The Blade and Petal Releases Stylish Poster and Riveting Third Teaser

There is something so darn familiar about Sword and Flower (The Blade and Petal) that draws me to it literally like a bee to a flower. The familiarity stems from this drama feeling and looking and sounding like a typical C-wuxia drama than anything K-drama-esque. The star-crossed lovers, the military coup, the stylized fighting, the sleek aura, it all serves to remind me that maybe K-dramas can try something different than the traditional talky sageuk route. The Goguryeo setting helps, the warring period with much more battles fought on the field rather than in court during the Joseon era. I’m also enchanted by how beautiful Kim Ok BIn looks as Princess Moo Young. She’s a critically acclaimed actress for sure but I’ve never thought she was beautiful, striking and eye-catching but not the traditional type of beauty that tends to dominate South Korean entertainment. Her look in this drama fits her to a T and I can’t even picture another actress in the role, if Park Shin Hye accepted the aura would have been much different, a more vulnerable and petite vibe. Here I totally feel both her femininity as well as her strength, its believable that she is both a woman in love with a man, and a royal daughter seeking revenge on those who have overthrown her father and taken away the throne from her brother. Uhm Tae Woong looks great even with the mess of curly hair on his head, he’s got his swagger on and his grizzled vibe magnifies the warrior spirit. The official poster is lovely and gets a thumbs up from me for being both intense and different. I love how the two leads horizontal position is turned vertical in the poster so as to put the eye off balance. There better be some hot make outs before the shit hits the fan with the two dads forcing the love birds to turn against one another. These two look like their chemistry will light the small screen on fire. Check out the latest goodies from KBS and get ready for this baby to premiere in less than a week on Wed-Thurs taking over the time slot from Mandate of Heaven and going up against The Queen’s Classroom and the very strong competition of I Hear Your Voice.

Third teaser for Sword and Flower:


The Blade and Petal Releases Stylish Poster and Riveting Third Teaser — 16 Comments

  1. Oh God, I am addicted already and the show hasn’t even started! I often find sageuks too talky and this looks like it will be a perfect blend between wuxia’s cinematography and fights and sageuk’s politicking.

  2. The top poster is one of the best I’ve seen. It encapsulates the conflicted romance & violence of the drama. Well one to the person who created it!

  3. Omg i’m kind of sad that a drama that looks this promising would go up against my love of I hear your Voice but if it ends up being really good i think it deserves good ratings.
    I don’t think i would have really bought into the lives-at-stake romance if it was park shin hye to play the heroine. They would have really lacked the kind of passionate chemistry.
    This is looking up to be really good(maybe even better than princess’s man, where the premise is familiar) so fingers crossed.

    • And just wanted to add that i hadn’t seen this before but kim ok bin looks really beautiful in the trailer. Hadn’t noticed that before in the previous posts for stills, and because i hadn’t seen any of her projects yet.
      And seems like princess’s mans dad is also in this project. He always knows how to choose the right projects.

  4. Wow, this is going up against IHYV, my favorite drama airing. I actually like IHYV even more than CC, episode 10 of CC made me face palm a bit. Soo much goodies on wednesday. The trailer and posters of this drama looks beautiful.

  5. I love the posters, and everyone looks beautiful!
    Uhm tae woong looks much better in the sageuk garb here than in QSD

  6. Koala…where is yr article for I hear your voice? Its so damn good that every week I feel so satisfied with every episode. Its getting better and better! IHYV is the best 2013 kdrama so far.

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