Rain Co-stars with Crystal Liu for High Profile Romantic C-movie Beauty’s Dew

Oooohhhh, me likes this new project and casting. Hallyu superstar Rain, whose star has dimmed significantly in his own South Korea after some controversy with his military service behavior and for daring to date a smart nice fellow actress like Kim Tae Hee, has steadily continued with his own career since returning from the army last year. He released a new album, held fan meetings, filmed a Hollywood movie, and is now headed to China to star in a C-movie that starts filming next week. Rain will be co-starring with legendary beautiful flower vase Crystal Liu, who is probably Kim Tae Hee’s equivalent in China so that’s amusing in and of itself. I’ve grown fond of Kim Tae Hee in recent years and also find myself softening towards Crystal’s brand of blank acting. There are actually moments where I see a spark there such as in her recent movies like White Vengeance or The Four. Crystal is almost always in period dramas and films but this movie with Rain will be a modern setting and it’s adapted from a romance literary novel of the same name called Beauty’s Dew (红颜露水). This movie is getting more buzz for its director Gao Xi Xi than for either Crystal and Rain since he’s one of China’s most famous and establish directors and has helmed major big budget dramas and movies over his two decade long career. He was behind the recent drama adaptations of epic C-historicals like Three Kingdoms and Legend of Chu and Han Dynasties. I’ve always thought Crystal and Song Hye Kyo looked a lot alike, so seeing her with Rain might bring back fond memories of him acting with Song Hye Kyo in their popular K-drama Full House. I’m pretty chill with Rain making his first C-movie since all the cool K-entertainers are headed to China to mine that huge fanbase so he might as well take a twirl over there while waiting for the K-netizens to get over their issues with him. Crystal remains one of the most beautiful natural beauties in C-ent and below is her latest Spring pictorial that nicely welcomes in the warmer season to come.


Rain Co-stars with Crystal Liu for High Profile Romantic C-movie Beauty’s Dew — 18 Comments

  1. That’s one fugly jacket.
    I liked 3kingdoms although i never finished it as subs took a long time. I’m going to track it down and finish it.

    • It’s MCM (Korean luxury brand) for China Harper’s Brazzers. if they chose this outfit for the cover of the March issue so Chinese people perhaps like this floral pattern.

      • MCM was originally a German luxury brand founded ( and named) in Munch by a designer. Michael Cromer Munchen – MCM. The were taken over/ bought out in the 2005 or 2006 by their Korean distributor Seung-jo design and renamed Modern creation Munchen. They still have headquarters in Zurich ( maybe for tax reasons) and they are heavily expanding in mainland China. I can not see their spring/summer Collection named flower boys selling in Europe but then again Versage and D&G made some decent cash with some “fugly” designs.

  2. The girl is beautiful but I could not stop laughing seeing the title of the magazine “Man style” and on its cover is Rain with this hideous jacket.LOL .So much for styling!

    • Agreed! She looks very similar to Park Ha Sun.

      I like Rain after I saw his show, Rain Effect. Not sure about the army drama since I know Koreans take that very seriously but he seems like a nice guy who maybe just made a bad decision/choice.

  3. I’ve seen her in drama. She’s gorgeous but I think KTH is prettier. Rain is soo lucky cos he get to hang around with gorgeous people

  4. Both are pretty gals but horrible actresses. I’ve only seen Crystal Liu in one modern movie and that was w/ Jimmy Lin a long time ago. She’s pretty for ancient Chinese movies/dramas.

  5. OK I understand people feeling upset about him enjoying preferential treatment during military service but I don’t understand why he would become less popular in Korea for dating Kim Tae Hee. Can someone please explain?

    Also, I hope this means he travels and tours more around the world. More for us!

  6. Ice cool beauty. I love crystal liu but wish she would wear a happy face rather than that stern look…it is a spring shoot after all! Rain on the other hand would not look out of place in that the spring shoot…haha!

  7. I…I actually like the jacket. It’s gorgeous!
    Reminds me of something George would wear/design in Paradise Kiss.

    Also really happy to see Rain back.

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