the boat with you, let’s hunt the RMPW writer ,, arang style if he doesn;t give us that hot kiss ( Queen In hhyun’s stlye)

  4. Totally agree I am in drama heaven with the ending of episode 8. I Love these two to pits they are so Hot together cuteness galore. Loving the series lets pray the next 3 episodes will give us lot and lots of kisses.

  5. OMG I just HAD to comment on your new header image/text. UH-MAY-ZING. So amazing that it compelled me to spell out “uhmayzing” like an illiterate preteen.

    I can’t waaaaaait to watch this episode once it gets subbed!!!

  6. I watched episode 8 raw and I CAN’T wait to see the episode with the English subs. The scenes of both of them together are amazing. Count me in, the hunt for the writer if we don’t get a kiss in the next episode…come we have been waiting for it.

  7. I can’t wipe out the stupid grin on my face after I’ve read the recap. I felt like a giddy teenager all over again!

  8. Hi Koala. This is by far the best episode ever. The best ending ever. Gaahhh.. OMG, I wish they’d get that kiss on the preview. Can’t wait till next Monday.

  9. HIGHLY ANTICIPATING FOR EP 9 NOW!!!! I am so glad to see the ending of ep 8, I feel like a crazy lunatic crying bucket of tears then suddenly squealing and giggling to my heart’s content when Hyuga grabbed Makoto’s hand for embrace! haaay!

    Why I am sensing Yamagami is having a second thought and regretting Hyuga’s resignation and departure from Next Innovation? Is he going to turn the table against Asahina? We’ll, I’d love to see that. hehhe! Though I want Hyuga to build a new company on his own but Next Innovation is something which really belongs to him….

  10. Whew, this day went by fast enough. And what better way to end it than with another quick peak at your blog ang seeing that wonderful, wonderful header! Nice to hear you catching up on RMPW, Koala. As for me, work’s done so i can finally go home to watch Episode 8 raw. Until your next post!

  11. KyaaaaAhhhhh…I’m flailing and grinning hysterically at 2 in the morning! These two will be the death of me. Like you said, Koala, the final 5 mins is just PERFECT! I can only understand half of it but the look on their eyes and faces more than made up for my limited Japanese. Shun is pitch perfect as Hyuga, I can read every emotion in his face. So in love with him, all over again. <3

    Your header πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Yeah I was another one of those who watched ep 8 raw at 4am this morning. Like I could wait. Then till now have a silly grin on my face just remembering how he made her hug him on the bike.
    OMG they are not even kissing and I am like totally spazzing just with their hands and his smiling eyes underneath the helmet.
    Happiness is ep 8. Heaven might be episode 9. I don’t think I can take if it they actually kiss. * ck hyperventilating *
    Goes back to rewatch the ending AGAIN!!! πŸ™‚

    • Is it wrong that a wave of euphoria hit me when he secured her arms around his waist and held them there? I got a giddy lump in my throat from just typing that sentence. None of the Next Innovation stuff really moved me this episode, but that scene, I yipped in ecstasy…rather awkward at work. Everyone was asking me why I seemed so happy today. How can I explain that no, I don’t have a new boyfriend in my life, but I do have a new love — a Japanese TV show? SMH

      I am now re-evaluating my life because this can’t be good. (Goes off to wail and wait for english subs). Let it be known RMPW is a life ruining show.

      • The same thing happened to me…i was b/w patients and decided to check out news abt E8. Read it was good, breathed a sigh of relief, saw imminent kiss from previews of E9 and spazzed.

        The temptation of checking out this episode raw is unparalleled. Am sure I’ll be thinking about this the entire day today and no other show will alleviate this feeling!! At least not until subbed E8 will be moineee…

    • in the interim I think I’ll satisfy myself by visiting this post a kazillion times/a day & ogling these fabulous screencaps. A day and a half until I can watch this episode. aishhhh…

  13. thank u madam K for the screencaps…this shall tide me over while waiting for the subs….am grinning like a loony now…love ur header!!!! πŸ™‚

  14. I really liked the “fufufu” moment.. πŸ˜€ It’s so silly and sweet at the same time. I love how Hyuga reacts to Makoto every time she do something or say something amazing..

  15. Thank you for the pictures Koala! Mind-blowing acting from the trio! I keep watching the last 8 minutes of this episode, I just can’t get enough of them. I always think it is Makoto herself who sings the background music, which is fits well to the scenes. I like her character a lot, so cheerful. She is truly his muse, go go girl!

  16. Has anybody felt the need to strangle Asahina after watching Hyuga practically shaking just so he can spit out Asahina’s name during that speech? He had no right to make bebe Hyuga suffer that way!

    Okay, i’m calm now. Way to go Oguri Shun! You’re acting may not always be perfect, you do get me at the exact heart-wrenching moments. ;D

  17. What is that you wrote on your banner?? You want to strangle the writer if it goes wrong.
    Ooh,ooh,ockoala is getting mad……………..
    I don’t think you need to worry at all.

  18. I watched the raw. I had no idea what was said, but when Hyuga wrapped Makoto arms around his waist and held it at his stomach, my whole body reacted. No words necessary.

  19. Can’t wait for the english sub…watched it raw and it was so totally awesome. Fantastic chemistry and Shun is oozing with hotness. Ms Koala…I will join you if what we all hope for does not happen in the next episode. You will have lots of willing accomplice to help you do the job that you described in your banner above. RMPW is one of the best J-Drama!!!

  20. Thanks so much for these pieces of eight – these golden moments we can treasure!!

    Sorry you had to back to earth from vaca, BUT, hopefully the warmth and glow of Ep 8 can sweeten your time and dull the pain!

    Like everyone else, I didn’t need subs to feel this episode.
    All the H and A fights had my heart pounding, the freaking slide show and subsequent speech had me sobbing, and the eyes – holy sh^t! – the helmet eyes had me holding my breath.

    Go Hyuga with the correct placement of NON PLATONIC HUG HANDS!

    I actually screamed when the preview for Ep nine ended with that almost kiss! AAAAAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH!
    OK OK, I have to hand it to them for how well they are keeping this pair physically apart. The wordless scenes between them hold so much passion, trust and caring, the kiss would (WILL) only be icing on the cake*. This OTP is so believable in their jouney together, or should I say UN-belieably AWESOME.


    • can i just say koala, love this post and the banner, if nothing happens between i will bitch slap someone.

      also jomo, you said everything perfectly about the other aspects of the ep. the presentation had me teary eyes, so sad. i felt so sad for our poor hyuga. his blow up at the party was rightly so, he couldn’t habe bottled that up. and the last 15 min between the two, holy mother of all things thats sweet and cute, that part was adorably cute. i love how they interact with each other, its funny and heart meltingly sweet. i love hyugas reactions to makotos behavior. and rthe acting by everyone especially oguri and makoto was amazing, didn’t need the subs to feel the emotions. the helmet acting, was awesome. i died when he made her hug him, and their happiness riding the bike. omg now i have to wait for the next ep. the kiss that might happen. by the looks of it, i hope it seems like there will be a lot of seems between hyuga and makoto.

  21. YAYYY!! Ms Koala! I squealed with your Header!!! OMG. and the last 5 screen caps is screaming Ow lalala !! … it makes me want to watch the EP. 8… PRONTO. but eng subs is not available yet : /

  22. just watching this screencap makes me smile, like feeling the perfection…i’m on your side if you strangle the writer if they didn’t kiss in ep9

  23. Loved the part where Makoto was like “This time, I’ll be the one standing next to you fufufu” & Hyuga was like “Fufufu… your head xD” Omg why are they so cute together?!

  24. I completely forgot, Yoko comes throught with the slap upside her bro’s worthless head in front of God and everyone! YESH!

  25. On a completely pervy but relevant note, how did you guys feel about them taking each other’s helmets off? Let’s just say in my mind the helmets may as well have been clothes. That segment was all kinds of symbolic right? Hyuga’s and Makoto’s walls coming down and finally being more honest about their feelings toward one another, even if it wasn’t verbally (at least I don’t remember them saying much after they took the selca and remounted the bike)… Arghhhh. THE FEELS!

    • oh..i also found it very sexy when Hyuga covered her hands with his while she is draped all over him on the motorcycle. AND when Makoto pulled on his shirt and hugged him close, i was like YOU GO, GIRL!!!! HOLD ON TO THAT BEAUTIFUL MAN! ;P

  26. OMGGGGG!!! YES YES YES!!! Episode 8 was just soooooooooo amazing!!! I already watched it swice and waiting for subs! The last 10-15 min were perfect! I just can’t stop smiling when i watch at Hyuga and Mokoto *_______________________*

  27. Ah I loved it even though I didnt understang what they were saying yet the expression and gestures gave me an idea oh I’m totally glad that i watched it. when he screamed at everybody i felt like crying but then at the end when they rode together in the bike I felt so good but did you know in the next ep asahina jerk will paint that next innovation logo and good news hyuga and makoto will kiss YAY

  28. Gosh! Great episode indeed. What a rollercoster of emotions – anger, sadness and happiness. Last part was awesome finally cuteness is back, their chemistry is overloaded. Thank you Ms. Koala for taking time, much appreciated. Excited for episode 9.

  29. Aaahhh, tears of joy for our couple. *sniffles*

    Love, love the opening picture to this thread. I cannot wait to watch with subs.


  30. I loved this episode. There was so much raw emotion in this episode alone. I love Hyuga and Makoto they are just to cute together and I love the looks they give one another, they say so much with their eyes and expressions without actually saying one word!

    Did Asahina really like Makoto? I never felt that he genuinely cared about her, but just wanted to keep her on his side and from going to Hyuga. Also, Asahina’s sister better not mess things up between our OTP, her brothers brought enough troubles so hopefully she’ll stay out of their way (she should date the other chef they have a cute bickering banter going on there).

  31. just saying, if RMPW is going tobe like steve jobs story, then i cant wait to see the big Bitch slap ever to asahina’s face. Hyuga Toru will make a better Personal File than NI. it will lead NI to the bancruptcy. Hyuga then will come to NI as their new CEO and kickin’ out asahina. muahahaha….

  32. The beginning of the episode was boring to me. There wasn’t progress with the relationships which is what I desperately wanted to see. I felt mostly frustration for Hyuga, seeing him lose everything and who I thought were the true and loyal trio employees unwilling to leave the company with him.

    Even though it was a sad time for Hyuga I was squealing when he was going into the lift and he sees Makoto and tells her the only person he couldn’t face right now is her. The only girl he wants to impress but right now he looks like a right loser. It’s more or less a fairytale at the end of the episode.

    What I’m unsure about is why Asahina says β€œnow I’m losing both of them”, the way he said that makes me thing he’s not satisfied and he secretly doesn’t want to lose them? I’m also surprised that Asahina really does like Makoto. He offers Makoto a job at Next Innovation unexpectedly, at first I thought it was because he didn’t want anyone by Hyuga’s side to prove that Hyuga is nothing without Asahina and how he is more important than he thinks.was because he doesn’t want anyone by Hyuga’s side to prove to himself that Hyuga is nothing without Asahina and he’s not the number 2 people thinks he is because he’s far more important.

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