Pinocchio Episode 6 Recap

Whatever far flung hope that hyung Jae Myung didn’t go all vengeance killer on us went out the window with episode 6 of Pinocchio and the latest reveals. It hurts so much because he was completely a victim until he became a perpetrator. The pain is magnified even more because Dal Po is such a beloved character already and whatever happiness remains in his life is something precious that we want for him. Becoming a reporter was In Ha’s dream that has morphed into Dal Po’s means to an end. But even then it doesn’t feel like Dal Po understands the job aside from having the intelligence to work the system. There is still so much left to learn for these two.

I’m feeling nicely in the dark about how this drama will unfold. The macro might seem predictable but this story is about the little details and those are the elements that always appear surprising. I don’t know how In Ha and Dal Po will go forward when they are stuck in this rut as long as In Ha remains a reporter. It feels like Dal Po has to come around but that’s rather unfair when In Ha doesn’t know how much turmoil he’s enduring because he loves her. At least the drama is now dishing out the angst equally with In Ha weathering her own fair share of what she believes to be a one-sided crush. She’s so clueless to think that her feelings are light enough to get over, the best remains yet to come once she understands the depth and breadth of what Dal Po means to her.

Episode 6 recap:

An eager and bright-eyed rookie reporter arrives at the local police station to swap shifts with previous reporter on duty from his network. His eyes widen in shock to see a gaggle of unkempt reporters huddled in the corner morosely doing their jobs. His predecessor can tell it’s this rookie’s first time here what with his energetic attitude.

Three days later Dal Po arrives at the same police station to swap shifts with the earlier rookie reporter. Dal Po isn’t nearly as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed but the rookie reporter is now the wizened grizzly version of his earlier self. Rookie is about to show Dal Po the ropes as Dal Po notices that everyone looks like 24 hour zombies and soon he’ll become like that as well.

Six hours earlier, Dad is at work in his rental agency when MSC broadcasts the promotional commercial introducing new reporter Choi In Ha who suffers from Pinocchio syndrome. Dad is naturally stunned and Cha Ok arrives right on cue to discuss In Ha’s current employment situation. Dad’s employee is totally wowed by the arrival of famous news anchor Song Cha Ok and even more impressed that she’s Dad’s ex-wife.

YBS reports on two burned dead bodies found in a container and believed to have been poisoned rather than the initial assumption that they died in the fire. Jae Myung looks alarmed as he watches the news report and flashes back to when he lured the factory team leader into the ditch and left him there to die and take the fall for killing his colleagues. Jae Myung’s coworker listens to the report and naturally believes that the team leader killed those two men for money, just like Jae Myung planned. He hands over the repair fee from Dal Po and describes Dal Po as resembling Jae Myung, tall and good looking. Jae Myung laughs off the resemblance without thinking anymore about it.

Dal Po has worked through the night gluing the shredded papers back together. The other rookies feel bad that Dal Po is being singled out and worked extra hard. Yoo Rae thinks Dal Po will be called out to go to the police station assignment tonight and gives him some helpful items to endure more Reporter Jang torture like an extra battery and medicinal patches. Another rookie also shares his nutritional bar with Dal Po.

PD Hwang informs the rookies that today they are going to the fire station and then the police station for overnight shifts so they need to go home and pack. He then announces the assignments and as expected Dal Po is assigned to the Han River line led by Reporter Jang. Yoo Rae is about to let out a sigh of relief when she’s also assigned to the Han River line with Dal Po.

Reporter Jang arrives to hear PD Hwang asking if Yoo Rae doesn’t want to join the Han River line? He purposely answers his cell phone loudly to get all the rookies attention while telling the other person on the phone that he’s got two new rookies joining him and he’ll be teaching them very very well (while making “I see you” gestures following by a “you’re dead” motion).

Yoo Rae is morosely absorbing the shock of being assigned to torture master Reporter Jang and asks for all the useful items back from Dal Po. He gets a call from a screaming Reporter Jang to get their asses on assignment NOW.

Reporter Lee over at MSC is directing intern rookies In Ha and Bum Jo and assigns them to go home and pack for their police station reporting. Reporter Lee is very polite to them but warns subtly that they will need to deliver soon otherwise he’ll lose his patience with them. In Ha understands Reporter Lee’s hint and drags Bum Jo off to start sprinting. Reporter Lee calls In Ha to add that they have to be one step ahead of YGN network and also be reachable at any moment.

Dal Po is likely getting the same call from Reporter Jang about how to snatch a scoop and not lose out to the other network rookies. Reporter Lee reminds In Ha not to be buddy buddy with anyone from the other networks. Dal Po runs into In Ha and Bum Jo outside and is surprised she’s here and wearing a suit. In Ha can’t bring herself to tell Dal Po that she’s a reporter so Bum Jo introduces himself and explains that he and In Ha have been hired under special circumstances at MSC.

In Ha finishes up and explains that her mom called to offer her the job which will be good publicity for MSC. Dal Po looks up and sees the giant building banner hanging on the MSC building with In Ha posed next to her mom. He looks dismayed and turns to leave when Bum Jo grabs his arm for him to finish hearing what In Ha has to say.

Dal Po is so upset he just wrestles Bum Jo’s arm around and walks away leaving him howling in pain. Bum Jo looks up and finds himself alone as In Ha has run after Dal Po.

In Ha follows behind Dal Po trying to get an explanation in but he continues to ignore her. She finally grabs both his arms to make him stand still as he barks at her to let go. Does she want to be a reporter that badly to be close to her mom? The mom who abandoned her and is now using her? In Ha yells that she wanted to become a reporter because of Dal Po!

Dal Po finally calms down and hears In Ha explain that 8 years ago when he went on the quiz show and proved his innocence, she was so moved by it that she decided to become a reporter. Dal Po asks again if she wanted to become a reporter because of him? In Ha confirms it was all because of him that she walked such a long road to get here today. The feeling she got that day remains in her heart.

In Ha would rather Dal Po oppose her dreams now so that she can harden her heart and end her feelings for him. Dad arrives to see Dal Po and In Ha arguing with In Ha declaring that the more Dal Po tries to stop her the more she’s going to do this.

Dad thinks back to his conversation with In Ha’s mom when she came to see him about In Ha. Mom is certain that In Ha’s personality is just like her, the more he stops her the more she’ll do something. So if Dad wants to keep In Ha by her side then he’s going to have to agree to let her do this.

Dal Po worries that In Ha can’t pass her Dad’s gate to begin with. Her dad will be very hurt if she works with her mom. Dad walks out and asks the kids not to talk about him behind his back. He hands In Ha a new pair of shoes for being on television and tacitly confirms that he’s agreed to let her do this. In Ha thanks her dad while Dal Po looks on sadly.

Bum Jo is packing up for his police station shift and assures worried Mom that he’ll be fine. She pats her son’s cheek and tells him to use her as a trump card when the need arises.

In Ha packs up and continues to wheedle and thank her dad for the shoes and for agreeing to let her be a reporter. Over in Dal Po’s room, Grandpa is helping him pack and hears that reporters need to do shifts at police stations and hospitals and fire stations for scoops. Grandpa hands Dal Po a new pair of gloves and claims he got it for him using his own money. He then runs out leaving Dal Po to sob over his fat pigs who have been cut open to buy gloves LOL.

Dal Po runs into In Ha in the elevator and hears that both are going to the Han River line. She thinks it’s good they are working the same territory since the competition will make her better. She takes the opportunity to get the upper hand for once and hands him back his button claiming she’s fixed her feelings for him. A quick hiccup proves she hasn’t so she tries to act nonchalant and takes the button back.

After Dal Po walks out of the building In Ha’s cool façade crumbles and she freaks out about how this is driving her crazy. She then runs to cut Dal Po off and steal his taxi to the Han River police station. Too bad former taxi driver Dal Po knows the short cuts and directs his driver on a quicker route.

Dal Po arrives at the police station and runs into former high school classmate Ahn Chan Soo. The boys haven’t seen each other since graduating and Chan Soo is especially impressed with how nicely Dal Po has cleaned up. Dal Po hears that Chan Soo is now a cop and Chan Soo ushers Dal Po to the side away from the gnat like reporters always buzzing around for a story.

Dal Po lets Chan Soo complain about reporters for a bit before revealing that he’s now a reporter. In Ha walks in the door and looks happy to see Chan Soo while giving Dal Po the stink eye.

Chan Soo walks Dal Po and In Ha to the reporter rest room and hears that there are fifteen rookies from the various networks and competition is tough for a new story.

Chan Soo opens the door to the pig sty that is the reporter’s rest room to the dismay of In Ha and Dal Po. Yoo Rae arrives followed by Bum Jo and all four rookies take in the hell hole they have to live in for the next few days. Inside is a disheveled rookie who kills a cockroach with her bare hand before using it to grab a bite of dry ramyun from a bag. Bum Jo thinks to his mom that his is a very strange world and to survive here is a true test.

All the rookies go begging all the police officers for scoops and repeatedly get the cold brush off. Eventually Bum Jo and In Ha are locked outside the office to stop harassing the officers. Bum Jo wonders how come there is so much news on TV but they can’t get a scoop. Yet none of them can give up because if they don’t get a story their bosses would make their lives a living hell. After working here he’s finally learned there are so many ways of yelling at and insulting a person.

All the rookies are constantly on the run and even sneaking a bite to eat or sitting down gets yelled at. Bum Jo wonders how he ended up in this strange world. In Ha sits down next to him and offers him a rice ball and hard boiled eggs. Bum Jo trades his egg white for In Ha’s yolk, just like her and Dal Po. In Ha wonders if he’s really a chaebol and doesn’t think that’s a bad thing since he’s not like what chaebols are supposed to be like.

Both of them look up to see Dal Po conversing in a casual and friendly manner with a police officer. Bum Jo is annoyed to see someone who seems quite at ease in this strange world. Dal Po wants to go on a mission with the officer and offers to be of help since he used to drive a taxi. The officer agrees and tells Dal Po he can tag along the next case that comes up. In Ha and Bum Jo interject and wonder why the officer didn’t have any intel for them when they asked earlier about small news scoops. The officer points out that he’s the felony crimes unit, of course he doesn’t have news scoops about petty crimes. Bum Jo glares at Dal Po one last time before rejoining In Ha on the steps.

Chan Soo walks over to ask if Dal Po knows Bum Jo is a chaebol. He wonders why a chaebol would be here suffering and perhaps something is going on with Bum Jo and In Ha? Dal Po pulls Chan Soo out to chat and Chan Soo is most impressed with how many tips Dal Po has gotten. Dal Po knows more than even the police captain and Chan Soo wants Dal Po’s

Dal Po reveals the shredded papers that Reporter Jang had him glue back together actually contained tons of documents with information about the police station. He memorized it all which is why he knows so much and can interact comfortably with the officers. Dal Po points out Chan Soo’s arm around his shoulder that they weren’t this close back in high school. Chan Soo sighs that he won’t be able to tip Dal Po off then since they aren’t so close.

Dal Po squats low to get under Chan Soo’s arm like buddy-buddy to hear the tip. Chan Soo reveals he’s been assigned the container fire case and something feels off. Dal Po points out there are eyewitnesses to the accidental fire sop the case should be cut and dry. Chan Soo doesn’t think so and wants to go with his gut to keep on digging. He wants Dal Po to put his name in the headline if he cracks the case.

PD Hwang remembers the rest of his conversation with Dal Po in the conference room and hears that he found his out his hyung is alive after he went to pick up their dad’s ashes. But the police won’t give him the contact information with proof of identity and Dal Po doesn’t have proof he’s Ki Ha Myung. PD Hwang hears which police station is it and now places a call to that station.

Dad calls In Ha to check in and hears she’s sleepless and exhausted. When Dad asks about Dal Po, In Ha barks that they are enemies at work now. She goes into the reporter quarters and finds a spot on the pallet to lay down. Eventually with the reporters coming and going, only In Ha and Dal Po remain on the pallet sleeping.

Dal Po wakes up with In Ha turned towards him and nestled in his arms. He uses the darkness and alone time to just watch her sleeping and thinking back to how she wanted to become a reporter because of him. He reaches out to stroke her head but pauses to hold himself back before he touches her. Bum Jo wakes up on the top bunk in time to take in the scene on the pallet with Dal Po taking care of a sleeping In Ha. Dal Po tucks the blanket snugly around In Ha and stares at her for a few long minutes before heading out.

Bum Jo runs after Dal Po to ask what was going on back there? He saw everything, the way Dal Po almost stroked In Ha’s face. That’s not what an uncle should do to his niece! Dal Po points out Bum Jo has no right or reason to ask so he’s not going to bother to explain. Bum Jo thinks soon he’ll have a reason and Dal Po welcomes him to ask when that time comes. Dal Po mutters about Bum Jo not knowing In Ha for very long and Bum Jo retorts that he’s known In Ha for a long time, much longer than Dal Po can imagine.

The veteran reporters are gathered together and everyone is placing bets on YGN v. MSC. Reporter Kim takes down the bets and PD Hwang is the only one who doesn’t place a bet. All the bets so far are on YGN and there isn’t a single bet placed on MSC.

In Ha goes to wheedle Chan Soo for a scoop since she’s dead if she doesn’t submit a story soon. Chan Soo suggests she ask Dal Po since he has all the leads but she refuses to ask Dal Po for anything. In Ha uses the high school crush card which only gets Chan Soo to sigh and wonder why he liked her back then. He shows off his wedding ring to reveal that he’s married now but agrees to give In Ha a small scoop.

An overweight ahjumma is working out on the treadmill and a gym trainer begs her to stop since she’s been at it for three hours. Chan Soo tells In Ha that the ahjumma ended up collapsing at the gym and dying of heart failure. It’s another team’s case so he doesn’t have the details but In Ha is pleased with this tip already.

Yoo Rae eavesdrops on this conversation and gets the jump on In Ha to probe into this case. Yoo Rae calls Reporter Jang with the tip and he’s annoyed and tells In Ha to check the CCTV footage first before bringing the story to him. Reporter Lee overhears and snarks that YGN reporters are sure clueless in scooping cases. He then gets the exact same call from In Ha and now it’s his turn to yell at his rookie while Reporter Jang smirks.

Bum Jo and In Ha rush out to gather more information within the hour, she sends Bum Jo to the gym while she heads to the hospital. Dal Po and Yoo Rae also split up to investigate. Bum Jo sees Dal Po running into the gym and purposely closes the elevator door on him. Yoo Rae and In Ha are at the hospital trying to beg the nurse for details. Bum Jo tries to bribe the gym trainer for information.

Yoo Rae calls Reporter Jang with the details she got from the nurse – the deceased is 51 years old and died of heart failure after working out desperately trying to lose weight. He hears from Dal Po that she’s divorced and has a daughter. Reporter Lee gets updates from In Ha and Bum Jo and orders them to get a hold of the CCTV footage as the first person to get it wins the scoop.

Yoo Rae rendezvous with Dal Po and reveals she searched through the trash of the deceased and didn’t find anything. She wonders why this is even a possible scoop and Dal Po believes it’s the same sensationalized story like when a college student died after riding a bike for 6 hours.

In Ha and Bum Jo also meet up and he finds her face covered in coal dirt since she went to the workplace of the deceased who sells coal. Everyone goes back to the gym to ask for the CCTV and the owner refuses to hand it over as he doesn’t want news spread of someone dying at his gym. Yoo Rae promises not to reveal the name of the gym. The owner explains that the deceased came to work out after her husband remarried someone pretty, vowing she would lose weight.

The owner still refuses to hand over the CCTV footage so Dal Po asks to just watch it. All the reporters gather in the office to watch the footage. Bum Jo thinks they are all in trouble going back without the CCTV footage. In Ha points out that without Dal Po none of them would have been able to watch the video at all. Bum Jo can tell In Ha still likes Dal Po. In Ha sighs that she’s trying her best but she still can’t organize her feelings.

Dal Po tells Yoo Rae that he secretly recorded the CCTV footage from his cell phone as they were watching it and she’s impressed with his derring do.

Chan Soo’s boss asks for his report on the warehouse fire but Chan Soo isn’t ready to submit the report yet. The cell phone registered to the factory team leader is a big question mark for him. He called the cell and got signals from Busan and Seoul. We see Jae Myung still has that cell and doesn’t answer any incoming calls. The manhole where he buried the man is covered in bricks. Chan Soo thinks all these signals appear to indicate to the cops that he’s on the run to places where there are a lot of people.

Bum Jo and In Ha are going through their notes and based on the information they have Bum Jo thinks the overweight ahjumma was spurred to lose weight when her ex-husband married a pretty young thing. She died from a combination of heart problem and over exertion. In Ha hiccups indicating she doesn’t believe this story so she can’t report it that way. In Ha thinks the ahjumma can’t be losing weight to look pretty as she is always wearing weird pants while working out and she can’t be working at the same job which is very dirty. In Ha went one to the place and she still has dirt under her fingernails she can’t scrub off.

Dal Po watches the CCTV footage before pressing send. PD Hwang watches the video and heads back to the network. He passes Reporter Kim and crows about their network getting an exclusive. Reporter Kim then gets a call and his face lights up. He goes to move his bet from YSN to MSC and believes that their team has won this round as what is seen isn’t the whole story.

Thoughts of Mine:

Episode 6 was a thoroughly enjoyable albeit slower episode of Pinocchio. It remains confidently in charge of the narrative without losing sight of the bigger picture. For now the rookies are knee deep in reporter training and watching them get thrown in the deep end was entertaining. I like how everyone remains professional on the job, especially with In Ha and Dal Po never really letting their familial relationship or current spat erupt on the scene. That’s important because both claim to take being a reporter seriously, that means actually doing their jobs now that they have gotten in the door. I don’t think either are particularly suited to be reporters but the job seems more about determination and grit than natural aptitude. It worries me that In Ha’s mom described her as having the same personality, even if she can be a good reporter I don’t want her to make the same decisions as her mom to achieve success.

Dal Po’s emotional issues took a back seat for now and that’s probably what he needs to do to get by. The rookie training process is too all-consuming there is no way he should deal with whatever emotional problems exist between him and In Ha. It’s not something that can be resolved by confessing or having a make out session, however much I want to see them act on their repressed feelings for each other. The electric chemistry remains even when they are ignoring each other or secretly cuddling in the night. I think Dad will come around as quickly as he accepted In Ha working with her mother as a reporter. Ultimately the Choi family unit in this drama is one that functions on understanding and communication, and even Dal Po and In Ha’s currently conflict remains openly discussed. He just can’t tell her the ultimate reason for his aversion to her becoming a reporter but what he has said to her is understandable.

The drama did a nice job of bringing back Ahn Chan Soo as the police officer investigating the factory worker deaths, using an interesting earlier character for a greater purpose and making Dal Po more involved down the road with the crime that his hyung has committed in the name of avenging their dad. I now worry that Jae Myung might not be done with his revenge spree and has in mind both In Ha’s mom and the Pinocchio eyewitness as additional targets of his punishment. I’m so not ready for that day to come when Dal Po reunites with hyung because there is only going to be more pain for both of them. Dal Po still has his adoptive family behind him but that’s not going to be much help when he’s facing the prospect of losing his hyung to the dark side forever. Hopefully he won’t be hit with an additional bout of noble idiocy and leave the family once he learns that his hyung turned into a ragey killer.

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Pinocchio Episode 6 Recap — 19 Comments

  1. Loved this episode. It was satisfying to watch. Finally a drama where I cant predict what’s gonna happen next. Feels refreshing all the way. In ha and Dal po are just soo adorable together! ^^

  2. Now see, I want Dal Po to meet his hyung right away because so many things could be cleared up before they get even worse. I wanted them to meet last week and now this week, and still nothing so I’m trying really hard to be patient, but it’s not easy. (They better meet next week!)

  3. I love this drama so far and I am amazed at the pace that it is moving at. There are no lingering scenes where secrets are dragged out or you wish so-and-so would die already. Everything is out in the open and the characters can react to them in an informed way.

    I am a bit sad about Jae Myung – he has suffered so much already – couldn’t he at least have had been given a better route to walk then to indulge in revenge killing?

    I am not looking forward to any angst on the part of the brothers – I can see that it will be Dal Po who’d work out his hyung’s involvement in the deaths of the 3 people who were the catalyst to their family tragedy. Dal Po would have to fight his conscience, the sense of injustice and his sense of loyalty and love for his only family member left. He will have to choose to make an accurate reporting of how these men meant their demise no matter how they deserved it and not hide the truth – where “truth” is what he has been fighting for all along.

    Poor Dal Po. My heart bleeds. I actually hope that Jae Myung gets away with murder, literally!

    • @dramaqueen me too. i know it’s bad and evil and wrong and a crime like that deserves some kind of justice for those people’s family but i really want him to get away with it or for the court to at least hear about the trauma, destruction of life, abandonment, and literally more death, he went through at the hands of those three and their lies, and the media. I want them to take these things into account and show some leniency. I don’t want hyung dying and I want him and DP to be reunited and live some kind of happy life together in the end.

  4. I think In Ha will meet the brother first. Could go two direction
    1) In Ha meet him because of her mother. (save or help the mother from being taken) or 2) In Ha investigate the case and learn the truth about what her mother really did to Dal Po’s family. All from chatting up the brother in the Ahn Chan Soo accidental fire investigation.

  5. I wonder if In Ha will be the one to find out about Jae Myung’s revenge murders and the whole back story, then has to report it because she can’t lie. Her mother’s sensationalism reporting will come to light and more Pinocchio’s will be sought after to be reporters by public demand. But then, Dal Po’s biological family tree will be known, and he won’t seem so much like In Ha’s uncle- which will pave the way for their romance!

  6. I think it would either in ha or dal po who will be finding out about hyung. There is a possibility that hyung will also take revenge on in ha’s mom… What if he involves in ha too because she is a pinocchio and cha ok’s daughter…
    Jae myung saw cha ok on the tv report on the preview for episode 7 and im having an ominous feeling what if he sees in ha and also find out about her relationship with cha ok… Gosh! Now thats gonna be double the heartbreak for dal po….

    • I think If this drama turns too dark as a story line, most people will drop it. We like it because it going to be a love story . . . maybe (LOL), NOT because it is going to be a series of murders.

      PD please don’t take the murder path. Going into the holidays, it the last thing people want in their drama-land. Save the brother from making another mistake.

      • IHYV had also a violent crime & some pretty dark stuff: Still the show was a hit. Honestly, I’m kind of saddened with all the comments asking for a kiss scene or a bed scene: This writer is not into immediate gratification but more into an organically developed story with reward at the end. That’s why I’m watching it.

    • I’m hoping that MSC will win the news. Since that will make a good story turn, they will consider In Ha more than a PR doll. I dunno why but I want In Ha to prove to all that people that she deserves to be reporter that she is capable to be good reporter! I know I’m so biased with In Ha, but I couldn’t help, she is so adorable, so human! ahhahahha

  7. I feel so bad for the hyung. I mean DP had the adopted family. He got a new name and identity and awesome family that truly love him. He got to escape. Their father and all the wrong that happened to him and the ruin of their family name and identity didn’t follow him like it did his hyung. I am sure society didn’t make it easy on the hyung and probably never allowed him to foregather (hence why I think he has the job that he has and his life is so different from DP’s dream life for him -suit and tie-).

    If only hyung knew of Dal Po’s existence and that no he hadn’t died with his mom he wouldn’t have done what he did. Just everything with finding his father’s body and then hearing the three men (twice) speak so flippant about how they had basically not only murdered the man, but destroyed his name, credibility, everything he stood for, was, on top of running a family; I’m not sure I myself wouldn’t have taken on some kind of personal revenge. In those moments hyung felt he had nothing to live for, nothing to lose, that he’s all alone now. I am not saying what he was in anyway she or form okay but lawds I can understand where it all came from. I absolutely broke me when he goes to lay his father to rest and while DP realizes he’s not along, hyung comes to the conclusion (that now with his hopes of his father maybe being alive somewhere dashed) he’s truly alone.

    It’s going to kill me when DP and him reunite because I have a feeling that DP (and IH) will have to report on the case and DP off course is not going to want to possibly ruin a family like his was so he will seek the truth of it all, only to find out it was his own brother in an act of revenge. I just hope that from it all the truth of what truly happened to his father and their family can become know and my wishful thinking still hopes hyung didn’t really commit such a horrific crime because good lords know he and his brother have been through enough and I just cannot see DP loose him again!

  8. Really enjoyed this episode, so cute how they were sleeping next to each other, and the plot really has me guessing just what will happen next…

  9. The storyline of this drama is really interesting. It’s not just about a typical love story which people get used to but it really has a deeper plot which leaves the viewers getting hooked. I really love this drama plus the chemistry of shinhye and jongsuk. I was kinda disappointed with jae myung as he turned to be the culprit trying to get revenge for his father rather than cleaning up the name. It was too sad but who could blame him after the tragedy he’d been through. After all, he assumed he’s alone and he was blinded by hatred. I wish in the end he would clear up his mind and pay for his wrongdoings. With that, I kind of worried about Dal Po most especially if he would report the news about this one. Certainly, it would be much interesting on how events would turn. Yoo Rae was too cute. I find her giving a very natural justification of employee’s nowadays. Haha! Anyhow, I don’t want YGN to lose with MSC but I think MSC got this one. Noooo! I don’t want Dal Po to fail. Although I’m PSH supporter, I learned to love LJS character more than In Ha. Hahaha!

    This drama is daebak! This deserves more viewership and attention. Props to the team!

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