You’re All Surrounded Releases Full Character Stills and Cancels Drama Press Conference

The somber mood in K-ent continues this week even as dramas have gone back to regular programming. The Sewol ferry sinking has dominated news headlines in South Korea and with it the entire nation is in an emotional state of mourning even as unaffected people continue on with their daily lives. The drama wrap parties for this week’s two ending SBS dramas God’s Gift: 14 Days and Three Days were both cancelled and instead the money donated to relief efforts. On the other hand, upcoming dramas have to toggle the usual promotional machine fanfare with a more low key atmosphere these days so it’s not surprising that SBS has announced that it’s scrapping the usual press conference circuit for You’re All Surrounded. I don’t see press conference success or failure ever an indication of whether a drama ends up a hit with the audience so this isn’t a big deal for the cast or the fans. YAAS has also pushed back it’s premiere date to May 7th so circle that date on the calendar instead. The official drama website has opened for business and released official character stills, some of which have already been released while others for the supporting cast are new. What interested me the most was reading the character description for Lee Seung Gi‘s Eun Dae Gu. He has a high intellect and passed the bar exam only to suddenly transfer to the police academy and graduated top of his class. He is no nonsense and has a biting tongue that cuts people down if they can’t move at his mind speed. He doesn’t care about being a cop or fighting crime, his sole motivation for becoming a police officer is to catch his mother’s killer. Ah ha, finally we get the back story! Even with a bad temper and a caustic tongue, he still sets hearts aflame since he’s got the looks that makes the ladies swoon, except when he butts up against Go Ara‘s character. Cha Seung Won plays the police captain of the criminal affairs division and had a separate love line with Oh Yoon Ah who plays his ex-wife. I’m really looking forward to this drama.


You’re All Surrounded Releases Full Character Stills and Cancels Drama Press Conference — 47 Comments

  1. LOL I can’t even take Lee seung gi seriously as a Cop. He just doesn’t do give off those vibes in any of the stills plus his Acting us mediocre. Go Ara looks pretty decent though. Plot on a whole sounds meh….. It’s a pass from my side.

    • Green,who are you judge his acting….go and watch TK2H to see how proficient his acting…..just don’t pass spiteful remark just for the sake of it like an anti..he has never played a cop so how will you imagine him…just wait for MAY 7 to see the reality…for me i give your comment a pass….i don’t mind an anti like you giving it a pass becoz it makes no difference ….

      • Who am I to judge ? I’m a viewer , as supposedly we are the ones who have the power to decide how good or bad an actor is . Moreover wat I stated is a personal opinion , if u find it as me judging his acting then take it that way…it will not change my opinion of him Untill I’m impressed by his acting. And I watched TK2H and found him mediocre plus zero chemistry with the female lead.

        “He has never played a cop before , how can u imagine him ” I’m not imagining him I’ve simply stated my opinion once again of how I don’t see the cop feels from his character stills whatsoever CSW is somewhat doing it for me there.

        Just because I stated a opinion that is obviously bitter to a fan u seem terribly pressed over it lol calm ur tits down , I didn’t bash him or anything. Handle the criticism even if it is ur fav star because every actor gets it.

      • @green it is funny how people see things differently. You feel he had no chemistry with HJW in TK2H yet that OTP was probably the most beloved that year by the masses even those who griped about him being paired with her before the drama started took back their words and loved them, I did not see even one blogger who did not love them. Or his acting in that drama he gained many many new fans after his performance in that drama. funny you found it mediocre. oh well!

        @no one in particular-
        I think that he nailed his TK2H role, and matured so much, I think GFB was a big mistake for him to take after that role, if it had been before he would get less flack for his acting. I think that role was a regression but not his acting. That drama had a few plot issues, he went from playing a mature authority figure to a sweet young lad, and had to carry the whole show because his female lead is the worst wannabe actress in Korea. I am curious how people think he could have portrayed his character any better than he did. Instead of saying his acting regressed give examples of how his portrayal could have been better.

      • Bitch please I need to learn from u now ? How to give out my opinion , just look at urself first before telling me to organize myself , you are the one who got butthurt and called me a troll/anti while I didn’t even say anything mean or pass any “spiteful remarks” saying someone is a mediocre actor is bashing according to immature Fangirls like you.
        Still you need to improve your grammar instead lol…I’m not even defending myself like u or going overboard . Learn to differentiate between what is criticism and what is I have only criticised while u started with ur mean comments on me personally.

    • OMG you are so wrong about him, lol reading the description by SBS he is going to nail this role too. the writing is all we need to worry about

      • he was best in The king 2 hearts and regarding gfb , he did really well with whatever material they gave him.i mean he played well as a half human and half gumiho which is quite difficult to play as whole .about fault I blame it on writing and his female lead.

    • I agree with you, Green. Lee Seung Gi is a pretty mediocre actor and I can’t see him display an adequate amount of authority at all. I’d immediately give this drama a pass, but but but Cha Seung Won….. 🙁 I guess I’m going to wait a few weeks and see what the prevailing opinion is on this drama.

      • lol he portrayed enough authority to play a king tho? Idk what some of you are smoking tbh.

      • Green and latesleeper you both should sleep early and no wait for few weeks…you can never like the drama becoz you two’s head is filled with a lot of rubbish and hatred…..i don’t know why you give your opinion on this story if you have no interest in the drama…IF you visited this site

      • green and latesleeper you both should sleep early…. if you visted this site you must know TK2H was favourite drama and couple of 2014 judged by koala ….look like you two have a lot of rubbish and hatred filled in your brain about the drama so suggest you skip this becoz it makes no difference…..i just don’t why give your opinion(or should i say spiteful remarks) on this topic if you are not intrested at all in it…..i like to what chemistry you are referring to when you said LSG and HJW had zero chemistry…….really you have gone insane….are you jealous of your star not getting attention or jealous… i feel like you both are burning just take a bath i guess or eat ribs tonight…Green i am not depressed but seeing your unreasonable and trash comments i feel you have gone in depression…you can never feel him as a cop becoz your heart is filled with your own pre-conceived notion and hated in your heart….. you talk of respect so plz respect other for them to respect your opinion….

      • Samarendra You are one overly obsessed Delusional Fangirl who can’t even handle one single criticism. Just look at yourself how stupid you sound plus the Grammar LOL. Why would I be jealous of him at all my bias does better than him at home and internationally , Jealousy lmao. Learn to deal with criticism if u can’t u can ignore it but u cannot stop people from giving out their opinions and what koala judged is her opinion It’s not that is acceptable by Everyone. HJW had many better co stars tbh….Lee seung gi is the least among all of them (yes for whatever reasons u wanna think u can)

    • @melissa: You have your opinion, I have mine. And the way you are acting, child, you will never be able to change my mind about him.

      • I’m not here to change your mind. And really child? Never mind, after reading some of the comments I shouldn’t have bothered. Trolls trolling.

      • Green , i am not delusional rather i would say you are unresonable and delusional..I can accept criticism but not your criticisim which makes no sense…just learn to organize yourself and be constructive in your criticisim…. i don’t care about my grammar when i talk to an anti like you….i don’t have a problem in you giving your opinions but not spiteful remarks…. i don’t give care about …..your bias and how he does domestically and internationally…..why sprain your hand writing spiteful remarks when you are happy with your bias… i am not stupid rather are you…don’t include others in your statements stand for yourself …you need to have a chill pill……

    • This drama is a must see for me because of my ultimate bias, Lee Seung Gi. I am looking forward to his role as a cop, he’s looking mighty fine and well, I love his hair! Waiting impatiently for the drama to air. Seung Gi and drama, fighting !

    • I agree about Lee Seung Gi. He’s such a bland actor and all of his characters are so interchangeable. But this drama has Cha Seung Woo so I cannot skip.

      lol @ the legion of fangirls coming at you.

      • Ikr he is too bland from what I saw of him but wen I give out my opinion obviously the butthurt Fangirls get all raged up lol

      • I am skipping this drama because of CSW, never liked him and his insecure fans. The drama is doomed to fail because of them.

      • green seeing you continue to leave bitter remarks….really you have gone insane…..plz take a chill pill and not bother about this drama…i would say you are more butthurt than us…..

  2. Au contraire. I’m looking forward to this and what can I say, the dokko is back. True, I was a little disappointed with LSG’s Kang-chi after his notable performance in K2H, but I’m still willing to give this drama a go. Hello Captain!

    • I was going to pass on this drama, however the character description of Eun Dae Gu is making me have second thoughts. I can see LSG in that role, and I am now curious about what the drama will look like.

      I was disappointed as well with LSG’s performance in GFB. I thought he did well in some of the scenes, however i do agree with the comment Ms. Koala made at the time that his acting had regressed. His performance is TK2Hs was notable. It was my 1st time seeing LSG in a drama and I did enjoy his performance there. I am willing to give this drama a chance as well.This sounds like a good project and a good role for LSG. Also, I have never seen CSW in a drama, however I have seen video clips of some of his dramas, and he does have a great voice. I look forward to his performance as well and to the performance of the other actors (and actresses).

  3. Please none of them (maybe the last lady) look like actual cops. I don’t think cops spend that much time on their hair, but that’s not the point. Looking forward to this. Presscons are fun to see possible chemistry, but not really necessary. Do the press ever actually ask about the drama anyway.

  4. I only look forward to press conferences for the fashion lol. But I admittedly wanted to see the chemistry between the cast members in RL since the pics I’ve seen floating on twitter and tumblr doesn’t scream that they’re having fun at least. No one seems to be smiling, and it was before the tragedy. But after the ferry accident, I think it’s the most appropriate and right decision. I’d imagine the cast would rather give the proceedings to help the search instead anyway. It’s such an unfortunate tragedy. Hope every one can eventually move on as soon as possible even if it’s difficult. The more they show it on tv, the more people get depressed.

  5. Im really looking forward to this drama.LSG has really improved his acting over the years.

    I loved GFB.His crying scenes were amazing and he was so adorable as Kang-chi. cant wait

  6. They’re the new cops who have not been interested in becoming real cops firstly so of course you will never find their vibe of true cops on all of those actors, not only Lee Seunggi. However, through his fancams, fanpics at the filming site, I found Lee Seunggi have the suited characteristics to his character reveal by the YASS homepage the most. Of course it also thanks to Mrs. Lee Sung Sun, the writer of this drama. Based on her descriptions about Eun Dae Gu’s charater, I found she maybe the fellow friend with writer Kang Eun Kyung as a Lee Seunggi’s fan since this Eun Dae Gu also has many same characteristics with Lee Seunggi’s LOL. Also, they even invited him as the main lead before the time they write it. These two writers must fall into him much?
    About Cha Seungwon, I neither saw him any vibe of a cop too. Instead of the vibe of a legendary cop, in somehow, I see he has the vibe of a great crime much LOL.

  7. Also, from King 2 Hearts to Gu Ffamily Book and now You Are All Surrounded, I always found Lee Seunggi was the only actor who mentioned directly his co-stars’ names with a great recognition for the dramas on first official fan-greeting videos which the drama producers made for each of all the main actors. It showed that actor Lee Seunggi has a great manner. His modesty, his concerns to his co-stars is one of the reason make me always look forward and wish the best success to his dramas, not only to his own success.

    • Yes, it’s pretty telling how he always mentions other people with great respect and never tries to take all the credit/attention. And those fans of those actors still try to hate on him.. lol

  8. I don’t really have that much of a feeling for LSG and Go Ara together. I wouldn’t be surprised if Go Ara has better chemistry with CSW.

  9. I loved him in K2H and I didn’t love Gu Family Book, the story wasn’t goo for me and I didn’t feel any chemistry between Suzy and him (more with Lee Yoo Bi). I hope Go Ara will be good in this drama. Because I found Eun Ji good in Reply 1997 but really bad in That Winter that Wind Blow.

    I hope his role will be not too much like K2H, smart and rebel…

  10. LOL… actually, everybody has a point. The drama didn’t even started and yet, the emotions are running wild!
    Despite all the (legitim) arguments, to judge just from the stills how well or awful an actor will preform the given role, is just as accurate as to tell the future by reading in a cup of coffee. How often are promotional materials miss leading?

    For me: K2H top & GFB flop, AM 97 top & AM 94 mediocre, TGL top & Athena flop … but that doesn’t indicate how I will feel about the performances of Go Ara, LSG, CSW,… or the drama itself, until I watched it.

  11. LOL… actually, everybody has a point. The drama didn’t even started and yet, the emotions are running wild!
    Despite all the (legitim) arguments, to judge just from the stills how well or awful an actor will preform the given role, is just as accurate as to tell the future by reading in a cup of coffee. How often are promotional materials miss leading?

    For me: K2H top & GFB flop, AM 97 top & AM 94 mediocre, TGL top & Athena flop … but that doesn’t indicate how I will feel about the performances of Go Ara, LSG, CSW,… or the drama itself, until I watched it.LOL… actually, everybody has a point. The drama didn’t even started and yet, the emotions are running wild!
    Despite all the (legitim) arguments, to judge just from the stills how well or awful an actor will preform the given role, is just as accurate as to tell the future by reading in a cup of coffee. How often are promotional materials miss leading?

    For me: K2H top & GFB flop, AM 97 top & AM 94 mediocre, TGL top & Athena flop … but that doesn’t indicate how I will feel about the performances of Go Ara, LSG, CSW,… or the drama itself, until I watched it.

    • Ups, sorry for the double. I tried to post it and it didn’t work. So I copy & paste it and didn’t realized that I must have double tapped on my mobile phone. Don’t post while your on your way. Big sorry

  12. Lol people get real personal here. Anyways i am not interested in the drama but may give it a try. Gotta think about it. Btw K2H was pretty good!

  13. I really dont underestand when someone says Lee Seung Gi is not a good actor, I mean really how is a good actor for you?? I’m new to korean dramas and Gu Family Book was the first time i saw Lee Seung Gi in my life and that was enough to make me a devoted airen, and now i see some people say his performance was not good there or he is bland as an actor… Bland?? Omg he made me and my whole family laugh and cry with him during gfb .. How can a bland actor do that? You may not like the drama or storyline or etc but no offense to Seung gi’s acting! Its not that i cant accept critism from people but not when they sound just like antis …

    • So according to you ppl who say “LSG’s acting is bland” are Antis ? Heh?
      Btw like you said u are new to Kdramas so once when u are more into Kdramas and watch dramas from other actors even from the same age group u will probably know there are better actors than him but Ofcourse nobody will stop u from loving him or thinking he is the best. Purely ur opinion in the same way others have an opinion too and sometimes an opinion opposed to urs . Just saying.

      • Lol i said i’m new to kdramas but didnt mean i havent seen any kdramas before, what i meant was that i just didnt follow them seriously, just watched them once in a while and wasn’t curious about who the actors/actresses are, and yes i’ve seen kdramas before and after gfb from the same age group of known actors too but no one ever impressed me as Seung Gi, or made me the stalker/follower that i am, and the fact that he impressed me and many others shows that he’s far from bland, I’m not trying to change your opinion about him and ur right, for me he IS the best and no one can change that, but he’s actually “one of the best” with no doubt.

    • Just ignore them dear, obviously someone has too much time for a “mediocre” actor like him and a “meh” drama LOL I’m relived they won’t watch this, and it doesn’t hurt Seung Gi or the drama, many people think otherwise, if you go to other place like YAS official site or news on Nate, Daum,… most the comments are all about LSG and how good he is, his videos/photos/news have more views than other casts. Some minority opinion doesn’t make majority opinion invalid.

  14. Wow some Fangirls here are really obsessed.Anyway I also think that Lee seung gi is a overrated mediocre actor. He hasn’t done anything highly impressive with his acting skills , It maybe ok with many people since he is a Idol first. He is not bad but he is not good either.

  15. It’s hilarious when someone uses the different name and agree with what she/he said, you can change the name but there’s a signature in the way everyone talks/comments. Call others obsessed but doesn’t she/he look at herself/himself? Criticism is all good if it’s constructive, criticism with a “certain” intention is just plain annoying, and really someone needs to get the facts right before commenting, call Seung Gi is an idol is just laughable and ignorant.
    Anyway, I just watched new promotional videos and can’t wait for the drama. Wish the best for the drama and all the cast.

  16. I’m sure this drama is a big hit! Why? Because it’s lee seung gi! Lee seung gi effect..hehehe… For me he is the best actor in Korea no one can ever compare him, I’ve watched so many Korean drama before and I just watched it because of the story.. And I like many Korean actors before, but when I watched k2h i totally hooked with lee seung gi, because he has everything you can like to a celebrity…for me he’s the most handsome Korean celebrity.. Lee seunggi fighting..yaas fighting…

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