Park Shin Hye Pairs up with Lee Min Ho in Upcoming SBS Drama Heirs

Casting fairies say whut? I was NOT expecting this at all, totally came out of left field at me. It wasn’t that I never expected Park Shin Hye to star in a drama with Lee Min Ho, since there are a limited number of talented actors in that age group the odds are they would pair up at some point. I just wasn’t expecting it to be for the upcoming Kim Eun Sook college-campus drama Heirs. Last week the Korean entertainment news reported that Park Shin Hye was in talks to star in the KBS sageuk Sword and Flower, and her agency confirmed that she had received the script and was reviewing it favorably. Rumors also had Song Joong Ki in talks for the male lead. Then Song Joong Ki said in an interview this week that he’s either going to do a movie next or enlist in the army, thereby nixing his involvement in that drama. There must have been a courting war going on behind the scenes for Park Shin Hye, and looks like her old-chum network SBS won out. If you look at her resume, SBS has been the network that she’s worked the most with and KBS the least with, so that doesn’t surprise me that she would have picked a SBS drama. Not to mention it being a youth-oriented college campus drama from high profile screenwriter Kim Eun Sook starring super high flying similar-age actor Lee Min Ho. It’s sorta a no-brainer decision if you ask me. Despite Park Shin Hye doing a series of Etude CFs with Lee Min Ho in the past, this coupling hasn’t excited me for some reason. I hope that’ll all change when Heirs arrive because I’m itching for Kim Eun Sook to relight some magic for me with her works. I still contend Park Shin Hye saved an entire civilization in her past life, as her co-stars in dramas, MVs, and CFs have thus far ballooned to Jang Geun Seok, Lee Wan, Yoon Si Yoon, Kim Ji Hoon, Lee Seung Gi, Jung Yong Hwa, Kim Hyun Joong, Se7en, and Yoo Seung Ho. Can I get some of what she’s having?

If Jung Yong Hwa also signs up for Heirs, I’m assuming he’ll be guy 2 which means it’ll be his third time co-starring with Park Shin Hye. When they did Heartstrings together, it was a feeling of contentment for fans of You’re Beautiful who were so sad that poor sweet Shin Woo oppa totally had no chance to get the girl. It would be hilarious if that happens again now in Heirs. It would be even more amusing if this drama turns out to be some older mash-up version of Boys Before Flowers and You’re Beautiful with the same cast. The drama doesn’t air until October so let the casting fun continue to round out the four men-four women line up.


Park Shin Hye Pairs up with Lee Min Ho in Upcoming SBS Drama Heirs — 91 Comments

  1. WAIT WHAT? Lol Good news for LMH he finally gets a leading lady I like
    Ok this is hilarious if Jung Yong Hwa gets casted and he loses her again AFTER heartstrings….that said the synopsis suggests more leading ladies so his character probably has another OTP and this writer does cute secondary OTPs
    I’m still not up for this drama cuz of the writer despite liking this pairing

  2. Yeah, I’m not super excited about the pairing… I find it quite odd chemistry wise. She had my beloved Yoon Si Yoon and she relegated her chaste kisses upon him-I wanted to scream lol so now my second favorite Lee Min Ho, I hope that dear Kearns how to open her mouth lol. I agree she must have saved two countries- beautiful men everywhere but she looks like the type that would royally marry the dorkiest looking gentlemen lol ala Christina Aguilera.

    • Oh honey, ‘chaste’ is not the word I’d use for the last kiss in FBND

      (or for her Etude House CF kiss with Jang Geun-seok, for that matter – if only the PD of YAB had let them kiss like that once I’d have been a happy bunny)

      • The kisses are totally chaste on her part. Yoon Shi Yoon and Jang Geuk Suk? Both great kissers. But Park Shin Hye stands there and just… endures it.

        Even the Etude House ad is cleverly edited to make it seem as though she’s participating, when in fact it’s Jang Geun Suk doing all the ‘work’.

        I do think she’s a great actress, but she has zero romantic chemistry with her leading men.

        But that’s just my opinion. YMMV. *shrugs*

      • SO agree. I’m learning to dislike her intensely – not because she is a bad actress, she’s actually OK and seems to be a very pleasant person, but she has zero chemistry – with ANYONE. The Etude CF was a fluke, and it doesn’t matter how hot her co-star is, they always have to do all the work while she stands there, mouth closed, stiff as a board. She is good at portraying yearning, she’s got the puppy love thing down pat and can look wide-eyed and impressed. But sexual desire? Forget about it. I foresee a Cute Campus Comedy, light and fluffy and eminently forgettable.

      • ^^I saw lip movement and head-tilting in FBND, and on that score she’s already better than some of her contemporaries (also the CF had her actually holding on to JGS, how often does one see that in a kiss scene – shame everyone’s not as good at screen kissing as Yoon Eun Hye)

    • she’s so meh in my book, i hope she’s peppy in this drama ’cause lmh can have great chemistry with his leads (excluding BOF)

    • i agree with you!! i just don’t and didn’t see the chemistry between them in the cf’s..and i don’t really think they quite match..but i like both of them seperately!! sooo fingers crossed to see how it goes!!

    • I don’t know about this…Park shin hye’s okay, but I feel tht she’s just “there” and doesn’t leave an impression good or bad. I don’t like or hate her…her acting is serviceable at best…

  3. Ah, well, I suppose the Song Joong-ki + Park Shin-hye casting possibility was too awesome to really happen

    and I’m not super excited about her pairing up with Lee Min-ho either, I mean I like him but I don’t LOVE him, y’know? Not the way I love her, anyway.

    • This.

      You’d think she’d want to avoid yet another teenybopper drama by a writer who doesn’t do squat for female characters.

      • You have to be Kim Sun Ah to get something out of her female characters, and PSH is no KSA, by a long shot.

      • Truthfully i though this pair is better than other…I’m really sad seeing LMH bad acting recently..and PSH also not that great as actress..Her acting just not bad..So.,casting both together is better..It just i feel sad is only one person impressive..So.,if they got confirm with KES.,i wish they improve and success..

    • 🙂 some good coming out of my son being a fan of Miami heat. Hope this drama does as well as they are doing this season.

      • lol i see what you did there! yeah i actually really like her acting, but i just can’t see her with lee min ho… He is just on a higher level.

  4. This is great news! Omg! Thank you drama god! Now can’t wait for the other three cast to be picked.
    It would be the shietz if kim hyun joong, yong hwa, n jong soek join then! Omg!

  5. Aw, I sincerely thought that she was ready for meatier roles in more serious fare, but I guess she’s happy being standard rom-com heroines.


    • I think it’s more because of the timing too
      July is too rush for her with all the FM she has set when October gives her more time. She wants to graduate this year as well
      And SBS has worked with her many time so it’s no doubt they won over KBS which she never lead in a drama

      • I agree, we will definitely be seeing her with meatier roles next year…. And I am hoping that this one will have some substance to it. Just because the setting is a college one does not mean that it has to be all fluff……at least I hope it’s true and not just wishful thinking.

  6. Idk, I kind of wanted her to take the Sword and Flower role because it would’ve been something different from er. It sounds like a fun drama (although I never liked SeGa and never finished A Gentleman’s Dignity b/c I didn’t care for the second half), I just feel meh about it (we’ve seen this before). But who knows maybe it’ll be good

  7. Lee Min Ho is a bit overrated. But I do like him. I haven’t been happy with any of his leading ladies except Lee Min Jung. Was hoping they could get together again . PSH would be even better. I always wished she had been Jandi. This girl makes her leading man look good. I think LMH is the lucky one. He’s getting her when she’s beginning to blossom. She’s becoming so beautiful……in that un-plastic soulful complex way.

    • You hit it on the nail with your last sentence. I find that I’ve been increasingly mesmerized by her, especially in FBND where every close up of her leaves me breathless. She had that same aura in her early work like Tree of Heaven and seemed to have lost some of it as she grew older. But it looks like it’s back, and this time with many more layers of complexity as she matures. People associate PSH with ditzy, rom-coms because of YAB and HS but she’s actually a very strong dramatic actress. I like her best during her silent scenes when her eyes do all the talking.

  8. omg ! did just heaven wave at earth ! i cant even start to imagine how to say this ! I ….OMG …! my ALL TIME BEST ACTOR AND ACTRESS TOGETHER , that is a dream come true !! im going to donate a whole half of my humble savings for this news !! lee min ho !!!!! omg !!
    mrs koala ! you are the best thing that has ever happened to the www . love you i cant wait for this !! no i cant !!

  9. PArk Shin Hye always says that she wants a gradual transition towards older age roles. She is going for varied characters to play in her age group. This role must have definitely been different from the others that she has played until now………challenging and interesting enough to accept. The fact that its scripted by KES and has LMH in the opposing lead must surely have weighed in heavily too. The timing must have suited her too with her graduation and fan meetings to get over with.
    The first half of her 10th year has been a roller coaster ride for her but a treat for us. As far as their comparability is concerned, if they are good actors they will be able to deliver the chemistry expected from a lead pair. Do hope the script, story and the director allows them to show their true worth and magic.
    I am optimistically looking forward to October.

      • And I love the way you stand behind Shinhye in forums where I cannot.
        Don’t we just love her. 🙂

    • Yep. And we should remember that Park Shin-hye is only 23 years old. She has a lifetime to play mature roles, but she certainly doesn’t have many years left to play someone in their early twenties. She’s also done dramatic roles earlier in her career.

    • Maris, I came here just to read your reaction! 😀 Are you happy about this or would you rather see her in a sageuk? I don’t follow her career as closely as you do, but I do think a successful historial project now would have made a wonderful turning point for her after the good acceptance of Dok Mi by the public and the media. A rom-com, although as high profile as a KES one, seems like an easy and safe choice, and not the breakout one I was expecting from her. Guess I got too eager after reading critics praises about how she was growing out of her cute image during the FBND days!

      • Hi J! You know me well. 🙂 so I will just say that you have nailed the only concerns regarding this project. It seems you are not doing too bad a job of keeping track of her progress.
        Even though it looks like this drama is set for easy success, it can easily flounder if the script is heavily tilted in favour of one character. I agree with many who are hoping for a strong female lead. It makes for an interesting even exciting watch. A drama with four pairings need a talented writer to come up with a winning plot. From what I hear she is all that since LMH and SH are excited to work with her. Shinhye even went so far as to accept without reading the script( from one article). That is WORRISOME ! I do hope she is not let down. I have a feeling that it will be a different role for her from before. She has made good selections with DWIAG , FBND and MOR7. The fact that she has preferred this over Sageuk means there is more to it than meets the eye. An artist has to be excited and passionate about their work for it to have any chance of turning well. Hopefully, this will be a good script with layered characterization and at least some depth of plot for her to be able to show what she is capable of. All these concerns do not stop me from looking forward to seeing her in yet another project.

      • Accepting a role without reading the script? :O I don’t think she would do that. That’s insane! She could end up in a Fashion King level of disaster! 😀
        I’m SO excited about this drama already. I adore LMH since Personal Taste, and have enjoyed all of the KES dramas I’ve watched so far. Surely they’re nothing remarkable and have no depth whatsoever, but are quite entertaining. Unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to watch this live in October, so it will be the first one I’ll be marathoning after my drama break later this year. Hope the ratings reach stratosphere! 😉

  10. Miss Koala don’t forget to add George Hu to that amazing list of actors Park Shin Hye has partnered up with…. what a lucky girl…

  11. I could get excited for this. Lee Minho is one of those actors who can have chemistry with anyone so hopefully he brings out something in her.

  12. I would like to see LMH in more meatier roles but I think they will have good chemistry because PSH one of my favorite actresses.

  13. This!!!! My brain just exploded!! My favorite girl+ 2 of my favorite guys… Excited & yet afraid. While I love SeGa, nothing in this planet could get me to finish both a Gentlemens dignity & BOF. So I hope that she has something fresh in mind.

  14. I’m kind of glad she didn’t take “Sword and Flower,” because that sounded too sad and angsty, although I would’ve loved to see her in a sageuk. Can’t wait for this next project of hers!

  15. yonghwa rumor was only fans guess, there are no official news about it, fan guess it because yonghwa cameo in AGD was requested by KES, so that fan think KES may like yonghwa so..that rumor come
    hope that only stay as guess rumor, that will boring seing them together again
    i dont know what to expect hope good new actor/actress (not idol please) will be cast next after LMH and PSH confirmed…

  16. I guess it’ll be a nice drama. I just noticed that whoever is paired with Park Shin Hye, they always look good together. And I think its time for Lee Min Ho to be paired with younger aged actress in their 20’s. I guess all of his leading lady is Older than him.

    Can’t wait!

  17. Seriously, her co-stars thus far have been AMAZING!!!!! ESPECIALLY Jang Geun Suk!!!! I’m seriously EXTREMELY jealous of her!!! I’m excited for this new piece, so I hope it comes quickly!!! 😀

  18. You might as well re-run an old show on the competing networks in the same time slot because, this is gonna win ratings no matter what the show is about.If she just delivers the cute and he delivers his newest rendition of Jun Pyo…then “game over.” LMH has acted with the the worst kissing actress of all time in BOF (GHS has ruined many a screen kiss in her time), he can overcome a few passive smooches from PSH. Fighting!

  19. Wait… WHAT?! This came out of nowhere for me! I was SO sure she was doing the sageuk. Part of me is sad because that would have been a great opportunity to prove herself as an adult actress, but a bigger part is ecstatic her and SJK relieved me of yet another historical drama! YAY for that, lol! 😀 And obviously a Kim Eun Sook drama co-starring Lee Min Ho will be a hit for her career. Now eagerly waiting for the others co-stars!

  20. I knew it!!! Hahaha. So far, I was right in all my assumptions. Dare not say the other one in case I’ll jinx it. Lalalala.

  21. She just doesn’t tickle my fancy. I know many people are obsessed. I want to watch it because of Lee Min Ho (I just watched Personal Taste and I’m obsessed) but I can’t get around her…acting. We’ll see. I can’t believe Song Joong Ki is contemplating going to the army…NOOOO. I mean it has to happen at some point, but NOOOO lol.

  22. I wonder if it’s possible to act in both. If Sword and Flower airs in June, it’ll probably end by August. Since Heirs is premiering by October, filming late August to September. So she can still be in both but it’ll be cutting it close. Also, she might be exhausted from filming the previous drama.

    I actually wanted Park Shin Hye in Sword and Flower more…. The plot was way more interesting and she had a possibility of acting with Song Joong Ki! Either way, lucky girl. Always getting good lead actors as partners.

  23. haha and guess what when I first read about the pairing my first thought was “oh, shit! kissing scenes will be wasted”!!!and then reading thru the comments it seems I am not alone in my opinion!!!

  24. Powerful casting! I am with the rest in crossing my fingers that PSY doesn’t get swamped by powerful male characters. Though LMH have that charisma to goad a timid and shy character out. I just wish the characterisation will progress the acting abilities of these young stars beyond ‘cute’. There is always too much expectation with power casts. Unfortunately, expectations diminish joy, as they say. Well, have to keep positive on this one. Won’t be till the last quarter of the year. I wonder what my mood will be then?

  25. I love Park Shin Hye, she is a great actress with a big heart. I keep reading about her kissing abilities here and I really don’t think that defines her acting ability. If anyone saw FBND you will know she did fine kissing Yoon Si Yoon lol. I also agree with some of the people here, she did good at picking this drama since it won’t be until Oct. She still has her Asian tour to do, as well as graduate from college. She is one busy woman who is currently shooting a short film with Yoon Kye Sang called Rock Paper Scissors of Love. As her fan I am totally excited with the good news and can’t wait to check out this drama.

  26. Before BOF was made, the finalists for Geum Jandi were Park Shin Hye & Goo Hye Sun. We all know who got the role. Jang Geum Suk was offered Gu Jun Pyo’s role before Lee Min Ho was casted. But JGS wanted the role of Ji Hoo & later, decided to take the second lead role in Beethoven virus. The popularity of BOF was a part of the reasons that both JGS & PSH took the roles in You are beautiful, which gave us one of the cutest couples in K-drama EVER.

    I never missed JGS in BOF cause Lee Min Ho was literally the Gu Jun Pyo. However, I never like Goo Hye Sun as Jandi or with Lee Min Ho. It is just my personal preference, which makes me always wonder what if it was Park Shin Hye with Lee Min Ho. Personally, I always think dropping Park Shin Hye as Jandi was a loss for BOF.

    Having said that, Jandi’s character was supposed to be a girl who had a lot of cuteness and spunkiness. PSH seems to be more of like a cute and sweet girl. All the characters that she has played so far are that type of girl. She is lacking spunkiness that JanDi needed to project. I think that’s why she lost it to Goo Hye Sun.

    I don’t know how her character in Heir. She has improved in these years. I’m excited to see LMH & PSH together in the drama. It’s just about time someone pairs these two. I just hope it won’t be a disappointment. This drama would be my most anticipated drama in 2013. 🙂

    • I agree, PSH would not have been a good fit for the feisty role in BOF. Still, I cringe when I think about Goo Hye Sun’s caricature pantomime that made Jandi’s character unbelievable, like a clueless deranged rabbit on stimulants with a facial tic for a smile. Anyone but Goo Hye Sun would have been better!!!

      Lee Min Ho has an ability to tune into the energy of his leading lady pretty well. I will be waiting for this pair to create something interesting and new on screen.

  27. At the very least this cast will bring me out out of my K-drama purgatory.

    However, I can only see this drama going two ways; amazing in subtleties or becoming boring as far as pace. The latter, is how I have felt about the last couple of episodes of almost every one of Kim Eun Sook’s dramas, where the drama hits its peak about 2 episodes before the end of the drama. The only exception is city hall which had a pretty even pace throughout.

  28. Hah please..don’t give me kissing as an excuse not to watch her…hope she take this upcoming drama last of a young college girl character…and I hope the drama will be a well written drama.. One day a writer will write a saguek with a martial art woman warrior and Park Shin Hye will fit the bill best with her strength as dancer…whatever she choose its her choice and I am there waiting and watching all her dramas and movies..Ockoala I have been waiting your comment on PSH choice of drama..since yesterday and you did not disappoint me…Thank you

  29. lol at people think PSH isn’t good enough when both KBS and SBS fighting to get her for their high profile dramas of the year. They all want her and she is all over the places

    Writer KES has set eyes on Park Shin Hye (she strongly recommended her). The pd even added more on the casting reason that “(Shinhye) has stability in her acting, (she) fits well the drama character and image, therefore sent the offer/ love call.

    Love or hate it, she’s the writer choice. I’m so glad and happy the writer notices her acting skills and ability ^^
    Since her previous actresses are A-listers. It just stabilized Shinhye ‘s position in the industry tbh

    I personally prefer her to go with KBS’s Sword and flower but it’s hard to say no with KES and SBS. Plus this drama gives her time for her tour so it makes sense. I just hope her role will do her acting justice.
    Because we all know PSH and LMH can act

  30. due 2 lee min ho’s matchless talent,I am sure he is gonna match up 2 my expectations and hopes!!
    all his dramas have knocked me out!
    NOT only is he having good looks but he also acts brilliantly!!

    some may may say that he is just handsome!!
    you guys are DEAD WRONG!!
    he has recently won “12th China fashion award for most popular Asian actor award
    why is he popular?!
    because of his good looks?because of his damn pretty skinny pants??
    oh darling you are wrong!!
    all actors have got 2 be good looking 2 get accepted!!
    lee min ho is strikingly different than others!!!
    “Boys over flowers” got broadcast in 19 countries NOT FOR LEE MIN HO’S GOOD LOOKS but for his GREAT and DIFFERENT acting!!!!

  31. finally, Lee Min Ho will have a younger leading lady, 🙂 I love Park Shin Hye, and I’ve been waiting when will she and Lee Min Ho act in a drama together

    • I was about to say the same…all his leading ladies are noonas to him..
      I don’t really fancy LMH’s acting..he was not that convincing to me..
      I haven’t seen PSH acting…perhaps she is good. Not yet a fan…

  32. Well, the topic is about if there is chemistry between LMH and PSH, hmmmm, just fair, but no spark. The only thing that makes them click is that they’re acting are the same, just regular. I was hoping Yoon Eun Hye will be in the project, but YEH is a superstar and a very talented actress, so PSH is just the right leading lady.

  33. I like YEH, but I think you think too big of her
    This writer would cast anyone she wants, usually A-lister
    I don’t even think YEH is an A-lister

    And I don’t even get why would you want YEH in an school drama? Like seriously!!! Her age showed clearly in IMY and I don’t think it’s a good sign

    • Y wouldnt u thnk so when she s one of the highest paid celebs in korea h she probably earns higher than LMH in terms of TF

      • she isn’t LOL
        she is not even an A-lister, and you are talking about highest paid…

    • Yoon Eun Hye is an A-lister 🙂 … She was the youngest actress who became an A-lister.. But I think now it’s Moon Geun Young, not sure … A-listers are those who are included in the 20 million won club, i guess.. If you need proof just tell me 😉 and I’ll send you the link … And btw, she is paid way so high.. If you also need a proof, tell me 🙂

      I love this pairing.. All good looking 🙂

  34. PSH is just “meh” for me. Not sure if she can stir chemistry with LMH. LMH X KHS had sizzling chemistry in Faith. Hope PSH can live up to the writer’s work.

  35. I think this one will be good! Aren’t you all excited what’s going to happened?!! PSH before was too conservative in her acting but now she wants to try a little bit matured roles and we have to wait for the changes… After all i like both of them! In their generations they are both the best!!! She was the only one actress in korea who was having this fan meeting alone all over Asian countries.. And take note.. It’s hard to please every countries which can’t understand hangul.. But she handles it.. Like PHILiPPINES!! 😉

  36. I don’t know if those who criticize PSH’s acting have seen DWIAG, FBND and TGOR7. She’d been amazing there and have been praised not only by drama fans but also by directors and fellow actors.
    Given the right script and good directors, she surely shines and I’m very happy with all the dramas, movie and CFs right now. So excited with these pairing and I hope the writer gives her a good script/role to showcase her acting potential.

  37. PsH is a very wholesome girl in which the face hasnt been touched with a knife— that’s natural beauty guys. As far as her acting ability oh my!!! What are you talking about, MEDIOCRE?
    She probably had been in these cutesy cutesy roles but the girl can act—when a scene asks for a serious side i agree THOSE EYES shes’ just mesmerizing and when she talks you can really feel it. To think that she is just 22 yrs old well 23 in Korea i think she had travelled half of the way already, give her a chance i know she would shine more given a good script.

    Have high hopes for PSH, to think that some of her works are already recognized (nominee for Best Supporting Actress in Miracle in Cell 7.

  38. I would have never guessed that it would have been Park Shin Hye. I agree. Can I get some of what she’s having too? I just can’t get enough of Lee Min Ho and Jung Yong Hwa. The two most gorgeous/ hot guys in my top five. Them both working in a drama together will have that series hit the charts as soon as it is released.

    So many fans are waiting…. I can’t wait…

  39. OMG>>..after reading the news of LMH and PSH being casted together and as lover *I almost fainted*!!! let’s get one thing straight here to those of you who think PSH acting isn’t that great!!are you kidding me? A-listers don’t mean that person is a good actor or actress sometime it gets over rated. PSH is one of the best young actress out there. I love that she hasn’t gone under the knife.. she’s a natural women! LMH is indeed lucky he gets her while she’s transforming hehe! This is gonna be one drama i will not miss for the world. My wish of them together in one drama has come true!!!!!!

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