Lee Seung Gi and Lee Yoo Bi Engage in a Gu Family Book Flirtation

Is there anything presently annoying me that a glimpse of smiling Lee Seung Gi doesn’t immediately make it all go away? I’m hard pressed to find it, because all my gripes about the shoddy characterization with the parental section of Gu Family Book got washed away the moment I laid eyes on the new batch of official stills from the drama. I know everyone, including the producers, are anxious to get to the kids section of the drama proper. I’m normally an advocate of less filler and more meat, but in this case the parents could have used another half hour of story that would have made many of the grand leaps of logic less glaring and segued into the children’s story more fluid. GFB is like the polar opposite of Ja Myung Go, a sageuk with so much potential that got destroyed in momentum with a prelude parent and kids section that lasted 12 (!) episodes for a drama that eventually ended at 36. I don’t know what the balance is between too little and too much, but like the Supreme Court says, I’ll know it when I see it. The new stills from GFB show Lee Seung Gi’s Choi Kang Chi with his childhood playmate and first love Park Chung Jo played by Lee Yoo Bi. He’s a rowdy hooligan, she’s the epitome of a prim and proper lady, in another drama they’d probably be the OTP. Initially I thought he nursed a one-sided love that she didn’t reciprocate, and then these cheek-kissing adorable stills upended that misconception. Of course she could be one of those girls who leads a guy on, but I do hope she is less the manipulative type and more the sincere but societal dictates constrained type. Seung Gi is giving off a whiff of too-modern vibe in his delivery of Kang Chi based on the previews, but it’s not something that is so jarring it’ll take me out of the story. Here’s to hoping week 2 of GFB gets this train back on track.


Lee Seung Gi and Lee Yoo Bi Engage in a Gu Family Book Flirtation — 18 Comments

  1. Very cute! 😀

    Here’s hoping Kang Chi takes after his father instead! (I still can’t with Seo Hwa WTF why would you treat your husband like that??? He risked everything to help you!!! *ANGRY FIST*)

  2. Hh mrs koala ! It might not for you but for me , his smile can wipe off a whole friggen tsunami ! Hh I liked the first eps ! Hated the mom ! Love the dad !
    No worries he is just like his dad ! Those still remind me of his fathers actions towards his mom ! The same stupid (but adorable) smiles !
    What do u think. !?

    • When I saw WR’s cheeky and goofy smiles and his curious nature, I saw the link between him and Kang Chi! Maybe both were immature and goofy in their first love, but KC matures over time?

  3. If Lee Yoo Bi was the lead, I would so watch this but since she’s not, I’m going to wait for people’s assessment on Suzy’s acting before I give this a try. 🙂

  4. Well, just finished watching the first two episodes….and frankly….I LIKED them!….but then again it is Koala’s blog so she is always entitled to her opinion…I think it’s best to say: “I agree, to disagree” 🙂

  5. I agree with some of you guys. We have to wait and see how we’ll Suzy does with her role, she wasn’t too bad in big, lets see if Seungi charm can bring out her acting skills

  6. oh how i wish yoobi was the lead. but i’ll give suzy a chance since she’s so cute. they all cute tho so i think i’ll check out at least one episode with them all. ohhhh maybe yoobi could get with sungjoon because um cute! /shallowshallowshallow

  7. I know what you mean about Seunggi looking too modern for the part.

    I think Lee Yoo Bi looks perfect in her part though.

    One thing that always gets me rolling my eyes is the perfectly straight pearly whites one sees whenever actors crack a smile. I know there’s nothing that can be done about it, but that always strikes me as incredibly unrealistic.

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