Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Return to Korea to a Media Frenzy at the Airport

Looks like the media tent city at Incheon airport I was talking about was erected like I anticipated as tons of Korean media outlets awaited the return of current entertainment It-couple du jour Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum. The Goddess of Fire co-stars grew close while filming the drama and started dating as the drama wrapped. Not content to be on the down low or take it slow, the couple planned a month long European vacation and jetted off right after filming wrapped. Once spotted at Incheon departing for Eastern Europe, their agencies swiftly confirmed the rumors of their dating and the couple has since been spotted by fans in various touristy spots in Europe. Taking a trip as a new couple is a very risky decision since simple disagreements about where to go, what to eat, and what to do can easily cause tempers to flare especially in a foreign place. During the trip, the couple was photographed surreptitiously by fans and always appeared to be holding hands when walking or comfortably shopping together. I was relieved since it doesn’t appear the trip did any damage and instead the joined-at-the-hands behavior has continued even as they land back in Korea. Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum walked the arrival terminal gauntlet this afternoon wearing head-to-toe couples attire including matching black sneaks with white soles. So cute. Kim Bum managed a herculean feat of pushing a teeming cart full of luggage while holding Moon Geun Young’s hand. She appeared alternatively disoriented, distressed, or mostly likely rather discombobulated to be thus bombarded with media attention especially after a month of mostly anonymity. Her honey was smiling and cheery, totally taking charge and basically conveying with his smirk that he’s taking care of his girl. Welcome home GeumBum and I’m looking forward to seeing them out and about at events and awards ceremonies from time to time.


Kim Bum and Moon Geun Young Return to Korea to a Media Frenzy at the Airport — 82 Comments

    • I agree with you that Moon Geun Young & Kim Bum
      are cute couple. And I am happy for them together…
      But I notice that they have the same shoes… Cheers!.

  1. Poor Moon. I don’t think she has had this much fuss around her in awhile. He on the other is used to the media blitz wherever he goes. They do look good together and yes he held her had through all that. Very freaking cute!

      • Just saw the video of their arrival. He did let go of her hand only to put his arm around her. That was a throng of reporters indeed. Kinda scary but they are all so respectful in Korea. I mean they would not hurt someone for a picture. Private lives be damned, bring on the pictures. But seriously, I think this will be the last we see of them until those public events that are scheduled and choreographed. Truly a cute couple and I am so glad they both have good taste in picking partners. Hope it lasts all the way to the altar which it looks that way now.

      • Awwww I also saw a video of their arraiving, he’s so sweet! He constantly looked at her like he was worried to lost her in the crowd and decided to wrapp his arm around her. Ain’t that sweet?!?!

  2. Scary welcome. Hope the media would leave these jids alone.

    Just curious – why the shades? Def not to protect their anonymity nor the sun inside the IA gates. Airport fashion maybe?

    • Stars have said that there are various reasons for wearing the shades, including airport fashion. But a lot of them have also said that it protects their eyes from the flashes (just think about how many cameras there were clicking away at them when they arrived) and it also covers their eyes / some of their face so that the reporters can’t see their dead tired eyes after really long flights / if they didn’t want to put on makeup for their arrival.

    • maybe the sunglasses sort of works to lessen all the glares and flashes of all the ginormous cameras madly flashing away. but their whole attire (hoodies, sunglasses and everything in black) suggests they’re sort of trying to fade into the anonymity they’ve grown used to after a month in Europe but of course it didn’t work. maybe the glasses also have the effect of hiding their expressions. sigh, I feel bad for moonie who looks utterly bewildered by all the media circus. But Kim Bum is definitely chill about it, love how he took her hand, even though it’s such a feat to push the cart full of baggage with one hand …

  3. yeah, I was worried about the effects that a trip overseas would potentially have on their fledging relationship, but then I comforted myself when I thought about how the trip could also strengthen their relationship, since their partner is the only one they can rely on and trust in a place which is utterly foreign to them. I hope we can see more of their lovey-dovey, hand-in-hand photos 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for these pictures Ms. Koala! 🙂
    Welcome back to GeunBum couple!
    I agree with everyone’s comment on how KB is so cool under pressure while thoughtfully protecting MGY. I can hardly wait for the 2013 MBC Drama Awards show. Considering what we’ve seen from the couple so far, I can’t help but ask – will they be wearing couple outfits at Awards show too?
    GeunBum Fighting! 😀

  5. look lovely as ever.. so much sweetness and protectiveness of kim bum with her cute gf…the smile on his face proves that their vacation is a success!!!…

  6. We’re glad they’re home safe! Notice they both have the same SHOES, oh truly in love with each other. Keep this LOVE FOREVER! We love you!

    • So why come here and do not you worry , no kidding !
      Jealousy will take you to hell later ,especially hate someone you don’t know personally (gives me the wreath)
      So HATERS GO TO HELL SOEUL , we know it’s you ,you’re sick of jalousy of MGY but Kim Bum Loves her since the beginning so respect that 😉

  7. I’m so worried for Moonie, she looked so scared. But they are so lovely!! Even holding hands and the matching outfit. I also love how it looks like they’ve gained weight. And Bummie is just like Tae Do, a bodyguard for his beloved one. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ I’m so happy :D!

  8. Aaawwwww! So cute! I hope they can withstand the media frenzy and not let it bother them. Is Kim Bum perfect boyfriend material or what? Swooning!!!!

  9. I like the way MGY is refusing to smile! KB on the other hand looks like the cat that got the cream. I have never liked that smug self-satisfied smile of his.

    • @sophie
      U are so judgmental and rude! What do you have against him?
      I know his acting ain’t that good, but you cannot deny that he’s got talent because he is a good singer. His Hometown album became a big hit in Japan and his concert got attended by thousands of fans.

      • @lalala @anonymous
        yes, i agree with everything said by anonymous.But lalala, what “national thieves” title? never hear folks mention that. could ya tell more bout this?
        i know korean netizens talk trash bout kim bum and making up lies about his childhood behavior, but they got NO evidence about it. How lame and pathetic!On the bright side, people from neighboring asian countries and other countries around the world appreciate & respect kim bum. a second lead actor like him is more famous internationally than leading actress MGY.
        Kim bum got something special then.

      • I just say that woman amount is more than man amount. That means that actors got fans more than actresses. That isn’t concern that men got everything more than woman or got more opportunities.

      • @shin
        I get what you mean bcuz the kdrama audience are mostly women, who idolize the men.
        I know it doesn’t concern men got everything more than women. I guess anonymous just added facts about sexism. unfortunately, it’s not fair that men have more privilege. They still make more money and most jobs are dominated by men. even korean actors make more money than actresses. For male singers, their concerts have bigger audience. They sell more albums too. For example, SNSD is good but they cannot beat psy, rain, or Big Bang. Sorry for going off topic.

      • @shin
        My mistake, I referring to XXXX’s comment. I don’t know the person’s user name so I put anonymous meaning “no name”.

      • LOL, look who’s talkin’…i used anonymous 4 my username too. I just don’t wanna pretend to be someone else so might as well call myself that.

    • @sophie
      Ya don’t even know KB personally, and you assume he’s “self-satisfied” and conceited. For a perfect looking guy like him, he deserves to have confidence. MGY is more popular in Korea than him, but Kim Bum is more popular INTERNATIONALLY than MGY.

      • @ricko
        Yah, but Kim Bum still more famous overseas than MGY. He got more fans in other Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, and China. He always going to fan meetings all the time. One other reason is sexism. Asian countries favor men over women and guys got more privilege. If ya look at kim bum’s Facebook and chinese twitter account, he got over 8,000,000 followers. But for MGY’s fan club, she got less than 300 thousand. Kim bum got more fans in South America, spain, north africa, and the Middle East too.

      • @anonymous I’m from LatinAmerica and both are pretty popular, everyone has seen BOF and many has seen either CS or MSOAN, but indeed Kim Bum has a larger fanbase.

      • @Meli
        Yah, I know, but like ya said, KB got larger fan base so he more popular overseas than MGY. In Peru Facebook and Mexico Facebook, he got almost 10,000 followers for both countries….20,000 people.
        Not fair how male stars always ahead of females. They more famous, make more money, and get more promoted for endorsements in foreign countries.

      • @anonymous : well said, maybe bummie has large of fans out there, but still he had “NATIONAL THIEVES” title from Korean when they announce their relationship, cause Moonie is known as their pride .. and look at his grin on his face, it seem he was so proud that he became “NATIONAL LITTLE SISTER”‘s BF

      • @lalala
        my comment above was response to what you said about “national thieves” title. that’s interestin’ and could ya more explain bout that? since KB start dating MGY, he got more popular in KOREA. just to let u know…it’s not “maybe” but it’s “definitely” true dat KB is more famous internationally than MGY, even tho he’s second lead actor and she’s main lead. funny, but in a good way. one other person below by name Soteri, from africa, said the same thing about KB’s bigger fame than MGY.

      • @XXX : “NATINOAL THIEVES” means in a good way dear, it given by korean, 1st title goes to Han Ga In’s husband when their announced their wedding, 2nd goes to Bi Rain when he admitted date Kim Tae Hee, and Kim Bum on 3rd rank when his agencies announced it .. it sound like, this 3 actress are so much precious and never on news with scandal … i dont know and i dont care with Kim Bum past story, abt he used to be a gangster like u said .. the matter is now and seem our Moonie happy with his presence

      • NO that isn’t KB is second lead and MGY is main lead. KB goes oversea many times for fan meeting like other actors. Actresses aren’t like that. yes, KB is more popular internationally than MGY. Because women amount is more than man amount in the world. Woman like man and man like woman. That is commom sense or theory or opposite attraction. Especially women crazily like upon actors. So they can’t accept or want that their favorite actor dates or wedding or rumors. So they hate their actor’s gf. That shouldn’t be like that. Actors are human too. They have their own lives. They have their chance. Why do you argue each other that who is more popular? If we love KB or MGY, we should support. Because MGY and KB love each other in real. CUTTEST COUPLE KB MGY FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!

      • @lalala
        The reason why i want ya to explain is bcuz i assumed “national thieves” is sarcastic and has good meaning because KB “stole” one of the top K-actresses 🙂 I just wanted 2 make sure I was on da same page as you, that’s all.
        And I never said KB is gangster. I just sayin’ that I feel bad them K-netizens making up lies about his “so called bad attitude” cuz they wanna ruin his image. it’s lame and stupid cuz they got NO proof but still talk shit about KB.

      • @shin
        it’s funny how even tho there’s more women than men in the world, men still got more privilege than women for EVERYTHING. Most jobs R male dominated. Guys make more money, and so many countries respect guys more than girls.

      • @lalala
        I don’t get why KTH and Han Ga In are “precious” because they’re not talented and their acting is not that good. they’re just among the prettiest Korean women who are natural and never had plastic surgery. however, MGY is precious because her acting skills are GOOD so she deserves the title “nation’s little sister” 🙂

  10. Honestly,am nt a korean,so i cnt judge koreans relationships but 2 b honest am not surprised with this couple’s relationship and kb pda,he’s d type of guy dat wants 2 b lyk ”hey,u ok?i know dis paparazi ain’t ur thing,take my hand nd u will know m neva gonna let u go”.nd yh,ur comment abt their popularity is true,kb is far popular internationally than an africa nd i cn testify 2 dat.they luk cute though.

  11. I am so happy both are back home safe and sound. Kim Bum looked so happy and recharged and Moonie, poor thing, she looks tired and disoriented.

    This is just a beginning of their journey together as a couple and I sincerely wish from the bottom of my heart good wishes and blessings their relationship will continue to grow and strengthen as years pass by. Let’s not look into the future but learn to treasure and savour the moment.

    For Moonie, she will probably need some time to adjust that she’s now Kim Bum’s girlfriend. For us its probably good news as we will get more updates on her than being a low profile celebrity. Here’s looking forward to see more of their official couple photos and write ups.

  12. Kyaaaaah!!!! So happy to see both of them still looking as in love as ever! Poor Moonie :(…. her reaction is the same when she was swarmed by reporters in Japan for Marry Me Mary, Live. Good thing, her knight in shining armour is there to protect her. I wish them both happiness and forever lasting relationship! GeunBeum, FTW! ^^

  13. Kb looks happy for all the attention they get..but not Mgy.this happen bcoz of Kk ( kb agency ) they gives information about the couple time of arrival to the media,ON PURPOSE!
    Just don’t get it!

    • @hana
      last comment before i leave & go to work. KB is dating one of the top Korean actress and MGY is dating of the most handsome actors of Korea. They both lucky and should be happy together as a cute couple and yes, they are happy so far.

  14. I don’t get it! Some are ooh poor couple, too much press and others are saying we want more pictures (me). Now some are blaming agencies. What really bugs me is Dramabeans stayed completely silent throughout and I am disappointed because it showed me bias. I want paparazzi news on my faves. No one is hurting anyone and these two people knew what was coming when they disclosed their relationship which I think is true to their honest nature of being. Thank you Ms. Koala for keeping me informed and for always printing everything with or with bias. The next time some idol gets a pimple or the actress I don’t like gets hurt, I will go read Dramabeans because I am sure they will cover it. Sorry I had to vent.

      • Hi Sonia! Cheer up. 🙂 Perhaps it is because our GeunBum couple news is not totally drama related that’s why DB stayed away from it. You may have noticed that DB also stayed away from the PSH scandal news. I can understand DB’s choice; just like any newspaper or news agencies or news programs, blogs can choose the stories or news they want to tell or not tell.

        Lucky for us, Koalasplayground is here providing us with the latest pics and news about our favorite GeunBum couple. Thanks to Ms. Koala! 🙂

  15. Can’t you everybody seeing that she is nervous. I think this is her first time having a relationship going public. Usually MGY is cheerful and not camera shy. She is just shy and must have a shock with so many reporters showing up. In the other hand, KB is having the sweetest smile on his face. Yup… he is the happiest man on earth right now. Way to go!!! I give all my blessing to both of you!!

  16. My first thought, ‘oppa has a girlfriend and it’s not you’. Kim Bum was my most favourite of the F4 and I started Padam Padam because of him. I’ve not seen any of MGY’s work but I read recaps and she looks really adorable.
    They are so cute, I hope they stay together for a long time and get married and have babies. Can you imagine how adorable their babies would be?
    I’m getting flashbacks of Gu Ae-jung and Dokko Jin in Best Love. GeunBum hwaiting.

  17. many people said she is not pretty but i think what ever she looks like if he choose her i mean what do we care, if she is pretty enough for him i think that’s what will builds the relation ship, but he should really love her that he like her while she is his noona, he is 24 and she is 26. fighting GeunBum wish you all the best

  18. And who better than having national sister for a girlfriend especially A-list actor (Daesang +Baeksang)mgy is a good choice for kim bum , he does not look the beauty of a model but somebody one that has the inner beauty that makes money donations charities anonymously and also has many charms and cute . And loved in Korea and pride of his country , who says better ???

    • @chiklo
      despite MGY being A-list actress, doing charity work, and pride of korea while kim bum is supporting actor, he still more popular internationally than she is. guys got more privilege girls, esp. asian culture. i heard in Japan, they calling KB an Asian prince.

    • @chiklo
      MGY make good choice too. kim bum is one of best looking K actors. He seem like nice guy. despite being misunderstood in Korea, he still got bigger fan base than MGY and gets more loved in international countries than MGY does.

      A when ya said “whos better?”, to be realistic, MGY is one of top actresses, but she’s not “the best”. There other actresses who won awards and do charity work too.

      • @shin
        just 2 let cha know ’bout kim bum. the guy did charity work too like donatin’ rice pack & person@l items & money to the needy, bein’ ambassador for UNICEF to help poor children & supportin’ “save the polar bear” campaign.

  19. @xxxx
    For you she is not n 1 , for me she is the TOP why ?
    she gave 850 Millions (money korea)converted this amount and you will understand why? (see wiki mgy)

  20. @xxxx

    There is no number-1 among the best. All the bests are No-1. So Moon Geun Young is No-1 too.Yes Other celebrities do charity too. But Moon Geun young did charity and donated money(won-850 millions amount) at her young age.Who did that like her?

  21. @chiklo @shin
    really? MGY generous donating lots of money, but u guys missing the point. It is fact she is NOT better than everyone else. she is one of the best”, and just stay there. other actresses = ha ji won, moon chae won, song hye kyo, zhang ziyi, can act better than MGY. I know some folks on twitter who agree with that.

    • I don’t say moon geun young is better than others. i just say that she did charuty and donated money at her young age. which actress or actor did like that? moon chae won, song hye kyo, zhang ziyi can act better than moon geun young? NOOOOOOOOOOOO who say? That is just your words.

      • @shin
        Watch it! Those ain’t “just my words”. few people on twitter posted those comments and mentioned those actresses. those are strangers so how am I supposed to know who they are.
        besides, I think song hye kyo is better actress (who played a blind character).

      • @shin
        BTW, u offended me when u said “that is just your words.” hope u realize song hye kyo and zhang ziyi got many fans too. Some people like them better than MGY and think they can act better than her too. people entitled to their opinions.

      • On Twitter, there are many fans of actors and actresses. Those strangers are SHK. MCW, ZZY’s fans. So they will like their favourite actress. If u think SHK (play blind character) is good, i also think moon geun young (played various characters in ‘Goddess of fire, jung yi’) is good too. Everyone can think that their favourite actor is more better.

  22. @shin
    yeah, agreed. look, I’m just gonna stop arguing witchu cuz apparently, u overrate MGY and think among Asian actresses, no ones better than her. NOT true! no matter how good u are, there are some people a little better than you.
    No need to post more comments cuz I don’t want to and don’t have to respond to u anymore. U can just have your own one way conversation.

  23. yes agreed but you should know that I did not start to post your comments. i don’t say that asian actresses, no one better than moon geun young.If i overrate moon geun young, that is not your problem. You can also overrate your actress. And you should stop to post my comments too.

  24. @tibia

    yes mgy the money anonymously , it’s an angel . To the jealous , do not worry because mgy hard to arrive or she is currently . The one who hate MGY , they will always do so ,to torture themselves , than to accept the truth,and live peacefully !!!! Moonie a kindhearted , person talented actress,the youngest on her generation had been blessed with a lots of archievements , because she has what it takes to where she is right now…more blessings to come and happiness with her life and lovelife with her Kim Bum (yes her kim bum , his love lol)Just for HATERS KKKKK

  25. @anonymous
    ye@h ye@h, ya made ur point. we get it. b@sically, ur ending a conversation YOU started.
    m. geun young ~ good actress, th@t’s for sure, but ya over-rate her too much. ya just dont w@nna admit there’s couple K-actresses w/ better skill than her. i don’t got NO f@vorite actress so i ain’t biased. just s@yin’. anonymous said he/she ain’t gonna post no more comment so ya don’t hav to repond. ur last sentence = awkward & make no sense.

  26. Ohhhhhhhhh come on… should end? I like moon geun young so i post comments in this page. Do u have any problem if i overrate moon geun young? Everybody have freedom, so they can think or say whatever. Start from now i don’t post comments in your comments. And i don’t have to respond anymore.

  27. My gosh, this is pretty scary and kind of suffocating. I can feel for MGY. I hope Korean media will give this couple enough room to date properly and let their love grow naturally.

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