Happy Filming Stills as the Cast of Heirs Prepares to Say Goodbye

It’s finale week for Heirs/The Inheritors and the production released a batch of happy, playful, and very pretty BTS pictures of the main cast playing the high school students. I have so many jumbled thoughts might as well discuss my thoughts on the performances while sharing the lovely pics as a tribute to the hardworking cast who toiled to bring this drama to life. For leads Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, I’ve seen better from them. Better character, better performance, better chemistry, just better everything. Nothing failed for me, but just this overwhelming certainty that this isn’t going down as their most memorable by a long shot. Tough noogie. Seconds lead Kim Woo Bin made off like a bandit, even when he was a sociopath of a bully he gave an interesting performance, but for the last few episodes his was by far the most substantive and memorable narrative arc. The two supporting ladies Krystal and Kim Ji Won settled into their characters midway through and ultimately served their purpose in a fun-to-watch way. Krystal turned being whiny and self-absorbed into something endearing because of her loyal goodness, while Kim Ji Won was the token rich bitch but still infused it with some adolescent trembling type of hurt. I loved Kang Min Hyuk totally and completely, he had such a great character to play and he played him wonderfully. What more could one ask for in a supporting role other than to do justice and make it lovable, which is what he did. Park Hyung Sik was a great comic relief and turned out to be very needed in this drama when initially I wondered what the heck he was doing here. In the end it’s a mixed bag and I’ll look on the bright side and end with everyone has the cutest smiles ever in these pics.


Happy Filming Stills as the Cast of Heirs Prepares to Say Goodbye — 11 Comments

  1. Omg I feel sad ! When is lee min ho oppa comingback to my pc ! Im afraid he is going to the armyyyy ! Omg.
    And the rest ! IDONT CARE !

  2. I’m really gonna miss these people….especially LMH and PSH….I loved them in Heirs….surely they have played better characters in past but I loved their chemistry here….so sweet and warm 🙂

  3. Oh, I hate GOODBYE’s, surely gonna miss the CAST’s so much hence they inspired me a lot. LMH was truly an adorable man, his EYES and SMILES speaks words of passionate emotions that expresses true feelings of LOVE & HOPE. I would always look forward for HIS next project and we’re following it for sure, 100%. To all responsible of making HEIRS a success, our sincerest CONGRATULATIONS for for the job well done! You bring HAPPINESS to the VIEWERS, many many thanks to all of you!

  4. That first picture of LMH after the cut, whee he is smiling on the couch, showed more joy and animation from him than we ever got in 18 hours worth of Heirs. I don’t hate this show, it had its good points, but I feel it could have been so much better. The waste of talent and opportunity was appalling.

  5. This show could have been great and I’m disappointed at what it ended up as. However, kudos to the actors who gave their all in spite of a ridiculous script. It’s good to see them all smiling and happy after what must have been a grueling work schedule.

  6. Heirs with mixed emotions ;Love , hate boring , sad…….etc
    I don’t hate heirs but I wished that the script & the story more rich with the aim behind it , I felt the actors and actresses did good job according to the materials that they had all the characters reached me but I will say that YD character is the only one was the best written and thanks to woo bin who make it shines , seriously I feel YD character developed in front of me with his pain which was beautifully written .
    Even I am Park shin hye fan I know her character had poor script , I know that she can do more but ES is really poor character I wish her next project to be Action, sport or Revenge I want her to be the boss 😀 I love her I wish her the best I know her beautiful personality & I wish her to choose the story before the name of the writer .

  7. the heirs !!
    this drama is very best !!! and all the cast also may idol lee minho and park shin hye…and this picture the cast is similing … & happy .. the heirs is beautiful movie ….but the script & the story more rich with aim behind it , I know the actor and actress did good job….I wish park shin hye and lee minho did the new movie in 2014 …..

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