MBC Weekend Drama Give Love Away Casts Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Sang Yeob, and Seo Ji Suk

The current weekend drama I Summon You, Gold continues to be crazier than a squirrel family reunion on speed, including rumors that it might not have a male lead since Yeon Jung Hoon is pissed at the batshit insane writing for his messy love triangle with long lost-twin sisters and is getting his character shipped off to Italy and maybe off the show. All that nonsense doesn’t mean MBC shouldn’t regain a semblance of sanity and start prepping for its follow up drama. This one is called Give Love Away and revolves around a blended family where the elder parents played by the always reliable Park Geun Hyung and Cha Hwa Yeon get remarried in the twilight of their life and brings adult children into the new blended family. The main leads have just been confirmed as Hong Soo Hyun, Seo Ji Suk, and Lee Sang Yeob. Can I get a booyah for this awesome love triangle casting since I love all three of them. Hong Soo Hyun plays a hardworking bank employee, Lee Sang Yeob an immature acting but thoughtful young man who is devoted to the Hong Soo Hyun as her daddy long legs, and Seo Ji Suk is a restaurant owner and chef who is aspirational and dictatorial with his craft. Also onboard is Sin Da Eun who plays the younger sister of Seo Ji Suk and has a crush on Lee Sang Yeob’s character. Directing is the PD who did Queen of Reversals and Good Job, Good Job, while writing is the screenwriter who is veteran to dailies as well as weekend family dramas such as City of Glass and Definitely Neighbors. I’m hoping this drama will be sane but not holding my breath for that. While I love seeing Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sang Yeob reunite and this time have a romantic love line, they were recently on my screen in Jang Ok Jung, Live in Love so it’s Seo Ji Suk who hasn’t been on television since High Kick 3 that I am super thrilled to see back. I also loved him in his last long MBC weekend drama Gloria which was super fantastic for the first half of its run. Give Love Away premieres in late September.


MBC Weekend Drama Give Love Away Casts Hong Soo Hyun, Lee Sang Yeob, and Seo Ji Suk — 14 Comments

  1. Yes! Cue happy dance. I love, love, love Seo Ji Suk. I just hope he gets the girl.

    Ockoala, I also really enjoyed the first half of Gloria. Then the writer (who is a fave of mine, mostly for Family Honor) went crazy and decided to make the cast (and the viewers) suffer for no good reason. I still like to rewatch the first 30 episodes and dream of what could have been. I’ve rewritten the plot quite a few times.

  2. Whoaaa.. About ‘I summon you gold’, I was planning to watch it till it finished airing. Is it that bad? Has anyone seen it? I dont wanna waste my time watching 50 eps. if it’s a bad drama. I remember KSW was frustrated with his character in QoA, I completely understand his situation after I watched the drama. I dont wanna go through the same craziness again.

    • Huh. I’m enjoying ISYG so far, but there are some unhappy people in the soompi forums. I hope YJH doesn’t really leave the drama. Although, the writers have written themselves into a corner — can’t really see how they’re going to resolve it. Maybe they can pull a GFB ending and do a time jump to the next life so the OTP can get together then?

  3. ISYG started so well, why bother having 50 eps drama when writing can hold only 30.
    I’m not surprised that oppa wanna bail this and move on s’thing else, his character recently was ping pong ball, pointless…

  4. Seo Ji Suk?!? I just love this guy <3 Call me weird but I find him incredibly sexy!! Hope he gets the girl (though I like Lee Sang Yeob a lot as well)

  5. I agree with koala with ISYG and stated my comments at soompi. It has gotten worse and (if the rumors are true) frankly despite being a professional I do not blame YJH for leaving the show because think about it – he was lied to in the first place as to what his character is supposed to be and do. He played that role accordingly and has since been relegated to “air/stupidity”. The whole story with the twin sisters is messed up and most of the focus has been shifted to the “so called adult children/couple” Hyun Tae and Mun Hyun who are not the lead in the show they were supporting case but because of popularity they have been pushed up. Also it appears that the netizens & people do not like the fact that Hyun Soo will end up with a sister when he is already/verge of divorcing one. As I said before at soompi, they should not have bother with this type of drama in the first place being aware as to that culture’s response/views to those type of stories which is unacceptance.

    I like the YHJ – he is a pro but you cannot expect him to literally self destruct & stay while they are writing this mess on his character. Its an insult to him as a professional who frankly is not happy, the PDs if you do not put it pass them would make it worse because of it. He voiced his opinion and they do not like so that’s it. Its best they self destruct on their without him, he’s better off.

    As for this show, let’s wait and see. I’m familiar with the actors who does decent work, the story is another thing.

  6. Awww….I adore the pairing for the parent’s characters as much as I like the younger characters…it’s nice to see Park Geun Hyung not play an evil chaebol chairman for once and I’m looking forward to his storyline with Cha Hwa Yeon who, in the last couple of years has turned out to be one of my favorite veteran actresses…she has been one of the few saving grace of some very crappy dramas like 1000 Kisses and Wedding Scheme and also beinghilariously awesome in others like Protect the Boss….I also seriously adore the this Love triangle of the younger generation

  7. The synposis for this drama sounds A LOT like the currently airing daily Ugly Alert (which I love )…Props to MBC for creativity..

  8. Yes, I think that ISYG crossed over into Jerry Springer’s show territory with twin girls in love with the same man, one of them being legally married to the said man for a few years and the other pretending to be his wife while the real wife ran away for a few months.

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