Park Shin Hye with Bags for Harper Bazaar and Lee Bo Young with More Bags for Elle Korea

The similar style and theme pictorials of Park Shin Hye for Harper’s Bazaar and Lee Bo Young for Elle Korea are both just a little bit off. Nothing ruinous or detracting, but both can do so much better. It’s odd to see them shilling for structured leather bags heading into Summer since it’s a much more Fall fashion trend to invest in a gorgeous new clutch, tote, or shoulder bag. Summer is more for fun and flirty, and a bit disposable aiming for trendy over classy. Park Shin Hye is styled in a severe structure look as she models various Bruno Magli handbags against a faded grey backdrop with the bags being uninteresting though her shoes are awesome. She doesn’t appear to be trying all that hard either since her expression is exactly the same in almost every picture. She’s a pretty girl with her natural features and non-stick thin body, but not every look suits her and this particular one is a pass for me. There’s a lack of comfort in her poses which doesn’t highlight the wares properly. Lee Bo Young may have had a critically acclaimed acting year with awards aplenty but even she’s not exempt from dull photo outings. Her photo shoot for Elle Korea this month showcases Cartier handbags, except she seems so morose I worry that she’s carrying it to a funeral right after this shoot. At least her backdrop is a pretty robin’s blue and she gets to sit on various chaises and chairs, but it’s totally distracting that she is also making the exact same face in every picture. Are all photographers in South Korea on an early vacation so the same untalented hack shot both Park Shin Hye and Lee Bo Young’s pictorials? What a waste of two lovely ladies and hopefully the next pictorials from both will better reflect their modeling abilities.


Park Shin Hye with Bags for Harper Bazaar and Lee Bo Young with More Bags for Elle Korea — 11 Comments

  1. I agree– these shoots miss the mark. I can’t imagine anyone being inspired to buy one of these handbags unless they want to feel unhappy.

    By the way, a friendly heads up offered in the spirit of trying to be helpful: I’ve noticed that you often make the mistake of capitalizing the seasons, which is a very common error. Actually, they should only be capitalized in proper nouns like the Winter Olympics (or when used as the first word of a sentence). But you’re absolutely right that these photo spreads don’t feel appropriate for summer.

  2. Omg I love those black shoes that Psh was wearing with the black dress. It is kind of weird to see Psh showing cleavage since I’m used to seeing her innocent side. But it is kind of a surprise because always thought she was kind of flat. She has a nice figure but always wears ugliest things on red carpet. If she would wear some clothes like these shoots would be better.

  3. Wow koala you read my mind. I was looking at the photos and I actually covered PSH face so I could focus on her and it is the exact same look in every photo same for LBY. What a waste of these beautiful ladies. And oh boy were the ahoes way better than the bags. It was like some one paid to sabotage the bag cause the shoes for PSH shoot just took the lime light. Both ladies look bored out of their minds I could swear if you could hear what they were thinking particularly LBY she seems like she is saying goodness shoot me now and put me out of my misery.

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