Fourth Teaser for My Lovely Girl Continues the Main Romance Buildup

The more I see of My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) the more it doesn’t look as bad as I expected. There is a certain soft-focus dreamy quality about it that works for a drama story centered around a brokenhearted man falling in love again. Sure we’ve seen this set up a million times now but whether it works or not was never about the story but always hinged on the acting and chemistry of the two leads. With more teasers and pictures that drop it also helps to start associating less the images Rain and Krystal and transition to seeing them in character as Hyun Wook and Se Na respectively. I never had a problem with their age gap, there have been far more disparate pairings, but I was having trouble picturing how they would spark with each other since he seems like he experienced the world already and she’s got this brittle inexperienced aura around her.

The fourth teaser continues to focus on the central OTP rather than presenting the full narrative cast and this time we get to see more of how Hyun Wook first connects with the little sister of his dead girlfriend. It’s not the least bit squicky and the presence of Hyun Wook’s trust Golden Retriever continues to add that doggie sweetness and warmth to the proceedings. I’m also quite taken with how good looking L looks in character with the blond hair. He plays the leader of an idol group under Hyun Wook’s music agency and will fall for Se Na during the course of the drama. It’s the typical second male lead role and I’ve made no attempt to mince words about how bad an actor I find L, but gotta give the boy some credit for looking visually quite the eye candy. He actually looks a lot like Kim Bum in That Winter, the Wind Blows.

Fourth teaser for My Lovely Girl:


Fourth Teaser for My Lovely Girl Continues the Main Romance Buildup — 5 Comments

  1. You pinpointed it koala, it’s quite dreamy, and I think I’m actually, safely, sold in the concept already. Maybe I’ve grown fond of Krystal after watching her reality show with her sister, but I’m definitely not minding her at all, in fact I think she got the young sister persona part nailed already. Again, it probably helps that she is one in real life.

    And Rain, man that feels, I’m not even a fan and it’s been quite a while since I’ve last seen him, the last being A Love to Kill and that drama put me to the wringer. He’s emoting quite well in these previews too.

    I’m moderately hyped by this drama already.

  2. My Lovely Girl, please be good… I’m rooting for you!

    My Lovely Girl is the ONLY upcoming Wed-Thurs Kdrama I am even remotely interested in, the KBS and MBC ones are definitely a pass for me.

  3. Krystal always gives off this cold and detached vibe even when she’s in character, which makes it difficult for me to warm up to any of the characters she portrayed so far. I hope that this drama will change my opinion about her.

  4. I don’t like Krystal and that is the one thing making me hesitant about watching this. I know Korea thinks she’s gorgeous but I don’t really agree with that. Maybe it’s because she always looks grumpy and constipated to me? But I admit they look good together and the story of her character rising up and becoming a big star sounds like something that could be really fun and good.

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