Written and Video Previews for Episode 11 of Monstar

I seriously can’t get enough of Seol Chan’s shocked-jealous face in Monstar. Yong Jun Hyung is doing such a fantastic job of selling emotionally stunted but growing like a snail Seol Chan. I feel like Monstar has lost a bit of its sizzle heading towards the final stretch. Not a lot, just a tiny bit, and its all due to the drama hanging on with the Seol Chan-Se Yi-Sun Woo love triangle still. But then the latest preview dropped for episode 11 showing Seol Chan singing the song “I Fell in Love with a Friend’s Friend”, and I realized there is a reason this love triangle hasn’t been disposed of sooner. Because Seol Chan and Sun Woo’s past conflict appears to be one of the final issues to be resolved, then the love triangle matters greatly because Seol Chan has effectively stolen the girl his former best friend called dibs on. That is a no-no in bromance-land, where the ye olde adage “bros before hos” will hold true if Seol Chan and Sun Woo kiss and make up. And yes, I want to actually see some kissing with the making up part, LOL. I’ve never been particularly swept up by the Na Na-Sun Woo alterna-ship so I don’t feel shafted the drama hasn’t left enough time to properly develop any possible romance between them.

I’m expecting a time jump at the very end so if they get together years down the road then that’s good enough for me. Episode 11 looks to be a Seol Chan driven episode and finally we get some Star angst to be resolved. I feel like Seol Chan’s issues have been on the backburner for so long when really he’s got as many demons in the closet as the rest of the kids. Looks like Colorbar v. All for One round deux is coming up, and I’m waiting for someone to actually bitch slap smarmy Joon Hee and smirky Hyo Rin with a musical smack down. While the sizzle may be losing steam, the heart in this drama hasn’t diminished one whit and I always leave each episode feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Monstar has given me more than I expected or wanted, great music in each episode, lots of laughter in expected and surprising ways, and a really funny and sweet OTP romance to anchor it all in some stakes. Thank god there are so many interesting dramas premiering in August otherwise the thought of no more Monstar after next Friday will be so depressing.

Seol Chan “I fell in love with a friend’s friend”:

I love hearing Seol Chan croon ballads. He is an amazing rapper but when he goes soft and mellow his voice is that perfect timbre of sweet and shaky.

Eun Ha tells Se Yi that two other guys in class like her:

Written preview for episode 11:

Seol Chan and Se Yi try to confirm each other’s feelings, but they are both awkward around Sun Woo. On the other hand, the entertainment program PD focuses his attack on Seol Chan, and Color Bar gets a surprise opportunity….

Preview for episode 11:

Sun Woo: Why have you been avoiding me lately?

Eun Ha: Falling in love with a friend’s friend….

Sun Woo: Look’s like you’re coming with me.

Hyo Rin: Hand it over, the secret love story of S&S.

Voice: This time won’t be like last time.

Joon Hee: Having the right beat is the true purpose.

Voice: It’s not Yoon Seol Chan?

PD: My hard work is finally paying off.

Seol Chan: It’s hard for me….

The unfinished business between Color Bar and All for One

Seol Chan: So there was an accident back then? You don’t know what is the most confusing thing between us right now is?


Written and Video Previews for Episode 11 of Monstar — 13 Comments

  1. The trouble is Seyi has never given her heart to Seon Woo. She was never his so it is not right to say that Seol Chan stole her. He never lost the chance when Seyi stood him up when they were young. The first person she met when she came back was Seol Chan. This is called fate. That song should be dedicated to Seon Woo instead. I want more OTP moments. This love triangle is getting stale.

  2. I’m definitely expecting a timeskip by the end of this show (well that, or a second season). And honestly, I wouldn’t even be surprised if it were Eunha narrating it to us, because I’ve got this small theory that she’s going to be a writer after all this and possibly write stories based off her and her friend’s experience in high school. (Not to mention I feel that’s how the writers are going to gloss over the lack of plot for the Sun-woo/Nana ship which I’m sure they’d show has occurred in this hypothetical epilogue since they like to mess around with it so much.)

  3. I know i will feel a little void in my heart when this drama ends.. What song was it that said replace a girl with another girl? Anyway, hope the next drama to replace this place in my heart for monstar wont take too long to come alomg

  4. The only thing I look forward to every freakin week! Cant wait n I’ll be really sad when it ends. I really love the OTP… Love jealous Seol Chan so much.

  5. I don’t understand why the person who likes someone first has dibs on that person. If that feeling was mutual to begin with and they actually had a confirmed relationship, then, yes, the first person should have dibs on that person he/she liked. In this case Seon Woo may have liked Se Yi first but when they meet years later their “relationship” is very much in the same situation when they were younger—a one-sided crush for Seon Woo and a friendship for Se Yi. And this is what I absolutely hate in dramas—the idea that just because you like a person means that the person you like has to reciprocate your feelings. Come on, you can’t call that love?!!

  6. Somehow I don’t much for our so-called OTP.It was obvious from the very first episode that they are going to end up together and the process itself,too,was neither completely unpredictable or breathtakingly exiting.Even though I like both Seol Chan and Se Yi, their story soon became pretty boring for me.
    There are three things which have compelled me to stick with this drama-1.The music.It’s beautiful.
    2.The ‘supporting’ characters.The way they came together through Color Bar.Their growth and their stories.
    3.The probable second couple.I never foresaw that there could grow such a sweet relationship between these two.I find the process of slow but thoughtful revelation of Kim Na Na as a prominent character very endearing.

  7. ms. koala, i know you’re not into the sun-woo/nana connection but i am so much more interested in that that seol chan /se yi. there’s something about a ‘bad’ girl liking the ‘good’ guy that’s more intriguing to me. feels like she doesn’t have a wit of the chance at all. but i like nana so much, i feel like she’s the underdog. hoping against hope that sw sees her but there doesn’t seem to be enough episodes to show that… unless there’s season 2…

  8. Wow monstar this is awesome 😀 i happen to watch this while looking over at my friend lap-top but now it’s one of my fav shows. i can’t get enough of it don’t you find the casr cute too ~.~ 😀 loved it , it’s just soooo awesome no? And your site is just nice! very great indeed T_T i wish i could do better
    im actually doing reviews of related stuffs for a sch project , and your site benefit greatly 😀 ( credits will be credits when used) :3
    could you help by supporting us 😀 pretty pretty please ^^

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