Chun Jung Myung Goes Sleek and Sexy for Raven Denim

Well well well, can we say hubba hubba to this? Chun Jung Myung (or my delicious PIE as he’s known around dramaland) has been rather low key as he films the upcoming movie Queen of the Night with Kim Min Jung, reuniting after they last starred in Fashion 70s back in 2006. They were the second leads in that drama but it is safe to say they kinda stole the thunder from the actual leads Joo Jin Mo and Lee Yo Won, and it was a missed opportunity not to have their characters also have a crossed love line. Not much is known about QotN other than a man marries a seemingly perfect woman only to start suspecting that his new wife may have a hidden past. I’m figuring this is a thriller or a melodrama more than a rom-com, though both actors have the range to do either or. PIE doesn’t have a big book of endorsements compared to some of his other compatriots but I’ve always loved the few he does. This week comes the just released pictures from the Raven Denim Spring 2013 ad campaign and its totally going for the sultry and sleek vibe. Of course the female model is sporting the skin tight jeans that have been all the rage for the last few years, but I’m loving that PIE’s jeans style is a dark wash with straight leg. It’s been bugging me to see men adopt the tight jeans look as well, for reasons that are self-evident if one looks at a man wearing what skews closer to jeggings than jeans and potentially damaging their vital man organs in the process. PIE’s jeans are well tailored and made all the more gorgeous because a hot guy with a pert derriere like PIE is modeling it. I think Spring has arrived early because imma fanning myself.


Chun Jung Myung Goes Sleek and Sexy for Raven Denim — 18 Comments

  1. I have loved him since I saw him in What’s Up Fox (with my other fav Go Hyun-jung–man, she has come up twice today. Why is she not doing a drama?) Anyway, so cute and also, as we see here–able to pull off the surprising sex appeal.

  2. “Pert derrier” comment. My complaint about the skinny jeans on guys is that many do not have a pert derrier, so matter how tight those jeans are, there is still flapping material where a butt should be. This is in no way attractive.

    • Yeah…and the second pic isn’t helping much. Not sure how much further back he is than the female model, but regardless, it still screams baby face to me.

  3. I wish those jeans would be soft fabric that would outline his package perfectly

    I want to see how big is his dick and balls.

    why cant he do a drama where he is stripped down to a tight manly brief or something?

    • Chun Jung Myung does have a gigantic pair of soft squishy testicles, I have seen him spread his legs in one video, boy, it looked so huge, they are at least the size of four grapefruits combined! He also has a long thin cock that looks to be around 15 cm long.

      He knows he could intimidate ANY MEN in the locker room just by his incredibly MANLY sexual organs!

      Not only that, he is extremely good at fighting, and he got this primal aggressive instinct from all the testosterone/ man juice released from his huge balls, which make his fight harder and struggles harder, with this intense desire to dominate other men.

      I have seen this other fight, where he would use his shin and even on one occasion to hurt his opponent’s sexual organs, particulars his most vulnerable part.

      this is what a manly man like him does, he want to hurt his rival’s factory that make a man a man, i think he secretly would love to take away this rival’s ability to produce babies

      I wonder if he ever encounter a rival who is just as aggressive as he is or even more aggressive, and is determined to reach their hands between his legs and give his giant balloon a good squeeze, and maybe take away his ability to have children

      his big balloon also mean he will win in a fight of sperm competition, because his balloon produce a lot more sperms to engage in hand in hand combat with his rivals semen, and his sperm will win every time!

      I want to fight and wrestle him mano a mano so bad, just a fair fight, no games like he usually play on TV.

      Just two men, one on one, both goals are to reach into his rivals pants, break the barrier of his underwear, and squeeze his huge testicles and male sexual organ really hard while trying to defend his own male sexual organ male honor!

      I would feel so good to see him unable to defend his own manly honor!

      and squeeze that huge pair of testicles in mine hand while he is helpless to stop me.

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