Rain and Crystal Liu Double the Gorgeous Eye Candy in Promoting For Love or Money

It’s a bummer that working with Rain in My Lovely Girl didn’t make Krystal a better actress, she not only made MLG worse it also cut off Rain’s streak a bit. With the premiere this weekend of Rain and Crystal Liu‘s romance melodrama movie For Love or Money, early reviews pouring in have confirmed what I saw in the trailers. Long time flower vase (pretty but can’t act) Crystal has ingested magic acting pills or more likely broken through her acting bottleneck and delivered a fantastic gripping performance in this movie.

This happening in a movie she did with Rain makes me wonder if maybe he has the uncanny ability as the flower vase whisperer like Lee Bum Soo is the idol whisperer. Maybe Lee Bum Soo should do a drama with Krystal since she’s more idol actress than the traditional definition of flower vase. That would be Kim Tae Hee‘s entire can’t act-looks good MO up until Jang Ok Jang, Live in Love when she suddenly acted her hanbok off. JOJ happened mere months after she started dating Rain, that can’t be a coincidence. This C-movie looks great as well so check out the gripping final preview and have a listen at the very popular new OST theme song.

Now I call Rain being two-for-two in whispering up the best acting from both Korea and China’s most famous A-list flower vases even if he could do nothing to dig an emotion out of Krystal. Go Rain and let this wash off the stink of MLG as quickly as possible.

Crystal is soooooooo beautiful in this movie it’s unreal. It’s also unfair that she can be naturally this breathtaking but that really was her appeal when she first started acting in her late teens. China simply loved that she was born a beauty and was willing to overlook her complete inability to act for the first decade of her career. Patience pays off, I guess? XD She’s played pretty much all the major famed Chinese real or historical beauties from Consort Yu to Xiaolongnu to Wang Yu Yan. I’m just waiting for her to get called up to play Xi Shi or Wang Zhaojun.

Final trailer for For Love or Money:

Official Movie Theme Song MV “Be Here” by Jane Zhang:


Rain and Crystal Liu Double the Gorgeous Eye Candy in Promoting For Love or Money — 11 Comments

  1. I agree, Crystal is definitely beautiful. I’ve always liked her even though her acting wasn’t that great when she had debuted. Looking forward to this movie!

  2. Oh emm gee! Its insane how good the chemistry is between them. I’ve never seen Crystal in anything before, but my first impression is that she’s not only gorgeous but quite charming too. And Rain is the definition of charisma and charm. He looks about 5 years younger.

    Koala, how’s the movie reviews (if you’ve read any at all)? I’m travelling to China in three weeks time so I’m hoping to catch it then…

  3. I’m so torn about this because Crystal look absolute gorgeous in the movie and it look like her acting has improved a ton, but i can’t stand Rain.

  4. I always like Crystal, her looks got charms and very mesmerising … She suddenly have this lucks with korean actors, coming soon she will have another film with Song Seung Heon, CF with Lee Min Ho and a film with Hyun Bin (not sure will happen or not).

  5. I’m not the one for C dramas, specifically romantic ones which are usually too sensational in terms of dialogue and cinematography, given I perfectly understand Mandarin. Plus, I’m very tired of Rain’s bland performance in My Lovely Girl. I was totally disappointed and turned off. So his new projects will not intrigue me at all. As to the female lead, I’m not familiar with her. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. She may be considered a stunning beauty in the Chinese market, but not in my eyes. The film doesn’t have enough lures to catch my attention. So I’ll pass this one.

  6. Rain and Crystal are a really nice movie couple, and the trailer looks promising, I love the OST too XD. Do you know how are the movie reviews?

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