Oguri Shun Having a Stellar Year with Hit J-dorama Border and Confirmed Expecting Baby with Wife Yamada Yu

I think shippers of the drama acting pairing of Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao may really want to consider shopping for imaginary wedding presents for them. Recently the Japanese tabloids claimed that the couple had been dating for quite some time, which wasn’t out-of-the-blue since fans had long collected evidence of their secret relationship. Then came a follow up tabloid report that the two were planning to tie the knot later this year. Neither of these gossip columns have been confirmed yet, but another recent tabloid scoop involving two of their good friends has just been confirmed. Back in April the magazine Shuukan Josei broke the news that married couple Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu were expecting their first baby. Cut to two months later and this week Yamada Yu’s agency released the announcement that she is six-months pregnant with her hubby Shun’s baby and is due sometime in the early Fall. Shuukan Josei tried to confirm its pregnancy report with Yu in person back in March before it published the report.

The reporter noted that Yu appeared to want to confirm the pregnancy but stopped herself from saying anything when she was asked. But when the reporter yelled out “congratulations!” as she got in the taxi, she stopped to turn back with a giant smile on her face and bowed to the reporter before leaving. I’m thrilled for the couple who reportedly are over the moon about it since they have been trying to have kids since they got married two years ago. Since Shuukan Josei was so accurate in its gossip reporting, it’s looking more and more plausible that the recent gossip reports about JunMao are on the money as well. Who knows but it’s definitely worth keep an eye out for. Shun is having a banner career year so far: his currently airing J-dorama Border is amazing and the ratings keep climbing and climbing (I love it sooooo much), he has the highly anticipated movie adaptation of Lupin the Third coming out at the end of August, and he lent his voice to the latest box office hit Doraemon movie. Plus he’s aging so so well, forever swooning.

Being the voice in the new Doraemon movie. I can’t decide who is cuter, Shun or Doraemon?

As the titular Lupin III in the upcoming live-action movie. I hope his tight pants doesn’t split in the movie. Wait? Who am I kidding, please split those pants doing them stunts!

With delightfully witty Haru in Border, the perfect synergy without any romantic subtext. She’s such a fresh breath of leading lady air. I can totally watch a dorama where her crime scene investigator is the leading lady. I love all the leads in Border, both the insanely good acting and the fantastic quirky characters. Shun’s partner is also all sorts of hilarious. The music is great, the directing awesome, in short this procedural is the shizniz and is highly recommended.

Official overview for Border:


Oguri Shun Having a Stellar Year with Hit J-dorama Border and Confirmed Expecting Baby with Wife Yamada Yu — 17 Comments

  1. Well congrats!!!!!!!!! To the lovely couple. 🙂 hoping the other one confirms too. Since it is all happy news!!!! 🙂 yay!

  2. Furthermore, should I be watching Borders too? Just how good is it? A “i won’t regret watching it” type dorama? I haven’t watched a current jdrama in years I think except LC. Just didn’t have time. But since I mentioned I am not watching any kdramas this season but 5 tw dramas, I guess I might as well add a jdrama. They are only once a week too.

      • Thanks!! Then this is a much watch for me. Csi, bones etc is my favorite American tv genre.

      • Egad, I almost didn’t watch this show because of the CSI reference. I absolutely despise American procedurals. It’s like I can’t turn on the television without being slapped upside the face without encountering yet another iteration.

        But thankfully I checked it out! Border is moody and tense without getting completely overwrought. I love it lots.

  3. You know what, I always end up watching something because of your highly convincing posts in this blog. Tonight, I’m going to watch BORDER, and if I get sucked in, you’ll be the one to blame. Haha! Thank you for being awesome! You don’t have any idea how much you influence my drama viewing! :)))

      • About the subs for episode 7, the subs on d-addicts are first posted on helloheydays.com , his personal blog. I expect the subs for ep 8 today or tomorrow.

    • So agreed with you I always trusted Koala for her recommendation and I introduce Koalaplayground to my friend she also hooked.
      BORDER is a very interesting series but too bad the sub is a little slow I cannot get hold of eng sub for ep 7 so I have to make do with the chinese sub with my not so perfect chinese. ENJOY I bet you will blame Koala for sure coz you will be hooked.

  4. Koala where you watch your Border from, I bet you understand chinese you will not have problem with the latest episode.

  5. Border is amazing! I love the characters (funny n smart) and I think I’m happy I don’t have an otp (they have good chemistry but not (yet) romantic kind) because jdramas make me a frustrated shipper. It’s an entertaining watch.

  6. I LOVE BORDER!!! I have liked many dramas, but this is one of the few dramas where while I am watching it, I actually think “I really love this drama.” I want to work with these people. I love all of the characters because they are building their personalities well and they are building relationships so interestingly. Oguri Shun is hitting it out of the park in this one. And yes, I am on the Haru spin off bandwagon. I would watch a whole show (at least a movie, pretty please) just about her and her plastic scrub wearing crew. Usually, when I have difficulty finding subs for a show, I get annoyed; for this one when new subs come out, I am just grateful.

  7. BORDER is so awesome. I’m watching 3 Jdramas right now (border, bitter blood, and yowakutemo) and border is my favorite. I’ve been waiting for the subs for ep7 since forever (sorry for the exaggeration), but already watched it raw, and I think I’ve understood most of it (thanks to my years of watching anime and jdo). Shun is aging really well, I love him now more than ever.

    Am really happy for him and Yamada Yu, I think they’ll have gorgeous babies with those genes.

    • For the subs, keep an eye on helloheydays.com instead of d-addicts, because the subber first posts the subs on his personal blog. He posted the subs for episode 7 last week. I even expect the subs for episode 8 today or tomorrow.

      And I totally agree with you, Border is awesome! The music gives me chills every time and I am dreading the direction Oguri’s character is taking.

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