Park Shin Hye and Yoon Kye Sang Make Mini-movie One Perfect Day for Kolon Sport

I’ve already said Park Shin Hye won the actress lottery of her generation since she’s had the pleasure of working with pretty much every single gorgeous and/or talented young male actor in Korea. And then some. She’s even worked with current It-boy du jour in Taiwan George Hu. After The Heirs with Lee Min Ho drops this Fall, she’ll be so far ahead of the curve no other young actress can boast of nearly the stable of co-stars in dramas, movies, and CFs that she’s collaborated with. To this mix comes slightly older Yoon Kye Sang, himself still possessed of the boyish charm and smolder. Let’s not forget he was an idol boy himself once, a member of the pop group G.O.D. and worked hard to shed the idol actor image once he transitioned to acting. I’ve liked him since She is Nineteen and Who Are You, but it was in Best Love that he really became a mature manly actor for me instead of a young man on the cusp of full adulthood. Park Shin Hye and Yoon Kye Sang became the latest spokes couple for sportswear brand Kolon Sports (Lee Seung Gi and Lee Min Jung were former models for this brand) and the company is being clever in trying to create their own content for PPL. Instead of inserting their products into dramas (such a hilariously in The King 2 Hearts when Lee Seung Gi’s King Lee Jae Ha set up a camping picnic for Ha Ji Won’s Kim Hang Ah on the grounds of the Palace), the company hired famed director Kim Ji Woon to produce a mini-movie called One Perfect Day (Korean title Rock Paper Scissors for Love). Those of you unfamiliar with Kim Ji Woon, he’s known for gritty and eclectic big-budget fare such as The Good, The Bad, The Weird and I Saw the Devil. This mini-movie is actually the second part of a series bankrolled by Kolon Sport, the first being a mini-movie directed by Park Chan Wook starring his muse Song Kang Ho called Day Trip. LOL whut, did those two make this mini-movie in between smoke breaks while doing Snowpiercer? Back to One Perfect Day, the story surrounds a romantically inept guy played by Yoon Kye Sang who goes on a blind date with Park Soo Jin that goes horribly awry, before meeting his true match in Park Shin Hye. The two leads posed for a series of fun and cool magazines spreads in connection with promoting this piece so check out the pics below and then watch the entire mini-movie with English subs.

One Perfect Day (Rock Paper Scissors of Love) with English subs:


Park Shin Hye and Yoon Kye Sang Make Mini-movie One Perfect Day for Kolon Sport — 22 Comments

  1. This was actually quite lovely. It had a simple but cute plotline. May I ask what song is playing during the end credits?

  2. I watched this before and I thought the story was short and sweet but left me wanting more. Chemistry is there and they look good together so I wish they could work again in another project soon. Hopefully one that would last at least 16 eps, or a full movie.

  3. Omgaah this girl ! I always repeat this but ! I really really live and envy her ! Min ho minho come onnn u had to kill me

  4. I always felt that PSH has the ability to mould herself into any look that she wants……a hallmark of any good actress. This is why it’s so important for her to select her roles well. If a good director is behind the project then that is what I call being lucky….as in this case. I love how KJW handled the story and the actor/actresses. The setting was also aesthetically extremely satisfying. The background music and the song at the end was beautiful too.
    Kolon Sport played it smart by associating itself with quality. This movie got attention at the international level….. Being Selected to be screened at the NY film festival. In addition, the trio of KJW, KYS and Shinhye gives the photo shoot spread a distinctiveness completely of its own. My favorite being the black and white ones.

  5. I think PSH has chemistry with almost every co-stars I’ve seen her with.. or you know, may be I’m just staring at YKS, so I’m not really paying attention to things like chemistry lol

    • I didn’t realize you also posted the ‘drama’. I wonder, if people really watch this.. how is this even on tv? I’m curious. On a side note, YKS’s smile is so cheesy..

  6. Not really much of a FAN of the photo but for sure, they did some touch up to make PSH to have some damn nice ass legs. I LOVE her though. 🙂

    • You see i`m the opposite , i think she is terribly overrated in terms of both beauty and talent. And she usually has zero chemistry or sexual tension with her costars.

      But i guess others see something i don`t!

    • I agree with you Park shin hye is Natural beauty and her personality is so sweet and cute
      I agree with chemistry I feel it with each actor she act with .
      I hope heirs will be something great .
      I wish to meet her personally I love her 😀 My sweet heart angel park shin hye .

      • She has “friendly” aura…that’s why i also feel her chemistry with other actress 🙂

        Can’t wait for Heirs too!

  7. Park Shin Hye & Yoon Kye Sang has 10 years age-gap, but they still look match each other. Hope there will another collaboration between them. 30minutes mini movie is too short 🙁

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