J-ent Buzzing about Ayase Haruka Reportedly Dating Younger Hottie Matsuzaka Tori

J-ent is off to a juicy 2015 start, much like K-ent started off the last two years with dating bombshells on the first of January. A major Japanese tabloid, renowned for breaking celebrity dating news, has splashed across the front page news that A-list leading lady Ayase Haruka is dating young smexy actor Matsuzaka Tori. The two costarred in the movie All-Round Appraiser Q: The Eyes of Mona Lisa and reportedly grew close during filming and started dating when doing the promotional circuit together last spring. Their dating style is reportedly as low key as their personalities and don’t involving going out to drink or party.

This is Ayase Haruka’s first big dating scandal in her acting career, and with super hottie Matsuzaka Tori to boot. Plus they fit the trendy profile of noona-donsaeng romance that’s all the rage these days. Their respective agencies have denied the report and claim the two are just friends, which no one is buying since the denials are so weaksauce and the very tabloid that broke this dating scoop also was on target with recent big juicy dating reveals such as the now hitched couple of Mukai Osamu and Kuninaka Ryoko. I’m all for Haruka dating whatever guy she likes but Matsuzaka Tori is a definitely an hmmm-mmmm delicious pick. You go girl!

I’m definitely going to check out the movie when I have time just to take a gander at their chemistry. They were very chummy on the promo circuit that part is for sure. Don’t worry about the recap for the last episode of Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu, I’ll wrap it up after I get back from vacation. It’s been both fun and exhausting since I got majorly sick which took out all my recap energy on top of being jetlagged. So much booo.

Trailer for All-Round Appraiser Q: The Eyes of Mona Lisa:


J-ent Buzzing about Ayase Haruka Reportedly Dating Younger Hottie Matsuzaka Tori — 22 Comments

  1. I hope you feel better now luv! Please don’t stress yourself out trying to get recaps or news out. We appreciate all you do and hope you had a fun holiday!

  2. Good for her, he’s scrumptious!

    p.s. no worries on the recap for the Kyou wa Kaisha- finale, you can sum it up in one word: trainwreck~

  3. No. It is not her first big dating scandal. She used to date her Jin co-star Osawa Takao in 2010. Well, I don’t know her affair with Tori kun is true or not, but if she’s happy, I’m totally happy for her!

  4. Wait a minute. I must have missed the news that Osamu Mukai has gotten HITCHED!!! *heart breaks* Ah well, I’m glad he’s settling down. All my favorite j-entertainment actors are getting married. Who’s next? Yamapi?

    • Quite a few got married over the festive period: Nishijima Hidetoshi, Anne and Higashide Masahiro, Yonekura Ryoko, Nakashima Mika and Shimizu Kunihiro. As others pointed out, Ayase dating Matsuzaka isn’t a biggie, the shocker is more Kikuchi and Sometani’s marriage. It’d be interesting to see how that plays out.

      • What? What? Mukai is married? Am stunned and sad 🙁 2015 begins such. Sigh. And Masahiro and Anne? What ? They are both like 24 23 yrs right? Hidetoshi N as well. Dear Lord. I cant take call this at one go. What a blow. 🙁

      • tes crazy wave of marriages it’s so surprising that they all decided to tie the not at the same time especially that most of them managed to keep their relationships secret or usually denied it, the sometani and rinko kikuchi was soooo unexpected

  5. There’s a 3.5-year age gap between them… I think that’s quite average. I mean, are you only supposed to date people that were born the same year as you?

    I’d expect J-ent to be abuzz about Sometani Shota and Kikuchi Rinko having gotten married on Dec 31st. Eleven (almost twelve) years difference there. Not sure they’ll last but that’s one powerhouse couple in terms of acting talent and personalities.

    • I think it’s a normal age gap, there’s been a lot of older woman/younger man relationships these days.
      I’m guessing shotgun though for Shota and Kikuchi, acting wise amazing duo but otherwise I do see the age gap as something that might lead into problems. And Kikuchi lives in the US while Shota is now hitting stardom in Japan so there’s the long distance thing as well. But best of luck to them!

      • Well, Sometani strikes me as someone older than his age… but 22 is still pretty young to get married. I wonder more about getting married after knowing each other less than a year… but I’m a marriage cynic!

        He has been around for a loooong time (as us indie film fans will tell you), he may be just 22 but he’s so established he only does films he wants. He might not be as well known because he rarely does mainstream stuff (Parasyte will get his name out though), but when it comes to critical success (incl. on the international film festival circuit), he’s been a star for a while already. He can even do films for free, just because he’s interested in the project and seemingly doesn’t need the money (Touching the Skin of Eeriness).

    • So Sometani and Rinko marr as well. I have been living under a rock. Not. On another planet is more appropriate. Cant believe what im readind and am simultaneously googling for pics of each couple. 2015, will all the J ent men get hitched?

      • Not under a rock or another planet. Apparently happened 31 Dec, it’s Jan 2 so it’s fresh news 😉

        Not just J ent people, but Joseph Gordon-Levitt got married too! What I love about that is that I actually follow him on Twitter, and he didn’t say a word about it. He just promotes people’s contributions to his Hitrecord initiative, rather than himself – much in contrast to other well-known people…

      • Yes, JGL. Just read @ him as well. Sigh. The worst was Ken’ichi Matsuyama’s marr which was way back in ’11 and I found out in ’13 when he had two little kids already. That was the ultimate shocker pour moi. :-\. It still reverberates.

  6. Not first scandal for Ayase, she dated Osawa Takao in between Jon series 1 and 2 which caused quite the stir.
    But there’s been a huge amount of sudden marriage or dating announcements in between the end of last year and now the first days of 2015.
    Mika Nakashima got married, Ann (Watanabe) and Higashide Masahiro got married and even Sometani Shota married Kikuchi Rinko.
    But happy for Mukai and Kuninaka, they are a cute couple!

  7. So sorry to hear that you got seriously ill, and on holiday, too! I hope you feel better soon, and put catching up on recapping way down on your priority list, where it belongs, after rest and recuperation.

  8. lately there is a wave of star marriages in J-ent, rinko and sometani was the most suprising, apparentlt matsu jun and inoue mao are getting married too, my favourate couple is masahiro higashide and anne watanabe, they got married on new years day two perfect specimen and so clearly in love

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