Park Shi Hoo Quietly Does a Photo Shoot and His Agency is Reviewing Scripts

It’s been four months since Park Shi Hoo wisely disappeared from the public limelight after the resolution of his legal troubles at the end of April, and a good six months since it all began that fateful Valentine’s Day of 2013 when he went out drinking with a hoobae and a young trainee and ended up getting accused of rape. I’ve covered the details at length but in short: A young girl accused Park Shi Hoo of rape when they slept together but she was too drunk and/or drugged to consent, he said it was consensual, the circus blew up when all sorts of 3rd parties got involved and cross-complaints started flying left and right, everyone was called in for repeated interrogations and questioning, the police report called for an indictment, but before the prosecutor could decide to indict or dismiss the entire thing was settled between Park Shi Hoo and his accuser without any details made public as to the terms of the settlement (if any). In the US, this wouldn’t even rise up to merit any media coverage since the celebs routinely behave way worse, but in Korea this was a salacious scandal that has halted what was a hard working career of Park Shi Hoo who put in his dues as an actor and climbed up through the ranks of bit parts to second leads and is finally coming into his own as a leading man.

But in Korea, plenty of celebs have come back from various scandals ranging from draft dodging (Jang Hyuk, Song Seung Heon), tax evasion (Kang Ho Dong), vehicular homicide (Ryu Shi Won and Daesang of Big Bang), and pot smoking (Joo Ji Hoon), and what the public wants is for the scandal plagued star to evidence sincere remorse and engage in hard working rehabilitation. It’s beside the point to harp on whether Park Shi Hoo did it, was an innocent set up by a greedy wannabe starlet, or maybe a bit of both – the issue is over and the question is whether the public is ready for his comeback. He was in LA this Summer for a month to get away and apparently did a photo shoot there. His agency quietly released an unofficial photo of him at the photo shoot and he looks exactly the same (picture after the jump). There were rumors he had wasted away from the stress but it looks like he’s in good form. His agency has also revealed that they have been fielding acting offers for him and reviewing scripts, though it wasn’t clear if these were acting gigs in Korea or overseas such as China, which is constantly wanting to land Korean actors in its dramas. Park Shi Hoo really needs to thank his fans profusely, because rarely have I seen such devoted belief from a fandom and sticking by his side throughout his legal troubles this year.

I’m curious how his acting might have been affected by going through an experience such as he did. I always thought some of the K-actors who went through scandals, even if they brought it on themselves, after paying penance they came back better at their craft.


Park Shi Hoo Quietly Does a Photo Shoot and His Agency is Reviewing Scripts — 60 Comments

  1. im guessing by slowing releasing photos from shoots he does his agency can gage how people will react towards him coming back into the limelight and after a few months he will be back doing dramas. if I would guess id say a Chinese or Taiwanese to start but who knows since the majority of society seemed to be on his side so he might even jump back into a Korean drama, either way I know ill watch it he is a seriously good actor in my eyes

    • I know! I really am a fan of his acting. I was so sad thinking if Confessions of a Murder was his first and last movie…

  2. Why bother to comment on something you don’t care about? Never going to understand people that do this. Anyhow. I have no issues with him going back to work. Wether he was guilty or innocent he has had a a rough time. I’m a bit torn about how I feel about cases like this. I always go back to 3 famous cases Kobe Bryant, Ben Roethlisberger, a Roman Polanski. The first 2 after a few years its seems people forgot about them. Both alleged victims received compasation & I hope moved on to live normal lives. While the two men continue to be love by their fans ( I never liked either but I like the sports they play so I deal with them) Then there is the horrible Polanski man, sorry I’ll never give him a chance. I don’t care how big, and amazing he is. He raped a child, then ran away to another country to not serve his sentence. The fact that people continue to idolize his work, makes me sick. Anyhow. Rant over good day. Good luck PSH!

    • PSH’s case is a bit more difficult I think since the alleged victim just dropped her charges entirely and one can only speculate if he was guilty or not and I’d hate to judge a person based solely on speculation. So I have no issues about him going to work.

      I definitely agree with you about Polanski though. It was a travesty that he was not made to pay for his crime against that child. What really disgusted me was how celebrities were sending appeals for him on the basis of his age and because he was a celebrated director. As if his talent could forgive his crime. Absolutely appalling.

    • She was a child looking like an adult, though.
      Like in the Park Shi Hoo case, she says she’d said no, he says she’d said yes.

      Running away is never ok, though, even if your judge is going wild. Alright, Polanski was/is still traumatized by the horrible death of his wife and his baby, and prison for “child rapists” is worse than hell. Still he should not have fled.

      • She was a child looking like an adult

        Are you talking about Polanski’s victim? Because he knew PERFECTLY WELL that she was 13, and no matter how ‘adult’ a child that age looks, they cannot consent to sex.

        He’s a convicted rapist, and trying to excuse what he did/cast doubt on it by bringing up his dead wife trauma and blaming the victim, is disgusting.

      • Elina, Just to be clear, Actress A in Park Si Hoo’s case, was presented to the public as a mature, sexually active woman in her early 20’s. Unfortunately, she put herself in a situation, where it seems to me that within her society, sex is not an unexpected outcome. It is unfortunate once she caught the lay of the land, she did not leave immediately. This resulted in the unfortunate situation for the 3 immediate participants plus many others.

        In contrast, Polanski, who is a convicted child rapist, actively sought out a child, 13 y.o. to assault.

  3. I watched Confessions of A Murder recently, it didn’t bother me since I wanted to watch the movie from before. I won’t avoid his dramas if it’s good just because but I agree that he should probably stay away for a year or 2.

  4. im thinking its too early to comeback to the limelight. people havent forgotten whether he’s guilty or not, he made quite an uproar in SK.

  5. You’re very strong sihoo ssi, after more than 3 months in the hell and you still alive and in good condition. I’m glad he’s not follow Korean culture to take suicide. Good luck PSH and GBU!!

  6. Thank you Koala for the update……I was so happy to see him making a comeback….I missed seeing him on the screen, whether it be small or large. At least he is receiving scripts again…would hate to see his talent go to waste…..I am now…..a VERY happy little Aussie!

  7. Well i was never a hardcore fan of his so watching his dramas was always about whether the drama seems good or not. That won’t change for me but I think he needs to stay away for a little while longer. Well it depends on the reaction of the audience in korea. Maybe a movie would be a good move because it’ll take longer until it airs.

  8. well, PSH actions and statements during the scandal was too shady for me, and I’m not interested on him anymore. But sadly he is handsome and young and is from a rich and powerful family, so I’m sure he’ll come back.

    Look your list Koala, sadly just Kactors. Kactresses + Scandal = never again on tv.

    I wonder if we will ever see Park Shi Yeon again on tv ?

    • @Omona…i agree with you…i really really disappointed with his reactions and behaviour during that incident, investigations and how the case ended. From that, i can feel his true personality that i think not mature and gentleman, no matter how handsome and talented he is.

      As for his comeback…i think its too early…he’s better do self reflection just a little bit longer…

    • Omona, PSH made very few public statements or appearances during this event. Are you referring to him changing lawyers and asking for a different police station to handle the investigation? Considering how much information was made public that under normal circumstances, even with a celebrity, would have been kept within the investigating team until the investigation was completed, the request for a change of police stations seems reasonable.

      I hope Park Shi Yeon comes back after she has her child.

    • I agree with Omona completely. I used to like PSH very much and while I have no idea whether he’s innocent or guilty in this case, his behaviour during the investigation still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth every time his name pops up somewhere. I wish he wouldn’t come back into the limelight so soon.

      @MaryAnnBoston: As an example: When he came in for questioning at the police station (the first time, I think), he made a brief statement to the reporters about how he’s going to be cooperative and do everything in his power to help the police make “the truth come to light”.
      Result: He apparently persuaded the alleged victim to drop the charges right before the prosecutor made his decision. That may not seem shady to you, but it sure as hell looks shady to me.

      • How do you know He persuaded Miss A to drop the charge? That’s only your wild imagination. We never known anything on that day. But, the prosecutor and police said PSH is “innocent” against his ex agency, and I think I know what it’s mean.

    • Please don’t say that ;_____; Park Si Yeon NEEDS to appear on a new drama for the simple reason that she is Korea’s most beautiful celebrity imo (even if you don’t agree, I think no one can deny that is gorgeous), plus she is an amazing actress (yes, her acting was mediocre in her early days but she’s improved so much over the years. And really, isn’t that what being a great actor really means? Continually and steadily growing and improving oneself?). Not to mention that there is no other actress out there that can pull off second female lead/femme fatale roles as well as she does (Nice Guy, Story of a Man, The Scent etc). If she doesn’t return to TV (or a movie at least, I will get what I can take tbh) I will be absolutely devastated. Do you think the scandal will really affect her that much? Hopefully after she gives birth (on September if I remember correctly?), she will take some months off and then come back with a Summer/Fall 2013 drama.

      The double standard is making me so angry and sad at the same time. The fact that so many Kactors recovered from big scandals while Kactresses with similar and many times less serious scandals are treated as pariahs in the entertainment industry is really sickening. If Park Shi Hoo that more or less is confirmed that is a major asshole (well that is the least, considering there is a chance he is a rapist, which is unforgivable, plain and simple), while Park Si Yeon gets shoved out of the spotlight I will lose faith in humanity tbh.

  9. I honestly didn’t think we were going to hear much from him till like next year or something…i’m curious to see how the Korean public will react to his comeback

  10. I’m actually surprised that he’s already looking for projects so soon after such a big scandal. Honestly though, I do think it’d be wiser to wait it out longer, especially since this scandal is still fresh in people’s minds.
    His scandal doesn’t affect whether or not i’ll check out a project of his.
    All these years of k-drama watching and I still consider it a business.
    Like always, I will be separating personal lives from their professional one.

    • Like you I feel it is rather early. Somehow it gives me the feeling, that he doesn’t feel guilty. ‘If you did nothing, why wait?’ could be his reasoning.

      A very difficult situation for him and I am curious how the Korean audience will react.

  11. He’s forever tainted to me. But his devoted fans are really “devout” fans, they never left him and that’s awesome. He’s really lucky to have them and I hope he’ll maintain a good image after the scandal. He owes it to his fans.

  12. I love him and dont care abt what ever happeneddour mmonths ago ! I love his acting and will keep supporting him ! Always !

  13. I can’t watch his past works and will not be watching his future projects. He needs to reflect on his actions more but sadly he doesn’t feel any remorse for his actions. He may be a good actor but so are many others who are as talented and good looking.

    • So who are you to judge if you havent seen his works??? Or you are probably a stray dog on this topic, sent by Miss A. Try seeing first Prosecutor Princess, The Princess Man and Cheongdamdong Alice. Few of the best works of Park Shi Hoo’s career. He’s definitely one of the best romantic leading man in Korea of this time. It would be a waste of talent if he just runs off and take hiatus in the limelight now. To be honest, I cant wait for his comeback drama, have been following him for quite a while. Good luck to Park Si Hoo! Don’t give up so easily!

  14. Thank you, Koala, for a reasonably objective post.

    I ‘ve admired PSH’s acting since he 1st drama I saw him in a few years ago. I then watched almost every drama he has made. I, like other of his active fans I’ve communicated with, went from just a casual fan to a devoted fan as a result of events in his life this year. My perception was that he was being brought “back into line” after attempting to start his own company and he was unjustly treated. PSH says he is taking until the end of the year to self-reflect only completing contracted commitments. I hope that he does do that; his international fans want him to abide by whatever Korean cultural norms that he must so that he can come back. We are ready not to hear from him until January 2014, but, the Korean media seems really interested in what he is doing, so it’s hard for him to keep out of the public eye.

    I’m hoping he is on TV in a Korean Drama by Spring 2014,

  15. I honestly could not bring myself to look at him straight even in those photos. Guilty or not, he certainly was not a upstanding man who took advantage of an inebriated woman – a sleeze ball to say the least…

    It’s sad that I kind of knew the case would have come to the current conclusion and the man would be slowly easing back to business-as-usual. I, for now, did not see justice (doesn’t matter who was the actual guilty party) served and only saw all the dirt being swept under the carpet with the so-called settlement. People would argue that we are only guessing what might have happened or how unfair it is to hold anything negative against someone with “unproved” guilt. But come on people, we all know better deep down and instinct is built on years of real life experience and solid logical reasoning we’ve been trained since early ages…

    In any case, not here to argue with anyone on the subject matter. But I for one, will NOT want to watch him in anything from here on forward.

    • I don’t know. I, at first, thought “what a sleaze ball” as well, then after reading and discussing and then seeing the end result (the settlement), I don’t really know what to think. There are men who take advantage of drunk women and they are dogs and there are women who try to blackmail rich men for their own gain. I think it’s a case of two assh**s meeting up and both getting burned. I liken it to two really aggressive and selfish drivers who meet up on the road and then getting into an accident with each other. Both were at fault and both were to blame. I never thought he was an amazing actor anyway, but if he is in a show with an actor/actress who I do follow, I will watch it.

      • but in this case the girl was dead drunk and PSH wasn’t drunk and could know better to not sleep with a drunken girl. He himself told how the girl throw up so much and how he couldn’t let such drunk girl go home alone on a taxo because it was ”dangerous” but then he says she wasn’t drunk enought and consented it? lol what a joke.

        And PSH said

        ”I’ll 100% reveal the truth, I’ll bring it to light to everyone see it, I’m not guilty”

        however if there was really no proofs against him and etc, why he would stay quiet when the girl dropped the charges when he was ”innocent” like he said? I don’t think if he really was innocent and had proofs to prove his innocence, would stay quiet and not bring the truth to light, since it is about his image and job, but he didn’t. He also dropped his charges against the girl and stayed quiet and stop his lawsuit against the girl who ”ruined” his job and image, would him be so quiet and agree with it if he was innocent?

        The whole c

  16. Hi All:
    Interesting comments from both sides of the arguments. Since a show does not revolve only around actor, I will see a show if it is interesting or not. An actor does not influence my decision. Just give me a good drama/movie

  17. Good luck PSH!! I am crossing my fingers!

    I agree with you dear Koala, his acting will be better! I hope that we won’t have to wait too long to see!

  18. I rewatched Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang and he was there. A short role of an asshole boyfriend breaking up with the female second lead. I felt that he deserves the same treatment he got from the girl… It was repulsive watching him…

  19. Not even interested and No. In the US, people would indeed bat an eye lash at dude being accused of rape, the fiasco that ensued, and then him dropping news about reading scripts four months later. I have no illusions about my country, good and bad, but come on. That statement is untrue.

  20. Omona said : “why he would stay quiet when the girl dropped the charges when he was ”innocent” like he said?”

    Omona, you have to ask the same question why would he dropped the charges against his ex agency, before the prosecutor make any decision? And you know, the prosecutor said PSH is “innocent” . So, the theory about conspiracy is true.

  21. @Squid…if i’m not mistaken, his ex agency brought this case to Korea Entertainment Management Association. He argued that PSH’s action tarnished his image. So, is theory about conspiracy still reliable ??

  22. What will KEMA do? the highest authority that has the power to declare someone guilty or not, has given its decision that PSH is “innocent”.
    Could it be the assosiation business which handle actor,actressand agency in Korea entertainment world say Prosecutors has been made wrong decision, and KEMA will against prosecutor? If yes, then I’m sure there’s a big power behind this.
    And then you said he’s better to do self reflection. How long? Do you mean he should crying in the dark room all the time. There’s always haters and supporter, no matter how long his self reflection. He’s not yet make his comeback, but only fulfills his contract before this incident happen. I think this is the real strenght, eventhough he’s hurt but he still do his best for his job. And I know it’s not easy.

    • We better wait KEMA decisions for him without always thought there’s a big power behind his big scandal. Conspiracy theory that you always said never founded, unfortunately it was PSH who indicted for sexual assault from police investigations.

      Self reflection doesn’t always mean crying in the dark room all the time, more wise if he can show us his better side in the future. For me his come back now doesn’t make sense. Its his fans who urge him to make comeback, i don’t think he has some confidence to present himself in public right now.

      • No offence but who are you that Park Shi Hoo must show you his better side in the future? You are a simply viewer of his work. If you don’t like him as an actor don’t look at his drama, but don’t make judgments about the human being because you don’t know him. Why Park Pyung Ho should show you his better side? Did you invest something in him and now you lost your investment? What on Earth did he wrong to you? You make assumptions after assumptions and you think that is the truth. It is your interpretation according with your perception about the case. If the police would have the evidences against him then they would arrest him from the start. Only PSH’s name was disclosed and made public. What you say about the violation of his basic human rights? Why are you keep judging PSH after he was declared by the prosecutors legally discharged? Why he must make penitence if he is innocent? or he isn’t innocent enough for you? It is very easy to inhale air and exhale morality behind your comfortable anonymity. Let his fans to know what is better for Park Shi Hoo because they really invested very much in him and if they keep loving,trusting and supporting him means that Park Shi Hoo worth it.

      • @Daniela…i’m not make assumptions about his case againist Miss A, its police investigations that indict him for sexual assault charge and the police has already gave their reason for not arrested him and i believe you’ve already known it. If the police doesn’t have evidences, they will drop the case and not send his case to the pressecutor. Its his fans who always thought about conspiracy theory, we’ve never heard it from legal authority. Same with case about his ex agency brought this issue to KEMA , i’m not making assumptions, thats why i said that we better wait their decission for him.

        PPH or PSH or whatever his name in the future should show his better side in the future because he is a public figure ( if he still wants to continue his job as an actor )!!! Do you think publics will still love or idolized him if he still has bad attitude in the future ???

        FYI, i only watched one of his drama, and it’s just because my fav.actress was there…definitely not because of him. For me his acting was standard.

        Talk about basic human rights, can i say the same when his legal representative show miss A identitation and they claimed they didn’t mean it ??? Even he and his legal representative was sued by Citizen’s Group for Correct Opportunity…

        And for his morality, based from his scandal…for me is big zero…

  23. Thoma&lisa, to me, you’re only someone who is angry and pour it to PSH. I guess maybe not because of this scandal but another factor. Even if we never heard this scandal, you will do the same action. This scandal is a big opportunity for you to do more insulting on PSH. I’m glad that you watched only one of his drama and will never see his acting anymore because PSH and his fans dont need you. Of course his scandal will affect his confident, since there’s a wound that could affect his soul. But, we will wait patiently until he’s ready comeback to us.We never leave him, but we will love,care, and always on his side. He’s in our prayers everyday and night. He’s more than an actor to us, but he’s our family. We love him not because his handsome looks but there’s something on him that make me want to do a better things in life. I know you will never understand about what I said, and you dont need to try it.

    • @Squid…now you make wild imagination about me…do you really know me personally ?? It’s OK…i’m getting more familiar with his fans behaviour…

      Typical his die hardcore fans…their is the best…the most handsome man with best style in the universe…his acting was the best, his the only one reason why the dramas/films get success…everything that he done always right…if there are comments that not side for him, will straightly call us antis and haters…no wonder he become big head !!!

      • Thomas&lisa, I never known you. I’m only guessing based on your comment. Same like what you did, you’re just guessing that PSH become big head because his fans behaviour. Do you really know this? If I’m wrong about you then I’m sorry. I’m in peace now and I hope you are.
        And you’re wrong. I know, there’re a lot of actor who are better looking and have a better acting from him. But I told you before, we love him not because of his face or acting but more than that. If you follow him, he is full of weakness and not suitable in the entertainment world, and PSH’s him self admit this. But to me,he can reverse his weakness became his strength.
        And if you said he should show his better side in the future, what kind of better side do you mean?donate money? Apologized to the public,again?(he already did it,twice!!) .To me, he already show his better side by finishing his contract before this incident and ignore his hurt feeling. (i know, it’s only a simple things, but very difficult to do), you can see from his picture (only a member), his eyes and his face are full of sadness, very different PSH and it’s very obviously that maybe he hope he’s in another place. We can see how mature and responsible someone, when he got the pressure and in bad condition.
        So, if I’m not call them antis or haters, what should I call for someone who always insult him,bad mouth about him and doesn’t want his comeback?

      • @Squid…i thought that he had big head and drunk of popularity because of various reasons, and if i tell one by one, i’m worried you will hurt and judge me wrong again…so i better kept it for myself.

        Eventhough i only watched one of his drama but i knew a little bit of him because i like to read showbiz news, actor/actress interviews and watch talkshows. So i have my personal opinion about him.

        I’ve never said that i don’t want him to make a comeback, i just said its too early for him…Kang ho dong even need 2 years to comebacks to entertainment world eventhough he was innocent from tax scandal by the court. And you’ve already known how PSH scandal ended… He must be carefully and wise to re-build his carrier again… Even KBS said eventhough they’re not banned him but public reactions about him are not good. And i think you know what it means…

        For him to do activities such as photo shooting to fulfil his contract before the scandal is a must, its his duty if he doesnt want to sue by the agency. So for me there’s nothing special…

        What i mean by showing the better side of him is better attitude and behaviour in his daily life…become more mature and wise person. Talk about donate money, i think i agree with you…if i’m not mistaken i have read somewhere that he liked parties, so how about save the cost to help peoples who needed ? ? In 2009 he had done social project to Africa…so he can do it often in the future…many celebrities doing social workers these day…

  24. u knw wat my stand for this, huever r they been with during dat time that allow them to b together knwing they were drunk is d one dat shud b blamed firz, oppa is a mild drinker he cnt even stand drinking glsses of beer they probably knw dat why they allow? oppa is drunk thatz y he shudnt b d one to blmed firz, d girl is with guys but she ddnt thought of not drnking 2 much dat may cause thngs lyk diz is probably her being reckless to her acts.lesso girls nver drink too mch liquor then blme a guy saying u were raped,d firz cautions goes 2 u if u dnt wnt anythng 2 happen to u u shd always thnk firz.

  25. diz is juz a trial for u pss oppa! keep going fight fight fight! dnt mind bashers theyr juz mxing up in here juz trust ur fans who’ll always b here for u, u’ve dne diz,of corz we’re zumhow disappointed but fans are fans no mtter what ur idol did u shud always 4gve dem, d moz impt thng is they reflect to their wrongs nd nver do d same thng over again.

  26. when A dropped the case so easily, its clear that she’s only after the settlement she could benefit and not for the justice of being raped.
    evidently,what happened was manipulated by someone who wants to destroy his career.if its only miss A she wont go it publicly and sacrifice her image and career as an actress.

    i want him to come as soon as possible and if possible find a way to let the truth come out. as his fan its good that all the cases were dropped but its better to know who was behind that craft.

    • Same with him dropped his case so easily against Miss A though his image already tarnished…don’t tell me because he loved her very much…

      Even Lee byung hun who had scandal not as heavy as him fought till the end and the court judgement was clear.

  27. Just recently saw ‘Prosecutor Princess’, which made him really popular as an actor. He was indeed one very hot man/actor. He could really act and is very handsome! Now I like this actor. Cant wait to see more of him. I hope he doesnt give up easily due to recent trial in his life.
    One thing I can say about his scandal on so-called ‘rape charges’ by Miss A. The fact that she(A) agreed to come inside PSH residence on that night, is already a confirmation that she’s willing to be more intimate w/ him. Whether she got drunk or drugged, before these substance could take effect, she could just say ‘no’ before entering his house. If PSH fought, he’d win this case. To settle the incident out of court is the only gentleman way PSH could do; not to dragged both of them from public scrutiny & feasting by dealing with the situation as private as possible.
    Still like him. Good luck Park Si Hoo! More power!

  28. Kristine

    You just read my mind and agree with you 100%. I don’t think anybody’s fault just 2 people wanted some romance and end up in bed, may be she wanted
    more than just sex and got rejected. That is my assumption. We all should support him because he is such a good actor. BTW if she didn’t go to his appartment,would this scancal happen.

  29. well….as fo moi damn! I care d hell bout hz personal lyf….kinda
    MYOB….I lav hz dramas xo I guess am xpectn more o his work
    …….fghtn PSH!!!!

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