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I made a mistake last week when I said that Miss Rose’s follow up drama was Love Maid with Nicholas Teo and Reen Yu. Turns out LM will be a daily drama following the about to end Sweet Sweet Bodyguard. That doesn’t mean SETTV isn’t planning MR’s follow up drama, and this week news leaked that it’s a drama called Replacement Princess and the network was trying to get Sonia Sui and James Wen to do it. What the wha? I’m sorry, but no. Thank god Sonia also realized that was a ridiculous step back for her burgeoning career and declined the offer, and I doubt anyone is waiting to see her and James do a functional onscreen relationship that doesn’t end with tears and throwing beer bottles against the wall. Not sure if James is still attached but the search is on for female lead. That means MR will probably end in February according to my estimates, which will give us about 7 or 8 episodes of happy cuteness mixed with some decent amount of angst in the form of determined Vivian and resilient Yi Chun.

I think Si Yi needs to have a come-to-Jesus talk with Yi Chun and set that guy straight that she’s in love with Cheng Kuan now and doesn’t hate him anymore so he can move on and not feel guilt towards her anymore. If he still loves her, then he needs to respect her decision and give her space to pursue a new relationship. But I don’t think he’ll step aside when everyone can see her relationship with Cheng Kuan remains subject to Vivian’s encroachment and potential other pitfalls. What I love about Cheng Kuan is that he never presumes to know what’s best for Si Yi and instead asks her to trust him while letting her make the final decision. As a character he’s got the unusual only in dramas split personality of serious and silly, but in the context of this drama which also suffers from the same ailment, it works splendidly. I’m cheerfully anticipating episode 16 with a hop and a skip in my step.

Written preview for episode 16:

Si Yi and Vivian’s brief interaction is surrounded by palpable tension. Cheng Kuan and Yi Chun arrive outside the Luo home one after the other. Cheng Kuan clearly tells Yi Chun to keep his distance from Si Yi! Vivian finds Yi Chun to discuss work, but in actuality wants to discuss a strategy to win their respective loves. Vivian starts her plot to create rumors and foment discord at the Guang Qiang office in order to alienate Si Yi. Even Gm Wu gets involved and starts to create a rift in Cheng Kuan and Yi Chun’s working relationship. Si Yi realizes that her love with Cheng Kuan mught just be a fairytale. Her attitude starts to change with Cheng Kuan, who starts to worry about how to turn around the relationship he worked so hard to make a reality. Mama Gao faints and thank goodness Vivian is there, but was it a coincidence or something planned? Cheng Kuan’s filial duty and his love light a fire on both ends and the considerate Si Yi brings a care package to the hospital. She runs into her nemesis the fortuneteller Lily and finds out that Lily’s prediction might have already come true?

New Preview for Miss Rose:


Previews for Episode 16 of Miss Rose — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for the news.
    I knew that bitch was not above mixing up the drugs.
    Seriously, can’t we set her on fire, please?

    I think the fortune teller was paid off to lie to SY. Where did she come from?
    CK’s mom’s friend, right?

    As anxious as I am to watch this, I am going to wait till after the NG final to lift my depression slightly. MR is a wonderful pick-me-up drug.

  2. Yes, I knew that all the eying of the medication was going to pay off for Vivian. Really, I almost feel sorry for her that she thinks she really wants someone who is only with her out of guilt and filial duty and gratefulness. But then I remember how much I hate her (despite her glowing skin–and can we all admit that the girls skin looks great ALL THE TIME). I also hope that Yi Chun, despite being tempted, stays a good guy and does not fall in league with her. I know what you guys are thinking. This is not just because I have a soft spot for him, but I think it would make the story more interesting. Making him evil would make it too easy for everyone to hate and then dismiss him but keeping him decent makes the world more complicated and grown up. Honestly, we don’t need any more crazy than Vivian.

      • Puddle of goo, that’s me when I see Yi Chun on the screen. Puddle of goo.

        However, I am glad that you are able to look beyond that and see the sense in my wishes.

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