Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won on a Matsuri Date in Nice Guy

Is it me, or does Nice Guy feel like its take forever to arrive? Every time I check, Gaksital is still on and we’re still weeks away from NG. This is probably due to the drama starting to film so early, then getting delayed due to Gaksital’s extension. Perhaps for a drama I was less interested, I’d probably check out by now after asking one too many times “is it here yet?” Funny how NG and Dr. Jin appears to be like the tortoise and the hare, the former taking forever to arrive but each step is confident and sure, whereas the latter went from finalizing casting to premiere in less than a month, and look what resulted from that haphazard rush to the screens. I really do like all the dribbles coming out of the NG production, and the latest set of stills might be the best yet since it shows the OTP of Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won on a matsuri date in Aomori Prefecture in Japan. They look amazing together, as to be expected, and I hope their characters spark like you wouldn’t believe so that I can enjoy the sure-to-be pretty scenery of the location shoot to Japan as well as the story line.

The production released new stills of the four leads intensely studying their scripts. Now if the art of acting could be determined by effort, these four will surely put on the show of their lives. Sadly studying a script intensely doesn’t mean actually acting well, but I give it kudos nonetheless.


Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won on a Matsuri Date in Nice Guy — 21 Comments

  1. Lee Kwang Soo! This actor blew me away in an improvised hilarious skit on the Star Golden Bell show a few years ago. I was glad that the Running Man TV show did cast him but not so much with him displaying a rather clumsy, dumb, untrustworthy type of persona. :-/ Hope this drama will offer him the opportunity after his small role in City Hunter to show his acting skills provided he is not required to act goofy or the usual.

    Other than that the drama itself and the other actors are not my cup of tea but thanks, tho. ^^

    • Me, too! His role in City Hunter was more of the same old image from RM, but I’m hoping here he gets the chance to show another side to himself.

      And darn, my Joong-ki oppa is fine! Mmmmmm. ^_^ Can’t wait for this to start!

      • D on said:

        Ah ah. Kwangvatar looks nice with this auburn hairdo, too. πŸ™‚

        I think I have grown very tired of actors going under the knife. Whenever their new face shows up on a photo shoot/still/screencap, their previous face just gets superimposed in my head, and the mix gets confusing. Plus usually I am fondest of their oldest features, so that adds to my displeasure, which is so for SJK. Sometimes surgeries aren’t too obvious so I go along while others have me cringe right away because the ability to show different facial expression has hugely dropped. So well, yes, basically k-dramas’ top ranking on my list of Asian dramas has decreased.

  2. Your are right Ms.koala..looking at the pic above, I am sure Geun Young would certainly matched well with baby faced Song Joong Ki….

  3. HOMG Song Joong Ki is officially in leading man territory now. Since when does he look and seem so smexy and smoldering? OMG am already shipping this couple and nothing’s even started!! Officially excited πŸ˜€

  4. It looks like joongki mature from boyish to man in terms of appearance. Looking forward to see his performance in NG. I sure hope kwangsoo’s character will be sth we havent seen in him so far,like really serious chaebol instead of the usual goofy.

    Lets hope they have impressive performance in NG before both leave for their MS.

    *moon geun young>moon cha won>park si hoo>moon geun young*
    Looks like a love triangle.

  5. If you enjoyed those stills, wait till you get ahold of all the stuff on the official website (not open officially just yet but you know how fans can get around if it’s up & running…). I don’t want to rush NG as it is an autumn drama (not just schedule-wise but also its atmosphere and theme) but the wait is excruciating with every revelation.

  6. Dear SJK, You have come a long way πŸ™‚ Longest bias ever and still going strong lol I adore the cast. I really hope this drama is awesome. MCW and SJK look gorgeous together, and I really hope they have the chemistry to burn/sizzle/etc.

  7. I LOL’ed at this:
    “Every time I check, Gaksital is still on and we’re still weeks away from NG.”
    After seeing an ep 24 recap NOT labeled as FINAL, I had to look it up. 28 episodes before it’s done.
    The fans are happy, I am sure, but as a non-watcher, I would also like it to please move over and let the other shows through.

    • Jajajaja glad to know i’m not the only one who did that, i’m so used for those initials to mean that, i couldn’t help it at first πŸ˜›

  8. am so excited to see this drama as well…I love the leads…ooopsie this could mean that BM is ending and I wouldn’t be seeing JW until his next project…Oh well….Anyway, I miss my Joong Ki so much and I do hope this drama will be a success… πŸ™‚

  9. The hand-holding. Heart be still. I’m really trying to tamper down the building excitement so have been avoiding Nice Guy promotional material and any synopses. I’d hate to be disappointed so…

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