First Look at Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo as a Married Couple in After Love

Oh boy is this uncomfortable to look at. Perhaps the jarring reaction is mostly due to unexpectedly seeing the first movie still from the upcoming Korean-Chinese romance movie After Love starring Park Shi Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye. I was hoping to ease myself into this movie, try to test out the waters to see if I can get over my perception of Park Shi Hoo and just watch the movie for Yoon Eun Hye. The first still of the two leads in bridal attire filming a wedding presented to me is akin to making a toddler who can barely walk run down the block to find mommy.

The movie has been filming in picturesque Jeju for the last month and Park Shi Hoo arrived first as his character has more scenes there than Yoon Eun Hye who joined him only recently. They play a married couple who discovers what true love is after one spouse dies. What a total downer storyboard. I dislike everything about Yoon Eun Hye’s dowdy bridal look for this movie from the wrapped off-the-shoulder heavy fabric dress to her twenties flapper hairdo, but I have to say the two leads look like they are genuinely enjoying the filming process.

Park Shi Hoo also invited his dedicated fans from across Asia to visit and attend a fan meeting at a nearby hotel with further access to the filming sites. That’s….a lot of Park Shi Hoo fans who made the trek. I’m impressed, and I don’t mean that sarcastically. His fans are clearly very very devoted to him and willing to spend both the time and money to support him.


First Look at Yoon Eun Hye and Park Shi Hoo as a Married Couple in After Love — 81 Comments

    • That’s mean spirited. There are other people involved in the production. Just because you are focused on person doesn’t mean you wish bad things for the others involved.

      • I agree. That’s what I was thinking…. PSH is not the only one working for this movie….

      • Unforgiving, quite possibly, but hateful? No, it isn’t hateful to be judgemental. You can disapprove of someone’s behavior, and wish for someone to recieve some sort of retribution or punishment or karma for said behavior, without hating them. I don’t hate PSH – I pity him, to be honest, because he was obviously unable to handle the tempatations that his success put his way – but I do not have to support him nor should I be forced to suppress my opinion about him.
        “Hate” and “hateful” are being tossed around far too often – pretty soon any sort of moral disapproval will be categorized as “hate”.

    • YOon Eun Hye said in an interview that she has a disease called ‘Edema’which is the reason why sometimes she looks completely different from her normal self. Once her disease acts up it even messes up her photoshoots, because her whole body, espescially her face and eye area swells up like crazy.

      I checked out more info about the disease in google and it’s pretty intense and how much it can change the appearance of the person drastically.

      sample pic:

      • Seriously?I never know about this..This is very unfortunate of her..When did her disease starts?I remembered watching Lie To Me my sister and I were shocked coz’she old drastically..

      • it started a long time ago even before Lie To Me but it has gotten worse over the years. Sometimes she even goes to out of town events early so that she can rest before an event starts in hopes that if she is not too exhausted from her travel that maybe her Edema wont flare up. Her Edema also acted up during MAMA that’s why her eyes looked weird.

      • edema isn’t really a disease, its just a symptom for an underlying problem like heart or kidney disease

      • Second D’s comment here. Edema just means swelling so it’s a manifestation of a disease. Glad to know that what i am learning in med school is relevant to kpop/kdrama 🙂

      • The disease Yoon Eun Hye has is severe pernicious anemia. In connection with this disease she also has edema and swells easily as a result.

    • I think its the vintage hairstyle here…the wideset curls make her face appear bigger…I actually like that vintage hair but it doesn’t suit everyone

    • It’s not botox, just poor lighting and bad makeup. Poor YEH, she’s one of my favorite k-actress, but I have to say she look awful.

      • It’s sortof a perfect storm of bad fashion trends. The shiny face, when combined with a severe, middle-parted hairstyle, makes her face look large and swollen, while the heavy satin dress with the oppressive portrait collar and some horizontal wrinkling shortens her line.
        I almost wonder if she isn’t being purposefully styled dowdy, for either the plot or to make sure the focus stays on PSH, who is milking this shoot for every PR opportunity possible. The fact that all of these women came out to see him means nothing to me – after all, there are women who marry murderers in prison, too.

  1. Even looking at a photo of PSH makes me feel disgusted I’ll definitely have to pass on the movie..
    Grossed out by his delusional fans.. Even if he didn’t rape the girl wouldn’t they find him despicable for sleeping with a girl after meeting her for the first time & only for a few hours?

    • YEH fan here – I know nothing about PSH. But if its despicable to sleep with a girl or boy within a few hours of meeting 90% of actors are likely despicable.

      It is a bit delusional to watch anything based on actors private lives. Most of us know nothing about what actors are like in their private life or as colleagues. Unknowingly you may be worshipping someone who is an ass, just that we do not know it. So kind of best to watch for the acting or the drama rather than personalities imo.

      • THIS. I am not a fan of celebs, I just like the characters they play. Caring about celebs will only lead you to disappointment when you find out what they really like

      • So true! Agree with you. I only watch drama for what actors/actresses deliver on screen. It’s irrelevant to their private lives as long as they are not 100% indicted. Tangling actor’s personal live with on screen image is nothing different from worshiping an idol.

  2. Park Si Hoo fans are really devoted,they could even bash and drag down his leading ladies just to make him better..I feel like what happened to him was a bad karma of his fans doings..

  3. Is it a period movie? No other way to explain why they gave gorgeous YEH than unflattering ajumma hairstyle that looks good on NO ONE.

    I have my own opinion of Park Shi Hoo fans but I will keep it to myself.

    • police didn’t think he was innocent though. And it was going to court until the girl decided to drop charges, and well PSH never tried to clear his name or denny what was said. He even dropped his charges against the girl. Why he would do it if he was telling the truth and had nothing to fear? He would never let go if it was a lie.

      • It happened awhile ago so I may not remember all the details but I remember him denying he raped her. Do you by any chance have a link to the police saying he was guilty? I may have missed that article. But i do agree with what you say. Why would he drop the charges on her if she was lying. I also have the same question for her. Would money really comfort being sexual violated? Especially knowing that it would put another girl at risk of going through the same thing. I just can’t believe she would drop charges on him because of money especially when half the nation was on her side.

      • @Tyves: It’s not just money. Do you know how brutal court proceedings and cross examinations are? Especially when this concerns a very traumatic part of her life. Also, even though she was the victim, her personal details have been leaked out and crazy fans have been attacking her. Even though she was a victim, she was and will be judged and vilified. Such is the unfair rape-culture that she, and we, are living with.

        Half the nation might have been on her side but the crazy nutso-s are much louder and violent.

  4. Personally, I don’t think I can ever watch another work with him in it. I respect people’s decision to support him but I can’t do it. I understand that there are people who believed that you are innocent until you are “proven guilty.” But I work in the legal system and I know that is not how it works in our justice system. There are people who are serving in jail even though prosecution lacked evidence. There are people who are not even indicted even though they clearly killed a person. Innocent till proven guilty assumes there everyone is on equal footing with the law and that is certainly no true.

    In this case, I do believe that Park Shi Hoo bears responsibility. If a girl is obviously drunk enough that you have to carry her home, you should probably wait till she sober up to do the deed. It’s rape if she does not have the consciousness or proper state of mind to consent.

    Anyways, looking at this photo gives me the goosebumps and really raise my ire on our ability to forget. I felt the same way about Woody Allen.

    • Ah,I really was with you 100% on the Legal system comments… then Woody Allen popped up and you lost me. Was or was not the girl a minor (and his step daughter) in WA’s case? I don’t think the two cases have any similarities… but then again I’m a MD, not a lawyer. To be honest,I would like some further explanation…

  5. Well, it’s not my cup of tea for obvious reasons. I do really like YEH a lot but I will have to pass on this one. I had wanted to believe that PSH was innocent in all that happened but that video was not so good for him in my eyes. So while I can’t, I guess a lot of people can. 🙁

  6. I’m an ahjumma myself, but I can’t picture myself following a young man around. I’m impressed they have a lot of time to follow PSH around!! 🙂 With a husband and two young children, I rather stay at home or meet ups with friends when I have free time.

    • You will be surprised to see how many ahjumma that follow their young actors around. Especially from Japan and China. It not just PSH. Lee MinHo recognize his ahjumma fans from various countries.

  7. i wish all the best for this PSH-YEH movie. in life, i’ve always believed in giving a second chance to someone.
    i will definitely watch it.
    more power to PSH and YEH!

    • Agree with you. PSH should be given a 2nd chance and YEH is such a nice lady to join him when other people just want to get away from it

  8. I do not wish ill on anyone. But I’m not going to pay for a PSH or KHJ film. And I’m surprised to see that there are many fans out there supporting these two.

    It is hard for me to understand this. It is not the scandal per se but the nature of it. I do think it is possible to separate the art of the artist from him in real life (I do watch Woody Allen films without a problem) but when it is an actor it is difficult not to think of how he took advantage of a girl when she is unconscious or how he beat his girlfriend more than once.

    As for YEH, she is a smart woman and can decide for herself what to do. I don’t support but I’m not going to judge either. I hope she will not get drunk or unconscious near PSH but then again she is a famous actress so she will not be as vulnerable as a trainee.

  9. haha is not only PSH in fact most of the male actors you will see whole swamp of ajummas or even heavy pregnant woman going mad for their bias attending fan meeting etc and waiting for them at their filming site despite the cold weather. I wonder how their husband felt ar? Sad!

    I dont think men will spend those wasted time chasing actress around like no tomorrow..

    • It is not unusual to have ahjummas fans but for this guy’s case, his fans are known to be very mean towards his female co-stars, made up bunch of defamations comments and such. Very much as misogynist and delusional who claims that he is the BEST Korean actor and the MOST popular lol. And known to unpleasant to those whom they sees as his rivals. Those kind of behaviours are just o.O coming from ahjummas fans. One would think that they are just cray cray little fangirls. But ah, they are not.

    • No, men use money, if they can afford it…no innocent chasing around, rather cut to the chase! Poor middle-aged women, they just wanna feel teenagers again, following and cheering for their idols!I really admire their innocent souls…more naive than teenagers, these days!

  10. Oh man.. What did they do to yeh? I m getting reminded of mirae choice. That ugly perm hair. And psh looks like yong hwa in that wedding pic. The hair, makeup and the dress is just bad.

  11. I am so happy to see PSH and YEH! I wish them all the best and sending them lot of energy!

    I didn’t know about YEH’s illness, I hope that in the near future her kidney problem will be solved somehow.

  12. All I can say, they do look good together… hope that movie will be good one, with good acting and chemistry, really wish for a big success later! 🙂

  13. I feel like I can still appreciate works by individuals even when I have an issue with their morals. I still think “Massquerade” was an amazing movie even though Lee Byung-Hun is a jack***.

    That said, I was never a PSH fan (though I thought he was great in Prosecutor Princess). Also, I’ve grown increasingly allergic to YEH’s works the past few years and I have not liked her in anything since Goong which is sadly, nearly a decade ago by now. So I’ll probably skip this movie, unless it gets good reviews, then I’d be curious to check it out.

  14. Yoon Eun Hye’s face getting weird. People’s face might change as their grow older but her face looks just unnatural. I saw some clips of her on youtube during MAMA 2014 and I don’t think it’s related to ‘a certain disease’ that she has. And compare to her past, she looks so gloomy nowadays not cheerful as before. I hope nothing wrong with her personal life. I miss cheerful Eun Hye.

    • Look at her pictures at the airport on her way to Hongkong… then look at her pictures during MAMA… if youre someone who follows YEH, you will know that her face changes from time to time… One event, she looks old. Then another event, she looks pretty and glowing… But most of the time she looks old, unnatural, bloated or whatever. That is why when I see her with “normal YEH face” the normal, as in the pretty one, I feel very happy lol…. IMO, YEH has changed. She gets very shy now. She gets nervous in the crowd. She’s so reserved and her every movement is controlled. She is uncomfortable. I miss the cheerful YEH too. There are those rare events/moments that she’s being the bubbly cheerful YEH again and I always cherish those because it’s rare to see that side of her nowadays. I hope she just relax and act naturally and not be shy/controlled/reserved when in public. IMO 🙂

  15. That’s a lot of Ahjummas fans over there. So who are those ranting in S.Korea that’s so against this movie, kids & teens??? Oh c’mon, give Park Si Hoo a break, this good actor deserves to be back and be seen again on the limelight!

    • Why do people choose to believe the girl but not PSH? He was just dumb for reading the wrong signals from the girl who came to his house at 3am in the morning, got naked, went to sleep in his bed, after playing games and drinking with him all evening. She didnot say no as she was too drunk so he thought she wanted to.

      • Exactly! I personally think she’s a gold digger who was just trying to trap him from the very start…

      • Exactly! I personally think she’s a gold digger who was just trying to trap him from the very start…Then again he said he gave her his phone number she took it but later turns around and cries rape? Sounds like a hooker who was agry he didn’t pay up…

  16. wish the best for the movie and the actors…they are both great actors.
    and I just wish ppl could be less judgmental we have no right to judge others when we were not a witness to see what really happened.
    and the things that media show us as evidence can be just made up. one should be wise enough and don’t accept them unless they are proved.especially in K-Entertainment world that ppl do all kind of nasty things just to ruin one’s reputation.anything could happen.

  17. I’m looking forward to watching their movie together. I always enjoy d performance & dramas of Yoon Eun Hye & Park Shi Hoo. I watch any good artiste for their performance on screen.

    Yoon Eun Hye looks beautiful in any attire. She wears the wedding gown beautifully. They look gorgeous & good together. I admire Yoon Eun Hye for her strong mind & strength in character in taking on this film with an actor frowned at by many after his bad publicity. Many stones thrown at him, some still ready to cast.

  18. Looking forward to seeing Park Shi Hoo in something new. I hated that he was involved in a scandal. I didn’t think fans would see him in anything new for a very long time.

    • WOW!!! there are some real ‘haters’ on this page. WHY are you pointing fingers at a man who was innocent? No wonder he left the country…with people with nasty mouths putting all kinds of trash on public display..SHAME SHAME SHAME ON YOU!!! you nasty people

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