Recap and Video of the Hilarious Episode 6 BTS for In A Good Way

Lego Lee has kinda got himself into a pickle while us fans of In A Good Way can start rubbing our hands together in glee. At last week’s SETTV celebration event, Lego vowed that when the drama ratings broke 3 he and other male lead Jay Shih would ride their old-school motorcycles used in the drama from the network headquarters to the filming location. The riding part is easy peasy, the kicker is that the guys will do so while topless and with their respective leading ladies Kirsten Jen and Smile Wen riding behind them. This week’s episode 6 hit 2.9 in ratings for cable (2.3 all stations), which means IAGW is guaranteed to break 3 next week based on the buzz and continued fan love for this drama. Lego was asked if he’s ready and he begged the fans not to let it break 3 because it’s been raining and freezing in Taipei recently and looks to be for the foreseeable future so he and Jay are going to suffer mightily if he has to follow through on his promise. I still remember a few years ago when Roy Qiu had to wear a dinosaur outfit while go-carting when Office Girls broke 5 in ratings, and that drama kept on going the distance. I think Lego had no clue how popular and fast-rising this drama was when he made that vow, he should have said when ratings broke 5.

Lego also promised in a BTS to sing a song that he wrote for the fans if the FB page likes broke 200,000, and right now it’s nearly 150,000 so he better start composing right now as well. I’m sure Kirsten is giggling maniacally with the thought that she gets to ride behind Lego while his topless while she can be all bundled up, which is the best of both worlds. The BTS for episode 6 was so funny and cheeky I bust a gut. When Lego said at the SETTV interview that he’s not interested in any romance but wants to just focus on the filming, when you watch him in the BTS he’s just as playful as Kirsten and totally an instigator in half their flirting. His personality is really nothing like Liu Chuan even if he’s just so gorgeous and perfect to play cool-as-cucumber Liu Chuan. The recurring joke in this particular episode 6 BTS is that Kirsten has a very toothy grin when she smiles but she only shows her top row of teeth. The Three Musketeers make fun of her in the beginning on the video, and then towards the end Lego goes to town and keeps mimicking Kirsten’s grin until she’s literally chasing him around the dance floor to make him stop. Methinks the boy really really likes teasing the girl, heh. They are so cute, this entire drama is already cute but add the BTS and it’s like a feast of cuteness.

Episode 6 BTS recap:

[youtube id=”KOhxMov2qP0″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Jia En takes a picture of the Three Musketeers at the Treasure Hunting club and Lego takes the lead in making fun of Kristen’s toothy grin with the overbite. He then gets addicted to it and keeps smiling like a rabbit. He then tells the cameraman not to cut this out of the BTS. Ha! Jay is filming the magic scene with Jia En’s dad. Later Kristen comes and tells Jay to make her disappear and then re-appear and they are totally in sync.

Filming moves to the party set and Jay says that all this food is here but can’t be eaten, so he’ll make it disappear. Kristen uses magic to make Jay’s cell phone appear. Jay then makes a sandwich appear and Kristen confirms that everyone wants to sneak a bite from the buffet but they can’t because otherwise the set will look different. Jay then makes a cup appear for Kirsten and then they go and stare at the food and drool over it so no one can eat it.

The camera catches Lego drinking which means he’s sneaking food from the set buffet. When he turns around he’s caught but he brazenly says he was just trying to see if it’s edible for others. Earth (who plays Jacky) is eating and he reveals that he’s the only one allowed to eat so everyone is jealous. The camera then catches Lego actually eating food and he can’t swallow it fast enough and has to ask for time out.

Smile and Jay are doing magic together and she conjures up a rose. Jay says that the flashing lights will give people a sense of disorientation and he can’t actually hold onto the rose she’s trying to hand him. The entire group is practicing the jitterbug and Xiao Wei reveals that Ri Qi is a jitterbug king, combining the dance moves with judo. He then takes Xiao Wei over to PK Lego and Kirsten, but those two are no joke and start wiggling their hips and dancing back until Xiao Wei and Ri Qi admit defeat and slink away. Kirsten tells all comers to come and challenge them. They start dancing and get so into it Kirsten says that she hear a snap on her arm.

Kristen’s older sister Selina arrive to surprise her sister and throws herself on Kirsten while she’s posing for a picture with Lego. Kirsten asks if she’s here to “see him” and of course big sis is here to check out her “prospective brother-in-law”. She hands him a present and Lego asks if this means Selina is handing her sister to his care? Lego then gets embarrassed with all this “prospective brother-in-law” talk and looks left and right as Selina crows about how she’s very satisfied with checking him out and he’s very good looking. She then says they look very alike, definitely what everyone says about “husband-wife” face.

Talk turns to how Lego watched episode 1 and remarked that Kirsten was really dorky, a natural ease in playing dorky. Selina reveals the real Kirsten really is as dorky as Jia En so playing her is a breeze. Lego reveals his parents asked him whether Kirsten Jen is this dorky in real life and Lego said she is. Kirsten gets upset and starts hitting him playfully for saying she’s dorky in real life. Selina sees in all the BTS flirting between them and says even Kirsten hitting Lego right now is flirting. Lego turns to Kirsten and playfully acts very stern and tells her to be mature now because her sister is here.

Kirsten tells Selina that they just filmed the jitterbug and Selina says that Lego has very bad dance rhythm. Kristen offers up Lego’s abs for Selina to touch and she’s impressed feeling him up, with Kirsten adding that he’s much better than her brother-in-law. Daddy Jen arrives on set as the second surprise guest of the night and tells Lego to take care of Kirsten and teach her more. Kirsten and Lego then mimic her dad’s patented gesture of saying “grateful, grateful” with putting his hands together and then bowing 90 degrees.

Kirsten does it first but then Lego nails it. The camera person says Lego can actually mimic the entire Jen family now, first with Kirsten and now her dad. Lego rubs his front teeth to get ready to flash a Kirsten smile and she claims she doesn’t smile like that. He says she’s doing it right now and then counts her front teeth, ending with 14 pearly whites showing each time she smiles but she doesn’t show her lower teeth. Kirsten whines that he doesn’t mimic her well and the caption reads “laughing at you means liking you” which is the line of dialogue Liu Chuan said to Jia En in episode 5.

So during the filming, Lego keeps flashing the Kirsten smile each time they cut and Kirsten is dying and just keeps hitting him until he runs away. She follows him to the corner and keeps insisting she doesn’t smile that ugly but Lego says that Kirsten flashed him a mega-watt smile just then and then does his version again to vex her. She’s called away and she warns him to stay put because she’s coming right back to deal with him.


Recap and Video of the Hilarious Episode 6 BTS for In A Good Way — 24 Comments

  1. Curious to see the BTS for the next episode (since that takes place after the interview) to see if they remain so chummy off camera. But seriously the cast really have such a ball of a time filming together. Think their chemistry & camaraderie shows on screen, which is why the show sucks you in & gets you hooked. Hope the screenwriter keeps up the good work & maintains the show’s quality all the way to the end!

    • The fact they are that relaxed says a lot about the director.
      He gets the job done – meaning we are definitely feeling his unique imprint on pacing, music, photography – AND lets the cast have a little fun and freedom. That is not an easy balance.

      • I have to wonder if part of how they’re able to accomplish that is the one episode per week format. It’s painful as an audience member because the show’s so good, but I’m sure it’s less of a strain on the actors & production team. And honestly, I don’t mind so much now that we’re basically getting to follow along with a mini-drama every week, in the form of these long BTS clips.

    • Kirsten does sound nice hehe. But her name now seems to be lorene because i saw on lego’s instagram that he is following lorene ren too bad her account is private though

  2. I’ve seen this so many times it’s no joke. They are two cute. The entire cast!!! I loved Earth’s Judo jutterbug. Priceless. And yes, Lego looks like the straight man but he’s the reason Kirsten is giggling and hitting like a mad woman. Gotta love it.

  3. i love how comfortable Lego and Kristen are with each other. also lego mentioned at one of the previous interviews that everyone is having so much fun filming the show and that everyone starts to do a lot of improvising.

  4. Omg the bts released every week is getting getting more awesome ~ and they become closer and closer. Lol by the end of the drama they will be prob dating and become tight as. Hardcore shipper here haha

  5. Whether he wants to date her or not, he LOVES her attention. He KNOWS she’ going to keep hitting him if he teases her.

    You gotta wonder how different they are when the cameras are off, or does this continue in someone’s trailer or over a glass of wine? Hmmmm…

  6. LOL Lego looks like a seal when he does the Kirsten smile while clapping his hands hahaha
    Poor Kirsten, getting teased mercilessly ^_^
    The whole cast of this drama is awesome!

  7. I enjoy these BTS more than I have enjoyed half the dramas this year. The entire cast is that cute. Now we see even the families are that cute. Will there be unicorns next?

    • LOL, so true. The BTS is truly a drama-within-a-drama, comprised exclusively of skinship. Whoever’s sitting in a boardroom, declaring that shows need makjang and manufactured angst to hook audiences, should be taking notes.

      • I know. People keep trying to come up with new reality tv show ideas when they have this stuff right in their laps.

      • I’ve NEVER understood that, with American tv especially. Like…what on the planet is more enjoyable than watching two people fall in love? Why make all of these “dating” shows only to use them as a vehicle for tons of manufactured drama? Obviously *some* stuff needs to happen, but I just don’t get why a lot of shows (reality and otherwise) undermine their characters to move the plot forward. It’s just illogical to me, when there’s so much rich drama to mine from believable characters navigating real relationships with depth to them.

        *stepping off my soapbox now*

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