Jang Geun Seok Says Love Rain Burned Him and Reveals an Upcoming Return to Acting

Jang Geun Seok is back in Korea and was recently a guest on the KBS radio show on Cool FM called DJ Verbal Jint’s Pops Pops. I normally don’t follow his singing career, and to be honest actually try to actively stay away because his singing persona totally rubs me the wrong way. I like him only as an actor, gave his singing a chance before and from style to pitch its a pass for me. When asked by DJ Verbal Jint why he confined his singing career and album releases only overseas, Jang Geun Seok laughed and said that he’s already not well liked in Korea, if he started singing and dancing then the disenchantment with him will only get worse. He loves to perform and wants to do so where he’s free to indulge in it. Conversation turned to acting and it’s here Jang Geun Seok might be raked over the coals for what he said. He mentioned that its been over a year since his last drama, which was famed PD Yoon Seok Ho‘s Love Rain co-starring Yoona of SNSD. Jang Geun Seok said bluntly that the drama burned him and he’s hurt badly by it. I can’t figure out if he meant the poor ratings and domestic reception of Love Rain was what hurt him, or the quality of the work and him being in it was the kicker. If it’s the former, there are more diplomatic ways of saying it. And if it’s the latter, then good lord is he burning some bridges here and disrespecting some powerful figures in the industry. I confess to totally hating Love Rain but I’m not exactly happy to hear Jang Geun Seok publicly bad-mouthing this drama. I’ve always known him to be a person who sometimes lack a filter in real life, and this is one of those moments where I wished he had a handler to keep him in check. Jang Geun Seok did reveal that he has carefully selected his next acting project but hasn’t signed the papers yet so he can’t say anything for the time being. Is it a movie? A drama? I dunno, but I would be surprised if it was a KBS project seeing as he just unloaded his ire on a drama produced by that network.

Above are pictures of Jang Geun Seok attending the radio show taping, dressed like what I would describe as “a modern day Willy Wonka with a white fetish”. To say I don’t get him is an understatement, and fast approaching broken record status. While I will surely check out his next acting project, part of me feels like he’s tanking his future works in Korea because he continues to push his image in the direction away from the general tenor leading men with clean cut images and mainstream tendencies. It’s like a chicken and the egg problem – is Jang Geun Seok’s fading popularity in Korea causing his dramas to have bad ratings and leading to working abroad so much recently, or is making bad dramas and working abroad so much recently the reason Jang Geun Seok is no longer popular in Korea?


Jang Geun Seok Says Love Rain Burned Him and Reveals an Upcoming Return to Acting — 192 Comments

  1. At least he said something that made sense. LOVE RAIN is definitely a piece if crap- be it rating wise or quality wise.

    • I don’t understand why are there so many negative comments about jks. I mean what’s wrong for being straight forward? Let him say whatever he feels, if it is the truth we should respect his opinion that the drama burned him. He is already so sad and disappointed, how could you guys still bad mouthing him? What if he happen to come across this website and read all these nasty comments? How would he feel? Can’t he just be himself and dress however he wants and not be called a freak? He does not exist here to please EVERYONE. He already gave his best and also tolerated with Love Rain.If he is so unprofessional like some of you stated, he would have just disappear and not continuing the shoot. Also, yes he earned a lot of money because of Love Rain but must he just shut up and neglect his own feelings and thoughts? Money can’t make everybody happy.Gosh give him some space guys. Try putting yourself in his shoes before you say anything.

      • I fell in love with his acting and singing after watching Mary,marry me! I, particularly love the way he dresses and his hair style. I don’t care if people says he looks like a woman with the hair like that. I think he looks unique and sexy. In regard to his acting, I strongly believe he does an amazing job. In love rain he displayed all type of emotions very well. I believe he is a great actor and should focus on that path as well as singing. I love his voice and the inflexión he make when singing. I read on the web that he fell over the hill for Yoona when filming love rain drama. I’m wondering if he refers to his emotions when he said that drama burned him.

    • its not just the story that sucks, there’s no chemistry between JGS and Yoona. JGS is an apple while Yoona is a lemon. JGS is an excellent actor with charisma. Yoona cant act, her facial expression is always sour, plain and flat. I cant bear watching them together. I don’t blame JGS for getting burned, his just being honest it was a poor choice!!!

      • I totally agree with this. I’m also wondering why I don’t like Love Rain that much and because of this explanation, I understand why.

      • what do u mean yoona can’t act.?she can act really very nice and is a fantastic actress BY TE WAY the type of role which she is given should be done by her and if she is given such types of roles then what can she do….plz u can bblame others but not my YOONA..

    • I thought somebody got misunderstanding with his words. I don’t need say to much here. Better you guys here watch “Jang Keun Suk Documentary on KBS” in YouTube so you will understand why he said Love Rain is burning him.

    • Oh yeah,for me Love Rain is the Best Drama among KDrama I’ve ever seen. can not move on from this Drama til now

      • For me Love Rain is best romantic K-drama I still watch it on and off. Jang Keun Suk is the main reason I watch it again and again. JKS is excellent actor

  2. Its not nice to say such things about your previous work even if it was a flop because so many people worked hard for so many months to create that piece , even if it was a shit.

  3. I didn’t know it was not well received, out of all jks.drama love rain to me was awesome. His acting was so much better than You’re Beautiful but of course that is my opinion

    • In other countries (Russia, for example), Love Rain is still a very popular hit. That’s perhaps the K-drama audience there is mostly young teenagers.
      Anyway, I’m happy to hear he’s more scrupulous in chosing his next acting project this time.

    • I liked LR too. The last few episodes got kind of boring. I think it was well received in rest of Asia. I liked all the actors except the leading lady. JGS’s acting was not only better but he looked better in LR. He looked awful in YAB . YAB is so overrated. PSH’s ( I love her) Minam made me depressed. My fav’ JGS look is the starving artist rocker in MSOAN. He just looks better with less bling bling. But look at him now. Gold headphones, gold watch, designer backpack, designer sunglasses. And that other quirky outfit with the hat and glasses. He seems to be very confused and not sure whether he wants to be P.Diddy or Johnny Depp.

      • Why does he have to be either?? Why can’t he just be who he wants wear what he wants and just be comfortable being himself???

    • I am from india, but i liked JKS acting in this… dunno y so many negative comments… he always used to have a proud character in his dramas, but in this drama, i felt like it showed variations of him.. Loved him in this ….

      • You are simply correct my dear, either ways I love JKS, Good or bad… He’said unique.

    • i agree. doing those double roles was not easy and yet i was suprised by his and yoona’s acting skills. i dunno about the korean people, but the show has done good abroad and the audience love him and his acting. JGS is one sincere actor who puts in his best, but unfortunately the low ratings do not reward him. it is natural for him to be hurt. people should stop over reacting.

  4. I was positively considering to watch this drama well because I’m running out of them lol. I pbly won’t because if the actors itself can’t like it, how would I? Any good ones you guys can recommend?

      • LOL! Indeed. How does one ever run out? My watch list keeps growing and I can’t watch ’em fast enough! XD

    • You should really try love rain..its actually very good what jks meant here was the fact that it was not very well rated…to tell you the truth jks is not well seen by many persons but he is a very hard worker as well as talented. .so I guess he expected more of LR…but I think love rain is good especially the seo joons character…very good character

    • You should see it …it is worth watching. Then again it depends on what kind your taste in Korean drama is…lots of Korean dramas are regurgitated financial projects, only for the ratings. lots of stupid stuff that I wonder if the average Koreans likes their drama, cringe inducing and plain stupid!. About his comment , I will reserve judgement on that most of the time, writers take journalistic freedom and stretch the truth about quotes and what was said. Hey, a controversial statement means more eyeballs, more sales.

      Love Rain is of a different genre…I enjoyed it. On the side note…LMH (I’m a fan) Heirs is a puke, pure garbage!

  5. Oh no, it’s not love rain that burned him but his fugly sense of style. I dont know what is the matter with this guy. He looks lke a beggar/michael jackson’s son/an idiot.

    • I agree. He is a perfectly good actor and very attractive, but his presentation–long hair, gaudy jewelry and androgynous clothes–are very unappealing.

  6. Ouch. He really needs to not criticize his own drama. I get the whole argument of “at least he’s being honest” but he needs to cut down on the lack of unprofessionalism. He chose the project – it didn’t do we’ll, too bad. Kinda his fault he decided to do it, as much as it is the writer or director’s fault it sucked. These kinda comments and that oh so fugly style of his are what makes his unpopular. Unless people are ready to change their taste from handsome and humble actors to an insensitive guy like him; don’t think he’s earning anymore fans anytime soon.

    • I would have a lot more respect for him if he would have confined his criticisms to his own part in the drama, rather than the work as a whole. I have heard other actors, who were in a bad drama, talk about what they did wrong or what they could have done better. For me, that’s a much more professional attitude.

    • That says it all: Unprofessionalism. And style, plays a role. He could wear anything he want for all I care, but just like he doesn’t let people telling him what to wear, he can’t impose his style on people.

    • what people got from taste of handsome and humble actors?park shi hoo kind?oh no, more important is his inside than his appereance, with u guys called him fugly style … ok, he’s unliked with his own people, but at least he never made a scandal like what handsome and humble actors did

    • I think you are misinterpreting Jang Geun Seuk’s statement. When he said ‘he is burned’ by his last drama, that means he was ‘BURNT-OUT’. He is not talking shit about his colleagues and he is not maligning his own project and superiors. It’s just that some other stupid people translated the statement in a negative way to put Jang Geun seuk down…As an artist who put everything into his craft, its not logical to slander your own project and clearly that is not JGS’s intentions…the problem with other people is that they comment on everything without really understanding what was said between the lines…thus; misunderstanding occurs..

      • Wow. Someone who actually gets it. He got burned out making Love Rain. If you put your self into those emotions and that it covers the 70s and 90s. You might understand. Interesting take on both decades.
        Just the emotions that they put me through

  7. errr…don’t tell me the project that he’s considering is “Heirs”? y’know, the second lead spot vacated by Jung Yong HWa?

  8. I’ve read a few articles on this and the reason he said he was burned is because after that show he didn’t get any offers for a year but the new project he picked was after lots of thought so it won’t ruin his image anymore … I just hope it’s a good drama cause he is a great actor even if in real life he is a little too weird for me

    • This is not true. He received a lot of offers. But most of the projects just wanted his named attached so that they can sell it overseas. JKS said they don’t even have a proper script to show him.

      He does not like the feeling of people just choosing him because they think with his name attached, they can earn money. He said he prefer the chance to go and audition and fight for the role that he likes.

  9. Oh, is Jang Geun Seok’s popularity fading in Korea? I always thought he is still very popular despite the low ratings of his recent drama. His face seems to be everywhere in Asia. And his comment to the DJ about how he is not well liked already in Korea. Why is that?

    • there is nothing to like about him, his works, his attitude, style, hair, drama, professionalism, and of course his narcissism just turn people off
      With JGS, it’s all about him and not other. He is the best and is too good for everyone else…

      • I think you’re totally wrong you’re talking about someone you barely know…he expects a lot of everything if you don’t understand what that actually mean then you must not be as ambitious as he is…

      • Your assessment of JGS is SIMPLISTIC and plain STUPID! Really…nothing in him to like. No wonder he earned over $40 million (yes in US Dollars!) in Japan alone in 2011. Those Japanese and the rest of the world , aside from the Koreans can’t be wrong. He is different and THAT MY DEAR MAKES HIM EXCITING! He is smart , quick witted, creative and thinks way ahead than his peers. He is just no cutie . the average Koreans likes cutie pies , which in my opinion is an insult to a grown person. To be a cutie pie means Dumb , nothing going inside the head.

  10. As an actor, of course he is upset that the drama not only has low ratings, it has super low ratings. The drama is successful overseas. But it also create more problems when choosing his next drama. He said people are giving him money asking him to act even when the script is not ready. They just want to sell the drama oversea and he said he is sick of such proposals.

    Love rain definitely flimed for a longer period than what he initially planned. He did not expect to start filming during winter and he once mentioned as a joke that he was conned to film in winter ( JKS hates winter )and the director laughed.

    JKS was going through a tough period when shooting Love Rain. His schedule was totally packed. He was planning and preparing for his Tokyo Dome concert but he could only discussed and prepared for it after filming which was often after midnight. He was schooling during that time, had to film and edit his own graduation film, had to film cf and love rain all at the same time. He even had a car accident during that period.

    In an interview, he said this about Love Rain.

    – What did you lose or regret in this drama?
    Time. Room to breathe. At that time, I was not mentally stable, so I had no time for human relations and work as an actor.

    He was not happy during that period perhaps because he was too busy and stressed out with so many things going on at the same time. I think he had a lot of regret that he was not able to enjoy the process of filming. He was trying to fight his inner demons. Director also mentioned that JKS is normally very happy, but he noticed that he will often find him at a corner looking very lonely and sad.

    I think he used the word “burned” because he was going through a very tough period during the filming of love rain and despite pushing through, the ratings ain’t good and some public blamed him for the low ratings.

    • so this is how his fans defend him when he disses his own dramas? This isn’t the first time either. He said something similar for MMM in an interview too.
      I would be sad too if my drama rating is that low while working with the most popular idol and famous PD. He expected it to be a huge hit
      What I don’t like about JGS is that it’s always about him. He rarely talks about his dramas, roles or coworkers. It’s always how great he is and how he feels…
      I hears someone said it yesterday… PSH and Yonghwa’s drama Heartstring had low rating too. She had a huge accident that left an affect on her forever. The PD dropped out in the middle and Yonghwa also had a very tight schedule with his CF, self composing and prepare for their debut in JP. The drama even got cut 1 ep. But have they ever once talked bad about the drama or how it burn them? NO!!!
      In fact, PSH always BLAME herSELF and her accident that she couldn’t give her best and the drama got cut shorter. She really feels bad and regrets about it and also wish she could act as GW again so she could do it better. Yonghwa is always got teased because his bandmate’s dramas have huge rating, but he always defend and is proud of it. He also keep mentioning it everywhere.
      Despites both drama have low rating but their leads’ attitudes are so different. I think that’s why some are doing better and well-liked than others… and it totally makes sense

      • Well, as JKS fans we are used to people making a judgment on him. He rarely shows his mature side in general interviews. He likes to joke around because that is his personality. His personality is more crazy like those idols hence a lot of drama fans cannot understand his sense of humour. As fans, it is natural for us to defend him because we follow all his news. It is only through in-depth interview from him and his coworkers, directors and what he shared with us in his official sites that he will reveal his other side.
        No one had it easy during filming. I never said the others had it easy. But did he not film? He went to film site even without going to the hospital after a car accident. Is that not professional?
        I never said about MMM. His discontent with MMM was because of the changes going around behind the scene and he feel that the character was kind of lost as the drama goes on due to the changes. Both him and Moon Geun Young mentioned they often have to fight for the character as they were passionate about their roles. People always assume that he is a diva who wants the story to be revolved around him, but he and Moon Guen Young wants the character to stay consistent throughout the drama. Moon Geun Young also stepped in to request some changes to the script. I don’t understand why people get so upset when an actor has an opinion on a certain drama. US actors often voiced their opinions too. So long as they don’t bash specific people and just mentioned facts, I don’t understand why drama fans get so unhappy. He never said he wasn’t appreciative of all the things the crew, in fact he also thanks them.
        To him, Hong Gil Dong was physically challenging while Love Rain is mentally challenging due to his state of mind at that moment. He mentioned he was depressed during that period and a bit suicidal which is why he felt that filming the drama was particularly hard. The low ratings definitely did not help to cheer up a depressed person. But he always praises PD Yoon during all the in-depth interviews as he loved his cinematography and delicate way of telling a story. Did he said he hated the crew, I don’t think so.
        Just because he did not mention about the crew and stuff in the general interviews that some of you read, does not mean he never mentioned them in his other interviews.
        Different people have different opinions. You can continue with your dislike with him. I merely write down the facts I know. You can still argue he is wrong, I never said he is right. I just said I understand why he used the word “burned”. I definitely agree he should just be like all the actors, shut up and say diplomatic words.

      • I can’t reply to you so I posted here
        There are many actors going through what he is going through but they behave different
        Just because they are humble, down to earth and think for others before themselves, they are saying diploma words? So as long as he is real it’s ok for him to be selfish and unprofessional? that’s what his fans think? LOL
        Nice, kind and professional are real too ( thought I can’t say that in all cases) but fans like you who try to protect and shield for him even when he does wrong is doing more bad than good. Because he think it’s ok to continue and get worse.
        He will have different reasons to diss his next drama if it has poor rating again, just like how he did with his 2 previous ones.
        Just wait and see!

      • I don’t agree… he is a hard worker, but many cannot understand his personality…Its his work he is talking about.. let him give is own real opinion…he has gone thru hard time.. we should understand that…

  11. I used to really like him and thought he was a promising actor about 4 years ago, but damn, he’s so unprofessional. If he picked a half decent project, and actually played a character that pushed him out of his comfort zone, then he could complain about stuff like low ratings. LR was such a safe option for him, basically playing a character that is a rehash of his role in YAB, and getting paid a massive amount of money to do it (as the show was entirely funded by Japanese investers). I honestly don’t think he takes his acting career seriously at all, but whatever. If he wants to continue coasting on the popularity of YAB and his fanbase in Japan, then so be it.

  12. I will say JGS has definitely become more eccentric as the years have passed. He does give off a weird Michael Jackson/Willy Wonka recluse image. I feel like he peaked with You’re Beautiful (or maybe with Mary Stayed Out All Night) and has since gone down hill from there. Love Rain was a train wreck, but come on let’s not diss the efforts of those involved (including your own), just not classy or professional at all. I seriously hope he gets past this phase (if it is one) and becomes more serious as an actor. He has the acting chops, but it feels like his current image is hurting his professional career.

  13. Man, just thinking about Jang Geun Suk makes me sad. When I first watched him, years ago, I was so impressed by his acting (in “Beethoven Virus” and “Hong Gil Dong” for example) and I really thought he would become one of the greatest actors of his generation. Never thought he’d pick such terrible projects afterwards.
    I keep waiting for the day when he cuts his hair, ditches the “homeless Willy Wonka” style and goes back to being a serious actor with challenging projects.
    This “phase” of his has gone on long enough. The longer he keeps at it, the more he hurts his chances of ever being taken seriously as an actor.

  14. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with criticizing one’s own drama. even if everyone worked hard on it and the end result is still crappy then he has all the right to say it burned. it’s not like he’s dissing anyone else’s acting. they all have their image and career on the line and if it sinks then saying that it sucked would be human. keeping it in and saying that it was fine isn’t so healthy.

    • I have to agree here. Mostly because I didn’t hear the conversation for myself, it’s hard to even have an opinion. It seem as though he was bashing anything but making a statement from his own personal feelings. No one knows what the man is thinking, therefore, just take it as it “burned” him, regardless of why , it’s a fact and that’s that.
      And if you saw the drama, one could understand where he’s coming from on several levels, not just the ones given above.

    • Usually Korean stars are too politically correct and never voice what they are feeling so it’s kind of refreshing JGS is being frank and forthright.

  15. I have a different opinion with JGS and LR, which was my first drama of JGS. LR started my searching of his other dramas. True, LOVED YAB the most, esp. pairing with PSH. JGS is a very talented young man who might be a little lost now due to fame at too young an age. His parents still need to offer guidance and hear him out. His is too talented, smart and handsome to be wasted like other famous young people. Please wake-up Jang Geun Seok sooner than later…

  16. I think JSG should learn from his Co-stars, it seems he got the fame disease…

    MGY speech award after winning for MSOAN and CS”No matter what the situation or circumstances are, when the production team and actors go through a lot of sufferings together, it improves the path of their relationship. The director works very hard in producing the drama. Lots of unexpected situations and problems occur during filming, but everyone worked very hard to make changes. I believe that by judging a drama based solely on ratings, you’re overlooking the valuable results of the suffering, sacrifices, and creativity that go into producing the drama. Although Marry Me Mary had low ratings, I think that through everyone’s hard effort, we were able to turn in a satisfactory end product. We can say without regrets: “The hard work put in by the production crew, actors, and broadcasters is worthy of recognition.”

    And this is why JSG dissing his drama is just no cool and he ends up being a ungrateful, this drama still gave him so much money for it plus was a hit on other asian countries. He is just bitter people on Korea got tired of him and don’t love him like other coutries do. And then he blames it on his dramas and not on himself – because for him he can do no wrong and it is all about himself…

  17. He said the drama burned his image? But wasn’t himself that burned his image?

    Why he didn’t get much casting calls?

    -because his schedule is busy and crazy, too much headache
    -because people are not that interested on him anymore on Korea, so they prefer a person that is more in the spotlight
    -because JSG says and acts the way he wants to and it turn off some people
    -Because JGS thinks he is the best
    -Because his last dramas didn’t do well, so something must be wrong

    -also, does he have something against cutting his hair? chaging his looks for fit his characters? because his hair didn’t change much since MSOAN…

  18. kind of already ruined himself for me. i’ll probably check it out too, though. if the role is ANYTHING like what he HAS been doing for the past few years (you’re beautiful wackily clad lead singer, love rain oddly dressed, lame lead dude) then might as well kiss his acting career goodbye. again: army duty.

  19. I don’t care about him anymore. There are so many young actors who are talented and have better images than him like Song Joong Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, Park Yoochun, Lee Minho, Yoo Ah In, Lee Seung Gi, etc.
    Jang Geun Seok blames the drama, not himself. There were hundreds people working hard to make this drama. And he disses it openly. He’s such an asshole.

  20. I don’t want to be harsh..,but I have to say Love Rain is the most suck KD i’ve seen..from my opinion.,Jang Seun Suk may feel the same bcoz alot of fans hate him more after this drama…This is why he openly blame the drama that ruined his life..

    • what?. Blames everyone and everything except himself. He never thought about his own image being an issue ? himself ruined his life since long before! He filmed You’re my pet movie (this was the worst movie), You’re My Pet’s ticket sales suffered in Korea and had losses overseas, korea hated his movie, (movie emitted in 2011).
      Mary stayed out all night, You’re beautiful and love rain had low rating in korea. and You’re my pet movie had the LOWER ticket sales.

      I’m sure that his movie (you’re my pet) and his personality burned himself.

      Many actors who are better than him, had low ratings in their dramas too, but they weren’t unprofessionalism.

      Koreans hate Jang Keun suk because he always was and is so narcissistic, arrogant, egoist and egomaniac. and now Jang keun suk’s UNPROFESSIONALIM also.

      He’s a fucking idiot!.

      PD: Love Rain was only Low in TV-korean Ratings, but High in other countries, (love rain was the best k-drama in a lot countries around the world). Love Rain had High Overseas Sales.

  21. No. It is both his image and his poor choice in project that really burned him. What a waste of talent!!! I know a few people who dresses similar to him but the difference is that he cant rock this style. It comes off very creepy. At least he was being honest, he must have regret joining LR. I could careless, good or bad critics, he was certainly right haha. I dont care if hardwork was put in it, everyone does. Its a sorry excuse to a lame drama.

  22. He should cut his hair dye it back to black, get rid of the weird clothing and hit gym…let’s face it the man needs a serious make over.

  23. JGS was the first guy who I didn’t like before but loved after watching a drama (YAB). I hope he chooses a good project. Also, did he really diss the production? That.. is not good for the future.

    I guess, we need a tag line of “P.S. We do not approve of his fashion sense” when talking about him instead of repeating it over and over again…

  24. For the record, Geun Seok was right, Love Rain sucks. Personally, I lost major love for him after that drama. I was confused that how come an actor with great personality like him could agree to act in this sucker. He was so spot on with “burning”. Just because the famous producer did it, it does not equal good quality.

    • you should read the national and international critics, Love Rain was described as an epic masterpiece with low ratings in korea (only in Korea), but high ratings internationally.
      only TV-Korea had low ratings, why? .. because Jang geun suk was leader actor. Everyone knew that Jang Keun Suk is the most hated Actor in Korea. People increase their hatred since his unpopularity movie (You’re my pet – 2011), many critics rank “you’re my pet” movie as a inexpensive pornography.

  25. which imports the hairstyle or style of dress? if the guy is a complete idiot and unproffesionalism; blames everyone and everything but do not blame himself; your inpopularidad in Korea comes from many years ago (from 2009 to the present).
    Jang keun suk doesn’t value the effort and sacrifice of all workers (director, screenwrite, actresses, actors and staff) in the drama. Honeslty I think that his co-stars were and are more professional than him.
    I am absolutely certain that any drama where jang keun sul will be leader actor, this drama will have low ratings because everyone hates his narcissistic and arrogant personality.

  26. I really love this drama, honestly “Love Rain” is better drama than many Asian dramas. I did not know that only in Korea had low ratings, I assume it must have been by hatred and jealousy, because Love Rain was a success in many European, Asian and American countries.
    I must confess I did not like his comment in KBS radio show. I think that a real/TRUE actor appreciate each of your jobs or projects as an artistic piece, even if you have low ratings a true professional value their work and those of their colleagues and collaborators.

    I’m disappointed in his attitude. He’s a fake actor and proffesional.

  27. I hope he comes back with a bang! A good story, script, writer and director….hope he does a drama with Moon Geun Young after the latter finishes Goddess of Fire. He needs to dye his hair in a darker color, the color of his hair is much too light and does not suit him. I hope he cuts his hair. What Jang Geun Suk needs is to feel his feet back on the ground and get back to work. He is done doing his promotional tour (which would be really tiring and stressful) and I guess he needs to rest and relax first for a month or two before he starts on a drama or movie. Recharge…. get your energy back.

    • I totally agree, I was hoping that he was cast in Goddess of Fire since he can speak Japanese, and from MMM we know Moon Geun Young brought the best out of him – she is best match to him because of her acting skill and their chemistry – If Moon Geun Young was cast in Love Rain, I think the whole drama will be so different as her emotion will definitely match Geun Suk’s – those natural loving display, you don’t see in their other dramas

  28. Totally personal opinion lol
    ive noticed nobody mentioned it. . .
    I think he means he got burned by Yoona. . .He was so into her he sorta dumped shinhye n was goin on and on about yoona in all his interviews. . .
    And she was.not.into.him. Lol im actually lmao about this he deserves it. And yes i hope he doesnt ruin heirs

    • I think something happen between him and Shin hye that make him like this I don’t know even Yong Hwa doesn’t follow his twitter I feel uncomfortable 🙁

      • Well to be fair, CNBlue twitter don’t follow people outside FNC. PSH is the first and only exception.

    • he dumped Shinhye? lmao talking about delusional
      Please don’t drag PSH to this hot mess. They were never real or an item. Only i-fans are delusional about them. In Korea people don'[t really link them or have any rumor about them together
      It’s always been Yonghwa and PSH for years. JGS, who?

    • n why is he ruining Heirs
      He is NOT one of the lead or even the cast
      Why do people keep talking nonsense here

  29. I watched drama if it has a good story line…He was good in Hwang Jini..Hong Gil Dong..OK in You’re beautiful and MSOAN…but didn’t quite like LR.I have to agree with some of the comments..He need a change ,a make over..he should stop doing tour and sings because lots of better singers in Korea that really can sing better than him..anyway I watched dramas due to who the main actress,good story line..but lately its quite sad K drama seems has lost it touch on weaving a good story line.Thanks for posting story about JGS..poor fellow need to grow up, he stuck to the hippy or eccentric behaviour…it is from good to worse case scenario for him.

  30. JKS was the one who got me into K-drama/K-pop. I was prejudiced for years against Korean popular culture. For me, JKS is my “life saver” and I will always be grateful to him for this. I fangirled him crazily for about 2 years. I joined his official FC, and I still have tons of original JKS goods–two personally autographed pics. Btw, anyone wants to buy?^^

    But like Koala, his overseas stints are just this side of bizarre. I think all those years when he was a teen trying to conform to the Korean industry made him snap. Now he’s like a college freshman, living the life:) Bottom line though, I don’t really care about that if he had his shit together and came up with great films and dramas.

    I loved some parts of Mary. Kimi wa petto was not THAT bad. As for Love Rain, after 30 min of ep 1, I skipped to the Hokkaido part. There was this one scene–where he starts putting on the moves on her in the outdoor onsen and then she gets back at him, he then gets rattled. I loved that scene! That made me watch it up to the part where the parental issues came in and got sooooo boring and annoying. Then I just watched the last part of the last episode. One thing though, I might watch some parts again for Seo Inguk:)

    Anyway, I agree with most of you that LR was the most boring of JKS works. Yes, as a former diehard fan, I am glad that JKS had the balls to say it out loud that it sucked. BUT, the way he said it probably hurt his career more. Yeah, he really needs a handler. The saddest thing for me about this is that we may not be able to see more of him acting anymore–unless he improves his Japanese and starts acting in Japan. I really loved him in all his previous works prior to LR and Kimi wa petto. I would love to see him grow as an actor. And I hate seeing him get wasted in public. It is very sad to see. I worry for him and I hope he saves his money.

  31. He is a very good example of how fame has got into his head,in another word,he has gone crazy.It is true that he has massive amount of fans but that doesn’t mean he should disrespectful to other.Love rain might have done badly,it is bad,but if he got bad review because of that,it is not totally director’s fault or writer’s fault.In one interview,lee doing wook said a drama is about acting,directing and script.I totally agree with him.Even if the script is bad,JKS will have gotten love if he acted well.I agree that he had potential to become good actor,a great potential more than Song Joon Ki,Micky,Joo Won,Lee Seung Gi who debuted later than him.For now,he doesn’t deserve to be called as actor at all.We will see what kind of drama or movie he will do.And how he will dress.If he choose to take an easy route and continue to make idol drama/movie with that disgusting-and-terrifying-witchy hairstyles,I guess all of us here should give up him already.I don’t sense any professionalism from him since LR when he can’t even cut his hair for a drama.His fans should seriously wake up too.

    • JGS is a good actor be comedy or drama, it was Yoona who sucks on that drama. Its so unbearable to watch them together, they dont have chemistry. JGS is an apple and Yoona is a Lemon. JGS is a great actor with charisma, while Yoona is plain, flat, sour face..Don’t judge his performance by his looks, hairstyle or the way he dress up, not everyone may not appreciate his style but his definitely good and unique. I’m not korean but I admire this cool guy excellent performance!

  32. i liked his acting in Love rain. and the film itself was great. maybe most of us are not used to seeing slow paced filming like this, but you can tell every emotion from his face. all n all, he is really a great actor, aside from being a talented singer. i just wish he can get pass through the hurt and disapproval of many . as long as he believes that he has done his 100percent on it. if you saw the bts of his other dramas and of course the latest Love rain, you can see how he is with his co actors and the team. I think he is totally misunderstood about him saying that “he got burn in his last drama”. I think he means that he is hurt by the ratings that it received.

  33. Jang Keun Suk is one of a kind. really. it is not everyday that we see people like him. A grown up man but has a kid´s heart.

    • So funny.i was just a fan of JKS 3 months back.after watching Love Rain.He’s a great actor regardless of what hairstyle or fashion he wears.Yes I agree with you.He’s a grown up man with a child in him.I love him no matter what.He maybe hated in Korea,his hometown.but he is well loved here in the Philppines.I cant be swayed with millions of negative comments of him.Love Rain hits me so hard.Have you gone watching it in full 20 episodes without sleeping the whole night.Yes I did.and of all thousands of K dramas that I’ve watched its the only drama that made me cry over and over again.meaning he really can touch the heart.and the only OST that can make me sleep every night.

  34. OMG! Seriously you guys didn’t like it.. I know it started out slow but I liked it because it really showed his acting capabilities besides being a boy band flower boy… I agree his clothing is the worst. His singing capabilities well I haven’t heard him song other then his performances on his dramas… But I know that if I went to his concert and he dressed the way I have seen him in pictures I would be totally disappointed and would of wanted my money back.. Does he like people thinking he is gay.. I read all these different scenarios and articles but I also saw him on a utube video announcing that he is into woman and not gay.. Then I suggest he change his style. If he keeps going his career is going to go down hill…

    Don’t get me wrong I adore him for his acting abilities but as a person who has worked with other celebrities I see a disaster coming his way if he don’t change his ways…

  35. I thought his acting in the early episodes of Love Rain was his best yet. To me that seemed his biggest stretch as an actor and he did a great transformation into the character.

  36. That’s alright, ockoala. You may not get him and his totally indie-retro charm/style, but I do. In fact, I find it sexy and get a little turned on by it…okay you didn’t need to know that–but yeah, I do! And yes, he may be fading from the radio, but his music is mainstream in my heart! …Also, why do certain people bash his style? Or just dislike it all together but don’t exactly say anything? (I’m cool with that, thought) I mean, it’s not like anybody is doing the same with the person I would say is the one whom is always clad in the epitome of distasteful garments–G-Dragon!

    Oh! About Love Rain…the first 4 episodes are my favorite. <3 The rest, although I liked them very much, can go jump off a building and land in the "bushes."

  37. Chill guys. U dnt have to criticize. He’s a unique which is the reason he,s different from others. It may not be popular in korea but for us he’s acting n his role inspired us alot. Thanks to oppa jang geun suk. Lol

  38. JKS,I know how your feel after the LOVE RAIN drama.No one knows what you’re thinking when you say the word “Burned” I don’t know that Love Rain was not well received and the low ratings in Korea and you are going through a very tough time during the filming and so…on.Anyway,I enjoy most of your Drama,Movie and all the song that you are singing in every dramas & movies.You Rock!!
    Be proud of yourself and Happy with what you are doing.Fighting!!!

  39. i don’t care wat u guys say about him,for me he is the best,though quite rough around d edges,but his acting skills and singing is inspiring.His dressing,his looks are admirable.jks acting in LR was wonderful,i don’t know why it has a low,rating in korea.pls koreans luv him,becos at dis kind of time he needs ur support.saranghae jks,fighting!!!!!

  40. I love Jang Geun Seuk! He is honest and he says and acts whatever he feels. He is so unlike other artists who only show fans their fabricated or well-practiced good side. He is not a puppet. It’s just so disappointing that most people here misunderstands him and pulls him down with their harsh comments. When he said “he was burned” by his previous drama, that means he was ‘BURNT-OUT’. Not necessarily implying that he is talking shit about his own project..Jang Geun Seuk, will never put his colleagues down and he will never talk crap about his own projects. He loves his craft and he always does everything he could for his dramas..It’s just so sad, because some stupid people translated his statement very negatively…and whoever commented that he talked crap about his very own drama Love Rain,is so stupid and doesn’t understand english very well. Everyone tends to be BURNT-OUT sometimes. JGS is human and with so many projects going on at that time all at the same time, it’s logical for him to be ‘BURNT-OUT’ I mean who wouldn’t be? So for those who misinterpreted his statements, kindly keep your opinions to yourselves because your comments leave nothing but negative rumors to an otherwise innocent intentions…

    • Thank you. I felt so sad for him after reading all those negative comments about him. Atleast somebody here understands jks!!!! For those who don’t , don’t say anything if you don’t have nice things to say 🙂

  41. Dont say negtive things to JGS. He is a great actor and also a singer. If he’s not popular now in korea, we just only accept it coz it happens for a reason. and thats Jang geun suk’s life. so we have to respect all hes decisions. Im a fan of JGS. More Power :)0

    • PS. Hope to see JGS in personal:)))) i would love it :)))) Smile to be happy :))) haters and lovers of JGS peace to us always huh? :)))))

  42. i dont understand why they hate him? Ok i dont like the way he dresses himself but i dont have the right to tell him what to wear .. we dont have that right! I FOR MY OPINION LOVE LOVE RAIN..IT WAS A GREAT DRAMA…

  43. i love your singing and songs.. after each drama you star in i always try playing it on my guitar…
    All Your Drama rocks!

  44. you guys must be really dump.stupid i must say…why not leave the big bro to enjoy his life.
    one thing i must say. forget bout his dressing,hairstyle,…he might be a dolop head but we still need to giv him that respect..
    only JGS can explain the meaning of what he said ….so pls you guys should help out ..
    i dont no y LOVE RAIN was so dam low in korea..but in other countries like england america even all the way to africa it is a hot cake

    guys dont b so cruel to him …………at list u can always make him no in a different way …not this way pls pls pls …….wana talk more lets bomb on face book @marvelous matthew

  45. i can’t imagine how come he is not popular in korea though he is charming good actor and simply modest i love him so much and i can watch any drama just because of him i got to say i didn’t really like love rain but i really loved you’re beautiful and marry me mary……. and he’s a human it’s normal to feel bad about the low ratings otherwise it would be strange but surely he has gained experience and he’ll be more careful the next drama ……… jang geun suk is my idol i love him

  46. well i love love rain it is number one on my drama chart so i don’t know what Korea’s problem but he is one great actor and he is multi-talented

  47. I dont believe all of the negative comments about him. I believe him to be quite open, appreciative and sincere in his interviews and on twitter. Sukkie is a super multi talented guy in my opinion and I give him a lot of credit. He has a lot going on in his young life and it can be quite challenging in trying to balance it all out. In the past year from acting, being a musician, directing, making a new album, taking charge of his concerts (Cri Shows and Team H concerts), it can be difficult to have any down time for himself and have somewhat of a social life and to see family. He has to be given some credit here. Anyone could get depressed when your life has been running in too fast of a pace. In the past few weeks he has been flying back and forth from Korea to Japan with the opening of his store, giving concerts, and promoting his new album. It can be quite draining on him. He IS a true talented STAR and the demands on him can be quite daunting.

  48. Why are you people so interested to talk bad things on him???why don’t you keep track of someone you like???we like JKS its our problem…we actually love him, he is not seriously degrading someone but himself he expects a lot of himself to him he has not worked hard enough he is that way he expects a lot of himself, to us he is adorable, talented the most handsome guy we have ever seen!!! he is also very ambitious and is a very hard worker, he did not make another drama last year because he was packed!!!with team h album and his solo album then there was the world tour…are you guys blind??? also i would suggest that you guys try you’re beautiful thyen you will understand why he is devastated with his other 2 dramas even though he enjoy acting

  49. Yes we luv dis guy haters go hang yrselves u miserable monkeys. You claim to be sick of him yet you’r alwaz diggin stuff abt him. Wat pathetic losers Geez!

  50. I hate JKS, and I always said: “JKS is NOT the best actor, he is only a regular actor, He’s so overrated in You’re Beautiful (bizarre and overrated drama) and his acting was regular, …his movie “you’re my pet” is trash”

    But, Now i say: JKS’s movie “Baby and Me” was cool and he did a good job, and Now JKs has improved and mature very much with his last drama Love Rain. Today I could said that He is one of the best actor.

    before he’s only regular actor, present: he’s one of the best actor.


    if, winter sonata still even being the most boring drama I’ve watched in my entire life, this had high ratings in korea. why Love Rain was the exception? . Answer: KOREANS HATE JKS!.

    My honest opinion about JKS regarding his last comment:

    “Jang Keun Suk is an unprofessional and coward actor and person”.

  51. whoaaa seeingso many comments with both negative and positive ones. A celebritiest should be like this. Make controversial naturally. It doesnt matter you like him or you hate him, because the effect in ur brain will be the same: all of you put him in ur memory. Haha

    Celebritiest that pleased people all time or only gained postive comment all time? Is he/she celebrity or just a puppet of social expectancy? HaHa

  52. LOVE RAIN was one of the best Kdrama ive ever seen….love JKS much more.wondering why so many negative comments?????

  53. Reading all dis comments were really funny… JKS is a great guy to say the truth, the first Korean drama I watched was Hong gil Dong and I fell in luv with him there and then, cos of him I started watching korean films, he’s a great actor and abt his hair and dressing,I love them, I luv evrytin about him, he isnt arrogant, but jst outspoken, and dats a gud tin, unlike oda celebrities dat hide their true self from d public, if he isnt famous in Korea,, he is way too famous in Africa, Nigeria to be precise.. I will luv to meet him someday.. Haters go hug transformer.. Jang Geun Suk is d best!!!

  54. Dats rite, Jang geun seok its really getting famous in Africa, everyone luvs him,, he’s d most popular Korean actor,, and Africans will really luv it if he comes to Africa for a tour or concert,, never heard him sing ecept on his dramas,, he is a grt guy, gt to knw Lee min ho and Kim hyun joong because, Koreans appreciate wat u hav,, all of u with negative comments,, if u tink his life is easy, y dnt u try being him for a minute? If e dey easy to piss, y fowl nor dey piss,, haters go to hell and burn to ashes, ungrateful pple… mtcheeeewwww

  55. ,,,,i love LR and for me it was the best.. and I think that JKS was very good on that drama,, it was also my first time to watch him and i easily got addicted on him .. he was a good actor,, i don’t know y it doesn’t rate in korea but here in Pinas, its ratings are high and it was so well loved by pinoys..

  56. I think it’s really sad that he’s got so many antis. His personality reminds me a lot of SJ’s Heechul and he was also hated at first until people got used to him. JGS really doesn’t strike me as an arrogant person (I’ve watched some of his shows) but if I had just read articles about I would have disliked him because the comments would have clouded my judgement like I’m sure has happened to a lot of people here. Hopefully his new drama will put him back on the map in Korea. Only time will tell.

  57. wateveranyone says……………….i love him more tan anytingg………………………………am mad for him……………………….

  58. After reading all the negative comments I decided to tell my opinion here. Love Rain is and was an awesome series! Although I don’t like Yoona’s acting it was emotionless but JKS did well. I don’t know why Koreans don’t like him, he is loved by a lot of people overseas and I can see that JKS appreciate it, what with all his concerts in Japan and other Asian countries. (Lucky them!) I am a fan and always will be I don’t care about the negative comments about him I see him differently as a person and that’s all that matters.

  59. hi.,, i am 1 of your biggest fan here in the philippines..i keep on watching your movies and it so inspiring..your so cute and ms. hanna also.

  60. I do admit too dat lv wasnt dat interesting.but jks shudnt stress shit happens and life goes on.in any case i dnt think it was wrong that he xpressd his feelings towards the drama.hez a grt actor suited with formal roles though

  61. for me love rain was probably the best drama ever, I finished watching the drama in 2 days, and almost didnt get any sleep at all because of this. as soon as I finished watching the drama I search for his other drama….I’m watching you’re beautiful right now and its been 3 days and I havent finished it. eventhough I agree he doesnt look as handsome as he could be in both dramas, but he and yoona acting performance was awesome, I wonder why ppl think that they have no chemistry at all, probably because ppl have seen you’re beautiful first, if it the other way round, the opinion might be different. ppl already infatuated with jgs and psh in the first place. maybe in korea the rating is low, but consider the ratings in other countries, love rain is absolutely isnt a failure at all and I agree that it some ppl misunderstood when he’s saying that the drama has burned him, probably he means that because it has low rating in korea, he’s not that stupid enough to say something that will ruin his image by saying things that will make some ppl hate him. I’m looking forward to see more of his drama….

  62. Omgosh! i love love love rain!!! You just have to bear the first 4 episodes. i don’t care why other people don’t like it. Hands down to JGS’ acting in this drama. And i really felt the chemistry with Yoona so cute!!! This kid can act, sing very versatile. He was so good in portraying 2 roles in this drama which is really difficult imo. Love rain is in my top 10 kdramas. I loved how it touched my heard in every episode. Truly something to watch over and over again.

  63. my take on his comment that love rain “burned him” was the low ratings in his mother country. Maybe it was just put into another context by other people and he was probably just misunderstood.

  64. honestly, i really don’t know who JKS is. but after seeing Love Rain, i was really hooked by his character Seo Joon. are they blind not to notice how good he was on this? i mean, it was one of the best acting I’ve ever seen! i fell in love with the character because of his acting. Love Rain may not be as heavy as other K-dramas but it was really good. i was not a fan of him (because i dont know him) but after i saw Love Rain, cant help myself not to search him. i was surprised to know he was unpopular in Korea. why? because he’s just being himself? that’s sucks to know. people, get real! Eccentricity is expected in every artist. i like his craziness. working as early as a 5 yr old, i think its quite expected. i’d rather be a fan of an true and honest cranky artist than to a someone who show and says what just his supporters would like to see. he’s really interesting, hmmm..

    • Every person is entitled to his/her opinion. We have our own cup of tea- things we like and dislike. Jang Geun Seok is honest, maybe brutally honest sometimes. But, that is him- the real him. Nothing to hide.

      • well, yeah. don’t get me wrong. i like that guy. i mean, if you watched his previous dramas, he’s not taking his character lightly. a really hard working actor. its just sad to know that they don’t appreciate him for being honest or being himself. anyways, as you’ve said. everybody has their own opinion. no offense meant. 🙂

    • I honestly don’t knew about the existence of this actor jang keun suk, but beginning “Love Rain” drama, finally i know his job. I did not know him before. Since 2012 with Love Rain drama I think jang keun suk is a good actor, and of course his partner actress was very good too, both made ​​an excellent job together, their characters in the drama were so real, awesome acting!!, but unfortunately actor jang keun suk is an egocentric, arrogant and unprofessional in his real life.

      To say that this burning? only reflects that he is an immature and unprofessional type and actor. He does not take into account the hard work of all the other actors, actresses, staff and director. he is a EGOIST!

  65. I’m not sure how to say this but I really do NOT understand the criteria of Koreans with regards the quality of what they want to watch. I am really surprised that Koreans did not appreciate Love Rain. I have been watching TV Series and dramas all my life and I am glad to have watched LOVE RAIN. Love Rain IS BY SO FAR THE BEST DRAMA SERIES I have ever watched in my life. The cast/ensemble is perfectly well-chosen. They are all amazing. Love Rain is well-crafted, well-written and perfectly directed. I have taken journalism and literature and I would like to congratulate the director, the writer and most especially the actors, Jan Keun Suk and Yoona because they did a very EXCELLENT JOB. Love Rain did amazingly and perfectly with regards to rating in other countries; i therefore conclude that there’s nothing wrong with Love Rain nor its cast. Maybe SOMETHING IS TERRIBLY WRONG with the audience in South Korea. I’m just saying, no offense meant. Good job JKS & Yoona!


      • Likewise to me,I’m staying in Philippines i just finished watching Love Rain hopefully waiting with another drama with Yoona and Jang Geun Suk..I went them to be a perfect couple as well.

    • This is probably the best comment that I’ve read in this column. Honestly, this is year 2020, and having watched a lot of Kdramas from all the great Korean actors, I can say JKS is one of the best and good looking actors there is in Korea. This was my first kdrama that I watched with him in the title role And both him and Yoona did a good job in this drama. For me, LR is probably one of the 10 best KDramas that is comparable to the classics Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven, etc even with new Kdramas that is showing recently that are romcom genre. It hits me so hard, I was crying in most episodes. If you probably watch the entire 20 episodes, maybe you will have a diffirent opinion or maybe most Koreans are not into that kind of love story. Asians really appreciate it and so other countries so, I can say, to each it’s own. Like I mentioned, this is the first drama of JKS that I watched, barely know him but, I’ m kind of impress.
      With regards to his comment,”he is burned out”. He might meant it that he was emotionally drained doing this movie coupled of the fact that he probably was disappointed that it got low ratings. Imagine, if you are someone who puts your heart wholeheartedly towards something and then, the people that you want to impress just trashed it, wouldn’t You be really crushed in the real sense of the word. So, people who gives negative opinions, try to be more positive and be more understanding to one’s person feelings. It helps more to motivate than to criticize. If you really want to give your opinion to other people, try to give constructive criticisms so, you can help instead of bringing that person down. The world is already full of hate. That’s why Some people are depressed and even sort to suicidal tendencies so, little kindness is better than being mean and nasty. To JKS, just continue what passion that makes you happy. I admire that you do not conform like some Korean actors who live their lives to please their fans and admirers which make them not true to themselves. Count me as your new fan like my other Korean idols.
      A big fan of Park Seo Joon(Itaewon Class), Kim Soo Hyun(IOTNBO),Soon Joon Mi(DOTS). Will be checking your old drama ( YAB).

  66. Look even though jang geun seok is being full of himself that’s who he is OKAY. Korea can’t change him and neither can you by leaving hate. If you have something bad to say keep it to your self because if no one knows him and then they watch love rain and then read this your destroying him not himself so stop it I can’t believe someone would post something even though he is unpopular he can change it of he wants he is focusing on something important to him so let him do it in peace!

  67. 2 b frank,i dnt knw wat exactly u guys av against love rain. Just finishd watchn d series and it was jus GREAT! I mean,jang geun suk realy performd wel.due 2 dis drama,he is ma 2nd best actor wit lee min ho as my favorite. Luv d series “love rain” very much.and pls,do b careful of how u speak bout him…luv u jang geun suk!


  69. I find it annoying though. Well first, he gets a lot of hate from Koreans themselves. Did he even think of blaming himself for getting those ratings? I can’t believe I am saying this right now it’s because right after watching Jang Geun Seuk’s Love Rain I started to love him as an actor. Never would’ve thought he’d be this rude to the people who had helped and worked hard for the show to be successful and yes for me it was successful. C’mon that’s Korea! Koreans were already used to watching too romantic tv drama. It’s just like in my own country most of the tv dramas being played here are having these heavy scenes that I even feel bored watching the same theme/genre every now and then. But whenever I get to watch Romantic Korean dramas such as Love Rain, duuude I feel different that I keep on blushing watching them. So t’was really a wrong move for him to say those words! 🙁

  70. I just want to act on this..I am not also a fan of jang geun suk a.k.a.(joon) but after watching love rain I saw him the way he acted his very good in acting..And I can’t stop myself to watch love rain how many times bcoz I like it so much..And I’m hoping to watch another korean drama with Yoona again they are perfect match actually!Love it!<3And hope Yoona is the perfect girl for you…

  71. I felt sad after reading this,.i was wondering before why he is unpopular in Korea when in fact he is every inch a good actor and a unique artist..we cant really blame him why he preferred performing in other asian countries because Koreans are already judging him because of his appearance and being so outspoken rather than of what he can bring in the table,.i am a follower of JKS ever since i watched his movie DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo and im a proud Eel..lets just hope that he will not be affected by bad publicity and just continue being himself..no matter what, we are so roud of you Oppa..you may not be appreciated in your homeland but other countries see you as an amazing artist..you are truly the Prince of Asia! Fighting Oppa!

  72. Well to tell you frankly at first i dont know what was the story all about ‘love rain’…then after i saw the Love rain aired after the commercial .I tried to see it everyday and that was great!!!I love the story all about the 1970’s and modern.After that i never missed seeing love rain..I’m always watching it.Jks the way he acts ..was great!!!!!he did his part together with Im yoona very charming.As a Filipino i know that most of us really like Romance …I dont know what was the criteria of the Koreans.But i hope you must appreciate it ..Regarding the story you’re number 1 here in the Philippines…And love rain was trending on twitter last 2 weeks..Now i’m sad that it was ended already i hope there will be part 2..Miss you jks and im yoona 😉

    • I just finished watching LR and I too is very sad it was done so quickly. I really like jks and yoona. I think they did a job. I know it’s too late to say I hope they do more projects or at least jks. But one can hope. He was so cool and the story was so romantic.

    • LOL error! stupid?? lol you’re a hater? o stupid shinhye fan? i don’t know, but We all know that YOU’RE MY DESTINY is one of THE BEST dramas of all times, You’re my DESTINY drama pass 45.6 % ratink!!! BIG SUCCESFUL!.

      i think that you’re beautiful is the stupid teen drama, so bizarre and trite. i’m sorry that’s the truth and my HONEST opinion.

  73. I never knew this guy before, but after watching love rain. I’m hooked. He’s truly amazing. I’ve seen Mary stayed out, I,ve seen you’re beautiful. I’m on my 4th hong Gil Dong. First korean actor I wanted to watch so much.

  74. I never knew this guy before, but after watching love rain. I’m hooked. He’s truly amazing. I’ve seen Mary stayed out, I,ve seen you’re beautiful. I’m on my 4th, hong Gil Dong. First korean actor I wanted to watch so much.

  75. JKS is a fine actor…the writer , like most Koreans doesn’t get JKS. He is a great artist, way ahead than any of his peers. I love his free spirit, his creativity and his honesty. This is a guy who worked and earned money for the family at a very young age (5) he did it through hard work and I bet have been burned too before that he learned to depend on himself rather than the elders around him which is a big no – no in Korea. KGS is no performing monkey – he takes charge of things. Love Rain may not be a success in Korea , but it was the highest priced drama sold worldwide. The world gets JKS – only the Koreans don’t! In the end JKS is laughing his way to the bank!

  76. We can’t please everybody as they say…it’s only actor Lee Min Ho that i got hooked before after the Boys Over Flowers,, but when i searched the net i happen to watch the drama You’re Beautiful, from there i started admiring Jang Keun Suk also, from his acting, songs etc… the guy is really hard working.. What i didn’t find Lee Min Ho to do, JKS can do it, he can sing, dance and acts ang one thing that i really like about him is HE HAS A GOOD HEART.. he loves his mom, taking care of them, working for them at the very young age.. i understand JKS character, they just misunderstood his being jolly and straight to the point, they mistaken him as boastful or proud, but that is really him, the guy has the guts and he knows what he want, and he knows what he is doing, give him another chance Koreans.. or else, my family will not watch another of your dramas expect of Lee Min Hos and JKS…………

  77. Neither Geun jang suk is my personal favorite not i hate him. I love his songs its more in detail that takes me to the world of Its story line. If geun jung suk feels that he doesnt reach up to his fans expectation, that accurately false thinking.

  78. Neither Geun jang suk is my personal favorite nor i hate him. I love his songs its more in detail that takes me to the world of Its story line. If geun jung suk feels that he doesnt reach up to his fans expectation, that is an accurately a false thinking.

  79. I am a Nigeria BOY 19 year old i have nave watch a movie like LOVE RAIN before in my life and i don’t tink i can watch a movie like that again till i die. the worse part is that i watch it over and over again and my friend always tell me that am i tired of this film an i tell i can Neva be tired of a movie called LOVE RAIN i even downloaded the song. LOVE RAIN BEST MOVIE EVER LOVE U YOONA AND GEUN JANG SUK GREAT JOB

  80. I watched you’re beautiful and mery . They were so good.but when I saw love rain,it was fantastic! It was really good film! I got so sad when I read this about him! He plays very good!

  81. Love rain was the first Korean drama I have really sat down to watch, not just once but thrice. It made me expose myself to more of Korean dramas but still even as I keep watching more Korean dramas, there has been anything like Love Rain. I’m from Nigeria and I reside here too. I’ve recommended Love rain to my friends and family here in Nigeria and outside. Love rain, really touched me and I got so connected to it the way I’ve never been to other films. I love the characters, they were able to interpret their character so well that I can’t help but love them and long to watch any movie they’re involve in. I see Love rain as an award winning drama and should also be highly appreciated, rated and recommended. Thanks

    • With respect to other drama but there has never been anything like Love Rain. So it should be highly rated and promoted especially by the Koreans

  82. We love your acting.
    Never mind the negative coment,
    A prophet is not honoure in his own land.
    Am watching love rain for the third time.
    You are my second korean actor after
    LMH. Looking forward to more of your
    Dramas and film.

  83. When u wrote that about him it sounds as if JGS committed a huge crime worthy for jailtime and for what? For giving a comment? There are lots of artists in other countries who speaks like that but people forget it by tomorrow but in korea it’s as if 20 yrs will pass and it will still be itched into their little minds. When will u start living in the 21st century. People speak their minds, people are crazy and weird that’s coz it’s 2014!!!

  84. I am too not a Korean TV series follower but after watching LOVE RAIN which really took my time and made me cry, I am a bit now curious of following some of these TV series, but only for TV series which IM Yoona and Jang Geun Seok made. Just recently finished watching my second time. Imagine the only TV series I’ve watched twice and plan to watch it again with my someone. Please Director of Love Rain, direct such good one again with only Yoona and Jang Geun Seok the leading actor and actress!Plllleeeeaaaaasseeeee. . . .

  85. I loovveee this guy lyk craze his acting skills are unique he also speaks good english lyk in his song FLY TO THE MOON .I don’t wish for him and yoona to date .I wish I could meet him ¤$¥£%^ mwah

  86. I am glad KBS aired LOVE RAIN recently. I was so impressed with the quality of the acting of JKS and Yoona and their sincere chemistry. I truly love this drama!! Me, like the other comments don’t understand where JKS is coming from for making such a statement but I hope he knows that he has gained a lot of overseas (I am from Malaysia) fans through this drama. Keep up the good work JKS!

  87. I love jks so much,talented and cute,he is such a fucking good actor,have watched love rain more than five times now,lmh and jks are my favourites,am a nigerian please you guys should value what you have

  88. Agree with shu yee…started with love rain …i am now hunting those drama act by jang keun suk…and those drama done by jks will get excellent rate from me…still awaiting new drama from him…crazy

  89. I really like jang keun suk. He the best actor.i am looking forward for his new drama or movies.aja..aja fighting. God blessed u jks. Luv u so much.many people from other country luv ur acting don’t worry be urself.

  90. Jang Keun Suk is an incredible actor and singer. I’m from SansSrancisco, California and one day I saw this song on You tube, What should I do, and Oh My God, lol, I got hooked! Then I started watching all of his dramas, movies, songs, etc. I don’t understand why his own people don’t like him? my personal opinion is this: people are afraid of change. People are afraid of people who are different. People feel happy when others play it safe. So what? Why can’t he be different? and if he is…..why can’t he be accepted? and if he is not accepted and respected for it? why criticize him for been that way? Life is about transformation and as an actor and a human being he has the right to live his life the way he chooses. So what if he dresses differently? so what if he doesn’t pretend to be like others? For all I know he should use all this stones throned at him and build his fortress. My dear JKS, use all the stones throwned at you and build a higher tower.

  91. as far s the drama is concerned, it was boring….but people dont speak crap about jks, he’s the coolest. and i find nothing wrong in his style considering his fashionista persona. and i think we should admire his honesty, actually admire the actors who can take responsibility for their bad work and judge thier own work in the same manner we judge thiers.

  92. JKS should learn some fundamentals. You NEVER trash a film you’ve worked on even if you didn’t like the result,no class. It’s called ” Whining “, very unmanly. Have respect for the people you work with and bite your lip.Grow up!I loved “Love Rain”, the story was sweet and we all need that kind of romantic escape these days. Give Yoona a break, perhaps she could have been stronger in the drama but she was still adorable and that is probably what the producer wanted most.

  93. GeunSuk I hope you get to read this.
    I am Australian and had only seen a few Korean dramas…
    After seeing “Love Rain” I was hooked….But after watching a few other K dramas I still could not find anything better then LR…
    Your acting in it was brilliant…
    It’s my favourite love story ever!!!! I also think Yoona was awesome in it as well…
    How they can say there was no chemistry between you both mystifies me….
    You should be so proud of your work…
    I have seen how you treat your fans and I have never seen another Star treat there fans better then you do….
    Watching you shake hundreds of there hands in fan meet and greet makes you unique…
    I think you are one in a million….
    You have been blessed to be gifted in everything you do, and I see the humble side of you as well..
    I think you are very misunderstood by a lot of people, because you are so unique…I get you and your way of talking, is all tongue in cheek not arrogance or vanity…
    You are so funny, and smarter then most double your age..
    I think anyone in the limelight has there fair share of people that critize them, I hope you ignore it and just focus on all the thousands of fans that adore you..
    I for one loveeee your style..I have to admit I loved your long hair i thought it made you so different from all the guys that have that same haircut…
    And I think you have the best fans in the world!
    Thank you GeunSuk.. You make me feel very happy everytime I hear you sing or watch one of your movies…
    Im sure thousands feel the same way I do…
    That is what you should be so proud of ignore the negativity…?

  94. I think JGS said ” burned out ” means he so tired during filming Love Rain.That’s y the rating of the drama is low..Coz he doing other project in the same time.As a singer ,.an actor and a student. After watched JGS documentary i knew how heard to be he is.
    But..seriously after watched Love Rain i think JGS have a super talented.As a singer and an actor. After love Rain i think Daebak is also the best JGS drama .So keep it up JGS.
    Just be yourself. Love Rain is the best korean drama…
    JGS and Yoona you’re perfect match couple..The Bold and The Beauty.Wish you both e a real couple in real life…..

  95. I don’t see how anyone could not like Love Rain! This drama is amazing! JKS is amazing in it. You can’t deny his presence. He’s amazing! This reviewer has issues.

    • Wow, you dug up such an old article. Besides JKS good acting, there is nothing worth mentioning about boring Love Rain ☔️. The storyline sucks, the parents are nuts, Yoona couldn’t act yet…. the drama is a piece of crap as the very first comment said ?

  96. I really enjoyed Love Rain. It isn’t for everyone, but it was really good to me. Why is everyone hating on it? Just because some people don’t like it, doesn’t make it bad. It’s a matter of perspective and opinion. I am a new fan of JKS. Whether he liked the film himself or not, I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure what he meant by burn though. Still learning about him.

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