My Sunshine with Tang Yan and Wallace Chung Releases Emotional Main Preview

Looks like I’m starting off 2015 more interested in the upcoming Chinese-language dramas than K-dramas. I’m dying for the TW-drama Someone Like You to start (please be good!) in early January while across the Strait there is upcoming C-drama My Sunshine adapted from the popular online novel Silent Separation (何以笙箫默 He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo). I actually read the original novel after the drama had been cast and started filming, it was one I never got the urge to pick up but heard lots of happy fluffy things about it regarding a very devoted loverboy male lead that devoted fans of the story can’t stop swooning over.

I don’t think I would be as vested in watching this drama if I didn’t plod through the horrific C-drama Best Time, adapted from Tong Hua‘s novel Secrets Hidden in Time. I’m such a fan of the male lead in that story Lu Li Cheng who was played by Wallace in the drama, hence I just need to see Wallace in a modern love story where he gets the happy ending he so deserves. As long as YAMS follows the novel then it’s a love story where the audience gets plenty of delicious angst followed by payoff moments of people making the right decisions when given a second chance at love. Can’t argue with that, especially when so many romance dramas these days keep on failing to deliver the satisfaction.

Main Preview for You Are My Sunshine:


My Sunshine with Tang Yan and Wallace Chung Releases Emotional Main Preview — 14 Comments

  1. Thanks for the recommedation. After a disastrous 2014 in Kdrama, with mediocre at best dramas, I am more open to Chinese modern dramas. Still not a fan of Taiwanese dramas – too many draggy, poorly cast, poorly acted, low budget drivel have tainted my likes for them.

    Really looking for a nice palace drama as well. Sounds of the Dessert with Liu Shi Shi was decent, mostly due to Eddie Peng, but it started to drag at around the 20 episode mark, and I’m not a fan of forced love triangles. The conflict in the drama just seems so trivial and self inflicted.

    • I agree about Sound of the Desert. The conflict at the end felt so forced. I remember reading ockoala’s novel translations and i feel that the ending was not translated onscreen as efficiently. But overall it was quite nice.

    • I adored Shan Shan Comes to Eat/Boss and Me. I used it as my happy place while angsting through the pain (good, quality pain, but pain nonetheless) of Bad Guys. Shan Shan was so cute that I wanted to pinch her cheeks (which I never do) and carry her around in my pocket; cuter than a stuffed animal that one. I also adored the clothes (both hers and Feng Teng’s). However, I doubt You are My Sunshine will be that light and fluffy. There is more angst in the posted teaser (and I don’t even understand what they are saying) than in the entire run of Shan Shan Comes to Eat.

      • Same!! Love such a light and fluffy romance story. Hate that they took away those juicy scenes >.<

  2. I’m hoping Viki picks this up because I am not excited about any kdramas on the horizon either. I could use some warm romance even if they have to be separated first to grow up and really get back together. I hear Wallace Chung is singing the closing track, too.

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