Dr. Stranger Episode 10 Recap

What else can be said about Dr. Stranger as it wraps up the first 10-episodes of its run other than “hang in there everyone, we need the energy and strength because there is 10 more episodes of this out-of-control cat to wrangle!” This drama really has turned into a howling, seething, crazy cat on uppers that refuses to settle down and do cat things like purr and nuzzle happily. I want to pet it but the wildness freaks me out so I have to stand a distance away for the time being until it hopefully returns to normal. This episode closed the ratings gap between Dr. Stranger and Big Man which isn’t much of a surprise. The former took a loony toons detour in the last two episodes while the latter keeps building rationally on its own equally as absurd narrative. I still enjoy DS but the mental screw tightening is exhausting. I want to cheer for the good guys, swoon over the romantic stirrings, rage against the bad guys until they get their comeuppance, in general it’s time to show hand and give me something to ground the proceedings on a tangible outcome.

Instead the drama continues to play tricks with keeping the big heart surgery conspiracy under wraps from the audience and the fall in ratings is likely the result of everyone getting fed up. I was honestly tired from this episode which at least wasn’t as circular as last episode’s running around a hospital merry-go-around. There is not enough answers and nothing left of a big conspiracy that is interesting enough for me to want to wait for the answers to arrive. The Seung Hee/Jae Hee identity reveal remains frustratingly back-and-forth, leaving the icky feeling like it doesn’t even matter anymore whether she is or she isn’t. I believe she is but the drama continues to toss in red herrings like her working still with Comrade Cha to manipulate Hoon. There’s a possibility that she is an agent from the very beginning, her childhood meeting with Hoon was all orchestrated by North Korea and she was there to keep him tied to the regime and keep tabs on him. But they genuinely fell in love and thus the first plan was junked for tossing her in a prison and turning Hoon into a medical genius at a torture facility. I’m sure I can come up with other theories but frankly the last two episodes sorta stopped my heart beating happily for this drama. Whether it gets resuscitated in the next episode remains to be seen.

Episode 10 recap:

Hoon returns to his residence and finds Seung Hee there. She smiles at him and runs into his arms while calling him “Hoon-ah” the way Jae Hee did. They hug and then break apart to gingerly touch each other’s faces as if to confirm this isn’t a dream. Hoon smiles and kisses Seung Hee with all the pent up passion and longing for Jae Hee. She kisses him back just as eagerly and desperately as the camera pans around them.

Comrade Cha sits outside in his vehicle of doom and who pulls up right next to him and rolls down the windows than Secretary Kim. He wonders why Comrade Cha is spying on Hoon and Seung Hee but Comrade Cha declines to explain. Secretary Kim reminds him that part 2 of their plan is now underway and Comrade Cha assures him that the North has already started their part in the plan. Can you tell me what the damn plan is! Comrade Cha smirks that when morning comes, the South Korean folks will be quaking in fear.

PM Jang arrives at his office while the press gathers around him to ask if it’s true that North Korea is about to conduct nuclear tests? PM Jang ignores the reporters and goes to a hastily gathered meeting where a news report plays of a North Korean anchor bombastically announcing that nuclear tests are going to take place so the North can protect itself.

The South Korean President phones PM Jang and orders his ass to come see him immediately about this latest situation. The President grumbles about how the North wants to hold talks while still conducting nuclear tests.

Secretary Kim drives PM Jang to see the President and talk turns to how the North is jumping the gun and being too anxious. Secretary Kim thinks it’s just saber rattling and PM Jang suggests a better threat would be to do the nuclear tests without announcing it beforehand. Secretary Kim reminds PM Jang of the tense situation 20 years ago when the North threatened nuclear tests but PM Jang brushes it off as nothing will happen. The US did nothing back then either and all it’ll do now is cause a temporary ruckus.

Seung Hee drives through the streets and turns to stare at a TV broadcasting the news about North Korea holding nuclear tests and telling the citizens to remain calm. She drives off without any reaction.

Hoon sits with Seung Hee and feeds her curry rice with seaweed like he imagined once. He flashes back to her falling over the bridge in Budapest and that nightmare wakes him up from his dream. He looks around and can’t find Seung Hee anywhere. He runs outside screaming “Jae Hee-ah!”

Seung Hee’s yellow car pulls up and Hoon anxiously pulls her in for a hug happy to find her still there and it wasn’t all just a dream. Hoon picks Seung Hee up in his arms and twirls her around happily and she is equally as happy to be back with him.

Hoon sits with Seung Hee at a cafe and she asks when he knew she was Jae Hee? Hoon knew the first time he saw her. Hoon asks where to now and Seung Hee wants to go back to the hospital to check on the baby. Hoon agrees since she needs to go back otherwise if she doesn’t show up people will suspect she is Jae Hee.

Hoon calls Dr. Moon saying he’ll go in later today and Dr. Moon is fine with that since Hoon won the surgery battle for him. Dr. Moon tells Hoon to come to the party he’s throwing tonight. Hoon hangs up and wants to spend more time with Seung Hee. She smiles and agrees to go wherever as long as it’s the two of them.

Hoon and Seung Hee go on a bike riding date just like they did back in North Korea. They wander around like a normal couple, playing the piano outdoors, posing dorkily against an outdoor mural, scribbling a heart message on a lover’s wall that says “Hoon-ah hearts Jae Hee”.

They stand before a pair of wings painted on a staircase and snap a picture together. Seung Hee looks out over the bay as Hoon makes a call and smiles at her. She asks why he still hasn’t asked her why she’s here as Han Seung Hee and not as Song Jae Hee? That doesn’t matter to him since she’s here with him. Seung Hee says it matters to her but he tells her he doesn’t care. Hoon deposits her in the car and tells her to trust him as he drives off.

Dr. Moon is sitting in Jae Joon’s office like it’s his office with his legs up on the desk and making calls. Jae Joon walks in and tells Dr. Moon to leave since it’s currently still his office. Dr. Moon gets up and invites Jae Joon to attend the party tonight and treat it like a farewell party since Dr. Moon heard Jae Joon is being transferred to the secondary hospital soon. Jae Joon sits down and looks at the castle model when he spots Chairman Oh walking past. He sighs and then storms into Chairman Oh’s office and barges in.

Chairman Oh yells at Jae Joon to leave now, he has nothing he wants to hear from him. Jae Joon wants to explain but Chairman Oh won’t listen to him. Chairman Oh’s secretary brings the hospital guards over but they find the door locked. Jae Joon glances out the window and sees the guards which triggers his memory.

Flashback to Jae Joon’s mom crying over his dead dad who is wheeled out of the OR. Mom demands to know how the surgery went wrong and her husband died! Chairman Oh walks over and declares that the patient came too late to seek treatment but Jae Joon’s mom wails that her husband walked into the hospital just fine. Dr. Choi looks very chastened but Chairman Oh sticks with the story that they tried their best.

Little Jae Joon grabs Chairman Oh’s arm and screams for him to save his dad, to give him back his dad. The hospital guards grab him and allow Chairman Oh and Dr. Choi to walk away. Jae Joon screams and cries and wants his dad back.

Jae Joon begs Chairman Oh to reconsider despite the battle determining the outcome. This is about Myung Woo Hospital’s future and he can’t leave it to someone like Park Hoon. Chairman Oh doesn’t want to give this chance to Jae Joon either. He wants to send Jae Joon to the secondary hospital and whether or not Jae Joon wants to go is up to him. Jae Joon glares at Chairman Oh and shakes of the guards before storming off.

Dr. Moon is giggling to watch this scene unfold and Dr. Choi tells him to stop being immature and come with him to convince Chairman Oh not to transfer Jae Joon to the secondary hospital. Jae Joon would never agree to it and would leave Myung Woo and that can’t happen because the hospital needs someone like him.

Jae Joon storms back to his office and finds Soo Hyun waiting for him. She assures him not to worry because her dad is just pissed right now. And even if he goes to the secondary hospital for the time being it’s not that bad. Jae Joon refuses to go anywhere because his place is here. He has to stay here to do what he wants to do. Soo Hyun knows he wants to make Myung Woo the best hospital but Jae Joon stares at the castle and remembers him telling his friend that he wants the castle to destroy it. Jae Joon tells Soo Hyun that he wanted to make Myung Woo the best but that idea has changed now with the arrival of Park Hoon.

Soo Hyun tries to argue that Jae Joon’s predicament isn’t because of Park Hoon but Jae Joon accuses her of helping Hoon to ruin him. Wasn’t she moving over to hospital management but why is she pretending to be a doctor now by doing the surgery for Hoon’s team? Soo Hyun is taken aback at Jae Joon calling her being a doctor just playing around and tries to explain she did it because she wants to save the baby. Jae Joon doesn’t accept that reason, she did it to prove to Jae Joon she could and that is why she was willing to join Park Hoon. Soo Hyun steels herself and asks “is there something wrong with that?”

Jae Joon stands up and rails at Soo Hyun for her stupid reason which caused him to lose to a bastard like Park Hoon. Does that seem right to her? Soo Hyun is speechless in front of such assholery because she knows the reason why Jae Joon lost. He lost because he wanted to win and not because he wanted to save the baby’s life. He saw the surgery as a game he had to win which is why he lost. The person pretending to be a doctor is Jae Joon and not her, and Jae Joon lost to a real doctor who is Park Hoon. Soo Hyun storms out leaving Jae Joon seething.

Soo Hyun ignores calls on her cell and thinks back to all her past good and bad interactions with Jae Joon. I don’t think some kisses and hugs are enough to overlook the rest of his glaring personality flaws. Sang Jin comes to find Soo Hyun to go meet with their dad but she delivers a kick to his groin and leaves. Sang Jin chases her out of the hospital but Soo Hyun gets into her shiny red convertible and books it.

Soo Hyun arrives at Hoon’s little clinic and walks inside to find it empty. She slowly walks over to his living quarters and looks around before sitting down at the table. She looks so vulnerable and lonely and finally starts to cry.

Chang Yi receives a text from Hoon thanking her for everything and saying he’s leaving. She rushes to the little hospital and finds Soo Hyun inside also looking for Hoon. Chang Yi is frustrated with Hoon and wonders where the heck he’s going?

Hoon arrives at the shipping dock with Seung Hee and she asks why they are here? Hoon declares that he doesn’t care or need to know why she is here, all he knows is that she is in danger and it can’t be avoided. Hoon promises to protect Seung Hee. He explains that he once secretly took a freighter out of South Korea and today he made a call and learned a freighter is departing.

Seung Hee begs Hoon to not try and leave because they can’t successfully escape. Hoon confidently tells her to trust him and he’ll protect her. Hoon assures her that the person he asked for help from is very trustworthy. The guy walks over and tells Hoon to follow because the freighter is leaving shortly. Seung Hee keeps saying no but Hoon strokes her face and asks her to just look at him. They walk off to take the freighter.

Dr. Moon can’t reach Park Hoon and Dr. Eun comes by asking if anyone has seen Dr. Han Seung Hee because she’s also not answering her calls and can’t be found. Dr. Yang is in the room and hears both Hoon and Seung Hee are MIA. Secretary Kim informs PM Jang that Park Hoon has gone missing. PM Jang wonders where Han Seung Hee is and hears that they are likely together right now.

Hoon and Seung Hee run towards the freighter when a black van pulls up and men pop out to grab the guy arranging their departure. He waves at them to run for it and they book it until suddenly Comrade Cha screams out “Hey Park Hoon!” Hoon stops and looks up to see Comrade Cha standing on top of a freight container. Comrade Cha says “Long time no see”. He asks if they are trying to leave? Seung Hee turns to look desperately up at him.

Men surround Hoon and Seung Hee and Hoon is promptly rendered unconscious. Seung Hee watches in worry and keeps looking up at Comrade Cha angrily.

Dr. Moon has summoned Dr. Keom and Dr. Kim to attend his party today but neither look very happy about it. He tells them to pick the right side of the team since the head of the department is about to be changed. Chang Yi barges into Dr. Moon’s office asking if Hoon is here but Dr. Moon reveals he can’t find him either.

Chang Yi’s mom watches news of the impending North Korean nuclear tests and sighs. Chang Yi goes to cry to her mom that Hoon is missing and what if he’s been taken by the North Koreans? She sobs in worry for Hoon and her Mom just hugs her reassuringly.

Hoon wakes up in a windowless room with his arms tied behind his back. He looks around and sees instruments of torture and North Korean signs and pictures hung up on the wall. Comrade Cha walks in dressed in his uniform and asks how it feels to be back in his homeland? Hoon screams “Where is Jae Hee!” and Seung Hee is led in blindfolded.

Comrade Cha immediately punches Seung Hee in the face and then drags her up to punch her a second time. Hoon keep screaming that he’ll kill Comrade Cha! Seung Hee is dragged back up again and Comrade Cha smirks before pulling her shirt down. Hoon screams in horror and promises to do whatever is asked of him. Seung Hee is dragged back out and Hoon stares at her and thinks “don’t worry, Jae Hee-ah.”

Comrade Cha walks over and tells Park Hoon that he has to do PM Jang’s surgery. He also can’t tell anyone that Han Seung Hee is Song Jae Hee. And lastly he’ll always be watching them. Hoon glares in rage at Comrade Cha who orders him to say “Yes sir, I understand.” Hoon spits those words out and Comrade Cha stabs him with a needle to render him unconscious again.

Comrade Cha, who remains fashionably conscious and has changed out of his NK military uniform and back to being cool in all-black, has Hoon dragged out. He walks past the blindfolded Seung Hee and pulls her blindfold off and helps pull her shirt up. She pushes him off and pulls her own shirt on and coldly says “I want to go back.” Comrade Cha allows her to follow Hoon out.

Afterwards Secretary Kim shows up and tells Comrade Cha why the delay in sending them back because it’ll cause major problems if people found out they disappeared together. Comrade Cha thinks this delay was worthwhile because he confirmed what Song Jae Hee means to Park Hoon. If it’s him doing the surgery, then they can hand the heart over without any worries.

The President asks why the North wants to have high level talks and still plan to do nuclear tests. The President heard the North want to use the talks to ask for economic aid upwards of 20 billion. PM Jang thinks it’s worth keeping the peace in the peninsula if it costs just 5% of their national defense budget. The President refuses to be led by the nose. PM Jang wants to release this demand to the public and let the public decide. The President refuses because to do so will cause public confusion.

PM Jang tsk tsks at the President for being so stingy, how did he become the President of South Korea? PM Jang says everything can be bought, a war can be bought just like peace can be bought. He also wants the public made aware of who solved this crisis. Secretary Kim assures PM Jang that Park Hoon has gone back to the hospital and he’ll keep a close eye on him. PM Jang can’t have Hoon act out otherwise their plans will be disrupted. Secretary Kim gets a call and announces that Han Jae Joon is here to see PM Jang.

Hoon is deposited back outside his little clinic and Chang Yi finds him still passed out in the car. Her worried pounding wakes him up and he looks around to find himself alone. Hoon gets out of the car looking for Jae Hee while Chang Yi wants to know why he turned off his phone. Hoon only has Jae Hee on his mind but Chang Yi angrily asks if he knew how worried she was? Hoon gets a call from Soo Hyun and he’s about to hang up on her when he hears that everyone is at the doctor’s gathering right now. He asks if Dr. Han Seung Hee is there and Soo Hyun looks around and confirms she’s there. We see Seung Hee sitting like a depressed log in the corner of the room.

Hoon rushes to the gathering while Chang Yi pesters him with a million question that he’s not willing to answer. Chang Yi asks if Jae Hee noona is a spy otherwise why is she here? Chang Yi yells at her to stop this line of questions, didn’t she see Seung Hee with PM Jang and if so then she couldn’t have been a spy. Chang Yi suggests PM Jang could be a spy as well and that pushes Hoon to the limit. He pulls over and drags Chang Yi out of the truck and tells her not to show up before him anymore. She asks why and he claims he doesn’t want to see her anymore. Hoon drives off leaving Chang Yi screaming angrily from the side of the road.

Jae Joon goes to beg PM Jang for another chance but PM Jang doesn’t understand why Jae Joon with his stellar credentials insists on staying at Myung Woo. Jae Joon claims he just wants to win and asks again for another chance. PM Jang claims he can’t interfere with Myung Woo personnel decisions but Jae Joon brings up how PM Jang did just that in getting the kicked out Park Hoon back at Myung Woo. Jae Joon knows Chairman Oh is not the type of person to bring back someone he kicked out so he must have been influenced by a higher power. He asks PM Jang to do the same for him and give him another chance. Jae Joon bows his head low to the smirking PM Jang.

Jae Joon leaves PM Jang’s office and passes Secretary Kim in the hallway. PM Jang is angry that the arrogant Han Jae Joon dared to just threaten him. Secretary Kim hands over to PM Jang the file on Han Jae Joon. PM Jang has no interest in reading it until Secretary Kim reveals that Han Jae Joon is not his real name.

Hoon arrives at the increasingly drunken party and walks right up to Seung Hee and drags her out of there behind him.

They talk in private in private and Hoon insists on leaving again or hiding. Seung Hee tells him it’s no use, they will be found no matter where they run. Hoon suggests going to the cops and finding jail a safe place from their reach. Seung Hee screams that the South Korean Prime Minister is in on it as well! There is no place in this world that is safe for them. She pleads with Hoon to go back before anyone sees them.

Hoon asks if she’s worried about him and Seung Hee says she is! She keeps begging him to go back but Hoon keeps insisting on running away and promising to protect her. Finally Seung Hee slaps him across the face and asks if he knows how much she missed him and longed to see him. How long she endured before they could see each other. Why won’t he listen to her now? She doesn’t want to be separated from him and she doesn’t want him in danger. She starts to cry and calls him an idiot. Hoon agrees to listen to her from now on? He smiles and asks what they need to do now? Go back inside and have a good time at the party?

Seung Hee walks into Hoon’s arms and hugs him tightly while crying.

Jae Joon takes his pity party pleading case all the way to Chairman Oh’s home. Lightning flashes because of course it has to rain to make him suffer more. PM Jang reads Jae Joon’s file and asks if this is true? Secretary Kim confirms it’s true, Jae Joon lost his father 20 years ago during surgery at Myung Woo hospital. It was that malpractice case which led to Park Chul filing the lawsuit against the hospital. Everything started because of Jae Joon’s father’s death.

Jae Joon kneels in the rain begging Chairman Oh for another chance while the Chairman barks at him to leave now!

Little Jae Joon did the same thing 20 years ago tracking Chairman Oh to his house and demanding an answer for why his dad died. Back then Chairman Oh claimed he did nothing to hurt Jae Joon’s dad and he did everything as a doctor to save a life. Chairman Oh goes back inside and leaves Jae Joon kneeling out in the rain. Sang Jin tries to blame Soo Hyun for causing this all when she took Park Hoon’s side.

Sang Jin suddenly gets a call from PM Jang’s office and hands the phone over to his dad. PM Jang tells Chairman Oh to give him another chance. Chairman Oh asks him not to interfere with their hospital personnel matters but PM Jang insists it involves his heart surgery so he cares. Chairman Oh claims he’s not a politician and doesn’t change his mind. PM Jang tells Chairman Oh to think about it because he could get himself a loyal dog this way. If he changes his mind, PM Jang will help him come up with a suitable excuse so as to not lose face.

The hospital human resources guy arrives and reports to Chairman Oh that Dr. Moon viewed Seung Hee’s medical records but Seung Hee agreed not to press charges. Chairman Oh looks really angry to hear this.

Chairman Oh goes to look outside at the kneeling Jae Joon and Sang Jin suggests bringing him inside. He might be good to use against Dr. Moon and Park Hoon. Chairman Oh worried that Jae Joon appeared like the type to bite his owner one day which is why he’s teaching him a lesson today. Sang Jin asks how PM Jang knew about Park Hoon and them looking at the medical records?

Dr Yang sneaks off from the party to make a shady call. He goes back to his seat and Nurse Min asks who he called and he lies that it was the hospital. Nurse Min wearily says she’s going home. Other than Dr. Moon, everyone looks sad at this party.

Soo Hyun and Park Hoon are having a very fake happy boisterous noraebang session on stage. Dr. Yang looks around and indeed everyone looks unhappy deep inside. Seung Hee sits at her seat and stares sadly as Soo Hyun and Hoon sing together on stage. Back at the evil lair, Secretary Kim wonders if Chairman Oh will change his mind? PM Jang knows he will. What about Hoon and Jae Joon? PM Jang smirks that currently the score is 1 to 0.

Chairman Oh goes outside and Jae Joon keeps apologizing and begging for another chance. Chairman Oh asks why he’s doing this and Jae Joon remembers how Chairman Oh coldly told him that nothing will bring his father back. Adult Jae Joon claims he still has unfinished business at turning Myung Woo into the best hospital and he doesn’t want to lose Soo Hyun.

Jae Joon crawls on his knees over to Chairman Oh and begs him for another chance with the scene intercut with the flashback of little Jae Joon furiously yelling that he will get revenge on Chairman Oh one day!

Thoughts of Mine:

Ugh, is anyone not annoyed or exhausted with this drama? Please speak up and assure me it’ll get better again because in the span of two quick episodes the momentum took a nose dive. I like Hoon and Jae Hee’s love story, which may be the treacly first love but is given deeper purpose because of their North Korean danger and greater importance because of how desperately Hoon needs Jae Hee to want to keep on living. The last two episodes provide tons of shippy moments but nothing felt satisfying because the drama insists on keeping Seung Hee’s identity under wraps. I don’t believe Hoon can ever be lied to about who she is, so she has to be Jae Hee and none of Seung Hee’s weird about-turn coldness around Comrade Cha makes me doubt she is Jae Hee. The problem is the drama seems to find perverse pleasure in playing the who-is-she-game along with the what-is-the-heart-surgery-plan, stringing the audience along when we don’t need to be kept in the dark. This drama can coast on wonky plot points and crazy unbelievable abilities but shouldn’t toy with audience interest. I’d be out for good if I wasn’t recapping and also if I didn’t like Hoon’s character so much in the beginning. Right now I don’t quite like any character in this drama and that’s a terrible conundrum as a viewer.

Jae Joon might have gotten a pass from me had his devastation as a child losing his father been shown earlier, but it’s too late now to really endear him when we see him being jealous of Hoon as well as taking out his frustrations on Soo Hyun. Both are unrelated to his revenge but part of his personality that I don’t like one whit. Jae Joon’s revenge plan also seems so nebulous? Destroy Myung Woo Hospital? Sure, but why does he first need to be designated as heir apparent in order to make that happen? Is it worth groveling to Chairman Oh? I have a hard time believing someone with his smarts can come up with a plan B, or at least doesn’t already have one handy. Soo Hyun’s lost her spunk entirely but remains the only not wholly fucked up lead in the drama if what tips her wallowing in misery is being put down on Jae Joon. ae Joon finally gets his backstory and it was both too late and also came along with showing he is a major asshole regardless of whether he has a daddy death to avenge. Soo Hyun is so marginalized as a character it’s a waste of her great early development to shunt her to the role of feeling good or bad depending on guys in her life either supporting her or putting her own. Why have great second leads but give them such little screen time and make me wallow in too much time spent on PM Jang and Comrade Cha’s smirky faces.

I’ve seen way toooooo much of all the villains in this piece, especially at the expense of characters I want to see more of such as Jae Joon, Soo Hyun, and Chang Yi. Smirking PM Jang viscerally makes me want to punch the screen, condescending patronizing Chairman Oh needs to be taken down 10 pegs, Sang Jin is good for lame comic relief, Secretary Kim remains rather vague in his intentions but aside from the shooting on the bridge to help Hoon he’s done nothing to make me think he’s a good guy, and lastly Comrade Cha needs to be gutted and then tossed to the fishes to finish up. I think the story overreaches by having so many people involved in this big plot, and make them all so one-dimensionally bad. I don’t feel anything for them nor do I understand what they are after. Oh yes, PM Jang wants more power and Chairman Oh wants more prestige, but what they are seeking is already at their finger tips and anything more is incrementally centimeters in value add and doesn’t warrant so much backdoor mongering.

This story makes everything feel like hamsters running in a giant circle but it’s all still within a big cage. Nothing quite reaches out to capture a greater significance despite all the pain and suffering. Initially Jae Hee and Hoon’s love was star-crossed enough to make me ache for them, but now all the skulduggery on Seung Hee’s part leaves me cold to whatever is motivating her and causing her to keep on playing both sides. I found Hoon’s Jae Hee’s fixation really romantic in the beginning but now it’s puttering in his way of dealing with her reappearance. He is all reactive and prone to jumping to whatever easy solution without actually figuring out what the danger is that he’s facing. The whole “I don’t care why” attitude he has with Seung Hee/Jae Hee is like sticking his head in the sand. How can he outwit his enemies unless he knows what their big plan is? I need answers and I needed them like yesterday, but if it arrives next week then maybe I can be coaxed back on the DS loony train once again.

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Dr. Stranger Episode 10 Recap — 75 Comments

  1. Ah finally Seung Hee finally admitted that she is Jae Hee, the only piece of explicit confirmation that was missing to finally bury this plodding mystery once and for all. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind anymore that she’s just playing straight up spy to keep both Hoon and herself alive. Now that we have that end resolved, can the show finally move on to letting us in to what the BIG MISSION is? I wouldn’t even begin to speculate as to what the blueprint is or whatever the hell they’re even trying to do, as I find my interest to it becoming as infinitesimal as to whether what side of the bed I’ll be waking at tomorrow. And to be honest, every scene that involves PM Jang and Nightshade is beginning to bore me—PM Jang with his perpetual smirk and his sidekick with an equally undiscernible sour pout. They’ve frustrated me to the point of indifference.

    On the other hand, I like that Hoon is no longer living in a vacuum of information, and that he has finally a chance to cooperate and maybe even outwit his and his Jaehee’s oppressors. Although his track record from escaping Comrade Cha has been less than stellar, at least together with Jaehee, he can face his adversaries without worrying of losing her anymore. They are together and that gives him the stability to concentrate on a singular task as opposed to being all over the place chasing her. What’s even better, are more genuine interactions between our OTP. No more Seunghee façade, at least in front of Hoon that is. I look forward seeing more on how both communicate in an almost telepathic manner, conveying and exchanging knowing looks inside the hospital. Especially when in approximate premises of a pining lost soul. The poor girl needs to get a clue, soon.

    Over at the other side of the border, things are just looking bleak between Soohyun and Jaejoon as Jaejoon has started to fully embrace his descent towards second lead villainous pit. Any good faith remaining between the two has deteriorated in an accelerated manner that them becoming a couple has become an improbable proposition. I do like Jaejoon’s motivation, revenge has always been my favorite kdrama trope, but together with Soohyun, his motivations are starting to look more as your garden variety of melodrama fare. I’m still struggling trying to balance and sync in my mind the two couple’s conflicts: on one side you’ve got one fighting in life or death game of spy, while the other you have two insecure people trying to figure out first world dilemmas and selfish goals. Soohyun and Jaejoon have a story worth being told onto a separate drama with a separate genre on all of its own. But mysteriously, both try to coexist in one show. It’s only on Dr. Stranger that you’d find two flavors that are not necessarily bad by their own, but together leaves a bizarre aftertaste.

    • I feel you koala! If it weren’t for me being personally invested on seeing my favorite actor I wouldn’t have gone this far myself. Hahaha, maybe next week’s finally the charm? I definitely couldn’t give an iota to the entire BIG conspiracy, I’m totally tuning out on PM Jang and his entire garble.

  2. Hoon worked for NK and should know how they can be… instead he ignores it after almost dying by their hands and ”killing jh” now he wants to put their lifes in risk again because he is selfish and can’t control his emotions… Disappointed tbh.

  3. Aaaaaah, I have so much I want to write about this drama but you pretty much summed everything up in your personal thoughts section. Except for the fact that I have let the damn drama manipulate me in the most annoying fashion, I have second lead syndrome. The “OTP” the show’s got going right now, as someone in previous comments sections have so rightfully pointed out, is a destructive romance. It kills me seeing the MC be so fixed in his decisions, all because of his lovely dovely first love (who he actually haven’ properly interacted with for the past 7 years or so…). The second lead is such a pleasure to watch but as you said, she has been severely shafted in the recent two episodes or so.

    The whole show is like watching a train slowly derail, fall down a cliff towards a black hole taking it to an unknown place or dimension. It doesn’t really bring you any joy the way a good movie or nice TV show would, but even so you find the spectacle increasingly fascinatingeven though you know the whole thing will probably end in a horrible way

  4. I have a somewhat unrelated question. Do kdrama actors have a view of the entire arc of their characters and the story before they sign on to do a drama? I understand it’s a liveshoot model and certain plotlines can be altered, but I always thought the actors had a good birdseye view of the entire story before they signed on? Or do they only receive a vague overview and the first few scripts and decide this is it? BC at least for me, the talent in this drama is getting rather wasted beneath the crazyvale writing trajectory and I can’t see actors willingly sign on for this mess.

    • Normally they receive the scripts for the 4 first eps & the script reading sessions are done with that material. The rest of the eps are written almost live to accommodate netizens, sponsors or whatever. Thing is, even scripts approved previously can be changed at the last minute for whatever reason & actors can’t do anything about that: Yes, they sign for a white sheet.

      • Yeah I couldn’t act on TV in SK. I’ve always thought this method was ridiculous. Has it always been like this?

      • Ah thank you for the clarification! No wonder! What a flawed model though. Serious waste of great acting talent in this.

  5. Such a waste…
    A waste of Park Hae Jin’s and Lee Jong Suk’s talent
    This show start being a mess. i hope they wrap it on the next episode.
    1. Viewers need to know she is Jae Hee or not.
    3. Hoon’s character is badly written in this episode. Seriously he doesn’t care who Jae Hee becomes spy? He needs to know to protect her!
    4. Jae Joon… I pity PHJ because it’s a waste of his talent. Jae Joon could be more interesting character than this!
    5. 10 episodes = no explanations, every this is not clear!

  6. I was just glad when she slapped Hoon like “Fool do you not remember our history and whay I’ve been through?”

    I’m pretty much fast forwarded to that part of the show and are watching other shows instead

  7. my lesson :

    i’ll never ever watch another drama with jin se yeon in it. all her drama turn into mess. gaksital (i stopped watching in the middle), five fingers (stopped watching it too), inspiring generation (stopped it too), and now doctor stranger.

    • I know right?i am watching this because of a tiny hope that the otp is soo hyun and hoon…jin se yeon always have a terrible ending in every drama i watched with her on it..tragedy spell when shes part of a drama..i think i feel the same way abt the drama..its getting boring..and the storyline abt jae hee now is too much…can we have a different sroryline? Like..hoon falling for.soo.hyun 🙂 🙂 🙂
      I think that will do it…

      • That’s how i feel too. I prefer hoon end up with soo hyun. I’m sick of all jae hee things. I really wish the writernim would twist all the mess right now.

        And for jin se yeon, idk if she have bad luck of else, her character always ruin the drama. T___T

    • I do not understand the dislike some KDrama fans have of Jin Se Yeon.

      IMO she’s neither a great actress or a terrible one. She doesn’t have enough charisma to take on the main character in a drama, but is more than passable as a love interest of the main character, or a supporting character.

      rara, I don’t agree with you about Gaksital, but I did not like Five Fingers and Inspiring Generation. From my perspective, Jin Se Yeon can’t be blamed for the last two becoming a mess. Instead, it was decisions made by the direction/production and writing teams (possibly under pressure from networks, sponsors, etc.) that caused the last two to unravel.

      In the case of this show, her character (or characters, LOL) is suffering from the decision to string out the mystery of her identity as long as possible. She may not even be in the know as to whether or not Seung Hee and Jae Hee are the same person!

    • same, I stop watching inspiring generation right in the middle too..:)..so I guess, I’m not the only 1…n I’m watching doctor stranger coz of Kang Sora n Jong Suk..about Jin Se Yeon, well don’t know why,but until this right moment I still don’t feel her, n still she’s like an alien among humans (don’t know how to describe exactly)..maybe it’s right, she doesn’t have enough charisma to win this role’s grip….n I think it will be better to exchange couple, like Jaehee cooperate with Joon for a master plan, n Hoon fall in love with Hyun..

  8. same feelings here koala sis! i just wanna shout at my screen and say “Come on, drama, can you care to move on?!” ugh! i feel like it’s been ages that we’ve been waiting for something to really happen to let us know what the heck this drama is all about. double ugh!

  9. Oooooooooooo. Your first paragraph exactly described my cat this evening when I tried to give her medication. You certainly have a way with words.

    I was going to start this drama when my work schedule let up, but now… never mind.

  10. Slowly im getting tired watching this drama. Lucky for me koala still recapping it. Now i rather read your recap than miserably watching the drama. Why is the drama is so complicated. Does the writer have so many idea than they want to pour it in one drama.

  11. I bet next week eps will give us more revelation , it will probably be like this:
    Ep.11-12 about what seung hee mission, preparation for the next battle to win PM Jang heart surgery chance
    Ep.13-14 the battle whos the winner that will operate in PM jang, more about nuclear test, SK deal with NK, everything be in chaos. LoL.
    Ep.15-16 lets operate PM jang, chairman oh finally know about jaejoon past. More kisses please. Kekekeke.
    Ep.17-18 probably theres a complication after PM jang surgery. Hope he die. Comrade cha kidnap seunghee. Big probability there will be a nuclear war, try to stop a war , find jaehee again.
    Ep.19-20 successfully stop a war. Kill comrade cha. The fall down of myungwoo hospital. Send chairman oh and dr.choi to prison. Hoon live happily with jaehee, more revelation about what happend to jaehee after she fall from the bridge in budapest.

    Hope things will going like this with dr.stranger.

    • I think jae hee is going to die or already dead from the fall in the bridge…the actress who played jae hee always die ay the end of her drama.. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Btw.. i like hoon-sohyun pair..
    🙂 🙂 🙂
    I wonder if sparks will fly if they get to kiss like jaejee-hoon… atyle 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. gosh! i swear off this drama every week but then wednesday roll around and i’m sitting in front of my computer watching it! i can’t leave my heartbeat (Hoon-Hee) couple for sure!

  14. This drama is in such a mess now. Jaehee’s existence/reappearance in Hoon’s life is causing him more harm than good, the way he just goes crazy and irrational when it comes to him. It annoys me. I mean wtf hoon, you leave your /only/ friend stranded in the middle of the road just because you’re angry she said Jaehee is a spy. And I don’t want to be annoyed at Hoon because this is a Hoon drama and if I’m annoyed at the main character, how am I going to continue watching this drama. I can’t even root for anyone now other than Soohyun and Changyi but Soohyun’s character is pretty flat now and Changyi doesn’t get much character development so….

    Anyway, at the part where Comrade Cha ‘stripped’ Jaehee, there wasn’t any signs of a gunshot or operation on her shoulder? (Or did I miss out on that?) Because if there isn’t a gunshot, does that mean she’s not Jaehee anymore? I’m really sick of this entire Jaehee/Seunghee thing urgh. And I’m sick of him having to scream “JAEHEEEEEE!!!!!!” every episode

    • I think this drama is filled with loads and craps of plot holes.

      1. If Hoon is a doctor for that some time in south Korea he would have enough money to upgrade his apartment and get a car.
      2. Hoon should not be ditching his friend who owns the lorry and drive off her lorry.
      3. Jae Hee was like shot (with already only 1 kidney) and dropped like 10 metres into a river even the best doctor couldn’t save her.
      4. The North Koreans were arrested at Budapest and it doesn’t make sense that they suddenly appeared in South Korea (maybe they were deported to North Korea but with JaeHee with them?)
      5. From what I know, people with faulty kidneys have 3 kidneys and not 1 kidney(but I think according to the story, she did not have a single kidney when she was in North Korea being operated on by Hoon)

      • To do some justice to the show, the points you’ve mentioned can actually be explained.
        1. He was a doctor in South Korea for some time but he was saving up the money to try to bring Jaehee back from the North, and he had been cheated of money before because of the same cause. (I think he mentioned it somewhere in the first few episodes) Which is probably why he couldn’t upgrade his apartment and car.
        2. I totally agree with you on this. It was such a shitty act for him to that, just because “JAEHEEEE”. Really, Hoon, really, just stop.
        4. I’ve no idea how Hoon got to the South from Budapest either. He just magically appeared. As for the rest of them, they probably got sent back to the North, because Comrade Cha had his fingers cut off and that probably happened in the North. As to how they managed to get back to the South again, it probably is the Prime Minister or something who allowed that to happen.

        I’ve no idea about Jaehee anymore. She’s like Wolverine or something, she doesn’t die and her body just magically heals itself so there’s no gun shot or anything? Idk. This show could’ve been much better if she hadn’t reappeared.

  15. It’s not really JSY’s fault that this drama has gone somewhat bonkers. Her acting is fine, nothing remarkable, but not like…terrible. She’s still so young though, Im sure she’ll improve in the future.

    And I think (at least, I hope) that the ratings for this episode has dropped. The writers need to know that the story is getting really muddled!

    By the way, am I the only one who kind of thinks that Comrade Cha has this weird twisted possessive thingy around Jae Hee? IDK I mean he’s abusive to her and all but I just get this odd feeling…

    Still love JSY <3

    • People should stop using that old excuse on her being young. There are mny actresses who are as young or younger (look at those child actors acting in heavy stories/characters?) than her and they are good. Some are not good as well but people don’t keep harping on that ‘being young’ as an excuse. Btw, she isn’t a newbie in acting either.

      • Hmm…I’m not really trying to find an excuse for her; that she’s young, so her acting is not yet “good” enough. It’s more of like, I’m saying she’s still young and has a lot more opportunities to become better? `It’s true that she’s not really a newbie anymore, but the fact is, she probably isn’t like some other actors/actresses who are naturally talented in acting. Maybe she needs like, more roles etc in order to truly improve? It applies to everything in life, really. I’m just saying…give her a break. I don’t think that her acting is bad. It’s just….normal. A little bland maybe, but really, is that THAT bad it’s unwatchable? I honestly don’t think so. Honestly. But it’s just my opinion 🙂

      • Well she IS young. Here’s a thought, think of another actress on the same age range as her and imagine if they can carry the weight of being casted on such role. The answer will be very far and few. Someone mentioned 3 child actress on the other thread, really, CHILD actresses are JSY’s peer. I’m not making excuses for her btw, just pointing out facts.

      • think of another actress on the same age range as her and imagine if they can carry the weight of being casted on such a role

        Really? Because there are plenty of Korean actresses who, by JSY’s current age, were more than capable of turning in far better performances than she ever has as a female lead.

        Forget the current young actresses in her age range crowd with actual talent, let’s not insult all 20 year old actresses by saying JSY’s low skill standard is what is normal to be expected of them. People like Jeon Ji Hyun, Gong Hyo Jin, Shin Mina, Im Joo Eun, Park Shin Hye, even Kang Sora had turned in performances that were commonly considered very good by the time they hit age 20.

      • @blue wine

        Ah thank you for finally answering my previous question, so your answer is basically: NONE.

      • @Dany – she gets a great number of breaks for someone who’s so lacking in skill among a 20something generation that has no lack of talented young actresses.

        If she’s going to keep acting, what she needs is not more lead roles, it’s more time spent in supporting roles to try and work on her acting skill. But I guess that is out of the question for her, as much as actually finishing a project before signing on to the next one.

      • @Scientia – did you miss the list of names I provided? They may not be 20 now, but at 20, they were far better than whatever JSY is churning out now. And they’re just a few. Like I said, let’s not insult all 20 year old actresses by claiming that JSY’s standard is the best that can be expected out of most of them.

        And if you want me to name some actresses currently in her age (+-2 years) range and with about as much experience as her who actually can act better then her, here you go: Han Groo, Jung Eunji, Nam Jihyun, IU, Kim Jiwon, Krystal Jung, Lee Da In, Bang Minah, Shim Eun-kyung…… and that’s not even counting the actual kids like Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung and Seo Shin Ae, who could act circles around her without even trying.

    • I’ve never placed JSY as benchmark of talent for her age-range, I simply asked are there better choices for her current role, and if so, where are they? So really, giving me names of past Successful and Seasoned (some even A-listers) stars is irrelevant.

      Thankfully you gave out a more relevant list, now let’s move on to my next question: where are they?

      Don’t even answer it, because it’s a rhetorical, my point is simple being given the choices that the PD’s have in their hands, if the said actors are not available, then JSY is NOT BAD of a choice at all. No matter how you think that her acting skills are subpar, they’re actually acceptable.

      Ofc, talent is not the only parameter used in choosing leads. Image, popularity, work experience, SCHEDULE, and a whole lot more takes into consideration. With that said, we can now rule out actual CHILD actors (why would you even consider them when you’re offering a role such as Jae Hee/Seung Hee), and respective idols and actors’ current availability. Just from the list that you gave I can already tell you that Park Shin Hye just finished Heirs and is on a world tour for her ‘Kiss of an Angel’ tour, Eunji has just been casted on Trot Lovers, Han Groo is under consideration for another role, IU who is an idol just finished Pretty Man, Krystal with Heirs and has just begun a reality show with her sister among her other busy idol work, Kim Ji Won just finished Heirs herself and is currently in Gapdong, Lee Da In to which I’ve never heard of before nor does her resume speaks volume nor is her age comparable to which is actually on Moon Chae Won’s generation, another IDOL with Minah whose resume is just as anemic, and finally Shim Eun Kyung who just finished a movie and according to Wiki is shooting for another one.

      So really, your argument of “oh there are SO MANY talented actresses to choose from” is specious.

      • Hmm…and sometimes I think whether we like/dislike a particular artiste is actually subconsciously affected by the roles they play onscreen, even if we don’t want to admit it.

        Plus, how often is that that we watch a drama with a preconception of a particular artiste (etc we really don’t like them) and we start off the drama determined to hate them? We blame it on their poor acting skills when really, the skills are not subpar but actually acceptable?

        To be honest I do that too. I really dislike Lee Yo Won (I think she’s a terrible actress with a perpetually mournful face, but then again, some people think she’s a beautiful and talented actress :0) so I don’t watch her dramas and when I do, I have nothing but criticism because I really dislike her from the start.

        Also, I don’t think IU is a very good actress at all; I think her acting is just…normal, not mind blowing or anything. I still like her <3

        And, sorry but I don't think Gong Hyo Jin is a marvellous actress as well, although she is very seasoned indeed. She makes the same pouty face/expressions all the time, in all her dramas. I like her dramas though (:

        And I swear I'm not putting these actresses down on purpose, I sincerely do think this way.

      • Oh and also…May I know how JSY can improve her acting in this messy drama?

        Her identity is supposed to be somewhat ambiguous (although she is most likely JH), and so far I think she is adhering to it. She plays the adorable JH when required, she plays the spy SH when required. When required by the script. Yes, the past two episodes were very confusing, but it has nothing to do with her acting per se.

        What part, specifically, in her acting, is so undesirable and hateful? I do think she is angry when she is supposed to be angry (according to the script), and she is happy when she is supposed to be he happy (according to the script). I don’t see any overacting or underacting.

        That goes back to this: do we hate her character or her acting skills?

      • Yeah, and honestly, that list of actresses that are “supposedly” better than JSY…………. I don’t agree on all of them. And plus, you also have to look at an IMAGE of an actress too. Casting is not SOLELY based on acting skill. I don’t think Eunji’s image matches JH/SH. (Nor did I think ONE lead teenage role tells us very much on her actual skills)
        People just don’t want to admit it, but they only keep hating on JSY just cuz she’s not being AMAZING and OUTSTANDING. If you hate on an actress to begin with, they’re not ever going to stand out to you. People are ALL biased and judgmental, we all just have to admit that.
        I don’t think either JSY OR Kang Sora are doing SPECTACULAR in the drama. Just because Kang Sora’s character personality is “cooler”, but I don’t think it’s called a spectacular performance. So please stop commenting like this: “JSY SUCKS, KANG SORA CAN DO SOOOO MUCH BETTER. KANG SORA is being wasted in this drama!”

  16. To be honest, I think one of the factors (other than the fact that these two episodes were pretty messy) that attributed to the drop in ratings was the attaining of the Park Hoon-Jae Hee ship, because from what I’ve seen, A LOT of people ship Hoon and Soo Hyun so when that ship fell apart, many didn’t want to watch it anymore. The writer should never have given the audience hope in the first place, but IMO, first love conquers Hoon-Soo Hyun. Looking at Hoon’s behaviour,him falling for Soo Hyun will be very confusing.

    • I’m also having second lead syndrome. Never had a thing for 2nd female lead except Soo Hyun. Alternate ending for me would be Soo Hyun becoming a great doctor. Aside from Hoon, she’s the only doctor who cares about patients and have no agenda. I sincerely doesn’t want her to end up with Jae Joon ay this point. The other reason I’m still watching this show would be about how Hoon will grow to be as a doctor. This show is messing the medical stuffs too much that no one doesn’t care anymore about it.

      • I actually do not agree with that. Soo Hyun does have an agenda when they were doing surgery on the baby she wasted so much time and kept staring at the clock putting the baby’s life at risk. even Jae Joon called her out on it. he said she was trying to save a life she was just trying to prove everyone wrong.

    • No offense, but people were just being ridiculous on insisting Hoon and Soo Hyun were a FOR SURE thing. I tried to explain SOO many times how it would just make NO SENSE, and absolutely BAD writing if Hoon suddenly falls in love with Soo Hyun =___=
      I personally wouldn’t drop a show just because of the pairing …. unless the show sucks.

      • I completely agree with you and on the JSY KS thing too. It’s all about the character. A reason KS has such a huge fan base was because a lot of people got to know her on WGM with Leeteuk. KS has come a long way in acing Dream High 2 was a mess. In Inspiration Generation JSY was the second lead but since her character was cooler than the first people were rooting for her and the male lead. It’s all about the character more than the actor.

  17. I think the real problems we have is time. Scriptwriter these days have to write and improve their script in record short timeline. The turnover for each drama is so quick. There is not time for anyone to plan, act and produce a good drama properly. It may works barely for room com and straight forward melodramas. But if the story is complex and heavy, time is needed to produced a good drama. In the past, dramas are produced way ahead of boardcast now it is done almost just before boardcast. Actors are stretched to delivery days or hours before each eps boardcast. Thus we can see very tired acting and even panda eyes on our stars towards the end of the drama. I will wait till this drama end before doing a marathon. Otherwise, watching it each week will just confuse me. When a drama becomes a stress to watch the drama just do not become enjoyable anymore.

  18. its too crazy. Why doesn’t Jae He have the scar of bullet or operation. Its weird. Besides her attitude and actions shows she has been trained to become a spy. Why is sohyun dreams of hoon and run to him when she is sad. Sohyun doesn’t really love hoon but she is attracted to his love for Jae hee. Since young sohyun has been lacking affection and love. So she is attracted to it. She couldn’t find it in her boyfriend. May be she is going towards another love failure.

  19. I agree with pretty much everything you’ve said in this recap, and would only add that it seems like yet another case of a K Drama’s writer(s) being self-indulgently “clever”, labouring under a delusion that adding layer upon layer of pointless, directionless complication and confusion is proof of how extremely intricate and skilled their plot is. The axiom “less is more” is not one widely accepted in K Drama writing circles, it seems.

  20. about to give upon this drama soon. JSY acting is too awkward to watch.
    might just come here to see the recap.pd really waste KONG SORA acting in the drama. she need more sceen time. drama really going down hill.
    will not surprise if next week big man over take DS for 1st place in rating.

  21. First let me say I am surprise HOON hasn’t disintegrated yet with all the running he’s been doing. I don’t want to hear the name JAE HE again because it’s been screamed so many times I literally feel like I’m being forced to eat my puke.

    This week marked my last viewing of this drama since I cannot take anymore of the crap being dished out to me.

    • Yes..same..bored of Jaehee thing..Hoon’s clinging on her too, bored to death..:) coz I don’t care of Jaehee or whoever she is….thankx for recap anyway, so I don’t waste my time watching it..n I love soohyun’s character…n Sora nailed it, PHJ too..such a waste of talent for this two

  22. I can’t even with this drama any more. I made the mistake of thinking the crazy was fun, now it’s just crazy and all this Jaehee-ing is very tiresome. And they set back Soohyun too. Sorry LJS, I love you but even you can’t carry this nonsense beyond this point.

  23. Before I watched this drama, I did not like KSR. I saw her in DH2 and couldn’t stand her character there. I’ve never watch a drama with JSY. Anyhow, back to Dr.Stranger, I actually like KSR here. Her character is really likeable.

    As for JH/SH, I don’t like neither characters especially SH. So manipulating and I found her selfish and uncaring.
    I really like Hoon character until the last 2 episodes and obviously, she’s the reason for it. I feel the rating went down not just b/c it does not have scenes between Hoon and Soo Hyun but mainly b/c the male lead only cares for just one person. His obsession totally annoyed me. His character is starting to not care for anyone else beside his precious JH.

    Hopefully, the coming episodes will be back to the original pace.

  24. I have a theory that the reason this drama is so weird is because all the characters are acting like they’re in separate dramas at the same time. Hoon and Jae Hee are in a spy drama. Jae Joon and the hospital employees are in a medical drama. Soo Hyun is in a weekend family drama and the Chairman and Prime Minister are in a political drama. I don’t know if this is writing or directing but it’s making everyone’s acting style collide and not mesh into a coherent story.

    • Exactly my thoughts. Even though that concept of meshing different genres together was fresh and unique, it just turns into a big mess just like throwing a bunch of colorful paints into a blank canvas. Thus it looks abstract and new, but at the end, it just doesn’t make sense.

      • agreed. I find the different “genres” and random “comedic feels” that appear very weird….

  25. Yeah. I’m absolutely tired of the plot playing “suspicious” over and over again. I already got tired by like Ep 5… I felt like the plot wasn’t going anywhere in terms of the central plot, which is why I’ve already taken a break from the show. It’s reaaalllyyy annoying… Like why don’t you actually get somewhere with the show finally??

  26. omaigad i just love it how Hoon hold JaeHee when they are taking pictures at the stair where’s a wing mural on it^^ so lovey dovey…btw JaeJoon’s revenge is a little bit childish..It was totally obvious that he was green with envy with Hoon…While JaeJoon was busy with his childish revenge,Hoon’s&JaeHee/SeungHee’s life is at a risk..But what I was most envy with them is although their life is at a risk..they put each other’s first before theirselves..ouwhh i hope can do so after my mamma&daddy^^..

  27. *sigh*…watching these last two episodes make me want to take a step back away from the crazy and intensity…it’s a bit too much for me. hopefully, next wk’s episodes will be MUCH, MUCH, MUCH better like it was before from episode 1.

  28. Alright, after reading many comments from all over, the only reason that I see why people want Oh Soo Hyun to be with Park Hoon is pretty much that they are a fan of Kang Sora. That’s all. I really find it funny that viewers go as far to say that they will stop watching the show if Hoon doesn’t end up with Soo Hyun. Fine by me. Less annoying complaints for me to read, and more constructive response to the show for me so I can actually understand the show better. Oh, and that they don’t like Jin Se Yeon.

    Anyways, I felt that this episode really made it obvious that Seung Hee is Jae Hee. She pretty much was willing to tell Hoon about her mission, or whatever you would like to call it. She even asked Hoon when he knew that she was Jae Hee. I’m sure the show can’t get any more obvious with Seung Hee being Jae Hee.
    From the preview, it seems that next episode would focus a lot more of Jae Joon’s character. Not totally looking forward to it, but at least they are moving the character forward now. What I feel that they need to do to bring up the ratings is to actually move the story forward. Get straight to the point. Get in as much intense moments like it did in the beginning. Still enjoying the show so far. Probably the only one.

    • Totally with you on this show. Sticking it through for the actors and the directing. The writing though, I do hope it improves so the ratings can at least be level enough so the writer won’t have to descend into further crazyvale attempting to pull up ratings. What a blackhole terrible writing could be, sigh….

    • I don’t think so. I can’t speak for the rest but I like So Hyun’s character, not the actress as this is the first time I’ve seen her show. This is partly the writer/director’s fault for introducing too many cute scenes between her and Hoon.

  29. JSY/her lifeless expression make the drama not that good anymore.
    to boost the writer really ruin LJS char. the writer better do something soon or big man going to over take DS in the rating.

    • You seriously don’t see the microexpressions that Jin Se Yeon has been doing for the pass few episodes? Having been watching and keeping up with Big Man, it’s not that great of a drama. It’s getting repetitive already. So Mi Ra is a horrible character up till this point. That’s all I’m gonna say about Big Man since we shouldn’t be talking about Big Man in a totally unrelated post.

  30. I have to say this: Expect a drop in rating on Monday. Big Man to take over the lead.

    Doctor is too strange, especially when you have spy stories in it. Just too freaking mixed up to understand. One is about saving live, the other is about spying on you and killing you if need be. Doesn’t relate.

    I was utterly disappointed in this show. If it were more medical, more romance and less spy, I believe the show would be more interesting. Without the spy, maybe this show can complete in 6 episodes. With the whole spy part, it just makes it longer until 20 episodes. The spy part is a waste of time.

    Just a few issues with the drama as well. Jin Se Yeon acted well but her role is becoming too convoluted for people to want to follow. It is like puking blood out and drinking it back. I pity her because the writer of her script seems to have messed up her script. Maybe the coffee spilled and the words got lost somewhere?

    Comrade Cha is a creep and seriously, the actor’s acting is very very bad. I dont even know how he landed an acting career? He should seriously quit acting. He acts like a crazy good running around South Korea with his little Johnny sticking around. What kind of army man acts like that? I expect army top notch spy to be more “disciplined”, more uptight, more crisp cut.

    Jae Joon’s plot is another waste of time. You lose, go pack up and suck your own thumbs. Don’t be such a sore loser. Yes, you want revenge. But don’t you think it’s a bit too late? Besides, his part after losing the surgery is a waste of time. Your part is done. Go home. Move on with the next aspect of the movie.

    Given that Dr Park Hoon always loses to Comrade Cha (3 to 1: One at North korea, another at Budapest, and lastly at the port), I dont know how he’s gonna win over Comrade Cha, since Secretary Kim is also another badass. Is this going to be another Super Hero Marvel where the hero trains up to slowly take up some AK 47 and start shooting around?

    This is the only Korean show I see, where the good guy is probably one or two, and the rest of them are all bad guys. It is usually the other way around.

    Oh yeah, Premier Jang goes around in a single car!! No back up, no police, no secret service??? Wow, for a premier, he doesnt look so premier. More like a Puppet Jang.

    And who says US doesn’t give a damn about nuclear tests? What world are they living in??? Crap crap crap show..

    • Thank you. We need more doses from you dr right. 🙂

      I’m glad there are actual fans who are able to recognize the real problem instead of repeating the same catchphrase ad infinitum.

  31. And I am not writing as if I am a fan of anybody (eventhough I am a fan of Kang So Ra). Despite that, I pity Se-Yeon, having landed a role of such nature. Makes her look like a dual-personality schizo. Yes I understand her being a “spy” but, just quickly spill the beans to Dr Park Hoon and get it over with. It’s too complicated to maintain a schizo. Good acting, I know. Just that the script is crap.

  32. And one more thing, based on Jae Hee’s looks at Soo Hyun and Park Hoon, looks like she’s willing to give her boy away to Soo Hyun, seeing them so happy. Please stop sulking and start getting a life? He’s there. Tell him the truth and plot something out. That’s what most normal people will do. Look at some of the American dramas. I am not saying American dramas are all that great, but they do put in some logic. Logic is important in drama. Yes, we want to fantasize, but this show has no place for too much schizo fantasy. I like Kang So Ra but I feel for Se Yeon. I might not be a true fan of Se Yeon but as the main actress lead, she has been taken for a ride on the write up of her role.

  33. I honestly cannot see SH as Jae Hee. Why would the drama include that weird scene with the PM and SH, where SH stripped down and showed him whether she had a scar…and then STILL not tell the audience who she was? All we got from it was PM saying “what a pity for Park Hoon.” And then literally an episode later, SH suddenly confesses to PH that she’s Jae Hee? Makes no sense. Why would a drama go through all that effort to hide SH’s identity, just to reveal it an episode later? I don’t think she’s Jae Hee. Or at the very least, she’s Jae Hee but was brainwashed or simply doesn’t care for PH anymore.

    Also, I don’t think an alternate ending where Soo Hyun and Hoon end up together is ridiculous. Yeah, I ship them, not because I like KSR, but because Soo Hyun’s character is the most relatable and likeable. I admit, PH’s craziness for JH is overboard and insane but I feel that if he grows as a doctor and realizes that Jae Hee isnt who she is/used to be, he could potentially end up with soo hyun.

    • i agree with ya.
      its kinda ridiculous for me about that scene.. I hope that Hoon end up with Soo Hyun. I ship them

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