Dr. Stranger Episode 5 Recap

Yay for more Dr. Stranger energy to kick start my Monday with another dose of crazy fun. It also doesn’t hurt to see gorgeous couple Jae Joon and Soo Hyun steam up the screen with some face-to-face closeness. Episode 5 continues the trend of Park Hoon operating in someone’s chest cavity in each episode, still offering good service to the “Doctor” part of the drama’s title. Sometimes a drama starts off claiming to be about a subject matter and then wholly fails to actually be about said subject matter. So far Dr. Stranger is doing a bang up job on both the medical and the spy stuff even if the handling on both proves to be so ludicrous it borders on science fiction. I’m still waiting for the lens to shine on the two leads that haven’t gotten as much screen time yet, the rival surgeon Jae Joon and the is-she-isn’t-she doppleganger Seung Hee. Dramas often do a disservice to certain leads since it’s hard to pass around the screen time, in this drama I need the currently underdeveloped two to really step up their character development.

Otherwise the fantastic chemistry and great character interactions of Park Hoon and Soo Hyun threaten to leave them in the dust. This drama soars when the characters are called to emote, and right now Seung Hee is as flat as a pancake while Jae Joon remains an angry icicle who may or may not love Soo Hyun for real but definitely is gunning for taking over the hospital. Episode 5 turns the table again on Hoon and he’s kicked out for operating on Soo Hyun’s mom against Chairman Oh’s explicit orders. That gives him more time to look for Jae Hee and a boatload of information is dropped that is contradictory on whether Jae Hee is alive or not. One thing is certain and that is Seung Hee clearly works for evil Comrade Cha on some nefarious plan involving Park Hoon. If she is Jae Hee then what happened to her between falling in the river in Budapest and now? Is it amnesia and brainwashing, or does she remember all about Hoon but the love has turned to hate and she is working to harm him? It’s going to be hard to like antagonistic Seung Hee unless we start seeing her point of view though it does give Hoon more scenes to angst over true love turned to hate.

Episode 5 recap:

Soo Hyun begs Hoon to operate on her mom and he agrees but Soo Hyun’s mom predictably dies on the operating table. Soo Hyun breaks down having lost her mom just like that and not getting a chance to have any closure with her. Hoon pulls a distraught Soo Hyun in for a comforting embrace and she calms down enough to hug him back and let herself cry. Jae Joon walks in at that moment and takes in this tableau with a clenched look of anger but he just turns and walks back out. Damn, I would have enjoyed a good angry doctorly punch or two.

Secretary Kim calls PM Jang to confirm that the prosecutors will summon him in another few weeks for a follow up meeting. I hate PM Jang and his insincere face. Secretary Kim then goes to the hospital where Han Seung Hee works and asks to see her. She walks out behind the screen and asks if he needs anything? Secretary Kim stares at her and remembers Jae Hee getting shot on the bridge in Budapest and murmurs “she really looks so alike.”

Seung Hee smiles at Secretary Kim and then flashback to Hoon’s missed encounter with Seung Hee in the hospital that day. She actually saw Hoon from the moment she was buying the two iced coffees and purposely avoided him in the hospital while he was frantically chasing her and calling her Jae Hee. The way she looks very cold and calculating gives me the shivers.

Seung Hee pulls up outside a house and flashes back to meeting with Comrade Cha one night and getting the personal file for Dr. Oh Soo Hyun. She walks up to the house and Soo Hyun is there as well. Seung Hee introduces herself as Dr. Han Seung Hee and explains that she treated Soo Hyun’s mom in the hospital before transferring her mom to Myung Woo.

Seung Hee has the keys to open Soo Hyun’s mom’s residence because when her mom was getting out-patient surgery, she asked Seung Hee to live with her because she was lonely. This residence was close to the hospital so Seung Hee agreed. Soo Hyun hears that her mom was lonely and thinks back to her mom sending her away and wonders why her mom did that if she was going to be lonely. The two women enter the residence and Soo Hyun has many happy childhood memory flashbacks of living here with her mom.

Seung Hee takes out a box containing presents that Soo Hyun’s mom bought for her daughter every year on Soo Hyun’s birthday. Seung Hee explains this is Soo Hyun’s mom’s most prized possession when Soo Hyun takes out a sketchbook from that box. Inside are sketches of Soo Hyun’s life growing up and it’s clear that Soo Hyun’s mom would secretly go see her daughter from a distance and then come back and sketch her.

Soo Hyun doesn’t understand why her mom sent her away yet clearly loved and missed her. Seung Hee explains that Soo Hyun’s mom wanted her daughter to have a better life and not end up like her mom, choosing a love that the world castigated. Soo Hyun breaks down crying because this isn’t what she wanted. She sees the sketch of the night her mom walked away from her after handing her to her dad.

Soo Hyun suddenly sees her mom sitting across from her. Mom says that she thinks about her daughter every day and missed her so much. But it’s enough that her daughter lives well. Soo Hyun cries in her mom’s comforting embrace and the camera pulls back to show that Soo Hyun is crying in Seung Hee’s arms.

Hoon is giving a post-surgery briefing to the surgeons on Soo Hyun’s mom’s surgery and why it failed. Jae Joon peppers him with questions about why he would operate on a late-stage cancer patient who could bleed out on the table. Soo Hyun walks in late and Hoon looks at her specifically and says “I’m sorry she died” and bows down low to apologize. Another doctor doesn’t care about the apology and wants the reason for the failure so the same incident doesn’t happen again.

Jae Joon continues his line of questioning on why Hoon operated on the patient in the first place. He asks Hoon what the success rate was and Hoon admits it was 5%. Hoon thinks about how Soo Hyun begged him to operate on her mom but instead of revealing that he smiles and says he’ll operate on a patient even if the chance of success is just 1%. Jae Joon calls him arrogant and wanting to show off his skills without any concern for the patient.

Jae Joon calls Hoon a pathetic doctor and all the doctors are uncomfortable with how Jae Joon is escalating this meeting. Jae Joon orders a junior doctor to be quiet and then walks up to Hoon and says his arrogance caused the death of a patient who a doctor should be saving. He asks again why Hoon operated if it wasn’t this reason. Soo Hyun tries to interject but Jae Joon cuts her off. Hoon claims he operated for money which causes Dr. Moon to bang his head against the table.

Jae Joon asks what Hoon means in taking money to operate on the patient? Hoon stares at Soo Hyun while Jae Joon yells at him for the violation of medical ethics. Hoon walks up to Jae Joon and says he’s done with this interrogation and he knows he failed the surgery. Jae Joon grabs him by the collar and tells him to get back to the questioning otherwise he’s not even a doctor.

Jae Joon is about to walk away when Hoon laughs that he took money for the surgery so that makes him not worthy of being of doctor. But what about everyone here? Everyone gets a salary to be a doctor so everyone also gets paid to operate. As a doctor he operates on anyone who needs to be saved, not just a patient with high success rate. He calls out Jae Joon for not operating on Soo Hyun’s mom because the rate of success was so low. Is Jae Joon a doctor then for letting a patient die because the success rate was too low in her case?

Hoon walks out and sighs for the blow up back there and Dr. Moon runs out after him. Dr. Moon can’t believe Hoon is making an enemy of all the doctors back there when his situation is so precarious and can get fired by the Chairman for doing the surgery against his orders. He tells Hoon to go beg the Chairman for forgiveness.

All the doctors file out of the meeting leaving only Jae Joon and Soo Hyun left. She knows Jae Joon was picking a fight with Hoon back there because Jae Joon is frustrated he didn’t do the surgery. Jae Joon claims he did the right thing since a family member didn’t want the surgery done. Soo Hyun says she’s family and she wanted it done. Soo Hyun understands that Jae Joon can’t go against her dad’s wishes but it’s clear Dr. Park did the best he could and Soo Hyun doesn’t blame him for her mom’s death. What she can’t understand is Jae Joon releasing his frustrations on Dr. Park. She’s very disappointed in Jae Joon.

Hoon goes to beg Chairman Oh for forgiveness but the Chairman says it’s too late. He’s not upset Hoon failed the surgery, he’s upset Hoon did the surgery against his orders. He tells Hoon to leave the hospital immediately. Hoon gets on his knees and promises it will never happen again. Soo Hyun arrives and sees this scene. The Chairman orders Hoon out still and warns Dr. Moon to be careful since he doesn’t have much patience left.

Dr. Moon runs after the Chairman while Hoon smiles when he sees Soo Hyun standing there. He knows the Chairman is her dad so asks her to do something to help him because he needs to keep working here.

Chang Yi finds Hoon at the hospital and hands him the phone with Mr. Lim calling to say that he found Jae Hee. Mr. Lim asks if Hoon has the checks and they make plans to meet. Hoon wants to know more but Mr. Lim wants to meet him at the little hospital and will tell him then. Mr. Lim drives off and we see a dark shadow has been watching him.

Hoon and Chang Yi run out to the street to meet with the arriving Mr. Lim who is parked across the street. Comrade Cha hides in the shadows and points a gun towards the direction where Mr. Lim is sitting in his car. As Chang Yi and Hoon walk close, Comrade Cha fires and suddenly a truck smashes in the driver’s side door of Mr. Lim’s car.

Hoon immediately runs over and finds Mr. Lim bloody and begging Hoon to save him. He passes out and Hoon carries him back to the little hospital. Dr. Moon arrives to talk with Hoon and gets another bloody nose with the door smashed in his face. Hoon puts Mr. Lim on the operating table and touches his chest and diagnoses that a broken bone fragment is inside the heart. You and me and every viewer out there, Dr. Moon. He might as well be waving a magic wand over Mr. Lim.

Hoon immediately cuts Mr. Lim open to pull out the bone fragment but the lighting is too dark so he can’t see the it in the chest cavity. Hoon just reaches his hand inside and starts rummaging around and pulls out the bone fragment before suturing the cut. Dr. Moon is stunned that Hoon knew where the find the bone fragment and sew up the wound when he can’t see inside the heart.

Hoon and Chang Yi call an ambulance which takes the stabilized Mr. Lim away to the ER at Myung Woo hospital to get treated. Dr. Moon follows behind in his car and we see Comrade Cha sitting outside the little hospital keeping tabs on them.

Soo Hyun is in the ER and takes Mr. Lim away to operate on him after hearing that Hoon already removed the bone fragment. Hoon wants to operate but Soo Hyun reminds him that his privileges have been taken away at the hospital and promises to save Mr. Lim’s life. During the surgery, the other surgeons marvel at the emergency surgery Hoon expertly and decisively removed the bone fragment and saved the patient’s life long enough for him to get to surgery.

Hoon and Chang Yi are in the viewing room watching the surgery. Chang Yi wonders if it’s true that Mr. Lim saw Jae Hee and Hoon says he heard it from Mr. Lim himself. He smiles and hugs Chang Yi with happiness that once Mr. Lim recovers then he’ll be able to find Jae Hee. Chang Yi tenses from Hoon’s hug and her hand clenches.

Jae Joon is out with Dr. Kim drinking, he’s building a shot glass castle while Dr. Kim is flirting with another girl. After the girl walks off Dr. Kim comes over to admire Jae Joon’s shot glass castle. Jae Joon is building a castle that can’t be conquered, with a castle owner in the center and the princess in the tower with the best view. But what if an ambitious knight wanted to conquer the castle? Dr. Kim suggests he win the heart of the princess first. Jae Joon says bingo, but right now the knight is in a bind. When he sees the princess now his heart feels strange. Dr. Kim thinks the knight has fallen in love with the princess but that can’t be allowed to happen if the knight wants to continue his plan to conquer the castle. The knight isn’t allowed to fall love with the princess for real.

Jae Joon gets into a taxi and thinks about Soo Hyun being upset at him and sighs. He goes back to the hospital and apologizes to Soo Hyun for not going against the Chairman’s wishes to do the surgery. He also admits that he was taking his own frustration out on Dr. Park at the meeting. He did it because he can’t stand Soo Hyun speaking up for Dr. Park. He hates Soo Hyun not taking his side and instead taking Dr. Park’s side! Jae Joon starts crying and says he can’t control his feelings even though what Soo Hyun said was right.

Jae Joon stumbles forward a little and Soo Hyun catches him. She smiles and thanks him for telling her his true feelings. Jae Joon pulls Soo Hyun in for a hug and apologizes as well. Then he looks up at the entire Myung Woo Hospital and his face turns calculating. Oh Jae Joon, are you or aren’t you a super calculating guy.

Soo Hyun goes home for yet another uncomfortable family meeting. This time the Chairman won’t let her sit and announces that he’s handing PM Jang’s heart surgery selection assignment to Soo Hyung’s half-brother Sang Jin. He wants to hear what Soo Hyun has to say about that but she takes her leave without saying anything.

The doctors are having a small meeting when a police officer arrives. Dr. Kim worries that he may have picked up on a married woman last night but the agent immediately asks to speak with Dr. Park who pops up from the back sofa having been napping in the corner. Dude, didn’t you get your admitting privileges taken away and kicked out of the hospital? How come you’re napping in the middle of a doctor’s meeting?

Hoon walks out with the officer who is there to investigate Mr. Lim’s accident and get Hoon’s witness statement. As Hoon is talking with with officer, Comrade Cha is disguised as a doctor and is wheeling Mr. Lim out of the hospital in broad daylight. SERIOUSLY? What is he, a transformer ninja?

Hoon arrives at Mr. Lim’s hospital room with the cops and finds the room empty. Chang Yi gets a text from Mr. Lim claiming that he’s going back to China and doesn’t want to see Hoon ever again. Hoon calls Mr. Lim back and the phone rings in Comrade Cha’s car and he tosses it out the window.

PM Jang meets with the President to brief him on the upcoming surgery team selection for PM Jang’s heart surgery. The President also reveals that he called the prosecutor’s office and the investigation into the campaign finances has been halted for now. PM Jang goes back to his office and wants to throw things because he knows the President has his weakness in hand and he has to abide by his wishes for now. PM Jang takes a pill for his heart and meets with Secretary Kim to ask about how things are going with Dr. Han Seung Hee. He’s handed Seung Hee’s current surveillance pictures but then hears the upsetting news that a problem has arisen on Park Hoon’s side with him getting kicked out of the hospital.

Soo Hyun asks her dad Chairman Oh to let her take on full responsibility for Dr. Park operating on her mom because of her request. Her dad thinks Soo Hyun should beg his forgiveness first before trying to speak up for Dr. Park. Soo Hyun always apologizes in the past and he forgives her but why hasn’t she apologized for this incident. Soo Hyun continues to ask her dad to forgive Park Hoon but refuses to apologize.

Hoon is trying to call around to see who Mr. Lim met that could be his Jae Hee. Hoon suddenly notices the surveillance cameras around the hospital and remembers Chang Yi claiming to have seen Jae Hee at this hospital. He tries to barge into the surveillance room to watch the videos from that day but the guards kick him out. Chang Yi finds Hoon to say that her mom knows something about Jae Hee!

Chang Yi takes Hoon to see her mom who reveals she met Jae Hee in North Korea. She explains that Jae Hee had been shot overseas and brought back to the detention center. She was so ill but kept calling out “Hoon-ah, Hoon-ah” and asking that he not forget her. She was taken away to see a doctor and later they were told she died.

Hoon cries and storms out of the hospital room right when Soo Hyun walks up. Hoon keeps muttering “Jae Hee isn’t dead, she remembered wrong”. Chang Yi tries to stop him and repeats that her mom said Jae Hee is dead. Hoon grabs Chang Yi by the collar and says he just needs to see the CCTV videos. Hoon shakes Chang Yi’s hand off and walks away.

Hoon walks past two nurses trying to ask him about a patient but he ignores them. The nurses discuss how he’s been fired but a senior nurse wonders why such a skilled doctor would get fired. Dr. Yang walks up and says there must be a valid reason. He seems interested in the senior nurse and notices that she looks tired. He leaves an energy tonic for her on the counter when he leaves.

Soo Hyun learns from Chang Yi that Park Hoon has a beloved in North Korea named Jae Hee and that is the reason he is working so hard to earn money to bring her over. He was close to bringing her over but then the latest news is that Jae Hee died in North Korea.

Soo Hyun pulls Hoon aside to ask if he needs to see the CCTV videos to confirm he saw his Jae Hee? What about Chang Yi’s mom saying that Jae Hee died already in North Korea? Hoon insists he also saw Jae Hee that day and he knows she’s not dead so Chang Yi’s mom is wrong. Soo Hyun suggests he might be mistaken about who he saw since it’s been so long since he’s seen Jae Hee. Hoon says “Will you be mistaken about seeing someone you deeply love? Will you mistake someone else for your mom?” Soo Hyun is rendered unable to rebut that and Hoon is certain he saw Jae Hee.

Soo Hyun pulls Hoon off to go help him and unfortunately her rat of a half-brother Sang Jin happens to walk by and take note of it. Soo Hyun sneaks Hoon into the surveillance room that night and they scroll through the CCTV feeds from the day Hoon saw Seung Hee buying the coffee. They see her on the feed but before they can get any further information Sang Jin brings a security team to have them taken away.

Hoon and Soo Hyun are locked up in adjoining cells at the police station and she apologizes for getting him into this mess. She asks if the girl in the CCTV video is Jae Hee? Hoon doesn’t know because the video is grainy. He thinks about Mr. Lim saying that he saw Jae Hee but then Chang Yi’s mom saying Jae Hee died. Soo Hyun asks if Jae Hee is a doctor? Hoon smiles and says Jae Hee was his medical school classmate.

Soo Hyun asks what Jae Hee is like? Hoon thinks about Jae Hee and all his memories with her and says “She likes to smile” after each memory. She likes to smile, Hoon says as he breaks down sobbing. Soo Hyun hears him crying from her cell and silently takes it in.

Dr. Han Seung Hee changes out of her scrubs and takes a call from Comrade Cha. He tells her that Park Hoon has been kicked out of Myung Woo Hospital. Seung Hee already knows that but what’s more alarming is that a North Korean defector showed up and told Park Hoon that Song Jae Hee died in North Korea. If this continues then their plan is over. Comrade Cha says they can return to North Korea but Seung Hee says there is another way.

Soo Hyun waits until Hoon has calmed down and asks again if he’s mistaken about who he saw? Hoon wonders if he really could ever be mistaken about seeing Jae Hee?

Chairman Oh bails Soo Hyun out of jail but she refuses to leave unless he also bails out Hoon. Chairman Oh bails both of them out but he’s in a foul mood. He yells at Sang Jin for being a useless piece of shit then warns Soo Hyun that he doesn’t want to see her. He glares at Park Hoon for good measure and then gets into the car and leaves.

Sang Jin calls Soo Hyun a thorn on his side and thinks she was going through the CCTV videos to catch him bringing Soo Hyun’s mom to the hospital that day. Soo Hyun has no idea what he’s talking about but then remembers meeting Dr. Han Seung Hee at her mom’s house and Dr. Han introducing herself as Soo Hyun’s mom’s doctor.

Seung Hee drives to Hoon’s residence and goes inside. She sees his computer has the Jae Hee in prison video and plays it. The Jae Hee in the video calls out “Hoon-ah” and Seung Hee repeats the same “Hoon-ah”. When Jae Hee reaches out to the camera, Seung Hee also extends her hand forward. Suddenly Seung Hee hears noise as someone is coming in. Hoon and Soo Hyun have arrived at his place because Soo Hyun wants to see Jae Hee’s picture. Soo Hyun watches the Jae Hee video and confirms that Jae Hee looks identical to Dr. Han Seung Hee.

Comrade Cha has extricated Seung Hee from Hoon’s place but then slaps her hard outside demanding to know why she went there. Seung Hee wants Park Hoon to see Jae Hee, if he sees Jae Hee then they have a way to get him back to Myung Woo Hospital. Comrade Cha points out that Hoon has heard Jae Hee died in North Korea. That’s exactly why Seung Hee went to see Park Hoon, she wants him to see that Jae Hee is still alive.

Seung Hee calls out Comrade Cha for being clouded by his desire for revenge, otherwise he should have sent her to Park Hoon’s side from the very beginning. Comrade Cha claims the mission is his priority. Seung Hee wants to go see Park Hoon right away but Comrade Cha points out it’s not enough to get Park Hoon back to the hospital. It’s not like Oh Joon Kyu is that much of a fool. He blames the rash Park Hoon for ruining everything.

Soo Hyun drives Hoon to the hospital where Seung Hee works and explains that she was Soo Hyun’s mom’s doctor. Hoon looks at the Jae Hee bracelet in his hand and says she must be Jae Hee.

Comrade Cha takes out his gun and says that even though the mission can’t be completed, he can still get revenge. Seung Hee tells him to calm down, does he want to ruin the mission for mere revenge? Comrade Cha says this isn’t merely revenge! Seung Hee takes Comrade Cha’s gun and points it to her forehead.

Seung Hee tells Comrade Cha to kill her – if the mission fails then she’s dead anyways and she doesn’t have any fear to die for her country. Comrade Cha is also afraid they can’t complete the mission and contemplates pulling the trigger.

Soo Hyun and Hoon arrive at the hospital but hear Dr. Han isn’t there. They try calling but can’t reach her. Soo Hyun suggests going to her mom’s place since Dr. Han used to live there with her mom. As they are walking off suddenly a voice calls out “Dr. Oh”. Hoon turns and sees Seung Hee walking up to them and asking Soo Hyun why she’s here at such a late hour? Hoon stumbles towards Seung Hee and calls her “Jae Hee-ah” while Seung Hee just smiles at him.

Thoughts of Mine:

I think the hodge-podge of elements mashed together to create the delicious Dr. Stranger stew needs to add fantasy in the mix. The surgeries are getting progressively more out-of-hand and I don’t even know how to view it anymore. Magic sensing of a bone fragment? Immediate cutting Mr. Lim open and the rummaging around his gurgling chest cavity for said bone fragment? All of that shown in the span of fifteen seconds onscreen? LOL doesn’t even cut it, but I’m glad the writer is sticking with the impossible medical stretches all the way rather than ever having Park Hoon say “it can’t be done”. Even if it can’t be done, Park Hoon will do it, and if it can be done then Park Hoon will still do it but then do it better than anyone else. Poor Jae Joon hasn’t really done any surgery magic of his own that would render him in any way, shape, or form a viable rival to Hoon in the OR. He’s also now faced with his honey bunny Soo Hyun starting to get close to Hoon and that does not sit well with him. I can’t tell if Jae Joon is jealous in a manly macho way like Hoon is stealing what belongs to him, or he’s calculating enough to see that Soo Hyun’s growing interactions with Hoon will potentially create an impediment to Jae Joon’s plan to win Soo Hyun’s hand and Myung Woo Hospital in one fell swoop. Park Hae Jin has got both the intensity and coldness down pat when portraying Jae Joon, the character just needs more fleshing out.

Soo Hyun is providing all lot of great emotional weight for the drama right now alongside Hoon. Her mother’s death in the last episode appears to start cracking her well-ordered shell of a life. She’s taken a walk down memory lane and gotten her closure with her mom back at her mom’s house. Now she’s getting involved with Hoon’s sole purpose in life which is to find Jae Hee. I don’t see any romantic interest from her towards him (and of course zero from his side), but I simply love their scenes together because it written with such warmth and lets us spend time with them as characters and delves into their feelings. She finds in him someone she intuitively seems to trust, and the discovery that Hoon has been doing everything in order to be reunited with his great love seems to really touch her. She wants to help him because who wouldn’t want to help this decent kind man who is hiding such a lonely despairing life experience deep within a shell of acting like he doesn’t care. I wished Soo Hyun would have publicly backed Hoon at the medical meeting rather then let Jae Joon continue to hound Hoon. But at least Hoon takes it like a man and has his own passionate retort to put Jae Joon in his place. Myung Woo Hospital remains a hotbed of interesting scenes and I’m curious to know more about Chairman Oh and his role in what appears to be some North/South intrigue going on.

The whole Jae Hee/Seung Hee dichotomy perhaps can be tabled for now in terms of discussing whether they are one and the same. I think what’s more pressing is that Seung Hee is clearly NOT on Hoon’s side. She’s in cahoots with Comrade Cha and whatever they are planning appears to involve Chairman Oh and Myung Woo Hospital as well. I can’t believe it’s all about PM Jang’s upcoming heart surgery. He can’t be that important, LOL, or maybe he is but I just find him a giant douchebag of the first order. He’s like a smarter more powerful version of Soo Hyun’s half-brother Sang Jin. I’m hoping some of the really annoying and/or hateful characters start biting the dust soon since so many good guys have died so far. Since this drama has plenty of dark spy stuff, it’s not a stretch to expect the body count to keep on rising. It’s a relief that Chang Yi’s mom made it though I wonder if she’s telling the truth about Jae Hee’s death. She can’t be working with the North since Comrade Cha and Seung Hee think it disrupts their plans to have Hoon believe Jae Hee is dead. I hope Mr. Lim isn’t dead and has just been stashed away by Comrade Cha. Right now the story remains in the set up phase but I’m hoping once Seung Hee gets integrated into Myung Woo Hospital all the great emotional conflicts and rivalries and romantic developments can really kick it up a notch.

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Dr. Stranger Episode 5 Recap — 13 Comments

  1. If they find out about Park Hoon’s whereabouts when he was in North Korea I bet they won’t question his medical abilities.

    I like this episode because Jae Hee is already here. Well for me she is not a doppelganger she is merely Jae Hee trying her own way to escape North Korea.

    I believe that Jae Hee loves Park Hoon as much as Park Hoon’s love Jae Hee… We just need time to establish Jae Hee’s aka Seung Hee’s character. This is getting more and more exciting…

    Hoon’s and So Hyun’s acting is daebak
    Jae Joon’s character is so full of mystery and he is having a substance now, and we now know that he is capable to fall in love.

    And also for Chang Yi she is starting to show her selfish side see the fist over there, I bet its not because her mother told her that Jae Hee is dead, but because she like Hoon a lot and wont lose him merely because of Jae Hee…

    Episode 6 is full of fun can wait…

    Sorry for my bad english..

  2. Theory!!! (Kinda) jae hee and seung hee are twins separated at birth. Seung hee was initially presumed dead and taken by the North Korean government to become a spy.

    I think I watch too much tv involving espionage and murder plots and politics..

  3. Seung Hee is Jae Hee, I don’t doubt that for one moment, she has no choice but to work for the NK to lure him!

    Jae Joon does not really love Soo hyun, he’s only using her to gain the hospital Chairman seat!

    Soo Hyun trust and believes in Park Hoon integrity as a Dr and friend, because his life seems more shittier than hers, shes willing to help him find his love!

    Why does everyone from the PM and commade Cha want Park hoon at Myung hospital and why choode him to operate? what is so important about this plot line.

  4. Thanks Koala!

    In my opinion, Park Hoon is who he presents himself to be, there is no 2nd guessing his thoughts and intentions.

    But Jae Joon seems complex, and we are just beginning to see the layers that he have. Is he genuine? Is he bad? Or is he both? Does he have a backstory which drives him?

    I’m very intrigued by Jae Joon and find him very compelling, even more than than Park Hoon as a character. I also hope that his character will be fleshed out more. And I think credit must be given to PHJ who portrays him perfectly with nuance such that audience is still left unsure which direction his character will go.

    LJS is also doing a good job as Park Hoon, I love Park Hoon to bits for who he is.

  5. Minihaha:

    I thinks its clear why PM Jang wants Hoon in the hospital, he is the most skilled in his speciality in both Koreas and Jang is selfish prick that wants only the best for him. He wants that for his ego and best chances for good operation. Maybe bribe Hoon with alot of money because he knows he needs it for Jae Hee. Must why they are keeping track on if the real Jae Hee is alive as Seung Hee.

    Comrade Cha isnt after revenge for Hoon as we see it, the tast is using Hoon as tool, weapon to hurt PM Jang/South Korean politics. Political,cold war spy stuff.

    • @Mohammed,
      Thanks for your thought, I think you maybe right. PM is such a bastard in my opinion, if only Park Hoon saves him then he is put away in jail for betraying Hoon and his dad.

      • hi both..there is a certain reason as to why he wants park hoon to lead the surgery on him but we dont know yet..but jang knows park hoon wont do the surgery for him for an obvious reason that park hoon hates him.. this is just my wild guess if hoon decline persistently they might use jae hee/seung hee as a hostage just like what he did to hoon while he was a kid when his father is doing the surgery on the north korean leader.

      • Aliez, wow I didn’t think along that line, but very good thought using Jae Hee as hostage for successful op. but I think that Hoon being the man he is, will operate and save all lives, regardless of his hate/feelings for that person. He made a promise to his dad and has shown throughout the series that he will always treat those that need it, remembering that he is first a Doctor.

  6. I’m confused, who’s the leading lady? jin se yeon or kang so ra? I really want kang so ra to end up with park hae jin and lee jong suk to end up with jin se yeon…

  7. I think she is Jae hee and she doesn’t lose her memory. She does all this spy thing in order to get out of North Korea and to protect Hoon somehow. While manipulating the north. .

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