Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao Adorably Meet the Media for Upcoming SETTV Friday Night Drama

Sold! Just on how adorable Liu Yi Hao and Puff Guo look together making their first appearance as a couple for the upcoming SETTV Friday night drama, I’m totally checking these two out no matter what. If the story turns out good then I’ll stay for the long haul. The cast of the currently airing Friday night drama In a Good Way has been finishing filming one-by-one with the supporting characters done first while the leads are filming their last scenes as we speak. I think there is three more episodes of IAGW left which means it’s follow up drama will be airing in late May and has just started filming. The drama title used to be Love Meets Cupid (爱情遇见邱比特) but has since been changed to To Like One Person (喜歡‧一個人). Both drama titles are kinda cute and either works for me. Puff is best known for playing brash and plucky heroines like her character in Just You though she has also rocked out playing the uber-bitch villainess like her character in Miss Rose. This time around she’s playing a very aloof and quiet character, a woman who works as the manager of a French restaurant and her only two interests in life are cooking and mangas. LOL, she’s my type of girl. Other than those two things she likes to be left alone. Liu Yi Hao also plays against his usual big jolly boy-next-door type and sheds his trademark broccoli mane for more mature locks as he transforms into a Paris-trained French chef who returns to Taiwan and ends up working at the same restaurant as Puff where they have a dislike-turned-to-love relationship. Dang it, this is sounding more and more tasty and might be just what the doctor ordered for IAGW withdrawals.

The two attended a media meet-and-greet event at SETTV headquarters as the drama started filming two days ago and both revealed they hit it off right away since they have mutual friends in common and are also both very lively personalities in real life. Puff is a SETTV regular so warned Liu Yi Hao that he was going to have to show abs in the drama and urged him to keep working out because he can’t lose to Aaron Yan. I’m already getting super fun vibes from their banter.


Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao Adorably Meet the Media for Upcoming SETTV Friday Night Drama — 15 Comments

  1. They look so cute! And the premise sounds interesting too. 🙂

    So… no chaebol shenanigans? No your-dad-killed-my-dad-prepare-to-die melo? Just two professionals butting over opinions at work and bickering their way into love? :hearts:

    And another :heart: for Puff’s shoes. 😀

  2. This is exactly what I need for May and the end of what has been a particularly trying season and semester for many. I need something cute and light. This sounds like the ticket. I love how Puff challenged Liu Yi Hao to beat Aaron Yan. You tell him, girlfriend. Fans want abs in May.

  3. Me too Ms Koala! Once I saw the couple pics from yesterday’s conference I was totally sold, they look so adorable together !!! so glad that I have something to fill my Friday night with IAGW gone (still can’t bear to let it go though TT).

  4. “Liu Yi Hao also plays against his usual big jolly boy-next-door type and sheds his trademark broccoli mane”.
    But oh noes that’s what I like about him, that hair and smiley puppy face.

  5. Ohhhh, sign me up! This is perfect because I’m just realizing that I haven’t been watching any rom-coms since Bride of the Century ended (although, it is probably for the better since finals are literally right around the corner lol).

  6. …sigh…sadly Liu Yi Hao is on my list of dislikes for actors. Don’t get me wrong lol, his acting in general is good. I enjoy him in little commercial and music videos too but~ its one of those girl things can’t watch a guy that isn’t that right type. But I enjoy Puff, but I’m actually gonna watch this drama for lai li en. I still wanna see someone give her a lead role someday. she is just so beautiful too. BTW Puff’s Attire is so cute (those heels). ^^

  7. i love jasper liu for puff.. he’s an appealing leading man , simple but cute.. as you can see him he’s a gentleman type of a guy,. he fits for puff too, same to aaron,, ozing chemistry for the both of them puff /jasper.. hoping for another collaboration ,

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