Dr. Stranger Episode 14 Recap

Crazy is as crazy does, and much as recapping Dr. Stranger feels like an exercise in futility, I can’t lie that it’s not fun in a masochistic way. It can be reduced to “at least I’m not bored” even if being on the verge of tearing my hair out appears to veer too far to the other extreme. Episode 14 dropped the big conspiracy reveal (finally!) directly from Seung Hee to Hoon. He needed to hear it from her and she needed to lay it all on the line for him. Otherwise he appears to think Comrade Cha’s threats are child’s play rather than learning that Seung Hee has been keeping Comrade Cha at bay from pumping a bullet into Hoon’s brain. The writing continues to be loopy beyond belief, none moreso than Hoon’s recent coldness and doubting of Seung Hee as Jae Hee. It’s beyond bizarre not because he can’t doubt her but because of the circumstances. If he wanted to doubt her then do so when she suddenly appeared pretending to be another woman. Instead he gave her unfettered trust only to fall into a quagmire of doubt after Seung Hee didn’t want him to do the surgery because Comrade Cha threatened to kill them both. Buh?

I may have pulled back somewhat from hating Hoon at the end of this episode, but it’s still such a disappointment to see his character acting with no consistency to any of his previous actions or thought processes. Hoon changes as quickly as Chairman Oh fires and rehires doctors at Myung Woo Hospital. Seung Hee/Jae Hee is supposed to be the character playing two roles, badass Seung Hee with a mission and Jae Hee who loves her man, but the other three leads are acting more bipolar than she is and hilariously enough don’t have a good reason to be this way. This episode had less Soo Hyun which means less aggravating filler hogging screen time, and I’m genuinely sad that her once promising character has been reduced to reacting to whatever emotions Park Hoon triggers in her at any given moment. I wonder if Kang Sora is frustrated and embarrassed to act out Soo Hyun scenes because it’s wasting her talents on such a lackluster character. Same goes for the other three leads but to a lesser extent since the other characters still have substantive plot lines going on outside of romance woes. Jae Joon has the revenge or justice for his dead dad, Hoon has to save his mom (and find happily ever after with Jae Hee if that’s what he still wants, I can’t tell anymore), and Seung Hee has to give it her best shot to keep Park Hoon and his mom alive.

Episode 14 recap:

Park Hoon takes a walk through memory lane and returns to his old house in South Korea and doesn’t find it weird that it’s magically intact after two decades sitting empty. He finds his old notebook where he scribbled his mother’s number and calls it. A woman answers asking if he’s Hoon? The woman isn’t his mother answering but a friend in the US. She reveals Hoon’s mom went back to South Korea twenty years ago to retrieve Hoon and worried that he wouldn’t be able to reach her if the number changed. The woman laments why Hoon is caling now and reveals that his mom was certain Hoon would call and wanted to convey how sorry she was to Hoon.

Hoon remembers putting the psychiatry patient back to her room and she keeps talking about how sorry she is to her son, how she doesn’t know what he endured, how she hopes he won’t forget that he has a mother in this world who loves him. She keeps saying sorry to her son and vows to go get him. Hoon told his mom that he hopes she will find her son one day so she needs to stay healthy. Hoon makes the connection that the crazy woman in the hospital looking for her son is his mom. Hoon picks up his old teddy bear on his bed that looks just like the bears that Hoon’s crazy mom lugs around as her son substitute now.

Hoon answers a call from PM Jang asking if Hoon has seen her mom? Hoon rages at what PM Jang did to his mom but PM Jang claims he did nothing. But warns Hoon that he can do whatever he wants so Hoon should hurry off to see his mom before anything should happen. After hanging up the phone, PM Jang sarcastically wonders about the tearful mother-son reunion to come. A man in black places a call after watching Hoon rush out of his old house.

Secretary Kim watches Seung Hee scrub into a surgery. He answers the phone to hear his man report that Park Hoon is on his way to the hospital. Another man in black accompanies Park Hoon’s mom to the nurses station to get her shots. He waits outside and steps away to answer a call to report that everything is normal. After he walks back is when he finds Park Hoon’s mom gone.

The man runs all over the hospital looking for Park Hoon’s mom and can’t find her anywhere. Seung Hee has sneaked Park Hoon’s mom out of the hospital past all the guards. Hoon arrives at the hospital and finds his mom’s hospital room empty. He asks the nurses and hears that she went for an exam but no one knows where she is now.

Secretary Kim gets the report that Park Hoon’s mom can’t be located. He runs to the OR and is blocked from entering since there is a surgery in progress. He asks the scrub nurse who reports that Dr. Han Seung Hee is currently inside doing a surgery.

Secretary Kim calls a furious PM Jang about the missing mom and he is furious about losing this one chip that can be used to control Park Hoon. He wonders if Park Hoon got her out of the hospital? Secretary Kim assures him that she can’t have gone far since she’s a mental patient. Hoon calls PM Jang who is in no mood to talk to him since he doesn’t have the upper hand anymore.

Seung Hee takes Park Hoon’s mom to Chang Yi and asks that she watch over her. Chang Yi wants to tell Hoon but Seung Hee stops her. The people are planning to use Hoon’s mom to control Hoon and if she’s missing then they will suspect him so she doesn’t want him to know and be in even more danger. Chang Yi calls out Seung Hee for being the dangerous one, she knows Seung Hee is Jae Hee and therefore a North Korean spy. Seung Hee begs Chang Yi to please keep this a secret for Hoon’s sake and to keep his mom safe. She apologizes for bringing Chang Yi into it but she’s the only one Hoon trusts.

Secretary Kim’s men have looked everywhere and can’t find Park Hoon’s mom anywhere that Park Hoon could go. Comrade Cha arrives to lord it over the South for losing Park Hoon’s mom at such a critical juncture. If they just allowed the North to handle things directly then this wouldn’t have happened. Secretary Kim accuses the North of doing this but Comrade Cha scoffs at why they would do something like this. He then remembers Seung Hee telling him to wait and not to question what she does.

Comrade Cha finds Seung Hee coming out of the OR and informs her that Park Hoon’s mom is missing and asks if she had anything to do with it? Other than PM Jang’s side, only Comrade Cha and Seung Hee know about her existence here. Seung Hee has the perfect alibi that she was in surgery this whole time. Comrade Cha hopes that Seung Hee didn’t do it as well, because if she did then neither she nor Park Hoon will end up well.

Dr. Eun walks out of surgery afterwards and chides Seung Hee for leaving in the middle of surgery and needing her to cover. Seung Hee apologizes and promises not to do it again.

Park Hoon can’t get through to PM Jang so hops into a taxi wanting to go to the prime minister’s residence. The taxi driver reveals that he was paid already to bring Park Hoon to a place. Hoon arrives at a park and finds Seung Hee waiting for him. She tells him that his mom is safe which immediately gets Hoon to grab her around the shoulders and shake her for not telling him that his mom was back in Korea. Seung Hee explains that she knew his mom was here but she didn’t know where she was being stashed until recently.

Hoon screams at Seung Hee but she tries to explain that PM Jang has been keeping information from the North and never told them where he was keeping Hoon’s mom because he didn’t trust her. Hoon accuses her of meeting with PM Jang and being on that side but Seung Hee explains that PM Jang never trusted her and she needed to earn his trust. Only after seeing that she didn’t have a surgery scar did he believe that she wasn’t Song Jae Hee. But she had many surgeries to remove the scar completely just so she can convince everyone that she is just a woman who looks just like Song Jae Hee and is to be used to seduce Park Hoon and keep him in line.

Hoon glares at Seung Hee and asks if she never once though Hoon was suspicious of her? Seung Hee never did, never once did she suspect that Hoon wouldn’t trust her. She believes wholeheartedly that even if her face changed he would be able to recognize her. She tells him that his mom is safe now and he just needs to be calm for now. Hoon refuses to be calm and wants to know where his mom is this instant. Seung Hee actually stands her ground and says no. She has her plan to keep him and his mom safe. She wants to protect them so will he please trust her and wait for her.

Hoon completely goes off the cliff here and refuses to trust Seung Hee. She won’t tell him where his mom is and he doesn’t know what she’s thinking or planning. Why should he trust her? Oh right, so says the man who in episode 2 stopped Jae Hee’s heart with one word that she needs to trust him. Good one, Park Hoon. What works for the goose doesn’t apply to the gander, I see. Hoon sticks the dagger in for the death kill by saying that even now he doesn’t know whether Seung Hee really is Jae Hee. YOU DICKHEAD! Seung Hee, sweetie, please walk away now and get on the first plane to somewhere really really far away. Seung Hee looks grief stricken and clenches her hand in a fist the way she used to do when Hoon would hug her. Ugh, now I want doubly to smack him upside the head.

Hoon doesn’t want any of her plans and plans to go meet PM Jang right now and order him to release his mom otherwise he’ll go to the cops and the newspapers. LOL forever and ever. You go right ahead and do that, Park Hoon. Ahahahaha, I can’t even. Wow, he really did lose his brain in the last episode along with the Soo Hyun-suggested haircut. Seung Hee points out that PM Jang won’t let Hoon get way with it. Hoon doesn’t care and PM Jang can kill him if he wants. Seung Hee points out that it’ll leave Hoon’s mother suffering even more if he dies now. She’s in so much guilt she’s gone mad. Hoon claims that is why he HAS to see her, to tell her that he is sorry.

Seung Hee takes Hoon’s hand and pleads with him to please trust her on this one. She wants to protect Hoon and his mother. She will protect them both. She promises him to trust her for a month and after that everything will be over. Hoon stares at her like she’s such a disappointment to him and just walks away. Seung Hee cries because who the fuck wouldn’t cry to know that all her suffering and sacrifice for a guy that professed undying love ends up with this lousy response when push comes to shove.

Chairman Oh sits at dinner and smirks about getting the evidence from PM Jang that contains wrongdoing by First Hospital. PM Jang explains that he picked the third hospital so the President nixed that. The president picked First Hospital and with this evidence that hospital will be eliminated. That only leaves Myung Woo Hospital as the remaining choice. Chairman Oh calls Dr. Moon and has him summon his reporter friends over.

The President sits with PM Jang watching news reports about First Hospital being investigated for corruption. The President sighs and agrees that it’ll have to be Myung Woo Hospital then. Well that was easy.

PM Jang goes back to his office and asks for an update on locating Park Hoon’s mom. He wonders if Comrade Cha did it but Secretary Kim suggests that it’s most likely Han Seung Hee. He thinks she’s the real Song Jae Hee despite the fact that PM Jang didn’t see a surgery scar on her. Dr. Moon is giddy with glee that Myung Woo has been chosen for the surgery and asks what to do next? Chairman Oh wonders if Dr. Moon means to bring back Park Hoon?

Seung Hee finds Soo Hyun nervously headed out to visit Park Hoon. Soo Hyun claims to feel bad after her outburst yesterday and wants to bring him the leftover curry and apologize. Seung Hee hears “curry” and tells Soo Hyun to wait a moment. Even if Hoon likes curry he can’t eat the same thing night and morning.

Soo Hyun stares in amazement as Seung Hee whips up a tasty sandwich lunchbox for Soo Hyun to bring to Hoon. She wonders if Seung Hee’s second profession is as a chef. Soo Hyun heads out to take the Seung Hee made lunch to Hoon leaving Seung Hee sadly brooding in the kitchen.

Soo Hyun finds Hoon napping at the desk and places the lunchbox next to his head. She starts by asking for an apology for what he said last night. He doesn’t think an apology is needed since what he said was true. Hoon cuts to the chase and asks if she really likes him? It looks like she’s making any excuse to come see him. Soo Hyun sputters and claims she’s just here to deliver a lunchbox that Seung Hee made since she felt sorry for Hoon, and that gave her a reason to come get an apology. Hoon confirms Seung Hee made the lunch. Hoon gives an apology to Soo Hyun and tells her not to let Jae Joon be confused and misunderstand anymore and she needs to stop coming by in the future.

Hoon picks up the lunchbox and shoves it back to Soo Hyun, refusing to accept it. Soo Hyun looks crestfallen and just stands there clutching the lunch. She then storms out and thinks back Hoon asking if she really likes him? She rips off all her rings and yells at how preposterous it is that she could like Hoon.

Hoon picks up the Seung Hee lunchbox and opens it to look sadly at the sandwiches. He hears another person come in and thinks it’s Soo Hyun again and tells her to go home. It’s Chang Yi who is thinking about whether to tell Hoon that his mom is at her place. Hoon asks Chang Yi about her mom which makes her nervous all this talk about moms.

A sick man staggers into the little clinic clutching his heart in pain. Hoon listen to his chest and suggests some medicine to help improve his restricted blood flow. The man explains that he went to a big hospital and they suggested he needed surgery but he doesn’t have the money to pay for it. Hoon has the patient lie down and touches his heart to fully use his magic powers to confirm that the man needs surgery immediately and medicine won’t help. The man leaves claiming he doesn’t have money for surgery.

Dr. Moon arrives and asks Hoon to come back to Myung Woo Hospital but he’s in no mood for more surgical battles. Dr. Moon tries to use money to bribe Hoon who sighs that he doesn’t need it anymore. Hoon asks Dr. Moon to just let Dr. Han Jae Joon represent the hospital but Dr. Moon says Jae Joon can’t make his dad’s dying wish come true. Chang Yi carts the man from earlier back inside as he fainted outside the clinic. Dr. Moon recognizes him as a patient at Myung Woo who didn’t have money for surgery. Dr. Moon waves the wads of money in front of Hoon who takes it to bring the man back to Myung Woo for surgery.

Hoon brings the patient back to Myung Woo and Dr. Yang recognizes him from earlier. Hoon yells at Dr. Yang for letting a patient in such dire need leave the hospital just because he has no money. Dr. Kim comes out to flirt with Chang Yi who shoos him away with a water bottle again. Hoon stabilizes the patient in the ER and tells Dr. Yang that he’ll pay for this patient’s surgery.

Hoon runs into Seung Hee in the hospital corridor and they stare at each other. Hoon sighs and asks her if all she needs from him is a month? Seung Hee nods and Hoon walks off clearly agreeing with her plan.

Jae Joon sits with Chairman Oh and Dr. Moon brings Park Hoon to join this meeting. Jae Joon is actually happy to see Hoon back and Chairman Oh notices that and is not happy. Soo Hyun hears from the nurses that Park Hoon is back and cheers up.

Chairman Oh decides that the battle score is currently 1:1 now and Park Hoon is fine with that. He admits that the last surgery was his loss and is willing to let the final battle determine the winner. Jae Joon doesn’t want Hoon’s sympathy but Hoon simply acknowledges that Jae Joon is a very good doctor. Hoon wants to operate on the male patient who needs heart surgery and wants the hospital to pay for it.

Hoon and Jae Joon review the files of the male patient and another female patient who needs heart surgery. They decide on the two patients as their final battle.

Jae Joon’s patient needs a heart transplant while Hoon needs to place a Ventricular Assist Device in his patient. Chairman Oh won’t allow this patient because he has a blood disorder and isn’t a suitable candidate for either a VAD or a heart transplant. He warns Jae Joon to remain in line because he hasn’t fully forgiven Jae Joon for his last disobedience. This time Dr. Moon helped him win the surgery for Myung Woo so is on his good side, which means Jae Joon’s position as head of the department is precarious. Chairman Oh warns Jae Joon not to pal around with Park Hoon, Chairman Oh saw the way Jae Joon looked at him. He orders Jae Joon to do everything to win the final battle otherwise he will lose Myung Woo, he will lose his beloved Soo Hyun, he will lose everything!

Jae Joon sits with his friend who reports that twenty years ago Park Chul went to North Korea to operate on the leader there and afterwards stayed and got VIP treatment. Jae Joon sighs that he actually believed Park Chul when he claimed to want to testify for their lawsuit. The two men have a drink in yet another neon colored drink PPL.

Jae Joon goes to Park Chul’s residence and remembers how his mom died and he was left all alone and orphaned. Adult Jae Joon is still so angry about it and clenches his fist, wondering if Park Hoon really is the son of that Park Chul?

Soo Hyun finds Hoon at the hospital and hands his white coat back to him. Hoon is surprised to see that it’s the one he tossed and Soo Hyun congratulates him on coming back. He notices her odd expression but doesn’t press her further. He shakes out the white coat and whiffs the garbage smell on it but Soo Hyun claims it doesn’t smell bad. She puts it on Hoon and smiles. I suggest all future Soo Hyun scenes involving her either in surgery or doing rounds. Anything else and I just want to ship her off the drama for being totally useless.

The male patient wakes up and finds Hoon by his beside. Hoon assures him that the surgery is tomorrow and explains that he doens’t need to worry about the fee for the surgery which is covered. He shows the patient the very expensive VAD that will be placed in his heart and will sustain him until a heart is available for a transplant. The patient is so overcome with gratitude and his family runs in all worried about him. He assures his family that he will be fine now.

Seung Hee goes to see Hoon who wants to know what her plan is that requires him not to be able to see his mom right away. He can’t wait an hour much less a month to see her but Seung Hee refuses to budge. Hoon drags her to speak privately and wants her to tell him to truth now. Seung Hee begs him to trust her and just be a good doctor for now.

Hoon places his surgery hand on the ledge and takes a conveniently just sitting there big brick and threatens to smash his own surgical career unless Seung Hee tells him what her damn plan is! Seung Hee blurts out that her plan is to see the President of South Korea! Hoon drops the brick and wonders how she can see the President? Seung Hee explains that the surgery team for PM Jang’s heart surgery is actually going to operate on the President so if she’s part of the surgical team then she can see the President.

Seung Hee explains that the President being sick is a national secret to keep the populace from freaking out. The President also doesn’t want the world to know he might die at any time because then no one will listen to him. So it was put out that PM Jang needed heart surgery when really it’s the President with the heart problem. Hoon wonders why PM Jang needs Hoon and is using his mom as leverage? Seung Hee explains that PM Jang wants to use the secret heart surgery to kill the President and is holding Hoon’s mom and Seung Hee as hostages so that Hoon will do whatever they ask.

Seung Hee teeters a little under the pressure of such a big conspiracy. She explains that if the President dies then PM Jang will become the next President. Hoon asks if Seung Hee was planning to go along with killing the President just like that? Seung Hee explains that PM Jang won’t kill the President, he plans to keep the man in a coma so PM Jang can have acting powers of president for a long time. Seung Hee believed that she will have access to the comatose President and wake him up with her crack anesthesia skills.

Seung Hee hopes to wake the President and promises to save his life if he’ll help them. Hoon calls Seung Hee an idiot for believing her plan will work. It’s Seung Hee’s only hope, at least this is one chance for survival. If it doesn’t work then they are all dead anyways. Hoon wished Seung Hee would have told him her plan since he’s the surgeon on the team. Seung Hee says it doesn’t have to be Hoon, Jae Joon can also be the surgeon doing the surgery. She’s decided to tell PM Jang to not pick Hoon otherwise she won’t do as they ordered.

Hoon asks why the North picked Seung Hee since there are lots of good anesthesiologists up there? It’s because Seung Hee loves Hoon and they used her love as a threat to kill him if she didn’t do as they wanted. She doesn’t want him involved anymore. He can lose this final battle if he wants and just be a good doctor. She wants him to stay the path of a good doctor and let her handle everything else. Seung Hee shakes Hoon’s hand off and leaves while he broods.

Jae Joon takes Soo Hyun shopping for a new purse and she models it for him. Jae Joon points out that people are attracted to new things just like this purse. So Dr. Park is just like this new purse and hopefully she’ll get over it soon otherwise Jae Joon won’t be able to endure it much longer. Dude, I’m so with Jae Joon on this one. I don’t know how long a boyfriend can deal with Soo Hyun’s open pining for Park Hoon while doing nothing about it other than stringing Jae Joon along.

Soo Hyun goes home and stares at the stethoscope that Hoon gave her and the bag that Jae Joon bought and keeps looking torn. Oh cry me a river. If you like Hoon so much, then tell him and do something about it!

The patient is wheeled into the OR the next day with Park Hoon and Dr. Yang preparing to operate on him. Jae Joon’s patient is also wheeled in for the other surgery.

Hoon sees Seung Hee outside the OR and apologizes for yesterday. Seung Hee asks him to remember what she said, from now on he doesn’t need to worry about battles anymore. Hoon says that he suddenly wants to win this battle. No matter what OR, he doesn’t want Seung Hee to have to go in alone ever. OH MY GOD! Has the real Park Hoon returned? Doth he speaketh sane words again? Hoon doesn’t want her to worry because his success also means saving this patient’s life. They smile at each other.

Chairman Oh sits with Dr. Moon and Sang Jin to discuss how to determine who wins? Chairman Oh says this isn’t a time battle about who does it fastest and if both succeed in this difficult surgery and save their patients then he’ll decide then how to determine the victor. Chairman Oh remembers bribing Dr. Yang to tank Park Hoon’s surgery with an assistant professor position at the secondary hospital. He doesn’t want Dr. Yang to tell Park Hoon about the patient’s blood disorder and to sabotage the surgery midway.

Hoon is getting scrubbed in when Jae Joon walks up and says Hoon has a very incredible father who operated on the leader of North Korea. His life afterwards in the North must’ve been swell, right? That’s why Hoon could have gotten into Pyongyang University and become a doctor. Hoon doesn’t know what’s gotten into Jae Joon who heads off to his OR. Soo Hyun arrives to scrub in and Hoon wishes her well. She doesn’t answer and he wonders what’s wrong with him today and everyone is being weird.

Everyone watching the live feed hears about the complication with Park Hoon’s surgical patient who has a blood disorder so his blood can’t clot. Dr. Yang claims his mistake in overlooking it. Everyone wants him to cancel the surgery now because the patient can bleed out. Hoon refuses because the patient is dead if he doesn’t get the VAD. Dr. Moon is rushing to stop the surgery. Jae Joon hears that Hoon’s patient has a blood disorder and he can’t place the VAD inside. Dr. Eun says the battle is over before it’s begun.

Dr. Yang wants Seung Hee not to put the patient under but Seung Hee says it’s up to Hoon to decide whether to do the surgery. Hoon decides to switch the surgery now to a procedure called SAVER which is to cut out the impaired areas of the heart and then sew it back together. It’s an even more difficult surgery than the first. Sang Jin hears his dad explain it and Chairman Oh is grinning in glee that Hoon is stuck with such a difficult surgery.

The President is watching on a live feed of the two surgeries about to take place. Dr. Moon arrives at the OR viewing room and orders Hoon to cancel the surgery but he refuses. Dr. Yang says that the family will not agree to this new surgery since it’s even riskier. Hoon goes ahead with the surgery even though Dr. Yang says the family needs to consent first. Hoon says if the patient dies then consent doesn’t even matter. Hoon stands by the patient to start the surgery and Dr. Yang reluctantly joins.

Hoon tells Seung Hee to put the patient under and then starts the surgery by slicing into the patient.

Thoughts of Mine:

When a supposedly huge conspiracy is finally revealed, the first thought is that it can’t possibly be this preposterous. When it comes to Dr. Stranger, it can be this preposterous and I’m grateful for it because at least it’s aiming high. How PM Jang is actually planning to take out the President and usurp the position is laughable. Can’t he just wait for another election and run? I’m assuming he’s well liked enough but obvious megalomaniacs can’t leave anything up to chance. So he’s throwing in his lot with North Korea, literally making the deal with the devil, to gain the highest position in the land. I wish Secretary Kim was some sort of double agent but he’s looking more and more like PM Jang’s straight up lackey, and his momentary assistance to save Hoon’s life in Budapest was a throwaway scene rather than indicative of conflicted loyalties. The secret Presidential heart surgery plan is far-fetched enough to begin with, but how it’s supposed to go down is even more crackpot in needing so many moving chess pieces in place. Now that we know what PM Jang was planning all along, his mind-changing in the earlier episodes between Han Jae Joon and Park Hoon becomes even more weird. Hasn’t he locked down his players by now? Why the battle of the surgeons? Hasn’t he been set on Park Hoon all along to the point of kidnapping his crazy mother all these years? Why even consider Han Jae Joon for a minute back there? Ahh drama, nothing about you makes sense. It also shouldn’t matter which surgeon does the operation if all he needs is a skilled anesthesiologist to make sure the President stays comatose afterwards.

I really want to spend this entire discussion session ripping Park Hoon a new asshole. But I can’t because it’s really not his fault. It’s the fault of the writing to throw in conflict and doubt between him and Seung Hee/Jae Hee for the sake of opening the door for Soo Hyun to remotely have a chance with Park Hoon. It feels so disrespectful to the audience to throw in Hoon’s doubt of Seung Hee for the reasons he gave because he professed to trust her completely earlier. He can doubt Seung Hee at any time but I don’t buy his reasoning that it’s because she didn’t want him to do the surgery or because she had his mother somewhere safe. He knows the big scary North Korea is behind her, the very government that (1) tried to execute him and his dad, (2) did in fact execute his dad, (3) locked in up in a scary torture medical facility for 5 years doing unethical medical experiments, (4) stuck Jae Hee in a labor prison with her dad for 5 years, and (5) had Hoon operate on Jae Hee and her dad. Hoon has experienced first hand the overwhelming scariness of the enemy controlling Seung Hee and he dares to act aggrieved like he doesn’t know whether to trust her now? Give me a break.

Hoon needs to be consistent, either he’s going to trust her unconditionally like he said earlier or he should have asked her to tell him everything the moment they reunited and gotten in on her plan. He chose the former and then reneged faster than scratching an itch. I feel so bad for Seung Hee, to have suffered so much to get to the point where she’s reunited with Hoon, keeping him safe, AND managed to squirrel his mother away to safety, one can only imagine the ordeal she endured to be given this mission where she risks her neck every second of every day where she’s the double agent playing a double agent. Park Hoon’s so-called true love is weaksauce stacked up to Jae Hee’s sacrificial endurance for him. Even more inexplicable is Hoon suddenly discovering his long lost affection for his mother that he has to see RIGHT NOW even though he’s been back in South Korea for two years and never bothered to look her up. Seung Hee is trying to save his mom and all she gets for her effort is to be yelled at. She has no family left to lose but she knows he still has his mother left to keep safe and that is the reason for her refusing to just run away with Hoon. They probably won’t get far but even worse is that his mother will be sacrificed in the end.

I appreciated the reveal of the big conspiracy but it’s too little too late. I’m long past caring about what happens to the characters and whether the bad guys get their punishment and the good guys earn their happy endings. Hoon and Seung Hee/Jae Hee romance went from star-crossed and epic to Hoon nearly tossing it away at the first sign of trouble. The Hoon that so attracted Soo Hyun with his devotion to Jae Hee turns out to be sadly not the man who merited such admiration for his one true heart. Watching Hoon interact with Soo Hyun is awkward and uncomfortable in the last two episodes, with none of their easygoing friendship from earlier and only this sad sack female passive-aggressiveness on her part. Her character was once so delightful because she had her own life, now all she does is moon over Hoon in ways that everyone can see and is embarrassing to watch. Even Hoon tells her to stop it, and if I were Jae Joon I wouldn’t have as much patient for her emotionally two-timing ways. She has every right to break up with Jae Joon and pick Hoon, what makes her attitude suck is because she doesn’t do that.

Soo Hyun is less annoying than the second female leads who cling onto a man who doesn’t love her back, but all that’s left of her now is as backup in this story. She’s clearly positioned so the screenwriter has the option to kill off Seung Hee/Jae Hee in the end and give Hoon an easy fall back option. If I were a fan of her character that would feel like such a cheap shot and I’d rather have her find a great guy who loves her wholeheartedly in the end, even if it’s not Jae Joon, because it’s clearly not Hoon. It’s appalling that Hoon says he wishes Jae Hee could be more of a doctor like Soo Hyun, when it’s totally the opposite. I don’t see Soo Hyun being much of a doctor at all, while Jae Hee can’t act like a doctor because she’s being threatened by North Korea to do whatever it wants her to do. Jae Joon also takes a major step back in this episode once he gets the incorrect info that Park Chul was off living the kingly life in North Korea and tossed his father’s lawsuit under the bridge. Now he’s mad at Park Hoon (again), and like so many elements in this drama we’re back to spinning in the same circles. The episode ends on yet another surgery cliffhanger moment which we know will be resolved swiftly with very little stakes. No one will die and Park Hoon will either win or lose the battle but still plow ahead in his role in this big Presidential conspiracy.

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  1. So fast! Thanks!
    I think PM is still confused because he’s not sure Hoon will do what he say at first. But he holds HJJ’s card (his past and revenge to Chaiman Oh)
    And about Hoon, I don’t like him either in this episode. It seems my Hoon has died along with his old hairdo, lol..
    I hate how they make Jae Joon once again evil after they make him ‘one of the good guys’
    If Jae Joon doesn’t know the truth behind Park Chul on ep 15, the script writer just repeating the same circle again and again.
    I love Seung Hee though, she’s tough and smart. Her only weakness is to love someone inconsistent like Hoon too much. She deserves better, seriously…
    And for Soo Hyun… well I skip almost all her scene, because it is not really important for the plot. I pity KSR, her character is ruined now. And she’s the only one who has nothing to do with PM’s evil plan. Even if her character dies on the next episode, show just can go on.

    • to simply put… jae hee the heroe…. hoon in hangover (yet to regain his clear head thanks to the screen writer) …

  2. I’m still in denial that this show has become such a disappointment for all the reasons stated in the recap. Way to ruin everything, screenwriter! Arggggh! I feel depressed, now I’m going to rewatch “I Hear Your Voice” as a recovery remedy to fall back on. Thank goodness that drama managed the rare feat of staying awesome from beginning to end, it truly is a rare thing these days~

    • I am glad I am not alone in thinking about rewatching I Hear Your Voice. LOL. I threw in the movie, The Face Reader, as well. I need to see LJS in some stellar performances as well as stellar characters. I will probably rewatch all the scenes of PHJ in You From Another Star too. This drama is turning out to be a waste of the entire cast’s talents. Such a shame

    • Thanks for reminding. I almost forgot he ever did I hear your voice. LOLLL…He’s such a charming and dang good actor that we fans would not accept any possibility that a lousy script will ruin his image as a cool guy.

    • I am about to give up on this drama….is I Hear Your Voice good? I read the synopsis but was a little put off by the fact that LJS character is a high schooler and having a romance with a grown woman. And the law sounds boring.

      • Contrary to popular opinion, I found the noona romance highly creepy. In fact, the legal philosophical rivalry between the two eccentric female characters was the best part of the show to me.

        I end up dropping the show anyway because I cannot stand it for the above-stated reasons.

        If you’re really into LJS then I suggest School 2013 as the better choice. That is his BEST drama so far, as far as I’m concerned. It also helps that the casting was age-appropriate.

  3. I can’t even with this drama. The first 2 episodes were so good and now, it came into this piece of crap quality. (I know live shooting is a factor but I’m mostly talking about the writer who apparently has a short term memory). I thought you were quite lenient in your recap today, Miss Koala. It pretty much summed up the frustrations I had in terms if both characters and plot. Jae Hee truly became the hero in this episode for being pro-active and is actually DOING something than cry like a certain someone. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that we can diagnose Hoon to be bipolar because it’s the only explanation on the sudden changes of his character.

    • I remember there’s once an article saying that the writer makes some changes for the script and said there will be a big change in Hoon’s character.
      I think this is the change he meant, lol…
      From faithful Hoon becomes inconsistent Hoon with bipolar syndrome.
      Sad sad…

  4. I think I would like Jae Hee/Seung Hee more if it weren’t for Jin Se Yeon being such a bad actress. I honestly see no appeal in her other than that she has a pretty face. I think her acting just falls flat. You can say that she’s improved, but she definitely hasn’t improved enough.

    I understand that people often have their own opinions and favourite characters when watching dramas, but I think your recaps lately have been a little bit too biased. It probably doesn’t matter to you if people stop reading, but I thought I’d just let you know. Because it’s to the point that I feel like you are in fact over exaggerating after having watched the actual episode.

    Its obvious that you’re a big fan of the first love never dies thing, but not everyone is for it. TBH I find the first love story overused and boring. It would be nice to have it change up a bit. Honestly, I feel like Hoon and Jae Hee shouldn’t end up together at this point. And Soo Hyun needs to figure out her feelings and act accordingly.

    • I defend miss ockoala. As she actually dislikes how the writer makes all character inconsistent and destroys the narrative.
      Even Koala mentioned that the writer assassinates Soo Hyun’s character.
      I have read a lot of recap, and tbh Koala’s recap is very objective.

      First love thing might be boring for you, but not for the narrative. As Jae Hee has saved him like 4 times already and Hoon hasn’t done much for her (except killing JH’s dad to save her)
      I’m Lee Jong Suk’s fan but I dislike Hoon’s inconsistent character. JH deserves someone better. It’s okay if it’s not Hoon, maybe there will be someone much better than Hoon who can protect her and love her.

      As for Soo Hyun, I pity her. She is really not important in this drama. She is the only one who has no idea about the conspiracy nor has agenda except being in love and cheating on her boyfriend. I just hope she will break up with Jae Joon if she thinks she can’t love him.
      Don’t be too selfish to love another man but hug another man while crying. that’s so typical second lead.

      • i never once thought that koalas recaps is objective 🙂 she got a ship ship hoonhee delulu…

      • Not only she doesnt know about the conspiracy. She ALSO doesnt know the love of Hoon’s life is her roommmate..
        How embarassing is that ????? If it were me I will be so embarassed. The guy I fall in love and have crush with is my roommate’s boyfriend.. tsk3.. I hope she will found out soon so that she can stop being clingy and stop being annoying.. Hoon also told her to stop.. tsk33

    • Biased about what? I find nothing is currently working in this drama so there is nothing to be biased about. As for exaggerated, I assure you I am not making up plot elements in my recaps if you find that exaggerated. That’s all the handiwork of the screenwriter, I just write down what happened. If you find my opinions exaggerated, well then so be it. It’s an opinion, not middle of the road diplomatic chitchat.

    • If you want to read recaps more in favor of your SooHyun, why don’t you tootle over to Dramabeans instead? I’m sure you’ll make yourself right at home along with most of the elitist kdrama viewers there that share in your joy of bashing JSY and the plotline not revolved around your HoonHyun ship.

      I find Miss Koala’s recaps to be the most insightful and truthful interpretation of the drama instead of the usual drone spewed out by authors that intensely dislike the main actress. Ignore the haters, Muss Koala and keep doing your thing! Most of us here appreciate the honest reviews that you continue to churn out. Thank You!

    • @A fan:

      Well, I’ll not go into the ships-things or your opnion about Se-yeon acting (Let’s just agree in disagree, okay?)… but I can’t let the first love thing pass.

      Actually, I’m not fan of romance… I mean, It’s not that I hate it, but I rather prefer plot that have a little of everything and I’m into in action genres more than romance ones. Saying that, I’ve to say that I’m not hard ship of any couple in this drama. BUT, TO ME, it’s not the first love thing… they pass through a lot of things together. Both of them was living in a hell and they were together in it; she know what it feels like. Also He spent all those years thinking and doing anything to find her again… so it doesn’t make any sense him liking another girl (out of blue) now that he found his fiance again, after all he did to find her. It would make no sense and it would screw the plot. For me, it’s okay if he doesn’t end up together with jae hee, but again, if it’s the case, he should end up alone.

      • I agree with you on that.I too think that Hoon liking another girl after all these years trying to reunite with JaeHee is damn weird.
        I love your recaps Miss Koala.I always rea them before deciding whether or not I should watch that episode and I totally agree that the screenwriter is,in my opinion,trying to create an interesting turn of events but failing hard when all it does is making us confused about Hoon’s true character.

    • Another Soo Hyun fan? It seems like that. No offense to the actress because I knew nothing about any actors other than LJS before watching the drama. Honestly, I’ve been so fed up with the showtime of Soo Hyun who only acted goofy and apparently emotional in the drama. She is totally irrelevant to the entire plot so far. Her more-than-necessary screen time in the previous episodes appeared so odd to the point I could only guess that’s for fan service. Like many viewers, I’ve been fed up with her excessive airtime which was more than the heroine (supposedly Jae Hae unless the production team made wrong announcement during drama promotion). I think this is one of the causes that the drama was ruined and almost ran into a train wreck.

  5. Hmm. . . I’m still waiting for a big unveiling of how jae hee goes from NK prison camp to helpful spy. I’ll know next week how i feel about this drama. Looks like the story is being made up as they go. This episode mainly made me hungry for a sandwich and the super strong desire for soo to just pick jae joon. I’m tired of the her supposedly being confused. She obviously likes him and needs to be honest with herself if no one else. After that she needs to think long and hard about whether or not she should even pursue them and i kinda don’t think she should (even though i want them together)Not enough episodes to fill in the love for a soo/hoon or jaehee/hoon. I just want to know all the secrets.
    A special thanks to empress ki for teaching me anger management. It made me so frustrated and mad that i learned how to deal with ridiculous plots and what not. Changed my whole drama watching experience.
    I still cling to the idea that that’s not jae hee, if she isn’t then next week should give me a clear answer.
    If i was a fly on the wall at a meeting for the writing staff i would probably be cursing in my little fly voice the entire time. Still a watchable show though.

    • I bet you’re dreaming and will end up disappointed. SHE IS JAE HEE. Did you watch the drama from ep1 up now? Imo, she’s actually the most consistent character the writer has come up with so far among all the 4 leads. The other 3 (Hoon, Jae Joo, and your beloved Soo Hyun) all have certain assholes in their personalities).


  7. Hmmm… maybe Miss Koala could abandon this crazyfest and take on High School King of Savvy instead on Mon/Tues? Just throwing that out there.

  8. some said that this series is insane bu i see this drama has more heart than other dramas out there. For me the drama that IS INSANE IS HEIRS…

      • Heirs is so insane and I think the Heirs should change the title “Love is the Moment” hahahahaha!!!

      • Doctor Stranger is still watchable. Heirs just wasn’t. If I wasn’t madly in love with Kim Woo Bin, aka WoobieMyWuv, I would never even have looked at Heirs after episode 3. Heirs had zero interesting character development and the storylines were so weak that I can’t even remember them, just the icky feeling, per Maya Angelou’s advice.

        At least with Doctor Stranger, even if the characters are schizophrenic, there’s been enough activity and humour that I remember things I’ve seen and have some good memories of it. It’s been engaging, even if the engagement is, “Huh? What? How does that work? Really? But didn’t they say earlier…. etc”

        And I’m no one’s fan girl in Doctor Stranger, but I will most likely finish it just to see the crazy and see how it all wraps up in the end, which is something even Woobie couldn’t get me to do in Heirs.

      • Agree. Heirs just showcased loads of idols and celebrities. I don’t even remember what the story was about… LOL..what a memorable drama!!!

  9. Damn Koala you’re fast, anyway remember what I said earlier? I won’t even bother taking this show seriously anymore. So while reading some more delusional shipping, something finally broke inside and it spurred me to concoct this scenario. (Not that I think that the writer have big enough balls to actually do it, if he even had one). So while I’m waiting for the subs to break the 90% mark let me share this:

    Sorry to say shippers but I actually prefer the novel’s ending assuming that it’s the accurate description. Have Jaehee step away from Hoon, just as Hoon becomes racked with guilt and despair. Them having a child even adds an extra zing to the burn, all that atop to Hoon already loving only Jaehee but realizing that she doesn’t love him anymore. Oh sweet melodrama, I can already hear the choirs singing if that happens. It’ll be glorious and perhaps the solitary poignant and only lasting impression that this drama can ever leave, as it’s soon to be forgotten to oblivion with its totally forgettable run. Hoon will never be the same again, he might become the world’s best thoracic surgeon but he shall forever be tormented to the point that he becomes incapable of love anymore. Sweeetnesss!

    Too harsh?

    To further spice up the pot, have Hoon marry that delusional girl only for them to have a faux-marriage with a monodirectional flow of affection, just as the novel did. Why not? Misery loves company–girl can love him, then Hoon hurts her back, girl eventually gets calloused after several years and decides to just hurt him too. Tough luck for her, Hoon is beyond hurting as you can only get hurt by someone that you love in the first place. The perfect angst romance.

    So I’m all in for the show to remain FAITHFUL to the novel. I’ll definitely be laughing as maniacally as Comrade Cha does, and for once, I might just praise this writer. It’ll be the most inglorious gesture of the proverbial middle-finger to these impertinent audience who keeps pestering him on how he’s supposed to write the show.

    The indignity that shall follow will be epic.

    (Pardon me, I do get into a mean streak for a while)

    • Now, that’s an ending that I won’t actually oppose to. I ship Jae Hee to just about anyone except Hoon. Not until the old Hoon from ep. 1&2 magically shows up, the new Hoon can just get shot by Agent Cha for all I care. -.-

    • Well that’s just weird and its something I’d prefer not to watch, very pointless. Plus its only 20 episodes, there’s no way all that would fit. If there is a novel that Dr. Strange is based off of it can always change.
      You sound kinda crazed and slightly disturbed. Your idea of a good ending is way too depressing. Just my honest opinion.

    • Haha same here … i don’t mind that ending either. It will be bitter sweet but it will be satisfying since everyone eventually moves on… Made me want to read the novel now.

      Btw thank you Ms.Koala for your recap. Love reading your view of the characters and plot line.

    • If we had more episodes I’d be all for this ending. Realising she way too awesome for his indecisive ass Jae Hee uses her spy skills to disappear and Hoon wallows in angst until the day he dies.

    • The novel’s ending actually makes some sense. I would appreciate a link to a synoposis of the novel. Jae Hee as a spy who saves the life of Hoon but cannot save their love. Would love to read the novel to see how that story actually developed and what the back story was that had her romance with Hoon die.

      I also feel that any romance with Dr. Oh right now seems forced in the drama and probably would be in the novel as well. I could see an ending with both Drs Oh and Park end up alone with Jae Hee ending up back in North Korea or dead

  10. Hi, i just want to share some thought. I just think that DS just run out of time to pursue whatever story they want to smack us down with. Just some couple episode left and they spend two or three episodes on “all the goofy around fan services” and everything that it might beautifully delivered to us by their story or plot and they just flip it into dialogue of Seung Hee explanation because they have no time left. Well, I blame you all shipper! For making our Writer-nim went crazy for all the shipping pressure. For killing Hoon as character and make him look so inconsistent.. The train just lost it’s track and nowhere to be known. For Seung Hee, finish your mission and go get someone else! Jae Joon would be nice! Fly away into a place where Hoon or the NK and SK agents never knew. For amazing badass girls like you, Hoon just not worth it! I’m sorry for all my bad words.

    • This writer has been crazy since episode one, it just got worse. Even the original premise that there would be a war if Kim-1 dictator dies was totally stupid (it obviously never even came close to that). The writers knowledge of North Korea, politics, and hospitals seems to have all come from the Area51.org website.

  11. Ahahaha seriously show. The inconsistency of Hoon’s character is for what?! The sake of angst part? Fanservice galore? I think this show would be good if there were just 16 episodes, 20 episodes are way too dragging. But yeah, I’m glad that the plot finally revealed. But knowing the writer again, it would be dragging to… last episode? Lol. JH/HSH is the only character that consistent from the get go and others are throwing in every directions as writer wishes. Oh btw, thank you for your recaps. I really love your insightful comment of this crazy show for the sake of sane fans that watching this show not only for their beloved bias, but the whole show itself.

  12. The fact that the writer tossed out that idea that the entire nation will be in chaos if they find out the president is sick shows just how freaking out of touch with reality the writer is. I long ago got sick of the manufactured angst and fake conflicts and dropped watching it, but it has gotten so bad that I get frustrated just reading the recaps.

  13. am i the only one who thinks this show isn’t as bad as it is made out to be? 😐

    i’d have been really annoyed at hoon and all for seunghee’s character and what she went through if the show had allowed me to care more about seunghee/jaehee earlier in the show. tbh i didn’t care about her until the past 2 episodes but it’s probably too late for me to really care about her to feel totally for her. i’ve been looking at things from hoon’s perspective since the start of the show (because we were as lost as he was) and sure, his attitude shift towards jaehee was pretty mean, but i think it was understandable.

    i don’t understand the shipping wars, and i don’t understand how disliking soohyun automatically makes you a hoonhee shipper and disliking/suspecting jaehee automatically makes you a hoonhyun shipper

    and i’m assuming the reason why jaejoon was considered for the surgery was because the PM thought that seunghee wasn’t jaehee and he isn’t sure if he would be able to control hoon if hoon also thought that SH isn’t JH?

    • Between here and Drama Beans yes you probably are the only one that does not think it is totally batshit crazy. Lot’s “best drama ever” fans on Drama Fever though.

      • Dramafever is like your grandmother, she’ll always give you 5 stars. 😀

      • Drama Fever considers every drama to be “the best ever”.

        I’m rolling my eyes at the fanservice ship moments the drama’s doing, especially as I don’t think it’s going to change the endgame couples, but it’s really the nonsensical plot I have problems with. For me this drama is that bad.

    • I think its not bad its not that bad some here are over reacting due to the fact that they have their own ships, my prof. is watching this drama and for him its not bad at all… It just that the plot is everywhere maybe they will fix it for the next 6 episodes.

  14. urgggghhhh im so frustrated everything was good in ep 13 but turn out to be a mess in ep 14…the only thing that keep me watching this crap is the actors and actress..but so sad this drama plot is really dissapointing…such a waste of talent…i agree with u guys bout LJS in IHYV is much much better than park hoon character…n PHJ…i love it when he’s being all clingy and protective towards cheon song yi in MFS and also KSR deserve better role than this…she’s so good in UGLY ALERT…and JSY…i dont hate her or what but i think she just cant act…find something else to do girl…poor bora…she choose a bad drama for her debut in acting industry..the only thing i can conclude is the rating was high because of the leads and also viewer wanted to see how worst can this drama become..the end

    • I think its clear now that so hyun is just a good friend for park hoon he never feels anything for her 🙂 at least she stops being so obsess with Hoon and start to accept the love of Jae Joon or be a good doctor.

      • That’ll work too 🙂 i just hope everybody is happy in the end or sees the era of there ways.

      • Hoon bluntly rejected Soo Hyun in this episode when she came to his clinic. It was hilarious! He rejected her twice–once in ep13 and again in ep14. I wish that girl get the hint.

      • i ship this couple though..but just like titanic..it hit an iceberg and will be sinking soon but what to do cant blame the actors…the production team made a wrong choice of female lead as for hoon since she already reject SH twice it’ll be really epic if in theend they ended up together…this drama is totally hopeless…just wish that LJS and KSR will work together this time as main lead of course

  15. If Hoon ends up with Soo Hyun, I will slap the writer silly. Not to mention, it makes no sense whatsoever for Hoon to even have feelings for Soo Hyun. He even outright tells us that.
    What I’m hoping will happen:
    1. Jae hee survives and have her happy ending with Hoon
    2. Jae Joon and Soo Hyun ends up together(did I say these two look better than haveing Soo Hyun with Hoon?)
    3. Jae Joon’s misunderstanding with Hoon’s father is solved soon.

  16. Hey fellow viewers if your having a hard time with the drama i have a few suggestions on things to get your mind off it until next week, try watching attack on titans. It’s sure to take your mind off this but don’t stop supporting Dr strange and if you want to try another drama if you haven’t watched cheongadong Alice then that’s a really good one of you can make it to the third episode. I loved that drama because it tells you the story of love from a different point of view.

    • I already watch Cheongdamdong and thank heavens I finished it before Park Si Hoo’s scandal… May I suggest also you watch I Hear Your Voice and School 2013, you will never hate it. But if you want to be more crazy try the Heirs aka “Love is the Moment”

      • No thanks on heirs lol 😀 my sister told me about how it’s not so great. But I’ll definitely check out hear your voice, I’ve heard about and have been curious. I haven’t heard of school 2013 so i guess I’ll check that out too. I loves drama 🙂
        Didn’t know there was a scandal (guess I’ll have to look it up)

    • Woah didn’t realized someone mention attack on titans here. I also big fans of it! ^^ Do u know that attack on titans will get live action soon? If i’m not wrong the one who’ll be eren yeager is miura haruma.

  17. ‘Doctor Stranger’ Jin Se Yeon reveals her plan, “The President’s Surgery” [OSEN]

    (+1772, -54) Ah so she is really Jaehee! Just so glad that her heart towards Hoon is true.
    (+1535, -43) Park Hoon’s acting is so good! The president is such a reversal! Shivers…
    (+1278, -30) So many of the things bothering me have been dealt with in one go ㅋㅋ Seems like it will go well from now on? ㅡㅡ
    (+1108, -45) Getting better and better as we go on…Park Hoon is even more handsome with this hairstyle~
    (+960, -56) Lee Jong Suk’s acting skills brings shivers down my spine
    (+342, -10) Park Hoon managed to move the heart of his first surgeon
    (+310, -12) Even though it feels a little late, now it seems like everything is becoming clear ㅋㅋㅋㅋ All these bastards say is ‘plans, plans’ and ‘mission, mission’ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Thank you for making it clear, I guess, even at this point in timㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
    (+321, -21) Our current president in real life seems even worse than these politicians in dramas…
    (+299, -9) Lol everyone just comes in and out of the Garibong Clinic, whether its master is there or not
    (+281, -7) Ah!! Today when i was watching it, I really wanted to hit that ahjussi with no hair (Hoon’s first surgeon)!!!
    (+275, -35) Now that we hear her reasons, Jaehee is really pitiful… Hoon-ah, please take care of her
    (+214, -24) It wanted to talk about a noble love… It would have been great if the drama didn’t get lost in the mountains for awhile there… Doctor Stranger is more interesting now~ Fighting!!!

    I think it got a huge impact from the viewers compared to Big Man that just ended last night…

    • so u mention big man…such a tragic end for daniel choi..but he surely love mi ra a lot…now i feel like im having a 2nd lead fever though…since the 2nd lead sometimes have a bigger impact to the audience compare to main lead

  18. This drama would be better if jin se yeon not cast as jae hee at the first place. Because her bad bad flat acting, people choose over soohyun than her, and then the story turn into like this. Sorry for all JSY fans.

    I’m fine though, although all people here seems really annoyed with the story, but imo the story just fine.
    There’s no such thing as the happilly ever after.
    And i don’t think PH suddenly change his heart, ofcourse it takes time.
    It’s just the writer seems didn’t write it clearly so the character turn so bad and make viewers misunderstood.
    Take it easy, it’s only a story though. Why so serious?

    Btw ockoala, i thank u so much for the recap, and sorry for my bad comment.

    If u really annoyed with doctor stranger, u should try watch highschool king to boost your mood. It’s fresh, and cute drama.
    It’ll at least lighten your day.

    • When will people ever learn that bashing an actress and then saying ‘sorry’ is pointless. It’s like I spit you in the face and then tell you ‘Oh, by the way – sorry’

      But I won’t say anything to defend JSY’s acting, because no matter what I say it will fall on deaf ears.

      • Regarding deaf ears, same thing can be said to you. Most people have problems with her acting and their voiced out their opinions and it also fall on deaf ears of her fans :p. Same thing. It would probably do her more good if you guys can stop personal attacks on those who are expresing their opinions on her (although you dislike it to read) cause it will just bring her more harms. Just look at the replies from previous recaps and the one above on how you guys personal attacks other posters and go all defensive. It would be better if you guys just ignore the opposite opinions of yours cause afterall, each people have their own opinion

      • “The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” – Norman Vincent Peale

      • @Uchiha: That wasn’t a personal attack. I was speaking to JSY’s haters generally. Lots of ‘Quack shippers’ and fans of KSR are disrespectful to JSY and her fans on a whole other level, but can’t handle it when someone doesn’t take their attacks with a nod and a smile. And no matter how much you ignore something, eventually you’re just sick of it and say something.

      • Great quote sashihara. I’m gonna remember that because it’s so true. I know i feel that way when people criticize me. It’s all apart of growth.

      • @riel

        yep, so do i, riel. I also think criticism is a part of growth 🙂 such a good quotes by Mr.Norman.

      • It’s such a disingenuous thing to say. “if you don’t like to read the opposite opinion then skip it” then a quote “The trouble with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism.” No one is going to improve by following this advice.

        So by the end of the day you’re criticizing just for the sake of voicing out your opinion. You’ve no desire to say something which would actually help her improve, in the end it’s no better than cussing at someone–your ‘criticism’ doesn’t worth squat then.

        And Uchiha, telling her fans how terrible an actor she is like the most inane thing to do. It’s like telling the postman how terrible the ice cream that you just had. It’s ranting. If you want to see her improve how about going to the source itself, if not , write something constructive instead of droning the same “she is bad” slogan.

        Also it’s one of my pet-peeves when these obnoxious critics only care about criticizing but cannot take criticism themselves. You’ve objectified the actor and you’re trying to hide behind the blanket of the ‘uninvolved party’. What a load of BS actually. A real critic invites criticism to THEMSELVES first–that’s how constructive criticism works.

        I’ve said my piece about this before: http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/comment/27444414/#Comment_27444414

        Of course far from it to expect that amount of decency over unconcerned and ANONYMOUS posters over the internet.

    • That’s your opinion. I think the actress fits well the role of Jae Hee. I knew nothing about her or the other actress playing Quack. The actors/actresses are all doing decent jobs in this drama. It’s not their problem, but the blame will fall on the shoulders of the script writer and the director who made wrong decisions in allotting screen time for different storylines. Who said that people have chosen Soo Hyun over Jae Hee by actresses’ acting? Have you ever conducted any statistic survey? To me and also based on many viewer comments in other blogs, it’s very tiring to see Soo Hyun show up so much on the screen. We’ve fed up. And it seems the writer (or perhaps the director) has realized that and started making amends. Who knows. Let the plot continue to unfold and we’ll see. But my point, enough airtime for Soo Hyun. I’d just skip her scene if it lingers more than 1 minute.

      • ok, that’s ur opinion, and i appreciate that.
        to you, it’s very tiring to see soo hyun in DS, and to me, it’s very tiring to see seung hee in DS. clear?
        can’t we just respect each others opinion?

    • trust there to be a fairly benign comment about JSY actually apologising for the opinion that she is a bad actress…..and her defenders will STILL take that as an excuse to be mad and offended lol.

      You want a constructive opinion? She should probably spend a few years doing smaller roles and supporting roles to develop whatever acting abilities she has, if she can sacrifice her ego enough to do it that is. This repeated casting of her as a lead is not working since she is not at that level yet, it might get her some cf deals but she’s basically becoming a younger gen Han Ga In – no talent but a pretty face and likely a powerful or well connected family (like HGI’s apparently) allowing her to get away with things like the Bridal Mask and IG double bookings and lack of ability.

      Of course I know her fans won’t like any ‘constructive opinion’ that actually places any part of responsibility for her lacking performance and improvement on her and not the PD/costars/writer/agency/antis etc, so maybe I should apologise too? Or are you going to fight all the k-netizens who voice the same opinion?

      • See, was that so hard to do?

        Now, let’s start an actual dialogue here. I disagree that being repeatedly casted as female lead is her fault at all–by saying so assumes that she’s got the clout and ability to be one. But she is not. The fact is she’s been casted THRICE already as a REPLACEMENT, so you see, it’s not her ego that’s preventing or making things happen. She’s grabbing the opportunity when it comes. That is all.

        You don’t have to apologize, but do expect a counter-comment, whether from me or someone else. That’s how freedom of expression works.

      • Your comments are full of angst. Sorry for you. This just a drama and nothing to be so serious about how someone’s acting ruin what. So relax LOLL.. I believe many viewers like me absolutely have no bias to defend. As I’m not a Korean and only watch K drama occasionally, I know nothing about any actresses in the drama other than this is the first time I watch their show. We only speak on a fair basis. All the actors/actresses are doing decent jobs in this drama. It’s the problem how the writer (or the PD) allotted screen time unwisely. They should not give the 2nd female lead excessive airtime just to show some goofy and pointless interactions with Hoon which is irrelevant to the major plot scheme. Because of wasting too much time on unnecessary and irrelevant storylines like that, they are running out of time to deliver convincing plot development and that’s why the drama all looked messed up the first half of the show.

        Look, I’m not here to criticize whoever plays Soo Hyun. She’s actually a good actress. But I assume Jae Hee is the heroine and she should have been given more storylines and screen time because she’s been a key player in the whole plot. It doesn’t matter who plays Jae Hee. The heroine should be aired more than Soo Hyun who’s the 2nd lead. For me , the actress playing Jae Hee is just doing fine by showing much constraint and coldness in her spy role. Do you expect a spy to be as goofy and hopelessly expressive of her feelings like Soo Hyun? Then you underestimate N. Korean as a ruthless country to train a spy like that.

        Moreover, that’s also your opinion to say Han Ga In is not a capable actress. I happen to know this Korean actress from her hit drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun”. I like her actin in the drama and she was very impressive at some scenes showing her emotions when she realized what’d happened to her and family. The male lead of TMETS (sorry I forgot his name) actually gave her praises by saying her acting helped motivating him to get into his role and eventually delivered convincing reactions to her role on the screen. So do you think you’re criticism of Han Ga In is more credible than an actor who won the Baesung Art Award because of TMEMTS????? I doubt it. So don’t overact when people are not on your side being so critical of the actress you don’t like.

    • @Scientia – so your definition of a ‘real critic’ is someone you can attack personally for voicing a negative opinion about your bias?

      You’ve done that elsewhere from what I can see and are trying it here too, what is this ‘the critic must be criticised’ line of thinking? By that standard, must koala also come under attack if she, god forbid, voices a negative opinion that differs from yours?

      • Yes, a critic is not just an unattached observer that can hide behind his self-righteous ‘freedom of speech’ and expect no backlash for whatever he says. It actually works both ways. Although I don’t define it as “Attack” like you frame it to be. I’ve never “attacked” anyone, but merely pointing out my observation regarding their actions and why I think they’re judgments are flawed.

        Of course, if I were just going to throw some one-liners and bash people, then I wouldn’t even try to entertain YOUR post (critic) of my idea about constructive criticism. See? You’re already affirming that point. But do I think that you’re “Attacking” me? No, I don’t because I take responsibility for whatever I said/posted and will not act like you don’t have the right to disagree and point out MY mistakes, if you see one.

        If I ever come across with an idea that I disagree with Koala, sure I would be more than glad to voice it out in an amenable manner. It’s called civilized dialogue.

    • @scientia

      actually i don’t even understand what are u talking about, but if u critics me, then that’s okay.
      i take that as a good note, thankyou.

      but please let me share my opinion too.
      first, about the quotes, it’s my reply to aaaall JSY fans who angry if i talk bad about her acting.

      “the problem with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticsm”, it’s wise quotes in my opinion.

      a bad singer will never know how bad his/her voice is if there’s no one who talk bad about it. a truth is better than a lie, u know.

      and, second, please note that i don’t blame JSY to be casted as female lead, but i blame the producer who give her a role of female lead.
      i actually think HAN SEUNG HEE could be a badass heroine, but.. because of her lack of acting, han seung hee couldn’t capture the viewers heart like me, and instead we choose to support soohyun.
      it’s very unfortunate.
      but afterall, it’s not all her fault though, because the writer plays a major role in this case.

      and third, i really agree with gina opinion.


      • @gina your so called constructive opinion is not constructive at all.doing second lead?when the roles offered to her are leading roles. and to make your opinion constructive she should reject those roles?your constructive opinion about her ego?she was a replacement actress for her last 3 dramas. and for her acting ability as long as your not a member of actors guild you cant convince me. and take note not all k-netizens.

      • Actually it’s just your opinion and a few million that says JSY is no good but there’s another million who thinks she’s good. Just as I think KSR is so so as an actress, there’s another who thinks she’s awesome. And maybe just maybe “the problem with most of us is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism” should be practised by your good self first, hmm?

      • @ZarraJae

        Well i never said KSR acting is really great though 🙂 just, i like her acting better than JSY here.
        Why u assume i’m KSR fans? I’m not. I actually hate her character in dream high 2. :p

        and, yep, i don’t mind if someone talk bad about me or my fav actress/actor if it’s indeed true. Do u ever think i feel offended? Haha relaks, i’m not.

      • @sashihara Read my post again. Did I say that you think KSR is a great actress? I did not. I was merely pointing out to you what actress A & B means to different people. Since you said more than once that JSY has “flat” acting, I was merely using her and KSR as examples. I don’t even care if you are a fan of KSR or not (you sure do sound like one though)and get this, there’s really no reason for you to feel offended (or not) if you or your favourite actor or actresses get criticised or bashed because, like you say, “The trouble with most of is that we’d rather be ruined by praise than saved by criticism”. So learn that when you criticise in a public forum such as this, expect a counter reaction because not everybody will agree with you. So don’t get your feathers ruffled when someone disagrees. There’s another saying that goes “When you have nothing better/good to say, don’t say anything at all”.

  19. Well, in defence of ockoala, it’s her blog and she can say what she darn pleases. If you don’t like what you read, just turn the page. It’s her interpretation of the drama and she has every right to write what she sees and believes in. Go find one that caters to your needs!

  20. Ms koala.keep up yr good work.I enjoyed reading all yr recaps.I do not have much time to watch all the dramas so I m very dependent of yr recaps.from yr site then I will decide which drama to watch.I am a big fan of LJS n I loved IHYV.initially planned to watched DS due to LJS but am changing my mind …from yr recaps n all the other comments.maybe I should rewatch IHYV again to continue loving LJS

  21. what I don’t understan is why ruin Hoons character. I mean is he not the lead? Was the drama about a female lead (Jae Hee) since the beginning? Because it turned out that Hoon even with all his super powers is not as nessesary for the plot were not for his girlfriend. Who suddenly became the key to the plans of NK. And don’t get me wrong I kind of like Jae Hee or Seung Hee well at least when she was sweet clever JH. She was almost the perfect female lead for me but now we have a cold two faced woman who seems to not care about anything but Hoon.
    Yes, Hoon character was off track but nothing against the deformation of
    the female lead. I wish they ccould give a solution to this because I fell in love with Hoon/JH love story it was so endearing and ….mmm not anymore.
    And about the doctor Quack she’s an ok characterr I don’t see why all the haters. People should set feelings and logic apart and not get so biased.

  22. I see a pattern …monday’s ep for so hyun and tuesday’s for jae hee
    At this point i think they can just hope ppl will continue fighting for their ship rather than story which make zero sense …

  23. Ahhh getting really frustated with this drama going back and forth. How come hoon and his dad got kingly lifestyle in north? Oh come on be logical, if he got those kind of lifestyle how could he come back to south with nothing? So irrational

  24. The writer can’t logically kill off Jaehee and have Hoon fall back on Soohyun. Hoon has already shown on multiple occasions that he doesn’t see Soohyun romantically and respects her and Jaejoon’s relationship. He even told her to be good to Jaejoon and not visit him at his office anymore.

    It would be poor writing for that conclusion to become reality, especially since Hoon and Jaehee have already gotten back on good terms after Jaehee revealed her plan to Hoon and Hoon decided to assist her in it. Meanwhile though, Jaehee is in imminent danger from both the premier and cha jin soo. The premier at this point knows that she hid Hoon’s mother and is in fact Song Jaehee and not a look alike and will most likely try to kill her or threaten Hoon with her. While CJS will try and kill both Jaehee and Hoon when he finds out that it was Jaehee who hid Hoon’s mother.

    I can see Jaehee getting put into a life or death situation very soon. I can even see Jaehee dying in an attempt to preserve Hoon and his mother’s lives, not that I want that to happen of course.
    But Hoon ending up with Soohyun would just be poor writing, especially since the relationship has been one sided all series long and Hoon would have no reason to love Soohyun.

    • Except the write hasn’t been particularly logical. And all they’d have to do is show JaeJoon’s revenge to SooHyun to have her immediately doubt him and run to Hoon. And Hoon, if the writer kills off JaeHee, might just go with that because by then he could be shown in love with SooHyun.

  25. I’m going to just ask one question, partly because koala raised all the points I found weird and annoying, and partly because there’s too many questions to ask overall.

    My question: why was the apartment left exactly as it was, with hardly any dust and with an open door in population-dense Seoul?

    • Good point. Did they own the house? And even if they did, who leaves an apartment empty after 20 years? With the door open so that anyone may enter at will? It’s hardly realistic.

    • This is not an important question to the plot which has been inconsistent and full of holes, small and large so far.

    • I think in this drama, asking for logic of any kind is a little too much. Next we will have them all walking on the ceiling, for all we know.

      As a new kdrama fan it’s really wtf to me, but if we can roll with the rest we can accept this too. But I think I’m going to dump this, from what I have seen they will mess up this conspiracy point too.

    • LOL, this always happen in KD. If memory serves me right, same thing happened in LSG’s You’re All Surrounded” recently.

  26. Aish, what is it with freaking ships? Basically, no one touch my Woobie, and after that, I just want to know if the story and acting are good. That’s it. Ships may sink or sail, but don’t mess up the story.

    • I don’t really care about ships either, both female leads bug me. One with bad acting and one who has now become a fool for one sided love.

      But I saw School 2013, and Jongsuk/Woobin are love.

  27. The actor who plays comrade Cha is so damn sexy. Probably comrade Cha will die in the end protecting Song Jae-hee. They both know what means suffering, struggle and loss, they both live in a gray world. The only color of Jae-hee’s world is Park Hoon. After watching the last two episodes I guess the screenwriter wants a new couple, so Jae Hee will not hold Park Hoon back, she will sacrifice once again for her love and let him have a less complicated and colorful life with Oh Soo-Hyun.

    • Sorry, I don’t buy your “new couple” theory at all. Then what’s the point to have such a big conspiracy plot that will turn out totally irrelevant to the hero Park Hoon????? I believe to many viewers, Soo Hyun’s character is not convincing nor appealing enough to be the heroine of this drama. She, to some point, is a joke, and will irritate many viewers like me if she gets Hoon’s heart at the end. If that’s the writer’s plan to pair Soo Hyun/Hoon together, then fine. So long to the screenwriter, I’ll never take any chance to watch his drama in the future to just suffocate myself.

      • @Drama2014
        Thing is, I feel that most people probably skipped the parts where Hoon literally voices out that he has no feelings whatsoever for Soo Hyun.

  28. Thanks for recap and I applaud your analysis. For some weird reasons, the writer (or the director) made a wrong decision to showcase Soo Hyun too much as the 2nd female lead and turned a lovable character into a loser by now. Whoever plays Soo Hyun is a good actress though. I’ve just been very tired of the appearance of this character in the drama. Other than those pointless goofy moments between Soo Hyun and Hoon, I don’t see her meaningful standing in the entire plot development. Pity on her. I think the writer may have got more recognition from viewers if he had focus more storylines on the development of the relationship between Hoon and JaeHee after their reunion in S. Korea. Instead, he wasted too much screen time allotted to Soo Hyun which contributes to his failure to deliver a convincing story plot. I hope he has realized this point to make some amends in the next few episodes. It’s a shame to run the first half of the drama almost into a train wreck. It could have been a wonderful drama given novice plot ideas and the good cast. Even the director had a good track record in his directing.

    • that’s what I’m saying too.. but what did the writer want to achieve with that anyway? save some time and tease us until the next weeks… makes no sense to me.. soohyun’s character kinda got ruined for reals.. -_- and there’s been no development between Hoon and Jae hee in the last 2 episodes.. it’s so annoying..

  29. i enjoy reading the recaps both on koalasplayground and dramabeans…
    well now i just want to say this: i am surprised that no one criticized Lee Jong Suk’s acting in episode 14.. i mean ok the thing is I think what got better is that the drama is not so extremely tense and not so brainf* anymore.. there have been funny elements again and it got more light again.. but i agree with everyone who says it became really low material… i find it really cheesy now (Hoon would like Jae Hee to be like Soohyun, Soohyun looks like Jae Hee?? and the first half of episode 14 was so bad and cheesy I’m sorry… also the fact that Jaejoon got kinda anti Hoon again is so whatever…)

    hmm i wonder why Lee Jong Suk acted out Hoon’s reactions like that for example in that cricital conversation with Jae Hee/Seunghee at the beginning of episode 14.. if I ever saw some bad acting from LJS then it was in that scene.. “Why won’t you tell me?”.. I don’t know I couldn’t enjoy that.. but I admit the writing is to be blamed too, Hoon’s character is to be blamed…

    It’s really a pity cause this drama started off really high class and special… but nobody is perfect and I am not like others who think it became so so bad.. but it could be better..anyway.. I also think it is a pity that I as a viewer can’t see any romantic interaction between Hoon and Jae Hee anymore… I mean yeah the interactions between Hoon and Soohyun were cute, but I’m sorry I think would have watched this whole drama in vain if those two would end up together.. I still ship Hoon and Jae Hee…

    and I also am really disappointed in Hoon.. I doubted Jae Hee but not anymore… it’s like she is the man and not him… I pity her for her effort… ugh… whatever.. I hope there is some happy ending… and Soohyun should stop being so immature.. XD i mean I actually understand her.. but it’s true she should do something about her problem…

    • Because its not worth criticizing for every scene with LJS you stop and listen to every words his facial expression when he heard from his mother then shift to despair when he listened to pm jang. How come we criticize that good acting. And that part you are saying the one who is not acting correctly is Jae Hee because of her happy, sad facial expression.. When Hoon was shouting I didn’t feel the intensity in this girl. Might aswell try second lead first before accepting lead roles.

      • So you mean jaehee is a bad actress?

        Why isn’t it worth criticizing sorry I don’t understand what you mean 🙂

      • Many mature people in real life would not react emotionally. Instead, they have unspoken pain inside and just look somber. Jae Hee in the drama as a N. Korean spy exactly delivers that kind of gloomy feelings to me. So She’s a decent actress. That’s your opinion you don’t like her acting. But I believe many viewers like me are just fine with her interpretation of the role. You didn’t feel the intensity in Jae Hee when Hoon was shouting? Can you tell me what you expect how she should react in order for your to feel the conflict? For me, her solemn and sometimes emotionless face has already delivered enough intensity of the baggage she’s bearing. Do you expect her to holler, jump, and have jitters like Soo Hyun? I’m sorry, that’s not going to make the spy girl look authentic.

    • I actually find LJS overacting at times. His unbearable scream/screech is sometimes too much. He’s got to tone down that a bit. There are other ways to show intensity other than screaming like a mad dog every time. It was most evident during that scene with Dr. Choi in the early episodes, I thought he was being too dramatic when the older dude was talking in a very calm manner. It’s like their acting two different scenes. In fact I can probably make a compilation of every time he screams, and you would cringe too. I like him most when he lets his eyes do the talking.

      • Hahah exactly what I was thinking in episode 14 I’ve seen ljs being like that so many times and I’ve always liked it but you got a point there! So true

      • I think LJS is a good actor but Park Hoon’s personality is really difficult to deliver I think he perfectly brings out the character out of all the characters in DS the only person who is giving his 100% is LJS, might as well search Korean Professional this is the first I encountered criticism of his acting in DS. but i guess criticism is good without criticism you wouldn’t learn something new right.

    • I personally think that after 14!! episodes it’s time to stop discussing acting. Let me explain. In the beginning I ALWAYS talk about acting ability, whether it’s there, whether it works, blah blah blah. It’s necessary to critique the drama and bad acting can and will tank a series.

      Usually when the acting is bad enough or just doesn’t work for me, I bail. That’s it. I bail and I no longer annoy those still watching with my incessant bleating about bad acting. I said my share and it’s off to new pastures. Let those who enjoy it enjoy it in peace, yes?

      So if I stay, that means it’s now time to talk about THE STORY. Because repeating ad nauseam who is acting well and who sucks donkey balls no longer has any relevance to those still watching the drama which is now knee deep in the story. In the beginning it matters because the story just got started and acting has to sell it. If I’ve bought the package, then I’m going to have to live with it.

      I think this is one of the most painful dramas to recap not because of the cray cray, there are plenty more cray cray dramas I’ve recapped. This one’s narrative crazy is actually so ridiculous as to be entertaining. This drama is painful to recap because of the fan wars.

      Lee Jong Seok gets all the love even though his acting is inconsistent at best, sometimes great, other times overacting like his salary depending on it. It’s like a wool over fangirls eyes with him. I have grown to enjoy him, but not his fans who praise without candid eyes. He’s been all over the place in DS but I’ll chalk it up to being unable to properly act out Hoon who is bipolar at this point. Even Kim Myung Min would have trouble acting out Hoon.

      Kang Sora. I mostly love Kang Sora, she’s been great in everything except Dream High. She was so amazing and wonderful and perfect in Ugly Alert I have nothing but praises to the high Heavens. But Soo Hyun? Early on she was cool, now she’s fucking annoying and needs to get off my screen and toddle off to another drama where she can pine for one guy while dating another and it’ll work over there because it’s a makjang melodrama. Here? She’s the square peg in a board full of round holes and everyone else is a round peg.

      Jin Se Yeon. A very limited actress, mostly bad, occasionally serviceable. She’s oddly decent here, not because she suddenly learned how to act better, but because the character is so woefully underwritten she has nothing to work with so she’s actually delivering what little there is to deliver.

      But to keep talking about the acting, or lack thereof, at this point in the drama is such a waste of time. Kang Sora’s good acting doesn’t make Soo Hyun a better character or more likable when she has no purpose in the drama AND a very annoying attitude right now, and Jin Se Yeon’s bad acting doesn’t make Seung Hee less likable when we see how much she’s suffered for the sake of Hoon and is the only character with a consistent motivation.

      • It’s definitely all about fan-wars, yes, even the “criticisms” as per acting is concerned, to me is just another passive-aggressive way of supporting your respective ship or biases.

        I ‘suspect’ that there has been an over-abundance of criticism with JSY’s acting precisely because of that. One can clearly see a pattern when they say that they don’t like how actor X acts and they confirm that they in fact support actor Y’s ship. It’s an innate and knee-jerk reaction to some to just unconsciously/purposely bring the other actor/character down to defend their own.

        In fact, JSY in her previous work has not received the same amount of flak, yet come this drama, and you have waves upon waves of sudden acting pundits popping out of nowhere and ripping her a new one, post after post, thread after thread. There is a point of healthy doses of criticisms but too much is also detrimental, not just because it’s hurtful, but you’re stunting the actor’s confidence to even improve in the first place.

        And I personally like your honesty Koala and at the same time appreciate that you can state your criticism to what is actually pertinent to the show. It’s true, if your aim is to just criticize for the sake of annoying or compete with other people, then it will definitely reflect on your post. But by pointing out things then stating why and how they suck balls, you’re able to state a highly subjective opinion to an objective output. So no matter how ‘blunt’ or ‘harsh’ your criticism is, it is still appreciated because one can glean the sincerity on it.

      • Well I don’t quite agree with you.. If I like an actor or an actress I expect good acting throughout a drama which is maybe too harsh lol.. But yeah hoon is quite bipolar true..

        Hm I actually don’t think that jin seyeon is that bad.. Finally she even had tears in episode 14 lol!! But maybe it’s just because I like her character more now? Anyway I only know her from this drama so o can’t judge properly but most of the Times I think she Did a pretty good job even of not the best..

      • I gave up shipping anyone long ago – I simply don’t care. None of the characters seem real anyway, so who ends up with who is pretty much an exercise in futility. But what I find interesting about the fan and shipping wars is that so few even mention the totally insane and stupid plot, with enough plot holes to drive the entire North Korean army through. It makes me wonder if idol-laden dramas even NEED a plot. I find the argument with this drama very similar to Heirs – no focus at all on the actual plot or storyline, it is all about “shipping”.

      • I agree with you the stake is not on acting but the plot development that has created all kinds of expected noises among viewers. I knew none of the actors/actresses other than LJS and the actor who plays Jae Joo (from “My Love from the Star”). Personally, I think the actress who plays Jae Hee is doing a fine job here perhaps as you said because she’s got too few lines to expose her inadequacy. But so far, her screen appearance delivers appropriate interpretation of a N. Korean spy as I’ve explained in other comments here. So I don’t want to repeat blah blah.

        Anyhow, agree with you we should not sidetracked by any discussions about acting which as one commenter indicated, may be just another disguise of fan wars about their shippers and biases. I hope (or may just wish) somehow the writer (or perhaps it’s all in the hand of the PD) would realize what he’s been missing in the plot development and really make great effort to amend if it’s miraculously amendable.

  30. I also am annoyed that the main core of this drama seems to be the power of PM Jang who has always wanted to become the president of SK… the revealed secret makes no sense to me… I am so annoyed at that Prime Minister for using Hoon’s and his father’s life for his ego and power… what I would have loved to see more: the story of Hoon and his father (I still hope the father is still alive although that would be ultra unrealistic and cheesy again but still), and also mother but I think we’re getting there, would love to see more about Hoon and Jae Hee but now they’re ‘relationship’ is in kinda bad terms, Soohyun as independent woman and her smoky doctor boyfriend Jaejoon and Jaejoon’s revenge……. but what I’m seeing is kinda.. mediocre.. not really satisfying and some kind of mess.. -_- well ok.. I sound really negative and could join the DS got so bad bandwagon.. ugh

    • their* ‘relationship’.. i mean it’s fine that Hoon and Jae Hee also have their bad times… but … just not like that.. -.-

      and I was actually disappointed at their reunion in South Korea too.. both actors’s acting was so classy in the beginning of the drama… I really bought that they’re in love… but then those super happy scenes in South Korea which we’re partly not sure of whether Hoon was dreaming those scenes or not -> the acting was not the best..

  31. There’s no need to hate Soo Hyun’s character. In the book where this series is based from, Soo Hyun and Park Hoon got married. Jae-hee betrayed Hoon by going away with another man.

    • Dear… you got it all wrong. In the novel, it’s true that Jae Hee left Hoon but it was because she found out that Hoon killed her entire family through gruesome experiments in NK. Sooo, I don’t call Jae Hee’s actions a “betrayal. ” I call it logical thinking. Please, please be 100% of the facts before blurting them out. TQ

    • @agnes i recommend you to read the book first before saying something not true. now you are like soo hyun a blubbering mess.

  32. All this talk about the book and folks are talking about it likely without having read it and then throwing out misleading info. First off, the production has said the drama will not be based on the events of the book, it’s merely using characters and some set up but creating a different story.

    The book is actually this:

    Park Hoon and Jae Hee meet in North Korea. He is responsible for the medical tests that kill her family. Then they fall in love, he knows his role in her family’s death, she does not. They get married and have a child together.

    Shit happens and Park Hoon ends up alone in South Korea. He spends 5 years trying to bring Jae Hee over or go back to her. He works in the same hospital as Soo Hyun. She falls for him, he never loves her back. Hoon eventually reunites with Jae Hee and discovers that she survived the five years without him because another man who loved her takes care of her.

    She learns his role in her families death and is devastated. She decides to stay in North Korea with the man who loves her and has saved her life and that of her child with Hoon. Park Hoon understands and goes back to South Korea and ends up marrying to Soo Hyun because he pities her and because he has nothing better to do. The end. Not sure how this story makes ANYONE happy, so let’s all pray this does not happen.

    And no, Comrade Cha is NOT the dude who loved Jae Hee in the novel and took care of her.

    • Hahaha oh Koala how I love you! I love the Comrade Cha is NOT the man who loved Jae Hee in the novel. Is it bad though I have been secretly shipping Cha and Jae Hee after the past two episodes cause Hoon went crack crazy.

    • Honestly, the book sounds a lot better than what i’m watching right now. I can dig melancholy/tragedy as long as it makes sense…..but whatever this iteration of Dr Stranger is feels haphazard and unfocused. I always felt that the PM/NK spy angle was completely out of left field, now i know why.

    • Thank you for giving a summary of the book. Otherwise, I feel my merely spared hope to finish up watching this drama to the end would be hijacked at this point because of those illogical turns made up (or twisted) by ignorant commenters. I don’t want to assume anything and just continue to follow the remaining episodes. Please keep up your recapping and blogging that helps me being sane while patiently waiting for the whole plot to unfold.

  33. Miss koala then what happens to Han jae joon in the book if Hyun goes with hoon? If this happens, then the ending is really depressing for all characters! Also, is the novel based on PM’s (now the sk president) surgery or does it have a different plot? I’m really want to read it now!

  34. I really feel that the writer is going to go down the path of he novel by killing jae hee which will allow hoon to marry Hyun. But to make it bearable for us viewers, we would see hoon have a change of heart and love Hyun back…. But having hoon love Hyun also contradicts the ending

    • Even so, it’s still not bearable at all. The main focus of this story till now has always been Hoon and Jae Hee. It will never make sense for Hoon to go with Soo Hyun. Especially this late into the drama, it won’t happen. Even in this late, Hoon still express that he doesn’t like Soo Hyun at all.

  35. soo hyun character is a 32years old adult a doctor with a fiance. now shes falling in love with park hoon for me is okay, the only thing that is not okay is how she present herself. she is acting like a 16years old girl. she dressed up lol. she lies a little bit to jae hee about her intention of going to hoon’s place. and when she was rejected by hoon she made that facial expression that only a 16years old would do. and she cried some more. if that is for fan service the writernim might be thinking that soo hyun fans are 12 to 16 years old fangirls.

    • I’m thinking that someone rejecting her never crossed her mind and she had just had a huge wake up call when Hoon threw her out of his cli ic. To me, she looked like she was throwing a tantrum and she knew that Hoon already has someone in his heart yet she’s pursuing him anyway. Where’s her dignity?

  36. “If I were a fan of her character that would feel like such a cheap shot and I’d rather have her find a great guy who loves her wholeheartedly”
    Anyhow, Park Hoon is absolutely INCONSISTENT and even though he appears to start to trust SH/JH now, it’s too late because the show has already been ruined. Now it just appears RANDOM.

  37. And by the way, like Koala said, after 14 EPISODES, if all you’re going to complain about is JSY’s acting, then you really need to get a life. You’ve DECIDED you will keep watching the drama, for whatever reason, then LIVE WITH IT. Once you made that decision, you already knew you will have to withstand JSY’s acting. COMPLAINING about her acting is not going to do ANYTHING about it except make you /Soo Hyun fans/QUACK shipper appear off as annoying. People don’t get pissed off cuz they can’t accept that JSY’s acting is mediocre, but because that’s ALL people have to say OVER AND OVER again. If it bothers you THAT much to have to comment on that for EVERY episode, then you should really just stop watching…

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