Lee Sang Yoon Cast as One of the Male Leads in Goddess of Fire Jeongi

Lee Sang Yoon is one of those leading men in Korean entertainment that has quietly built a solid career as an actor with complexity and range. Recently he finished up the ratings-leading weekend hit My Daughter So Young, and it was also with the weekend time slot that he initially broke out a few years ago in Life in Beautiful. In that drama he was paired with Nam Sang Mi and they had fantastic chemistry, which turned out to be real once they became a couple afterwards. Recently they quietly ended their two year relationship so both are back on the market without much ado about nothing. I like such class acts. K-news is reporting that Lee Sang Yoon is joining the cast of the upcoming sageuk Goddess of Fire Jeongi as Moon Geun Young’s leading man. My first thought was “what?!?” I am totally not feeling this pairing AT ALL. I think Lee Sang Yoon is a fine actor, he really blew me away in the sageuk The Duo with Chun Jung Myung, easily out-acting PIE and really becoming the heart of that drama. But I’m not seeing the physical wow-factor when stacking him next to Moon Geun Young, he just looks like her oppa or daddy long legs. Then I read he’s being cast for the role of Gwanghae, the ruler of Joseon dynasty. Apparently he is a lover of the arts and admires Jeongi for her talent and has a warm and nurturing relationship with her. So he is her daddy long legs! Now this makes sense.

I think the casting of Lee Sang Yoon means there are two leading men in this drama, and the other character is likely the Japanese man she meets when she’s taken to Japan. Or he could be a Korean living in Japan, the description is rather vague at this point. I’m not sure this is a romance drama so don’t expect a focus on the love lines, and will probably be a pottery version of Painter of the Wind. The heroine will probably have some feelings going back and forth with both leads but the focus will be on her pottery career and how she inspired the spread of Joseon ceramics in Japan. Goddess of Fire premieres on MBC after Gu Family Book, which means a June premiere so it better get a move on with finalizing a cast and starting filming. Those sageuks take time to gear up for. I’m still fingers-crossed MBC gets Kim Jae Wook to round out this cast.


Lee Sang Yoon Cast as One of the Male Leads in Goddess of Fire Jeongi — 17 Comments

  1. Painter of the Wind sounds boring too but it was so good, I just finished watching it again. My baby Geunyoung is back to where she excels above all…

  2. I have never seen a guy wear a Joseon police uniform like he did in The Duo. He looked so awesome in it! And I was totally rooting for him instead of PIE.

  3. I just have one question…Has MGY confirm she will act in this drama? I have not seen news of her confirmation so please someone who has should please let me know!

  4. I don’t think Kim Jae Wook will ever be cast in this drama. Considering that there is no news nor rumor floating about him yet and i don’t think he is such in hurry to go back on screen.

    And i sick when Moon always get pairing with someone who is wayyyy older than her. Looking back during Mary Stayed Out All Night and her pairing with Mr. Jang was something fresh with both are at the same age. I rather like that way.

    However, i’m waiting for the final confirmation about this series. Honestly, i rather she take the role in The Last Princess movie since the story seem more interesting to me and it also set in Japan. And the character in the movie is much heavier which will bring more challenge to her in acting.

  5. I consider Lee Sang Yoon a great and a fine actor after watching My Daughter. Surely we’re keeping track of his next project & following it as well. Good luck to you LSY!

  6. I’m not feeling this guy chemistry with Moon. I hope someone else is casted as her main male costar. Is Moon confirm for this drama though?

  7. I love Lee Sang Yoon to pieces. Yes, he completely con me over in Life is Beautiful, but Moon? *sigh* I swear, I must be the only kdrama fan who really doesn’t like her. I’m sad.

  8. I’m sorry to hear that the Sang Sang couple broke up! Nam Sang Mi’s character was so emotionally detached in Life is Beautiful that it was hard for me to sense a strong chemistry between them in that drama, but I was happy when I heard that they were dating, because in RL, they both seem like really warm, sweet people. He’s a great choice for a warm, nurturing, sageuk Daddy Long Legs.

  9. I adore the guy thanks to my love for all things Life is a beautiful (what a bummer about him and Nam Sang Mi though, I was hoping they would make it since they’re both rather low profile with their private lives) Since I only saw the childhood portion of the Duo I’m not familiar with his sageuk acting….I’m still rooting for Im Joo Hwan to get the lead here(I know its hopeless) so I’m glad he’s only one of the two leads here…I don’t necessarily doubt his chemistry with MGY since there’s no way of telling until I see them on my screen but I can’t really put them together in my head right now either

  10. I wanna know he official cast of this drama!!! Is it going to be MGY?? And if she is.. Who’s gonna be the male lead?? The OTP

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