Swoony Reunion for Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire Episode 6

There is an urban drama legend about the origins of Club ICOMYM (Inappropriate Crushes on Much Younger Men). I was present on the day, hour, minute, and second it was formed. I can confirm here and now that among ALL the hot young (and younger) guys in K-entertainment, it was indeed smirk-n-dimples himself Kim Bum who was the reason the club was formed in the first place. That was when he was still in his late teens, but now the boy is firmly in his twenties I feel so not squicky drooling over him onscreen anymore. He’s been on a K-drama kick the last two years, making diverse movie, drama, and character choices. He was an emaciated angel in Padam Padam: The Sound of His and Her Heartbeat, and then a perfect sidekick in That Winter, The Wind Blows, with a stint as a young man with the ability of sight in The Gifted Hands (Psychometry), and now he’s taken his first step into sageuk land playing devoted warrior Kim Tae Do in Goddess of Fire Jeongi. He’s pretty lucky to star with a very capable cast including Baeksang winner Moon Geun Young, sageuk standouts Lee Sang Yoon and Seo Hyun Jin, and able veterans in Jeon Kyung Ryul and Jung Bo Seok. It’s like being in a celebrity basketball tournament and your teammates just happen to be the current starting line-up of the 2013 Western Conference All-stars. By all accounts the team should be awesome, except the coach (PD and writer) is some dude pulled off the streets so the game is a mess with everyone doing their own thing. In the mess of GoF I spot Bummie being decidedly in control of his own character and performance and it’s a calming and reassuring reason to stick with this show. The ship above of Jung Yi and Tae Do is ship I’m going down even if its in flames of glory. The OTP ship is so lame and dull I feel like watching two people count beans while courting each other. Click to watch the final ending sequence to episode 6 when Tae Do and Jung Yi finally recognize each other as adults.

Tae Do-Jung Yi cut from the end of episode 6:

[youtube id=”mYrY4R0yXcA” w=”625″ h=”445″]



Swoony Reunion for Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young in Goddess of Fire Episode 6 — 15 Comments

  1. I adore him so much. Not only is he too cute for words, he’s so talented. I admire his diverse choices so far, but I’ll be honest, I’m totally waiting for the day he does a straight up leading man rom-com role. This show is literally like watching pottery dry, so I’m going to have to find ways to FF to his scenes. I can’t wait to see their chemistry together!

    • If you haven’t seen the woman who still wants to marry, it’s a rom com and he is the leading man and he has never looked cuter than in that show plus it’s really good

      • I actually saw that drama and I agree bummie was really good there although I can really label his character as main male lead and the drama at least to me wasn’t anything amazing. Personally I didn’t like any of the female characters…. I have to said I’m a little divide on whether to check this drama or not by accounts this drama is a hot mess but kim bum and moon geun young are hot as pancakes together.

      • Hi @Bee,

        I haven’t seen WWSWTM, but I’ve seen East of Eden, where I first saw KB act. Based on East of Eden alone, KB, I thought, showed he’s a talented actor. Thanks for mentioning WWSWTM, I think I’ll check it out! 🙂

        Hi @Selene Alai,

        If you have some spare time, I encourage you to watch Goddess of Fire. I think you’ll appreciate more the scene above if you see the earlier episodes. The earlier episodes show what kind of relationship the characters of MGY and KB had when they were young and what led to the moving scene above. Cheers! 🙂

  2. I’m so loving Jung Yi and TaeDo right now, if only the story is focus on them. Moon & Bummie chemistry is explosive. I think I watched the last 10 minutes of this episode far too many times…lol.

  3. Oh I have not checked this out yet but Bummie is looking great as usual. Happy to hear that he us doing such a good job with his character. I must say the look good together, like the OTP of the drama.

  4. im actually confused — jung ah’s dad was expelled before she was born but there was a scene in the first episode where she’s showing a vase to the king with her dad standing right next to the evil biological dad. That’s why i assumed daddy would not die before making it back into the palace and establishing himself once again as the top ceramist.
    So, is that scene from ep. 1 make believe or it’s a clumsy mistake on the writers fault?

    • It was Jung Yi’s Dad dream. About 7 minutes into ep 1, Jung Yi’s Dad described that dream to Lee Kang-Cheon, the villain (played by Jeon Kyung Ryul). He dreamt it before the contest, before he was expelled.

  5. I started watching when the adults came out. And I’m loving Taedo and JungYi so so very mucho. I think second lead syndrome is going to eat us all. I believe that there’s a big chance that they’ll end up together.

  6. I really love BUMMIE! I first saw him in BOF and fell in love with him. (And Lee Min Ho too) and couldn’t wait to see him in GOF. I was actually happy when he appeared in episode 5 and he looks tooooo yummy. I hope this drama will leave a good impression. I am enjoying this show and I also agree with Cleo of tae do and jung yi end up together! 😉

  7. didn’t it say something about her love with boring prince being ill-fated?

    sweet. I will gladly join the Flaming Ship of Tae Do and Jung Yi <3

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