Appreciation Post for Kang Min Hyuk: Currently the Best Thing in the Majorly Hyped Heirs

It’s not easy to steal the thunder in a drama. Even the male and female lead isn’t guaranteed to shine and win the audiences rapt attention despite the odds in their favor since they have the most screen time and likely the best written characters. There are plenty of instances of second leads capturing the viewers attention because of the actor’s charisma or the character’s devotion and awesomeness. But what happened after two episodes of Heirs/The Inheritors is that Kang Min Hyuk upped and stole the initial limelight in what is the biggest K-drama cast ever. Forget being the lead or even the second male lead, his character is like the third or fourth lead and doesn’t even appear to have any viable love line with the leading lady! I love it when something unexpected and cool happens, like when the still rising young star Lee Min Ho proved his leading man mettle and was the powerful charisma behind the hot mess that was Boys Before Flowers. Kim Eun Sook loves her male leads and Heirs always came off tailor-made for Lee Min Ho, and I really do like the character of Kim Tan who is not an asshole and actually rather endearing. But so far Lee Min Ho plays him with all the energy of a lumbering wombat, and the other male leads are so unpalatable, so with this open opportunity to shine Kang Min Hyuk stepped up to the plate big time and thoroughly won my heart as Yoon Chan Young. The only thing I can grouse about is that he has terrible taste in ladies if he is willing and happy to date whiny and vapid Lee Bo Na. But she doesn’t seen as unnecessarily bitchy or cruel as Rachel, so perhaps I will grow to tolerate her. For the sake of my Chan Young, of course. This has been a good year for my discovery of idol boys who unexpectedly can act. First there was Yong Jun Hyung from Beast wowing my socks off in Monstar, and now Kang Min Hyuk from CNBlue effortlessly showing that acting really fits him like a well-tailored suit. He’s absolutely delicious drama candy in Heirs and I’m glad someone in that cast is rising up to the high expectations. With 18 more episodes left, the other leads can easily all step up their game as well, but this is a fanservice post for Kang Min Hyuk who was all-in from the moment the cameras started rolling. Thank you, babycakes, for making the first two episodes of Heirs way more palatable because of your presence.

I refuse to admit or deny that I may have already MINE’d Kang Min Hyuk. Or that I may have totally ICOMYM feelings for him. But I have to say this – which girl in her right mind would not pick his character in Heirs! He even has a totally cool and sane dad!


Appreciation Post for Kang Min Hyuk: Currently the Best Thing in the Majorly Hyped Heirs — 68 Comments

  1. lmao at “energy of a wombat”. I actually like Lee Minho in the drama. As for Minhyuk, he’s cute but way too babyfaced for my liking.

  2. Lol who could not love him I first saw him in heartstrings (you have fallen for me) and loved him! He is just perfect for this role and the most sane one too. Hope he goes a long way!

  3. i’m a silent reader, but after i read this post, i really wanna write my comment to say.
    “gooooooddd jooob!”
    i appreciate your post about him because eventhough he’s not my bias in cnblue, but he always steal my heart when he acted in drama. although he played as a playboy in MHGF, i still want to kidnap him ;p

    and i agree with your opinion, when people busy to talk about the main lead, 2nd lead, but minhyuk steal the highlight in heirs. he’s the only one *my opinion* look like a high-schooler when the others look too old to play as a student.

    people keep shipping PSH-LMH or PSH-KWB, but i’m shipping Minhyuk-Krystal actually. haha. please kim eun sook, don’t ruin their relationship.

  4. *Just finished watching episode 2

    Oh my goodness yes. His character is the cutest!~ And he reminds me of a puppy ^^ I can’t wait to see Tan’s jealousy over Minhyuk and Shin Hye’s character relationship. Too good to miss! Also .. I found Krystal quite cute. She protects Minhyuk and just seems like she genuinely loves him (especially the line, “Do you really think Chan Young is like you guys? … Which way is America?~ You better get on your knees and bow in that direction in respect!” ^^) I really hope he doesn’t leave her in the drama, I think they’re such an adorable couple. Let’s hope Tan’s character develops more!~

    Eeek, Junhyung <3

    • yeah Lee Bo Na can be really bratty and annoying but i find that they’re one couple that genuinely like each other
      lol she likes everything about him except for his friendship with eun sang
      i think the reason why she’s so clingy and insecure around chan young is because of the past first love scar that tan gave to her

      • I like them together too. Bo Na is so cute around Chan Young.

        I kinda understand why she doesn’t like Eun Sang. Even I get the feeling that her boyfriend cares more about Eun Sang than her.

  5. I watched My Husband Got Family and back then I already noticed he’s a quite natural actor. I was actually surprised considering he’s still a rookie. In fact, out of the CNBlue members, I found him to be the most decent actor. He’s again proving himself in Heirs and I can’t wait to discovery more about his character. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I think he’s the best in acting among the members of CNBLUE. Also the cutest of them all…

  6. Yeah… The dad and his bond are aweSome. We don’t really get to see that in a drama beside Taiwanese drama “Devil Beside U “.

  7. I am actually loving Kim Tan and his laid back character as oppose to the arrogant over-the-top assholes of drama land.

    BUT getting back to Min Hyuk. I liked him whenever I’ve seen him in dramas, I’m loving him here. I just hoped he had a better gf.. How can he date BoNa?

  8. Like I said yesterday, he’s the only one who I like in the drama. I’m gonna watch his part only from now on. This drama is boring…

  9. I just realized he was that annoying kid in Heartstrings. He is just all right for me this time around. He was in episode 2? Oh, well. He’s super cute, but quite flat an actor. His charming persona translates well on screen, but that’s just not enough. For me at least. But I reckon a cute puppy is never a bad thing in my dramas. Cute puppy is cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I heard rumors Suzy and him were dating.. thought they were cute… but know I justs saw Suzy and Sung Joon pictures, hahaha and I think they are really dating, they tried to make it look like friends reunion but the whole use one friend and different cars to not make it look like we are dating… fail! lol

  11. thank you koala, finally you acknowledge my cutiepie!!
    i’ve wrote here before about minhyuk is far better actor than yonghwa and i think he deserve more to join this drama.
    min hyuk is the best actor in CNBLUE. He is very natural, handsome, cute but also manly. His face is moving, not stiff like yonghwa.

    • Funny why people like to bash Yong just to make other member(s) looks better. If you think MH is good, just say he is good why need to say nasty stuff about others (for that matter Yong is unrelated to this drama). Tsk tsk.

      • Sorry if I sound too harsh. I didn’t mean to. I’m a big fans of cnblue. Yonghwa is a great singer and composer (no doubt about it) but in acting he’s not so good. Especially the expression.
        I mention about him because he almost join this drama but cancel it because of some agency issue.

      • Completely agree with you, I knew that the comparissons where going to start too now that both have dramas. I thought Yong handled it really well in the press conference too when they asked him and he just kinda brushed it off and made a joke of it. I really like all 4, Minhyuk is the better actor, Yonghwa is the better singer/composer, Jonghyun is the better guitarist/lyricist, and Jungshin.. Well, ummm Jungshin is just Jungshin and you gotta love him for that lol. They all have their strong and weak points I don’t see why people need to constantly point out one member’s weakness just to highlight another member’s strength.. Blah.

    • Tita i think you just stated the truth.
      Min Hyuk has a more natural screen presence and is charming to the audience whereas younghwa can’t act for his life.
      He’s related cause they’re in the same band and min hyuk needs to rub some of his charm onto yonghwa so we can forgive him for his horrible acting.
      There are actors i like with subpar acting solely because they got that screen presence.

      • Minhyuk is a good actor I agree but sadly not enough charm/charisma to be the next big thing. He had that chance in that big family drama hit MHGAF which had more than 50% rating, but it ended there.

        Let’s just say Minhyuk should give Yonghwa some of his natural ability in acting while Yonghwa gives Minhyuk some of his charisma/charm/star power whatever you call it.

        Yonghwa is charismatic and has great screen presence, exactly why he’s still the most popular with the public even after all the members of his band has tried acting and in hit dramas as well. He’s been in 2 mediocre dramas (ratings-wise) but the guy has star-power despite the forgettable dramas, whether you like it or not.

      • Actually for me yonghwa has pretty much been forgettable in every drama i’ve watched him in (you’re beautiful, heartstrings).
        I guess it all boils down to preference, because i find minhyuk to have more charisma and acting ability than yonghwa and Heirs is the first time i ever heard of minhyuk even existing. Forgive me, i don’t follow k-pop so i don’t really know anything other than what i see when they come into the k-drama scene.
        Yonghwa had two dramas to prove me wrong, but he came off so bland to me. Just from a couple scenes with minhyuk, he is easily my favorite as of right now in heirs. And i’m usually meh about idols acting.
        Don’t mean to start any fanwars, but as an average k-drama watching viewer, this is my opinion.

  12. YES, YES, AND YYYYEEEESSS! I love Kang Min Hyuk in Heirs as well! Like you pointed out before, he has such adorable cheeks that you just wanna pinch! He’s pretty much my favorite character in Heirs right now, although Lee Min Ho’s Kim Tan is pretty darn interesting to watch too. Yay for the eye candy! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I find him very cute long time ago and I think he is the most good looking among CNblue members… His look like mix LeeJunKi and Yoonsangho..

  14. Yes I agree. Maybe its Min Hyuk’s character? He seems to be the most genuine, realistic, and believable character. Park Shin Hye’s character kinda annoys me. Why is she so negative? And why does she keep allowing herself to be put in situations where she looks dumb and pitiful? -_-

    And Miss Koala, I suggest you give Krystal a chance. She is my bias in this drama and the only reason I am watching Heirs (to see her and Kang Min Hyuk’s interaction). I think her character is only whiny but I think she’s doing a good job at playing it~

    • Hahaha How is Negative ??? she want to be the best for herself and her Mother
      ?? How Dump situations if watch clearly you will find not her but misunderstandings from other characters one who stole her beans and the girl accused her without reason !
      I understand that your bias is Krystal , Just understand the character before commenting .
      Lee Bona make wondering why she is hating that the guys mentioned KT in front her and she asking them not to mention his name in front of her !

      • just like you said “just understand the character before commenting” -____- of course bona hates when the guys mentioned KT bcs he hurt her in the past

      • I do not want this to become a crazy discussion but this is just how I see it from my point of view. First of all, I would do everything in my power to take the money envelope back from my sister rather than sit/stand there and watch her dig through my suitcase. Second, I don’t think it was wise of her to go all the way to America without speaking some English. I mean that’s like me going to China or France without knowing any of their language and expecting myself to be completely fine just with one address.

        And yes, Bona is hurt from KT if you’ve read previews. He was supposed to be her fiance but I guess we will find out exactly why in the later episodes.

    • Yes! Krystal tends to play characters that seem bratty and whiny at the start but then grows up and starts to care/is protective of the people close to her, like in High kick 3

  15. i wish they paired him up wd a good actress …i can not stand krystal…she is supposed to b a cute girl…like telme ppl does she look or sound cute to u ???i like fx and i think she is most charismatic in fx but realy no no she is ruining lee boona character…
    i dont hav issues wd kim ji won cz she is supposed to b a bitch not a cute bubble girl so i think she is getting herself hated pretty well …
    plus if choi youngdo is second lead charcter thn giv him more screen time …
    lee min ho has to step up his game !!!!!!!!!!!!script is preeety much flat so u can make it likable wd ur acting
    ps .koala i dont think kim eunsuk favours his male lead cz i hated the male lead in AGD…i liked the lawyer guy and im meari

  16. koala u should write a post about awsome acting of shinhye too…leeminho was pretty bad but shinhye hatsoff to her she gave life to a dead script !!!!!!!

    • I feel like there is just way too much hate on park shin hye right now. She doesn’t quite crack my favorite actresses list, but you’ve seriously got to be scrooge if you think her acting is boring. She’s injecting life into Eun Sang who is your standard candy heroine that is rather boring and typical on paper. Her tears are natural, her pain is obvious. And it’s park shin hye, who started her career and put herself on the map with her own acting chops at a young age.
      I used to think park shin hye was not as captivating as other actresses out there, but i think people are starting to give her way less credit as an actress simply because she lacks chemistry with alot of her costars.
      Gotta give her some love where she deserves it.

      • yes she deserves the appreciation…her acting is on another level…no one in tht drama matches her ..she is awsome…she really worked hard that girl and has a full grip on her character … lee minho is kinda playing it slow boring and flat ..i m not bashing him ..i loved him in city hunter …but this drama only works becz of parkshin hye..

      • I’m not much of a Park Shin Hye fan. Generally I find her a serviceable crier, spirited and spunky when required, and stiff and distant in the romance department. But putting that aside, I think she is doing a very good job, here. Especially in the first episode, she was really the driving energy, and she was obviously putting her heart and soul into it, unlike LMH. I like her take on the part: she is not shying away from showing the anger and fear and bitterness at her heart. This is a breath of fresh air to have a heroine who is allowed to have some actual faults (unlike Gu Family Book, for example) and PSH is showing those faults and also allowing us to understand them and empathize with her. She is one of the few people in this drama who seem to have taken hold of their parts with both hands, and are filling them with energy. The others, in my opinion, are Woo Bin, Min Hyuk, and the ever-amazing Kim Mi Kyung.

  17. I love kang min hyuk, ever since he debuted, well all of his band mates are my favorites in the k-pop world, and I’m really happy he’s doing great with heirs. I hope that Yong Hwa will prove himself as a worthy actor in MHIYD.

  18. Oh koala unni ! I dont remeber a time when u loved someth from first to end and never changed ur mind ! Hahahah
    I would want to see ur posts abt heirs in3 weeksfrom now
    *the surprising heirs*
    *shin hye and min ho sizzle up the screen *
    Thats what is gonna happened

    • he he ditto there is some truth there too. not being bias but LMH could be directed a certain way by the PD. SO it’s the PD fault!!! he he peace..
      we’ll see in a few weeks’ time… let’s

    • If Park Shin Hye can actually “sizzle” I will be the first to celebrate how wrong I was. I would love to see some real sexual passion in her acting, rather than the whole friend-zone aura and dutiful kissing we’ve seen up until now. (And yes, I know she had a good CF kiss with Mr. Beautiful. And yes, I know that directors can often ask them to dial it back a notch. But sorry, I’m not seeing her heart in it yet.)

    • @ hiba

      I’ve loved plenty of dramas from beginning to end, and this year alone there have been many dramas I loved from beginning to end, so I’m not sure if you’ve been reading my posts.

      Flower Boy Next Door
      Cruel City
      Two Weeks
      King Flower
      Scandal: That Very Shocking and Immoral Incident
      Cyrano Dating Agency
      Sword and Flower

  19. Thanks for the post!

    He is my favourite male lead in Heirs so far. Very natural and comfortable in his character. I think his real-life friendship with PSH helps in getting him into the bestie-male friend role. The platonic chemistry is very believable.

  20. Awwww he’s a cutiepie, loved Min Hyuk in Heartstrings (tho I had and still have a soft spot for Yong Hwa too). But LOL all CN Blue members have had their try on acting, IMO Lee Jung Shin is the better one and has more going on, wish he had more exposure.

  21. Im impress with Kang Minhyuk’s acting since My Husband Got A Family. He has really a promising career in acting ahead of his CNBLUE colleagues.

  22. Why is the title like this? I mean Heirs is not really OVER hyped in Korea, mostly only internationally.But then I believe it is because of the casts. Lee Min Ho + Park Shin Hye. There are lot of articles of other dramas too. It is just that I guess no one is that interested.

  23. Min Hyuk’s character is such a dream. He is tall, handsome, romantic, understanding, funny, caring, clever and he can cook! What more is there to ask in a man.

  24. He really is cute! I’m glad he doesn’t have a love line with PSH b/c then I would have a serious 2nd lead shipping problem. I love their friendship.

  25. @y : Actually I don’t find Lee Bona annoying for me she got hurt but I wonder why KT left her ?? and I wonder Why she hate mention him or remember his name ??
    I hope you understand that I am interested in character + If she and Rachel were friend and then become enemies ?? I wonder also
    I love KMH he is so cute <3

  26. well but his character will be damn boring if don’t have internal conflict soon…hope he will have internal conflict soon if not he may be only decoration of the drama that i will easily forget

    sadly because his too baby face and teenager voice, i can’t see him as lead material yet not even second lead, he also look ok on screen but not that much star power..

  27. Aww, this post almost makes me want to watch, except I can’t until the English-speaking scenes are gone. Maybe I’ll just watch cuts on youtube.

    Also, Junhyung! โ™ฅ

  28. i ship him with krystal,,,,before this drama i only know yonghwa form cnblue but becuse of this i got to know him,,,,good luck for him and heirs drama

  29. I agree that he is lightness in a sea of heavy serious acting actors.
    He has nothing to prove and is proceeding to have fun with the role and the characters in scenes with him. We can feel his real life brightness.

  30. giggling on your new nicky for minhyuk oppa.. waaahhh its babycake! cool! but seriously, he’s beyond cute these past 2 eps. and lordy yes he can act right. others are mainly tolerable coz of their cuteness but ur babycake is different and his character floats beyond the pretty… yayyy! love love love.

  31. minhyuk is really good, no is the member more popular of cnblue (is yonghwa and his popularity is deserved), but for my he is the best actor of the gruop (cnblue is my bias)minhyuk no is the best actor, but is good and probably over time will be even better. for now he is fine, his passion is the battery and music. he is a great drummer and a guy very cute and handsome.

  32. The moment he opened his mouth, I was like I know this voice! I know it! What drama was it??? Seems like Iยดm not that good with faces, but I did remember his voice:D Later I looked him up and realized it was Heartstrings where Iยดd seen him last. He was awful cute there, though in Heirs his character is a bit plain for me. But as long he keeps on talking Iยดm all good.

  33. Imagine how dull Chan Young would be if Jung Yonghwa would’ve played him like he was suppose to. It’s kinda mean to say that that was probably one of the best thing that could’ve happened to this show. Just look at the enthusiam he’s putting into Marry him if you dare. Minhyuk is bringing in some sunshine that others aren’t quite putting in currently, maybe later, but first impression means everything and he definitely left one. IMO, Lee Bo Na and Chan Young will break up and she and the second quy will most likely end up together because of the vibe he keeps giving her. They should totally just create a completely unselfcentered nice beautiful rich girl for Chan Young who doesn’t care about material things, even though that will never happen. Anyone else kinda share my view, hopes, wishes?

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